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  1. Which is the best book for that
  2. @Ajay0 does passion work in india ? you are an India right . i tried to find my passion for 10 years . does it work . name one person who got successful in India by following their passion
  3. motivational videos are mental masturbation . Garry V is an ESTJ and he has 4D Se means he have energy to work all day . i am INTJ and i only have 1D Se . means i have very poor energy. genetics matter. he is gifted in genetics
  4. thanks leo . thanks
  5. does these people really follow their passion ? is it true. those people are greate people . hope i can become a greate person , a legend like them one day . a lot of factors like luck ,genetics etc matters
  6. for now i am good . if something happens to mom i am done
  7. @Chadders thnks
  8. yeah . but in india they damand a degree. there is over population and they use degree to filter people
  9. jobs related to computer
  10. i tried to find my life's task and mission and purpose . took me 10 years to find it. i have been trying to find that one thing i was meant to do and it took 10 years. and there is one problem . i live in India. and in india every have masters and bachelors and competition is cut throat thanks to over population passion and purpose and lifes task is not meant for someone living in 3rd world country . i lived a lifestyle only someone from 1st work is allowed to take. i live off my parents money . i am fascinated with computers . that is where my fascination is . games > other things. i need to be a web developer or a game developer if possible. but i am 27 . in India people have bachelors and masters by this age. i am ashamed to go out of the house . its very shameful . the way the systems work here is different. the only way to do well in life here is to do well in school and college but fortunately there is correspondence and open universities out there. need to get a bachelors degree before mom and dies and better get to web development and if possible , be a game developer . i heard the game development industry is pretty toxic . i should have never tried to find my passion and purpose
  11. i am a loser. i got into the self improvment train 10 years ago to be a winner in life. sad to say i am still a loser. age 27 with no degree and no job. sad part is i am in a 3rd world country and as soon as my mom dies , i am fucked . why is self help not working for me . why . i got mastery by george leonard installed into my brain . that is my OS. the way i live life and see life . the way i breathe . should i change that . should i change that book to something else. should i change mastery by george leonard into think and grow rich ? OR some other book.
  12. look into calibre
  13. @Leo Gura why did u hate it. arent you passionate about it once. is it because of over work and underpay . i am thinking of being a game dev but i heard that the field is full of overwork and underpay and exploitation of ones passion .
  14. @Emerald MIGTOW = get tired with feminism bullshit , and quit the game all together RED PILL = get tired with feminism bullshit , but doesnt quit. they think the game is inevitable and they try to play the game Incels = people with no ability to compete with chads and the top 20% men and call it quits