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  1. @MsNobody You're very welcome. Yeah, it's tough initially to break those very ingrained patterns of behaviour. Just get into the habit of turning your attention inwards when you're starting to feel overwhelmed, tune into your body as you say.
  2. Great film. It's a hell of a story - you're suddenly thrust into the role of King after your brother abdicates, with the world on the brink of the most destructive war ever seen, and you're required to speak to the nation when you've got a debilitating speech-impediment. Fuck that for a game of toy soldiers. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are so freaking good, their performances alone make it worth watching.
  3. When I went through a period of feeling very overwhelmed a few years back, I'd simply ask myself, 'What do I need right now?' - maybe I just needed to go for a walk around the block, do some breathing exercises or yoga, listen to some music, or whatever. I think it's especially important to tune into your needs and to practise self-care when you're feeling overwhelmed or ungrounded, otherwise you could really spiral. Maybe you just need to take a break from it all and chill out for a while, just to let things settle down, because pushing yourself too hard ends up being counter-productive.
  4. Listen to your inner guidance, that's the best advice I can give you. Ultimately, no-one else can know better than you how you should proceed, but so many of us are taught to distrust our internal guidance systems that we just blunder blindly from one mistake to the next. That's okay, though, making mistakes is often how we learn.
  5. Ah, good old autocorrect strikes again.
  6. Thought that's what it meant, never heard that expression before - in the UK we say 'like the cat that got the cream', though I find the other version more amusing. You're a cannibal? 😳
  7. Interesting. Doesn't sound entirely unreasonable to me, tbf.
  8. What makes you say that?
  9. Ah man, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, you deserve much better than that, especially when you're paying for her so-called services. I don't know how these things work, but you really deserve a refund if it's at all possible (and she should be stopped from treating people, she'll do more harm than good by the sounds of things).
  10. I only just got that now (and probably wouldn't have if you hadn't pointed it out), you're clearly getting a lot more jowblobs than me.
  11. What makes you say this? I don't know how anyone could know a thing like that for sure.