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  1. Same here. I'm tutoring kids and teaching English, German and Spanish as foreign languages. Plus writing articles for the local newspaper. At the beginning I made the mistake to work for a language school as a "freelancer". Now I'm slowly getting more students without any intermediaries and that pays a lot better.
  2. I’m self employed and struggling 😅
  3. In addition to the incident with your mom - trauma may also come from the time when your mother was pregnant with you or during your birth. It may also be from a past life or something that was genetically (and socially) transferred to you from your parents. In my experience there are often times layers of traumatic events that you can trace back, for instance: childhood memory X -> birth -> life Y -> life Z. The good news is that the more conscious you become, the more you get to the root cause of your behavior. Psychedelics are very useful in order to deal with trauma, especially MDMA has helped me a lot. Good luck!
  4. I’d recommend you to try MDMA. It’s a very gentle psychedelic and has been of great value to me for emotional healing. Wish you good luck
  5. @Terell Kirby Consider MDMA for a very gentle and loving start have a trip sitter who you can talk to
  6. @Eternal Unity What a story… wish you the best!!
  7. On a recent trip I realized that my introversion was in part caused by a trauma during my birth. I’m really curious how that realization will change my sense of how extroverted I could be.
  8. @Myioko I’d recommend you to look into the “scanner personality” - which sounds like what you’re describing. There’re great books on this phenomenon by Barbara Sher. I can totally relate to this. But it’s totally possible to deal with it and have an awesome life
  9. This ties in nicely with Leo’s recent video on brands. A company’s economic value is collectively constructed and could be destroyed if we collectively stopped believing in a brand. I like Russell Brand's comment on this, would like to see such interpretations on mainstream media.
  10. @thisintegrated Thanks for bringing up the topic. I discovered a similar issue about a year ago. I would identify as a highly sensitive person which basically means that I take in more information from the environment and process it deeper. High sensitivity as a genetic trait is sometimes conflated with autism. For a long time I’ve been totally disconnected from my body - which is typical for a highly sensitive person who has not learnt yet to deal with the sensitivity. I could understand every perspective and loved exploring different perspectives. I’ve always been a very abstract thinker. However I just couldn’t feel what “my” perspective or opinion in a certain situation was. And up until this day I sometimes struggle with this. I guess the disconnection from your body is the key here. Once I met a heavily traumatized woman, supposedly totally in denial of her bodily sensations. She put forward an angry stage yellow ideology, saying that she hates everybody who cannot understand different perspectives.
  11. Practically speaking, grounding means working with the lower chakras and the issues connected to them, especially the first one. It is related to bodily survival and being grounded - well, your feet are your most direct connection with the earth. If you’re firmly standing on the earth, you’re grounded which in turn is reflected in your thoughts and actions. There are visualizations and guided meditations as well that help you connect to the earth.
  12. @Spence94 @dflores321 Consider working part-time on a project or job that will earn you cash more reliably than your Life Purpose (though it could also be related to it). For instance, I teach foreign languages and give guided tours in my city. It’s interesting and gives me peace of mind that I can survive. At the same time I write and explore my Life Purpose.
  13. There is a disorder called POIS (Post-orgasmic illness syndrome). My brother's got it which means that he feels severely sick for at least a day after an ejaculation... brain fog, fatigue... That disorder may be a factor that explains why some people benefit from no-fap. Also, the second chakra gets triggered by an ejaculation in my experience, so my energetic baggage from the second chakra would show up after an orgasm - which is not exactly pleasant. I'm working on cleaning that chakra so that I will feel better after an ejaculation.
  14. @Joscha Do some research on MDMA. It’s amazing for healing after previous bad trips. If you have a trip sitter and measure the dose correctly, it’s been super safe for me and a lot less scary than other psychedelics.