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  1. Because he is on the path of becoming a Sage, children consume time an energy which he needs to put into Self Actualization work. Less distractions.
  2. Same as Oras response but instead of Vodka used Distilled water, because alcohol could delude or destroy some of the LSD.
  3. I too went through that as well. The mind functions in such as way that it picks up on patterns. So your ability to notice these patterns has been noticed by your awareness. The patterns in your attention are consistent which is why your noticing the matching numbers because your mind is primed to look for them and your behaviors are in a homeostatic resonance with your impulse to observe what time it is, aligning your observation with those number periodic and randomly. Then the mind tries to give "meaning" to these patterns at an attempt to understand as well as assign a reason for them, which are all arbitrary.
  4. @EmptyVase Thank you for your input, I understand what your saying. Its a nice reminder to hear that these things are "pointers". I havent really had the thought process of getting rid of ego as most seem to assume is the point, Ive been aware of what it is. Its been more of realizing that what motivates taking action on the process is stemming from the spiritual ego, therefor when seeing that the motivation to continue wants to fall away with it since I understand theres no where to get to. How ever at this point theres more of a letting actions carry themselves and observe "happening" Like i still routinely meditate (more awareness focused on awareness) and read and watch specific material, and that is because i have conditioned my normal behavior and developed patterns of it all. I dont plan to stop because it is all useful, and It is all quite interesting when you see exactly what your doing. Its like you noticed theres "something" here that thinks its doing something, for some reason, and when you noticed it, its like "wait wtf exactly is "That"? Followed by any other questions about it. lol
  5. I feel like you explained this very well! It seems like one is to just live life and let everything go and everything happen. This also seems to drop any reasons to do the work? What is the reason of doing any of the "spiritual work" without a spiritual ego that seeks, questions, and wants to understand reality. I feel like at this point I'm just cultivating knowledge, insights and constructing my ego. There seems to be a desire to improve quality of life. It feels like this too is ego. Ive made it a lifestyle and feel like I'm getting to a point where I'm like questioning why do any of this (besides for self betterment) as it all is just spiritual ego, as It feels ego driven, useful for survival, and "the best method" to live life, to be meditating, and introspecting to construct the highest quality of person I can be, which is all ego. Then the awareness of the fact that even "seeking" to see through the illusion of ego as if that "State" will be more optimal is also ego. I experienced non-duel states before and it's as you said your ego is on standby and your just existing there until "You" come back. It's been highly useful for me however I can see how it keeps looping back to the spiritual ego? It's as if I'm trying and usually not even trying but happening to realize myself again and again, Where do people see a point in it all after having realized deep Truths, who aren't coming from the spiritual ego? I feel like there is no point, but it's happening anyway. The mere appearance themselves are the point it seems. I'm open to your opinion here if you could offer some feedback, if you don't mind?
  6. Yeah totally know what you mean, thats what makes this rather tricky, because our minds want like a tangible exercise to do or a way to think your way to a disengage from the experience of the reactions. Its not always easy to use another persons explanation and expect it to shift our mind. It has to be realized within your own mind, i can only help facilitate it but im limited by language. You just have to introspect and do self observation. Thats the only instructions im aware of that can be more direct. You'll need to observe the "psychic attacks" for what they are in the moment over and over until the insight hits you, on what exactly is going on in your body and thoughts. An analogy is kind of like doing a word search. You looking at that thing over and over till the word your looking for pops out. So your doing this with your Internal experience.
  7. The way Ive interpreted it has been like this, let me know if you resonate or not im curious of your answer as well. So when it's mentioned that we ARE whoever, I look at it from the state of "being" like before thoughts or interpretation, so look at your hands, that same sense of "being" or even "sense" is not even necessary, but just "The here and Now" It clear that would naturally be present of all things.. and then you extend your perception to objects, so now look around, the object is also just "being" there, like a cup sitting on desk. Its just "there" ,This also extends to your own thoughts so the "thought" of Hitler is all that can exist of Hitler since hes dead, there for that is also "Being", but when he was alive we would default back to the example of him looking at his hands, The same "thereness" The "thereness, of Being" so that would be the common ground of all things. therefore i see how what he says makes sense. Its the awareness you gotta Identify as then you can see how "You"-Awareness are everything. All that can only apply to the exact present moment which is all there is. It gets tricky with the minds linear perceptions but I think i described the point well. What do you guys think?
  8. No offense taken, I wont try to persuade you, your still learning. Everyone is somewhere in their experience. I can understand where your perspective is at. I would like to attempt to provide information that may help you, how ever your defense is up and your mind is closed so to do that I would need you to be willing, or to keep an open mind. Only you know your reality so no one can deny your interpretations of your experience and can only provide you another angle to see it from. Ive experienced what you described in my own life, so its not rare to me. I had a similar interpretation of it at the time.
  9. No it can be, you just gotta find people who have been able to paradigm jump between perspectives rather than focusing on Non-Duality all the time. Its a Consciousness forum so everything is included not just Non-Duality. Understanding how beliefs in general work will get you some results.
  10. Realize its not the other person, it is your mental interpretations which you are reacting to about them. Projecting onto them. Our minds seem to immediately cognize perceived information about someone based on our own judgments of them when we read their body language and micro expression as well as sense an emotional state they may be in. This creates an internal reaction of our own conclusions of the other person. So in a literal sense your psychically attacking yourself we may say. What you do is, identify the reaction within YOU, and then decide how to RESPOND to it, It isn't always immediately possible to control reactions but responses you can manage which will provide some relief.
  11. Overall yes, Tier 2 however is different, It certainly is gradual, yet there really is an experiential shift within your mind that takes place from my experience, in which thinking is noticeably different. As if a kind of realization of the mental processing in how you understand things expands to a system like nature. Its as if the ability to connect things becomes an automatic way of the thought process. Things seem less individual and more apart of a whole. Its not like a sudden "Wam" and it hits you but its like one day you suddenly catch a significantly qualitatively different kind of insight of your thought process and realize how its functioning, As well as your aware of it as a system of its own function.
  12. Instagram and Youtube and Facebook uses whats called limbic hijack and ESPECIALLY Tik Tok. Stay the fuck away from that one! lol. , so as Ora stated your dopamine is being hotwired, reinforced to the specific stimuli and creating a pattern as with all your addictions. Everyone's post here so far are all great answers. Definitely adhere to their advice, as the most effective methods have been stated so I wont repeat them here. Awareness Alone is Curative and I would add with Intention. You need to Intend to quit. You cant half ass it or you stay stuck. Theres going to be a duel desire present. Quitting vs Continuing. The one you feed more becomes stronger.
  13. @John Iverson In Mastery he talks about visualization of the skill, So what that means is you picture in your mind yourself doing the skill. It would be helpful for you to tell me what specific skill you intend to develop for this technique , but ill give an example. Ive done this in my own life with success. So I wanted to do a Wallflip, (That is running up a wall and doing a backflip.) I would imagine in my mind every action ill take, so imagine myself running to the wall envisioning lifting my right leg up to the wall stepping, pushing upward, lifting my opposite leg, placing on the wall and pushing up and backwards with much force as I leaned backwards. Foot kicks off the wall as I pull my knees to my chest and hands tucked to my knees, which rotates my body and I land on both feet. I would repeat that in my mind as I stared at this wall, then actually imitated directly what i imagined and the skill was learned. Thats a more physically mechanical skill. However I assume the technique can apply to anything. The more variables the harder it may be to account for those factors but generally its pretty straight forward.
  14. Yeah I agree. It takes meeting someone in person to understand for ourself.
  15. I think your Aura turns all white actually, to those who can perceive it. Not that Aura and spiral dynamics colors are the same. But I think you understand what I'm saying. So I wouldn't doubt if they continued the spiral to have a max level possible to put into language, that white would be appropriate.