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  1. @MsNobody He said it was by the "teaching company"
  2. @Vlad_ Sounds like your ready to try Monk Mode. Its exactly as you have done here, but now you extend it for a longer period of time. 20-30 days. You incorporate more reading and meditation as your new free time.
  3. The mind wont graps this easily without the use of changing your state of consciousness. You must take a psychedelic then observe all 3 changing. Then you will be able to understand your question.@jelmar35
  4. If you would successfully awaken, that new state would carry pleasant qualities with it that I think would be more pervasive.
  5. Yeah it helps to understand what is happening, then you know its just a temporary state of consciousness, understand what facet your observing, and the more you allow and non-react it gets smoother after each time staying mindful. Keep in mind the law of impermanence. That can help you.
  6. Yeah I know exactly what your talking about, I had moments like that before as well. Like the mind will have insights that are so sudden and in your face kinda thing. Im not sure if this is the same for you but I noticed there is also a fear of getting "stuck" in certain ways. Usually it works best to surrender into it and just allow the acceptance of the moment.
  7. @NK13 Also I have been to the war in Afghanistan so your analogy there is still not specific enough to understand what your asking?
  8. @NK13 Well, it depends on so many factors. You gotta be specific. Lumping your question to encompass the entire personal development journey will not give us a good way to answer your question. Some aspects you can go as extreme as you want with little repercussions and others will get you into serious trouble or even death. So it depends. Are you talking about developing technical skills. is it meditation, is it psychedelics is it social skills and dating? Is it understanding your existential nature? Overall you will know when something is too extreme because the effects will be obvious.
  9. @Rafael Thundercat Yeah I watched those. I was asking to make comparisons between my own person method I use, and what Leo might use. He doesnt explain his person method in "how psychedelics work" or the Death video, so pay attention to whats in the actual video bud. Plugging is already understood as well. There is more you can do with a protocol and process of taking psychedelics than just plugging and waiting.
  10. @Gabith Semen retention helps, go about 3 weeks without sexual gratification and the anxiety should be reduced greatly. working out also has similar effects. proper diet, and meditation help calm the mind as well. Then you just wanna practice in front of people at focusing on your breath or relaxing the body. I found that i hold tension in my face and jaw and i actively relax my tongue which seems to help the anxiety. Bring up topics you are well informed of or passionate about and talk about those. Youll forget about how your feeling and be focused on what your telling them. I find that helps as well.
  11. Id just say its a useful tool to integrate into your practice. "dropping acid" pings it into the stigma. So how you word things can have an impact on how your viewing it. How you view can influence the results. LSD is a serious tool to be using. Its been one of the main substances that influenced my perception and insights into the nature of reality, so use it methodically.
  12. Yeah it sounds like a taste of Samadhi. It seems to only come about spontaneously. Any further chasing after it will always keep it from you. So just keep doing your meditation practices and maybe youll hit it again one day. But you can not chase or recreate it by desire. It doesnt function that way. This is a good example of the power of "not knowing" because you did not know about it, it was able to come about, now that you know about it you will be forever chasing, which keeps it from you. Because there was no desire to reach it, it was given to you. Now there is an egoic desire for it which it will be withheld from you. When you let go of that desire it may be once again experienced spontaneously. LSD was an important component so that factor may also still be necessary for you.
  13. It sounds like Samadhi. Was this state very "vibrant" almost fluid like, yet very still, To include feelings of euphoria?
  14. @Leo Gura Which psychedelic do you recommend for contemplating questions? I know some make it smooth and others it can be very tricky to even stay on one topic for very long.