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  1. @Scholar You can go on YouTube and find some kind of lyricless music. Such as beats or instrumentals. Anything that won't have any language during the song. Because it helps reduce mental processing or adding thoughts that are about the song that are irrelevant which occurs while listening to songs with lyrics or especially if it's a song you know. I like to type in "reading music" cuz of the calming and relaxing effects it has, choose one that you like and make sure you put on a pair of headphones. Start with a 20 minute meditation. Just have a timer countdown to zero, If you're using a phone alarm for that change the ringtone to something that won't completely startle you. You want that 20 minutes to end right around the time that your psychedelics are kicking in. This number will vary pending upon your psychedelic and body. Generally mushrooms is about 30 to 40 minutes after ingestion. LSD is usually close to an hour. Ideally you'll want the psychedelic to begin kicking in towards the end of your meditation and then you ride the meditation into the trip while listening to the music. You can be sitting or lying down. But the headphones on can give you a more immersive effect.
  2. @Yimpa Well thats the thing. When something is causing you discomfort its challenging to just let it be. Ya know? lol. You wanna like correct the discomfort. It causes this subtle tension in my face and jaw sometimes. ?
  3. @Yimpa Yeah i have tried that. I used the "letting go method" before, worked for some time. Ill go back to letting it go then. Its tricky because its so random and is difficult not to let it bug me lol. Probably add more acceptance of it to not want to change it then. Thanks for replying.
  4. Hey just seeking a little advice on something, How can I reconscruct an existing unconsciously constructed concept or idea? So in other words im aware of a construct that i somehow created. Like i can tell it's something that is just in my head. How can I change or stop believing it to be an aspect of my reality? The idea is basically "thinking others can sometimes perceive a thought im having or feel an emotion im experiencing" I know sounds crazy or schizo like but I'm not for real. Its just that sometimes i feel slightly paranoid about certain contents of my thoughts here and there around people and I'm not a fan of people being able to tell how im feeling. I can tell ive unconsciously constructed that idea. How do I undo it? Lol.
  5. Awesome, yeah that means you had the good legit stuff lol. Glad to hear it. just make sure you dont do many trips in a year of mdma. It can be damaging to those neuroreceptors by overloading them in that way.
  6. @Karla Awesome glad you had a good time. Your first time is always the most powerful. So your second time id stay at the same amount again, It wont be the same because now your familiar with it. Did you have the teeth grinding and shit like that? lmao? I forgot to recommend gum. Expect to feel depressed for a little bit.
  7. @Karla I found the sweet spot dose to be exactly 120mg. using a microgram scale. I hit that mark multiple times during different sessions with great results, with the ability to redose 3-4hrs later with the same amount. further redoses are not recommended. This is orally, and being a female id drop it to 100-110. Your planning to plug So i also will contribute into the consensus answer from the wise ones here of 100mg for your first time.
  8. If its packaged well you should be fine. If they find it they wont waste the time and resources to go through all the legal shit, because they cant prove you knew what was inside it. they will just send you a warning letter stating customs has it. If you dont respond it will be considered abandoned and destroyed. As long as your not ordering like a massive amount to cause a big red flag you can probably make it work. MALT is Legal in the United States still, so you can mail that just fine. Ive never tried it myself tho. Just read online about it.
  9. Are you a male or female?
  10. to answer your question its not normal no. If you lived a shelted life, that is to say you haven't travelled often, or spent much time in the world or interacting with many people then your just stuck in your head so your believing things your imagining. Get out more.
  11. I think the issue with that is, when in those states, the only thing that will be perceptible is your current direct experience. So like i dont think it would be easy to recall the decision to ask those questions from that state of consciousness since one is so overwhelmed by everything thats happening in that moment. All knowing basically is saying that moment is known completely, compared to cherry picking specific stats about a particular thing. Since the distinctions fall away, naming the dish, the city, and the bff would no longer be relative independent aspects to consider.
  12. Yeah LSD seems to cause experiences like this for me? Do you do this naturally bro?
  13. @Leo Gura There was a time myself and a friend where on 2 LSD gel tabs. It was his first time. At one point as I looked over at him sitting beside me, he was turning to look at me at the same time, I then lifted my right arm up and he mirrored my movements and his own arm with mine. It was like I was literally looking at a mirror. Or in a sense controlling his movements in tandem with my own, I then closed my eyes and he says he did the same. There was mental imagery of some kinda shape being held in mind. It looked like a black and white colored Torus shape, I then described to him what I was looking at and he said he was seeing the same thing! I actually got freaked out by it and stood up abruptly and stepped outside the room for a moment to recollect myself, because it felt like my mental space was no longer private, but when i realized the idea of Oneness popped in my head and it made sense why that just happened. I then walked back in and told him its alright, it was just us experiencing Oneness. This was the closest I've gotten to understand Solipsism. Leo do you have anything you can say about wtf that was all about? lol It was as if Self and Other became One. But its not exactly how I expected Oneness to be like? Was this a higher level understanding into self and other that was being experienced?
  14. @Yimpa Sorry this was just a short dialogue between myself and Leo on this point. thanks for your opinion.