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  1. Hey Thanks for the book post. @lmfao
  2. @Yoshy Sit in your room or alone somewhere you will not be disturbed. As you smoke follow the high with your awareness. Release all tension and sensations of the body. Repeat a mantra in your mind if you like and focus your awareness on it. Progressively release everything in your experience.
  3. Mainly just Write your intention down on paper. Describe to yourself the addiction, I would to start off with writing "my intention for this trip is "blank" I hope to allow this trip to allow me to recover or gain insight into the nature of my addiction." And just keep your intention in mind during the trip and keep your paper in view. Then meditate and let go. You may want to write what ever you feel fits you or more comfortable. I was just giving an example. But mainly keep your intention in mind and write it down. I wrote down mine and then took 3.5g of shrooms and meditated for awhile, then layed on my bed with headphones playing peaceful music and gained amazing results. I hope this helps.
  4. @cetus56 Can you tell me anything else about Samadhi and astral travel in the context of my trip? I learned a little about samadhi but not much and i have astral projected before but not that far out, only in the space of a bedroom.
  5. @Pouya yeah man just follow Leos how to use psychedelics for personal growth video. Its spot on for how to have the most effective growth/positive trip. Ive never had a bad trip. Start off with small doses. They are totally different from how society portrays them to be. Dig your Enso logo by the way.
  6. @Leo GuraLeo I'm sure you read my comment in this thread, can you give me any advice on what i may have experienced? Was that like anything you have seen in the beginning stages of your trips? It started off as a rushing white light then my reality phased into an outter space like place where i could tell the sun or some form of light was shining from my left and ahead of vision seemed like planets or celestial bodies? Moments later everything before the trip phased back into perception as i assume my ego reintegrated. I could hear my thought clearly during this and the only thing i was thinking was how "familiar" that space was.
  7. Try to get your hands on some 5MeO. it will allow "you" to exit the idea of having a "brain". I had an amazing experience on it and my entire body actually ceased to exist during the few moments after it kicked in. there was only "pure awareness" its as if you are looking through your eyes straight ahead and thats all there is. if you follow the outline of your vision like even peripherals everything outside your view is not visible or existent. what i saw in my view tho is hard to describe it was as if i was floating in space. I also asked relatively this same question in my thread. lets check each others thread for answers from others on this topic.
  8. Hey guys, looking for advice to set conditions to shift the paradigm or perspective from the materialist world view. Many kinds of psychedelics (LSD, Mushrooms, 5MeO, are being strategically used and will continue to be used as they are providing progress. The main question is how to aid the shift or increase the chances of insight/ realization with out the use of psychedelics during recovery down time from trips? Reading books, Meditation, self inquiry, and contemplation are being used as well. Any other techniques or advice to share would be greatly appreciated.
  9. No, the book is not on his book list. Indeed this is a very good read. nice and short as well as simple to understand.
  10. Yes he is Legit. Leo has one of his books on the book list.
  11. This video seems to have some valid information. I wanted some opinions from you guys. https://youtu.be/Qpopc4zFKag
  12. @DrewNows Awesome thanks man, your input allowed me to understand way better now. I am going to check out bioenergetics right now. are there any books you recommend or can they be found on youtube?