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  1. Well yeah of course, you dont want to keep yourself inside a box of parameters. lol Its nice to be aware of some parameters that your mindset clicks with but you also want to be able to move in and out of that to expand your comfort zone and adaptability. imo.
  2. I dont have a problem with it personally. This metric is not completely my own personal way of interacting. it was just where I started out. As well as observations I've made over time. I can interact with all people and all types and have a great time and conversation regardless. This message was directed to the author, not an example of my own situation in full.
  3. Im also an INFJ and its just part of our personality type that only dept really is able to intellectually stimulate and interest us. I dealt with all the same issues in dating as well. Not too much of the narcissism though, as im able to recognize it and avoid those types, The boring stuff is so common and predictable that your able to see the entire socially conditioned aspect of those people and see how indoctrinated they are and since we sit outside of that box for the most part at least mentally, that we don't find any interest in it. So it can be harder to relate. The only people Im even able to have deep conversations with in my life at are also an INFJ. There is only 3 of us, out of the many people I know. So I wouldnt say its just that guys dont have depth its more that you need to find the personality types that resonate with higher thinking, deeper interests beyond the mundane. Its rare, thats for certain but not impossible to come across. INFJ are the rarest type for a reason. ENFP get along with INFJ almost as well as other INFJs, You may also find likeness in your same astrology sign type. Im also an Air Sign, an Aquarius and i resonate with almost all Gemini and Libras who are also air signs, regardless of personality type. My best friend happens to be a Libra and INJF so theres a big reason we are best friends for over 13 years now. So As Leo mentioned we do kind of have to dumb it down a bit to interact with most people in society but Im learning you can open their minds to higher thinking if you start off shallow with them then slowly build up their perspective. Unlock their growth mindset if you will. It can bring more meaning to the relationship as well to help someone else grow and gain depth.
  4. @Chanratt @Mojoson Welcome to the forum guys! I dont think its ever too late to begin going full throttle into Personal Development. You now have alot of experience under your belt to know most of your behaviors, so from here on out it comes down to behavior change that will help alter your emotions.
  5. @Mojoson I recommend starting of with 1-2g of shrooms, depends on how strong the shrooms are. But it will get your mind associated with the psychedelic type of experience and it doesnt last very long. about 3 hours, with 4 and 5 being more of an afterglow. Then work you way up increasing the doses to 3.5. When you can handle that, Id say go for LSD. Because its a little more mentally taxing and last up to 9 hours. start with 1 tab then up to 2 or 3. Then you could be ready for DMT, making sure you measure your doses with a microgram scale. 15mg to start out. Space each trip out to give your brain time to recover and integrate. For the processes: Id say on a day off work and have the following day clear as well so you can rest and integrate the next day, start with the shrooms, then wait 2 weeks to bump up the dose for another session. Give your mind time to integrate all that for about 2-3 more weeks. Then go ahead and move to the LSD and repeat the process increasing dosage slowly. Then to the DMT. Its also perfectly fine to do the same dose each consecutive 2-3 weeks so your mind is more acclimatized to the psychedelic before increasing the dosage or moving to the next. No more than dosing once a week. Find your tolerance and a cycle that you feel comfortable with. Just make sure your following a consecutive dose amount, dont go from 2 tabs and jump up to 5 tabs 2 weeks later. make sure its linear. You can do as much space in between the trips as you want. But I wouldn't exceed 6 month gaps at the low dose range. Because you want to build traction with your comfort. Once you get to the higher doses you may want to space that out up to 3-6 months apart. It depends on your experience and comfort level.
  6. Do you really not understand what it means or are you just looking for comments from the forum?
  7. Yeah it most likely is. I would say dont watch porn for a week, 7 days at least. Then have sex with her. See if anything is different. I bet you it will be.
  8. Okay, I got it, Awesome. Thanks again man. Ill have to get to it then. lol.
  9. Hmm Okay thats very interesting because I do understand what you mean by this. I know psychedelic's work differently on different people, and any kind really, can lead to an awakening, and you especially have quite a unique response to them, but Im curious what you would recommend to best facilitate getting me closer to understanding our context here, mainly I have access to shrooms, LSD and N,N DMT, so out of those 3 which would you recommend? I feel like 5Me0 has been the only one to get me closest but its simply to hard to come across that one. Okay I get it 100% This has all been very helpful. Thank You Leo. Man the magnitude of Reality, how its able to do all this is fucking amazing. Its quite ingenious. I appreciate your time and response!!! This has clarified much for my comprehension. Given where you kinda sense where I am at, what advice would you say I should do moving forward? I feel like I have to answer that myself but if anything comes to mind It would be very helpful.
  10. Ok that makes sense. More contemplation and psychedelic trips pending lol. So I at least I am aware of the fact that it is ego that is doing this strangloopy aspect on trying to understand itself. Thats why I cant do it, This normal "State" I am in, is not sufficient enough to be able to figure it out or else it will just circle, right? I know there needs to be a state change into an Awakened State. I do have a 5Me0 induced Godhead reference experience that can give me a general idea, and I do see how if I had a much higher degree of that and more time there to really understand what it was that I was experiencing then this would make more sense. So I see what you mean. I think I understand you correctly, so basically THE entire "experiential field" is the whole Mind, the True YOU. Within and "as" that field there is a sense of self to include, perspective, and what is thought to be having perceptions, which all mistakenly Identifies with or as the human life, this can be called the Ego? side note-I have watched your video "What Is Perception? - The Metaphysics Of Perception" So i may not have needed to include that term since i understand how there are no perceptions but I still wanted to mention it to give more reference to what im trying to refer to which I hold as the Ego.
  11. Understanding the "You" has been very tricky for me to understand because all I keep doing is referencing my ego. Is there a way to understand this differently? "You" as in God also doesnt much answer this? Would it simply be "me" as in what is referenced as my existence as a perspective" which has its own personal interpretation that is the "You" or is that also Ego? That identity aspect has been mindfuckery for me to understand. lol.
  12. Straight answer is You determined when one stops and another starts, its your mind. Its pretty simple really. If you think in words, It would be at the end of what ever sentence is going on with in your inner monologue. Could be what ever idea that is conveyed, If you wanna condense all the words down. If you think more in pictures then count the individual images that appear in your mind. Those are rather distinct differences so that shouldnt be too hard. You could break the thoughts down into types. There can be for example "action thoughts" like "Im going to make dinner" or "im going to the gym" which can appear as a quick images of the actions your about to engage with. There can be "memories" so flashes of thoughts you experienced in the past, which can generally play as a review of the experience. usually has a beginning and an end before a new thought appears. For example "remembering changing your flat tire" You might recall the beginning being getting out the donut, unscrewing the lugnuts, pulling the tire off ect...but then maybe you hear someone outside lay on their horn which makes you imagine that going on outside. so you would stop the thought there and start the new one with the new stimulus of the horn. You mainly try to break them down into individual ideas, Could be "observations we make. "sound of birds, feeling of cool air on skin," Where your mind drifts to you can determine the transitions as individual thoughts to be counted, If you practice mindfulness this becomes obvious. Or if your aware enough to notice the "pauses" between thoughts count that instead. If you wanted to count the counting of the thought as well, then you would simply double the number on your counter, dont make it complicated. Its subject in how you want to go about it, its just a technique he is trying to share, which he finds helps with his mindfulness.
  13. I assume its to track the total amount of "clicks" to keep track of the amount of mental traffic going on?
  14. So you make a click with each thought you have, counting them?