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  1. When Orange dreams turn into a nightmare
  2. Beware: Cheesy answer Someone who knows how to love.
  3. Take all the time you need to rest. Be well
  4. The website is working now without any troubles. During the last 3 to 4 days, it was either unreachable or extremely slow. I had trouble accessing the website using a Macbook Pro running on Mojave via Chrome. has been the only source of problem for me this week. I concluded it was a server issue.
  5. I have been interested in the field since 2013. I'm currently working for a blockchain foundation. I study it in more details in my free time. Unfortunately, it is an extremely dense subject and even with all the time invested, I am still only seeing the tip of the Iceberg!
  6. Sorry Outer, that was indeed a mistake. The protocol itself is pseudonymous. Thats what is meant when people say that. If you use a third party to get your coins, you are no longer dealing exclusively with Bitcoin. Surely, third party are the only way for you to get coins nowadays, except if you want to mint new coins via your own mining farm.
  7. @Outer It is a misconception. Bitcoin core developers constantly adds on to the protocol. If you are interested in getting to know more, have a look at Andreas Antonopoulos on youtube. Pseudonymity is where Bitcoin is at, at the moment, and has been since its inception. In the next years, it is likely that anonymous cryptography will be added as another layer to the protocol too. If you want anonymity, for now the best solution is to use Monero.
  8. Na. Bitcoin has the largest network effect. Second layers solutions are already being implemented, as such as the Lightning Network to help with the scalability and speed up the transactions.
  9. There is a whole mystery surrounding the genesis of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was launched in 2009, and is rumored to have been launched as a reaction to the 2008 crisis, which epicenter was the banking system. We don't know who was or is still hiding under behind the pseudonyme of Satoshi Nakamoto, so it is hard to tell at what stage of development exactly he was on the Spiral. The cryptocurrency movement is hosting many different stage individuals. Many are Orange, but Leo said Orange love to steel and marvel at Yellow's groundbreaking ideas. My guess is that Satoshi is Yellow. On top of a state of the art cryptographique system, Bitcoin leverages a multi-discipliary strategy which shows an ability and broad understanding of social dynamics. On top of that, Bitcoin is a subversive form of money, which is impossible to rule out, and pulled exactly the finger on an acupunctural point, which will trigger a serie of interesting causal events.
  10. Thanks. It is somewhat comforting to see things from this perspective.
  11. I realize this is the root source of most of my egoic attachment. How do I let go of the crippling pain of those thoughts, and the anxiety it generates? By entering stillness and contemplating that fear, everytime it comes up, until acceptance?
  12. On point. I'm dealing with that at the moment. Its hell of painful .
  13. Great advices from both Serotoninluv and Arthur. If you are young and aren't overwhelmed with an ocean of suffering, take your time. Grow in other way with other practices.
  14. Fear of everything your ego fears. Someone who is enlightened has accepted what seemed unacceptable to his ego. It's a total transcendence and surrender to what is, without any complain. Your ego won't allow you to contemplate and realize what you truly are. It would be the death of it. Despite that, your ego is not an enemy, though. It is a scared child, looking for comfort and distraction not to face his burning pain.