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  1. Her teachings seems to me like she's using LA in order to push some ego agenda.
  2. Kim Eng, Tolle's wife
  3. I think as long as you don't use alcohol as a substitute for a deeper problem you'll be fine. I personally still do drink alcohol, but I watch out carefully that the amount is appropriate and my consumption of it is the exception and not the rule. Eckhart Tolle is sharing Saghuru's opinion on the matter. I heard him say that if your awarness and spiritual progress is decreasing or vanishing because of alcohol, it means that your presence level isn't very solid in the first place.
  4. TBH 10% is not much, but that still means there are some girls. What about an Erasmus plan in a bigger city?
  5. I've posted a video about Larry Lassig on the Green thread. I can't tell if he's beyond it for sure but it could be.
  6. You are not empty and uninteresting. From where does this lack of self-esteem come from? If you want someone to love you, you'll also need to love yourself correctly first.
  7. There is some truth to that. I personally really don't like bad guys, but I have this weird thing about wanting to heal a man.
  8. Hello! First of all, I would just recommend you to deal with girls like you do with your buddies. Don't make of us a complicated thing. We are just people. 1.Cold approach is a bad idea. Some girls accept it, some will literally dismiss you with disdain and anger. I am personally extremely annoyed by men who approach me solely on my looks. You can maybe try to see if there is an opening. If she looks at you and smile, or behave in a friendly way, why not. But interrupting while she's just living her life might get your ass kicked. 2. You could try online dating. If your city makes it hard to find women within your age range, I'd recommend you to consider moving somewhere else. 3. You shouldn't care. 4. If you manage to see us as just people, you'll get relaxed. Be relax, stop freaking out. Women are afraid by weird attitudes coming from men. Spreading an awkward vibe is alarming our danger detector. We are attracted to healthy men. 5. You can perhaps try to set up good conditions for leading to sex. But don't push her consent. 6. Yes you are right. Girls who are hanging in groups discuss such things. The best way to find a relationship is to evolve in an environnement where girls are present and you just happen to naturally interact with them. 7. Yes And approach girls who have a personality and vibe that you like. I'd recommend you to watch videos by Matthew Hussey on youtube. His advices are targeted to girls, but they are actually valids for both guys and girls most of the time.
  9. I observe the thoughts, then question if they are an absolute truth or only a perspective. Following this, I wonder if it is worth suffering about it now or even at all. I then try to nurture a holistic and relativist perspective and basically replace the nefarious rambling in my head with a more healthy chat, or even better, with silence. What always end up helping is to try to cultivate a higher level of consciousness. I think A.Einstein used to say that you cannot solve a problem on the same level of thoughts where the question arised. I find it to be a deep truth. If I'm miserable because of a situation and it can be fixed, I try to get pro-active by changing the problematic pattern, or try to fill the blindspot where I am at.
  10. Thanks for the ressource @11modal11 . I appreciate your comment, hopefully I'll be able to find a blackspot in my reasoning. I'm seriously confused at Spiral Dynamics and will have to critically reassess my thoughts on the matter.
  11. JP who is mixing self-help tips and a conservative agenda is probably not helping. I think if you are affected with a systemic problem which is constantly manifesting, it is part of the process to figure out how to better dodge and handle the bullets. At some point, It gets very tempting to try to want to stop the bullet machine itself to stop this energy draining experience, hence reacting. In anycase, I think accepting that things are what they are is key. But acceptation doesn't mean becoming a doormat. Finding the right balance is hard. I totally get you though, the social issues are not really welcome in this forum. Yet a thread about Peterson is posted almost everyday here now, and if you are a systemic thinker you can't avoid but pinpointing the loop.
  12. This was a concrete, direct, and very recent expression of a systemic problem which is discrimination and harassement of POC. If you pay attention to it, I am mirroring directly Clayman's sarcasm on how we're making all this up. This anecdote is only one manifestation of the numerous incivilities, micro-aggressions and blatant harmful behaviors . Outer, starting now you are on ignore mode. Sorry, but I have no more patience.
  13. Unfortunately I perceive the same as you.