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  1. I'm not seeing the same conclusion for these datas. The status quo before was that women were pushed to settle down early because they weren't financially independent nor skilled enough to survive on their own (it goes from being denied an education or profession to just not being encouraged to). So locking a provider husband was the default mode and it was supported culturally This trade was not fulfilling. Nor for the husband, nor for the woman. Check out this stage Green analysis made by Beauvoir which narrates what was the female condition from her POV in the 70s. Note: I've just noticed now that @intotheblack has already made the same point. Regarding women with higher status as such as celebrities: I think there is a point where they are content enough with what they have and maximizing isn't interesting. Just like when it comes to these studies about happiness which concludes that there is a diminishing return point for money that can be reached pretty fast. So it can explain why some high status women are settling for men of lower status instead of higher ones. But it's also possible that when you've got money and status, you might be afraid people are interested in the leg up you can provide them. It can be practical to go with someone who is sharing some of your caracteristics and understand your struggle. (a typical case could be a couple of celebs) It's also possible that "educated" women not "settling" for someone of lower education and lower income might be a symptom more than the causality of another phenomenon tied to resonance... Different education level can create difficulties when it comes to understanding one another. I have family members who never went to college nor had the experience I had traveling around, living abroad etc. I'd say that we aren't seeing the world the same way and having a conversation with them is painful sometimes. I would say that I have statistically a better resonance with people who have been to college per example because it's likely correlated with a similar drive for intellectual matters, intellectual curiosity and cultural capital. But of course, not everyone who resonate intellectually has been through it. I would have no peculiar issues going for a penniless dude with little traditional education if he's intelligent enough to resonate with me and if I'd fall in love. But we'd need to figure out how to survive together and not be miserable financially, which is a very serious issue. I think difficult finances can put a lot of pressure on a relationship as both individual get into a survival mode... I would also add that just as men are finding difficulties in finding role models, women who are top earners are in difficult situations regarding finding a suitable mate due to being stuck in a cultural limbo.
  2. These are Victoria secret models. So I'd assume they are more conventionally attractive than let's say Beyoncé (who is of course good looking, but who wouldn't have made a career out of just "what she inherited"- as she worked hard to develop her talent as a singer) My point is that these "10s" worth millions, haven't chosen men who were top achievers in their category or with epic status. As you mentioned is Candice kept on dating the same guy as before she banked and got famous. Elsa Hosk is in the same configuration (except that the guy isn't a male model this time and she only got with him recently- he used to be a friend). What I am saying is these women haven't "maxed out" and have chosen men they liked when they surely could have got men with much higher status if they had wanted so. In other words, if I had to use the framework used here, basically they are much better catch theoretically than their partners who aren't even such great achiever next to them. I'm taking these extreme cases to illustrate the point that the tendency for women to look for men who are "great performers" with epic status is not necessarily true. The attraction can be counterbalanced with other factors as such as compatibility and other type of resonance.
  3. Any thoughts on this type of "creations"? I can't help but wonder what already exist in secret labs.
  4. Hihi. I've known you faster than that @Emerald. Maybe thats a bad sign for my picture.
  5. @Consept Meh. That's a bit of a biased researched. Candice Swanepoel, Elsa Hosk, Romee Strijd and Doutzen Kroes are all with guys who aren't as successful as they are. I'd say, they are fairly unknown and probably not as wealthy. Keanu Reeves is with Alexandra Grant. She's not necessarily your traditional eye candy.
  6. 🙏 Meeting Emerald on this forum has opened a lot of doors in my psyche. I'm impressed with this woman.
  7. Okay. Thanks for answering. I wish so much I didn't have all these layers of ego making my life miserable.
  8. Yes. I also remember very well how girls going for unattractive chap with money were stigmatized as whoring themselves and going for a lame option. People will gossip a lot and judge you harshly, hence the desire to be conform and get someone traditional attractive. So the usual stage Orange female's ideal case is a guy who's got it all "capital wise". If you look at movies like Twilight or 50 shades of Grey, the romantic interest is a hot dude with status and money, and I think it portrays well stage Blue/Orange or Orange. Also, you can date someone for its money while not being attracted to him/her, so let's not forget about that. A lot of women will compromise on looks (and sexual attraction) for security, but the truth is that both genders are attracted to good looks. Good looks (or something that works for you) is the default standard for sexual attraction. But then, the thing is that good looks is not enough when there is no real resonance and connection. A romantic interest is at the intersection between sexual interest and a deep resonance. In my case, I can compromise fairly on looks if the resonance is there, because the resonance is rarer than good looks and I think this matters a lot. Also, I am quite generous with finding people attractive, and i'm well aware that the physical fades. Usually, the more I like someone, the more I am able to find them good looking. The contrary can also happen if someone is rather good looking, but behaves like an ass.
  9. @Preety_India I'm so sorry to hear about this situation. Don't you have any other relative that could take her of her? If you're feeling so bad and tired, maybe it is a case of putting your own oxygen mask first before being able to help other people with theirs.
  10. Oh, really? Are you good at public speaking? I think it is because there is an ego bias going on. When we gaze at ourself from an outside perspective, suddenly we become both the object and the subject, and it is an unique experience. As a consequence, I'm always convinced that people see through me much more than it is materially possible. Because we come with all our knowledge of self and feel maybe super transparent when it is not the case. That could be also what you referred as an act of emotional exposure. 🤷🐒 It might be a good idea to do so, I'll keep that in mind. About feeling self-conscious, it happens quite often (and not only when i'm making videos or dealing with my self-image or voice) in my experience. I wonder how common it is. But in my case, I definitely have issues with it. It gets especially bad when I get worried about sounding stupid (I think its because my ego is identified with being "smart") for instance. Oddly, when I shot the video 30mn ago, the self-conscious issues that I had as I just started weren't nearly as present anymore. Maybe it is because the very start is the most brutal and then you just get used to it. In other words, I thought my first videos were so lame and bad when I posted it that now I'm immunized about being fearful or something. Btw, thanks a lot for telling me I have a natural gift. I've got several subpersonalities , and maybe my inner bubbly girl managed to take the lead while my inner skeptic was agonizing and judging her harshly No idea. Let's ask one? @Nahm Do enlightened people ever get nervous?
  11. Feeling so proud of myself for posting this video despite my unbrushed eyebrow, and wearing zero make up on the eye. I'm reaching out soon the zero fuck given level.
  12. It's normal to doubt yourself as a large proportion of society isn't validating your choice. This will keep on happening a lot in your life. Stand your ground and maintain your integrity. We all try to do this a lot in this forum, but mostly regarding other subject.
  13. I can relate to this as a female. I think this is how mature human who manage to navigate through the common traps chose their partners . I think the forum has a rather good concentration of quality guys. But when it comes to the dating section, it's likely that they wouldn't need it much or they look at it as the "cesspool" section. Unlike females, they don't see the point in trying to correct misconceptions about the woman experience because there isn't much at stake for them and they aren't in it. I personally post here a lot because I'm trying to push back some toxic narratives. I also believe that when a post by a quality man is made, it gets little attention. What causes thread to explode or a post to get a lot of answers is when a polarized perspective occurs. So this happens more with more controversial perspectives than with reasonable ones. This can create a particularly unfavorable optic regarding the general level of consciousness regarding relationship in this forum. Last but not least, this forum, as well as Leo's teaching is quite wired towards masculine energy in general. This dating section which deals most with the "dance" of the two duality "pays the price for it". Yeah. I think men tend to underestimate women are also quite visual. Young women especially, tend to value looks and age. Justin Bieber is the guy who got them all crazy, not an old grim looking chap with a Ferrari. Anyway, my ideal rich guy wouldn't flaunt his wealth and play with this status like that. Old money hides its wealth, drive cars like Volvo and are dreading to attract females because of their cash when it comes to find a suitable wife.