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  1. @lukej I'm sorry to hear that, man. I feel genuinely sad and offer you my full compassion. I had a friend who got through as thyroid cancer as well around the same period of her life, her early 20s. She's now doing very well healthwise, so hopefully you'll be the same. There are some good resources on the forum to deal with cancer, from what I have seen so far. We're all with you.
  2. I'll try this next time I am totally alone. Thanks for the tips!
  3. I didn't say it's solely Orange. I think Paris is mostly Orange with some Green. Yet, most of the population is closer to Orange than to a high Green. But If you go to fancy neighborhoods like the XVI arrondissement, you might even get to meet some Blue/Orange, those we called "les Cathos" and are more leaning to be conservative. If you don't speak French and don't have a sufficient background, you can't get the essence of the culture. The francosphere is a whole planet to discover, with several depths of possible understanding. 3 days here and there is way too short. Overall, even the French internet is culturally extremely backward in comparison to whatever you can find on the English side. I can't consume its content anymore as I see it as way too low consciousness. The best sources of information I can find having some traction on the French part of the Internet is Green. Even high-Green stuff is rare. It sucks. And Yellow is extremely rare. Almost inexistent. A real pity. French elites are mostly Orange/Green. There is a whole pipeline of elite reproduction which is ensuring that. Few exception are to be found, as such as the former director of Sciences-Po, Richard Descoings, which I suspect to be a good example of a French Yellow. --- I don't think Paris has regressed, but let's say that it's not transitioning fast. It's quite stagnant. The Green consciousness was going full steam from the end of the war until the 80's, overpowering Blue/Orange. Now, it's not anymore the same. Green is still there, but we've got a nice Blue/Orange ego backlash. One of the reason for this is that the country's sphere of influence is in the decline and its economy is in a really bad shape. The Orange elite has been selling out the country and making bad alliance. The country is being basically strong harmed by its supposed allies and milked by a lazy ruling class. The level of self-deception there is frankly lame, there is no one leading the ship. And everyone feels that. So Blue/Orange/Green are in a cultural war, a bit like in the USA. People are afraid for their own survival and that's not helping.
  4. I love singing, but I'm a bad singer. And that sucks because I am biracial and all my white friends have this expectation and projection that black people can all sing. Well guess what. It's not true. A real goat. lol
  5. Paris is mostly Orange, with some Green. France is odd. It's a centralized state and all its elite lives in Paris. It's very competitive to live there. Parisian have this reputation of always trying to prove that they are worth better than you when they open their mouth. They are pretty much a caricature of stage Orange, except that unlike elsewhere, there isn't so much an emphasis on economic capital which might make it harder for foreigner to spot. Success there is not only money, it's cultural baggage, symbolic capital and social capital as well. Fail to have them and you'll be treated with disgust by the Parisians on top of you on those matter until you find the social circle where you fit. Parisian hoard knowledge like Americans like to hoard money, and they'll do this in order to strong harm each other. They love to debate and show they have spirit. But that's just flaunting privilege around, trying to pass it as meritocracy. Not very Green IMO. On the other side, it's also the place where post-modernism emerged first. Derrida, Lacan, Foucault.... They all lived in Paris. Paris is interesting, because already twice it's transition from one stage to the other had a huge world impact. --- As per Switzerland, it depends. We've got Blue in rural area, Orange and Green in cities. But I suspect that our administration has Yellow individuals and they have been saving the our ass for almost a century. Our diplomacy and political/economical/social strategy has been absolutely remarkable. Can only come from a nest of Yellow helping out. Our universities breeds a lot of high Green, and I suspect that they transition to Yellow overtime.
  6. It's not at all tier-2. I do suspect that there are some Yellow individuals, but the huge majority of the population is either Blue, Orange or Green, depending on the districts. Berlin has a lot of Green but very few Yellow. I still haven't met any there, and I've been living in that city for years now. That said, I agree with your on paper analysis. I see the same as you. The thing is that people are in fact stuck at Green and will most of the time take Yellow ideas for some Orange perspective and witch hunt you.
  7. They've been doing this for years already, but at a slower pace. It's a smart strategy. --- Yeah, HK and China are basically two different collective egos. One is Orange in substance and the other one Blue/Orange in substance but much more powerful. Somewhat, what supported the right for HK to be its own ego collapsed, and its now at the mercy of China which is gonna feast over its remain. What we're seeing is nothing more than a bigger ego trying to absorb the other one. It's disturbing to watch. And it's actually even more disturbing since HK here is the most developed one on the Spiral. But like Lavoisier used to say "Nothing get lost, nothing gets created, everything gets transformed". China is absorbing some more Orange food and it will taint its substance a shade more Orange.
  8. I don't know. Those people I know all had the possibility to claim a second citizenship which made it easier to establish themselves somewhere else. It'll be interesting to see if China will encourage an exodus or discourage it by locking the borders. From their POV, it might be smart to encourage/not stop an exodus of HKongers and flood the city with mainlanders to make it easier to control.
  9. Very much. HK is not worth the confrontation from an IR perspective. There'll be probably some opportunistic attempt from 2nd range politicians to say something, but no one in a serious position will make a move. If the UK was not caught in that Brexit mess, maybe they'd have tried to temper the HR abuses using some active diplomacy, but there is no way they'll lift a finger and risk their relation with China. Having beef with both the EU and the Chinese sucks. Seems to me like that's a lost cause. The smart Hong Kongers I know all left few years ago.
  10. Great, I agree with you. Welcome to the forum by the way.
  11. I have this theory that JP has been regularly exposed to Yellow content but never got there due to the fact that he's so resistant to Green. He can't himself incarnate the level of awareness required to truly understand it, it seems. His mind is like a gigantic pile of knowledge without the substance behind when he reflects on Green/Yellow/Turquoise content. And he approach it as said before with an external, universal, dualistic, objective reality filled with Blue/Orange ideology. Honestly, this dude's mind is out of control. Mindfulness meditation would do wonders to calm it down so its stop sucking all the Beingness from him. That's what he needs to go the next level and finally plug himself with the universe. Peterson is all dry within, he reminds me energetically of a dry fruit. I truly feel compassion in front of so much suffering.
  12. @DrewNows Thank you. This was very interesting!
  13. Mkay, I think the title says it all. I've been wondering if relationships aren't systemically used by the ego as a crutch for an egoic agenda deeply linked to survival? Is there something as such as a truly interdependent relationship or is some form of codependency always lurking around the corner?
  14. The message is great, but I doubt it is honest. It is aimed at tourist, and Dubai is starting to get a very steamy reputation here in Europe. I suspect them to be on damage control and they have been extensively using PR to cover some very serious corruption, human right abuse and brutality. Each tiny pipeline matters. Dubai cares about its reputation because they want westerners to keep coming there and keep on using that strategic position they've got in the Arabic Peninsula. The ruler of Dubai himself is currently accused by one of his wife, a Jordanian royal and two of his daughters of being a monster. He got two of his own daughters tortured in jail cells, letting even Latifa covered in shit and beaten by officials for years. She accused him of murdering relatives to get rid of them, as well as drugging permanently her sister Shamsa in a video. She also says that his father is a PR expert, obsessed with maintaining a clean reputation. Oddly enough, after trying to escape and be kidnapped back to Dubai, Latifa appeared with a former UN human right prominent figure in a picture were she seemed drugged as well. But that lady assured the girl was fine. Seems to me to be obvious PR to try to stop the scandal. --- Of course, Dubai is still more progressive than its neighbors. But using them as a model for conscious politics really gets me bewildered. That picture is to me 100% propaganda.