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  1. Well, you asked me what I fear most. The answer is: everything that leads me to being afraid. Fear is always about refusing an experience. It is a rejection, a resistance of the present moment. I dislike indeed that rejection per se. If fear is not there, there is acceptance. Of course, the emotion of fear is useful to a certain degree. But to know I don't need to put my hand on a hot stove, I don't need to fear it. Fear is useful as long as you aren't mature enough to know whether an experience is dangerous or not.
  2. You might be able to cure it already with something milder, like Retin-a. Have you looked into that? Accutane is much more aggressive.
  3. @Preety_India Hey... It's okay. It's going to be alright. Have hope. This forum is not a reflection of how the whole world functions. This place is full of people who do not value vulnerability and compassion. It's not personal. Most of them don't have it for themselves either. You can't find love and compassion given from those who think it has to be earned. Just like you can't find water in the desert, you can't find much love in a space where people are afraid their love makes them weak. Find for yourself spaces on the internet where the Feminine is valued and cultivate it. Your progress and your resilience is truly impressive. Here is a quote from Matt Kahn: If you're not telling yourself what you are doing right, or telling someone else what they're doing right or telling someone how beautiful and worthy of love that they are; no truth is being a spoken. - Matt Kahn
  4. Trust, Peace, Love, Joy Fear
  5. What is going on? Do you want to express why you feel so hopeless? You know, quite often we want convince ourselves a situation is desperate when things can definitely go better. Do not believe all the thoughts or emotions going through your mind. And do not harm yourself. This too shall pass.
  6. @Michael Jackson Whenever you come down from the trip, I would advise you to have a look at shadow work. Try to precisely identify the emotions under the narrative at play in your mind by the thoughts. After that, do shadow work directed at the targeted emotions. Go through your childhood memories, teenage and adult ones in search for each time you repressed these yourself. Explore particularly highly identified negative emotions, as such as shame, despair, and lack of power. When did you internalize those? Search for them and alchemize out of your body through some emotional release. For instance, I use crying them out a lot. What it makes you feel is probably your own shadow. These are probably internalized feelings and complexes coming at the surface while you trip. Do as much as possible shadow work until you've got them. I think that what people call or perceive as entities are in fact autonomous, disowned part of ourselves coming back in the consciousness. And they feel foreign because of how much we've rejected them. An emotion is like a file holding potentially thousands of thoughts. Delete the file, and the thoughts will be gone. I have noticed for myself that thoughts are stickier when there is a huge emotional charge behind. They get energized and feed out of the emotion. Also be wise. You don't need to use psychadelics if they do not make you feel good. Be gentle with yourself. Lots of love. You've got this.
  7. Great! Thank you for the recommendation, tsuki !
  8. I keep hearing about the I-Ching lately. It's the 3rd time this week, I think it means I must have a look at it. There are stage yellow/turquoise feminist books that discuss the heroin's journey through the prism of an integrated feminine/masculine way of being. You might want to see if you can get any insight from them. These are great books, really. As a woman, I was mind blown to the new reality it opened. So as a man, you might be even more surprise that this way of seeing thing is even a possibility. Here are the two books: The Bridge to Wholeness by Jean Raffa The Heroin's Journey by Maureen Murdock
  9. For the ego to exist, it artificially creates a sense of separation between itself and the rest of the what is. This separation is created by generating fear, which prevents it to merge with the rest of what is- which is infinite love. Fear isolates the ego. This is what we experience as the fear of death, which is the mother of all fears. As life unfolds, we store emotions, thoughts and beliefs in our body and they are then projected outwards, on actuality. What is inside the ego tint our awareness's experience like some colored paper on a lense, and the lens is anyway useless because you can directly experience what you are looking out without resorting to the lens. As human beings we need an ego until we get mature enough to survive without it. It is like a protective shell that unlock with maturity. You spend the first part of your life building your ego, and then when it generates too much suffering and the desire for truth happen you should shed it.
  10. Enlightenment is not a concept. It is actuality. The reason why one needs to deconstruct and get rid of the ego is because the ego is responsible for creating an overlay of unnecessary projection upon reality that are caused by its perpetual underlying feeling of fear.
  11. You divine creature! You surely know how to MAKE LOVE 😏😏. Too much beauty has been spoken. 😬 I can't handle it. *sigh*
  12. No, you guys are a correct, it also touch females as society shove onto us masculine ideals that are internalized. Hence the recurrent pattern of female hero with a strong masculine orientation. I suffer from it too. True femininity isn't very valued because in order to cater for the masculine hero ideal, we tend to collectively go away from anything perceived as antagonistic to that model. Femininity appears to us to be at odds with it.
  13. Oh yes! I thought I was the only one having a thing for that. That some holistic fapping material. For the soul, the heart, the mind, and the body. Haaaa! I even own a big painting I bought years ago. It just resonates with me a lot.
  14. Sorry to hear that. While I get the issue, I've always thought that this perspective brought spiritual diversity to the forum. I personally benefited from Nahm's work, even though it took me some time so start seeing through his teaching style. To me, it was clear he wasn't for everybody. But those who resonated with him got access to deep wisdom. He's great to remind you of the fundamental, and to remind you that actuality is where it's all at. Thoughts and emotions tint awareness, his teaching is about getting yourself free from that occlusion. Also, it was nice to have someone enlightened around. Kudo to him for his work as a moderator.