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  1. Oh no! I'm flying to L.A this week but will leave before November 30th. I so wish I could attend the meet up there instead of waiting for the EU tour! I hope you'll do your German meet up in Berlin. Thats where I am You should also consider a stop in Switzerland. Its so beautiful there, and I've heard tales about other followers in Geneva.
  2. Perhaps start the administrative process just in case... Better safe than sorry Check yes. I haven't listed the nationalities with due diligence so don't feel too desperate if you can't find those specifically.
  3. Each of those Hermès bags are retailing for 10 000$ minimum. This woman is a walking Orange ego on steroids.
  4. Hi, I don't think you are being paranoid. I would also consider leaving the country if I were brazilian. If you have an italian, a spanish or portuguese close relative in your family tree, you might be eligible for an EU passport. Have a look at that
  5. Nice share, Charlotte! This man is morphine for ego. My raging savage beast transform itself into a cute kitten everytime he does his magic. I love him. Truely. There are no words to express my gratitude for his existence! I love to see he's got so much people resonating with him too...
  6. For Philosophy: Sophie's World The main character is about your age and is taken on a journey through philosophy and self-discovery.
  7. They are respectful and benevolent, which allows you to be respectful and benevolent in return. You can finally get your guard loose I think, and this is the prerequisit for establishing an authentic, true connection. They see us for what we are, aka a conscious entity made of the same essence but in a female body. Equality kicks in for real at Green. Also, they are finally comfortable with their feminine side at this stage, so they aren't permanentely fighting it off in their shadow. Overall, the Green man is more conscious than the nutcrack that Orange is and its translate as the male Green being more "whole" than Orange. You see that the Green man is generally more in phase. They appear more sane and healthy. The turn off are linked to what can turn unhealthy in Green. Being too overly focused on collective concerns, and having unresolved, deep anger issues at the state of the world. Neglecting their own personnal agenda and failing to look inwards. The problematics tied to confidence are not only linked to girls. Its a deeper problem. Girls (actually humans in general) are afraid to what appears as unhealthy and weird. We've got a inbuilt detector for feeling whats "odd" in a man, probably due to our need to watch out for what can come off as some physical danger. The lack of confidence if it makes you too weird could trigger the warning signs in our brain. If you feel unconfident and come approach me, I'll see it but will have no clue I am the reason for that. I'll just think that you are odd and have unresolved issues which have nothing to do with me. Yes. But its all a question of balance. You have reasonably shy and weird shy. Lol. Honestly I am most of the time attracted to men who are mirroring my feminin and masculin side. So for instance, I consider myself to be 70% feminin and 30% masculin. I'll be comfy with a man who is 70% masculin and 30% feminin On the other hand, if a personality stands out I'd be up to forget about this and go for it! I value now personality more than genders. You have to be solidly grounded in your our own self to the point that you won't be shattered by girls judgement of what you should be. All the guy I've been attracted are having primarly a relationship with themselves. They don't try to please me. I am attracted to them because they are authentic, trying to be as healthy as possible and I like what I am seeing.
  8. No. The woman you want to attract is not the average woman. The woman you want to attract is the self-actualized woman.
  9. I find that unhealthy, immature girls fall for the assholes type. Orange girls per example, will love status and achievement and forgive bad behaviors as long as they benefit consciously on unconsciously from the perks of being the object of affection from an Orange male. Unfortunately, since Orange is dysfunctional, they'll end up realizing the usual qualities they look in Orange are the source or at least correlated to the dysfunction and be forced to evolve their taste in men. I for exemple, am now mostly attracted to deep, reflexive, well-educated, loving men which is only to be found at Green and over it. I turn away Orange Alpha Baboon in heartbeat, because I find them boring, immature and borderline insane. Orange's key word is materiality and this extend also to relationship. Orange relationship are in the end somewhat superficial. The Green guy feeds my soul. He is overall much easier to appreciate because Green is more connected.
  10. Absolutely what I was about to write!
  11. Thanks! I got what both of you guys meant. I'm going to spend more time looking inward
  12. This is beautiful and so true. Thanks for those wise words. My love is burried under so much conditioning that I do not even manage to observe or identify it. All I see is the fear. If I get well what you mean, I'd need to first be able to spot the love within me, but i'm looking inward and all I feel is a burning pain. You might be into something. I should probably observe this and let the alchemy operate, but its the definition of hell in there.
  13. I agree. Nevertheless, I have a very thick resistance which is related to my ability to love. I am not looking for content for my mind, but more to allow love to arise and dissolve the fear. It is not a mind feeding process, but a love feeding process. I have always perceived true love as part of the ability of the observer to shine through the heart chakra. My heart has been the biggest victim during all those years of cold, mind-feeding education. Ramana Maharshi puts it well. I got my second enlightement after reading one more time his book, even though it was not directly after I read it. Nevertheless, everytime I got enlightened I owed my comebacks to trigger points due to the painbody around my chest.So I'm working on dissolving this slowly.