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  1. I also think it's great for both partners to have other options but chose to be together. That was not what I meant by that. Quite often, except if you've been friend before, you get into the process of discovering someone and them discovering you. And as you are building that new relationship, especially if that guy is very attractive, you can be sure there will be some other girls around. In that case, it can take a lot of upfront emotional investment before that guy recognizes you as the good one. So for some time, you can be in a bit of a limbo, between just being an option for him, and being the one he wants.
  2. Thank you for that brilliant message. It's been great food for thoughts. Can I ask you what has been your journey into becoming good with girls? Well yeah, having your man telling you he used to run a sausage factory isn't exactly reassuring. You need to make sure that this sausage factory is definitely closed, so your heart won't fuel his little business as a cheap material supply . I'm usually not so comfortable when I realize that on top of me wanting him, it's a common pattern that many other woman wants him as well. It just shows that he's got options and potential temptations so our relationship/attraction needs to be very solid. So the fact that he's a natural or a self-made PUA expert doesn't change much that thing. What a woman really hates, is the perspective of a man pulling the rug under her feet. You've got to make sure he loves your individuality/essence and perceive in you much more value than in any of the others.
  3. Tyler and Derek aren't exactly textbook case of stage Orange, it seems? They are exiting this zone of the spiral. At worst, they Orange/Green pushing big time towards more Green. . The problem is that pick up is their bread and butter. Its gonna be hard to let go I wonder if pick up exists at Green or Yellow level? What would it look like? ?
  4. I am not a dude. My position towards PUA is ambivalent. It depends on the rational behind it and the mindset of the guy. Let's just say that being approached by Roosh V is not the same as being approached by David De Angelo. One is notable psychopath, the other one an actual nice dude who ended up as a nice life partner for a woman! I can't hardly blame a man crippled by solitude, and who wants to find a suitable partner to learn technics on how to do so. Afterall, the masculine is supposed to compete for the females. If men wouldn't actively try to create opportunities for themselves, they wouldn't get much options. Yet, I still get bothered everytime I can clock some PUA moves in a guy. It feels like I couldn't lower my guard if I'd wish to do so and allow a proper connection to establish itself. I'd always feel worried in the back of my mind that I am being manipulated, that he's not really specifically into me or is seeking sex and/or validation. So, that's why I am wondering what's the right behavior when facing men who are or used to be skilled PUAs. Running away screaming doesn't seem to be the appropriate, but it would be great to figure out early how to discriminate the ones that are still worth the try vs those that will try to play you like the fiddle and bring nothing to table.
  5. I agree with this. You need a holistic approach and treat the problem both at the roots and its external manifestations. Yup. Dairies especially are causing acne issues. I find it very efficient. It basically pushes the skin to shed off its dead layers and create constantly new skin tissue. In the process, it also clears anything which would get stuck or clogged in it. People using Retin-A are often looking significantly younger than their peers and are having obviously a clearer skin... I use it 2x a week, at night. If I go out, I use a high SPF to avoid any sun damages. It's really drying up the skin, so I use it in combination with a deeply moisturizing, neutral cream which is clear of any harmful products. Retin-A also allows a better penetration of any product you'll use after it. Depending on where you live, it might be accessible straight over the counter or you'll need a medical prescription. Yeah, those are all good advices. I'm using a mix out of natural or minimalistic and neutral cosmetics. But when you've got scars, it can be very discouraging to wait for natural products to treat an area. It can literally take years to vanish when using a proper medication can significantly accelerate the process with no noticeable damages. In my early 20's, I had been trying to fade away some scars on my body. I'd look only for natural solutions, grandma receipe and so forth. It never helped significantly, as much as I hate to admit it. One day, my dermatologist prescribed me some hydroquinone and 3 weeks after that hyperpigmentation around the scar was gone for good. As per the list of ingredients and your warning on big Pharma, I certainly appreciate your input and agree with you on the big picture. Yet, this product has a good traceability. It's been on the market since the 60s and no significant issues have been found when used directly on the skin. Dermalogist have it often as part of their personal routine. Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C applied locally on the skin does wonder. The list of ingredients can look scary at first sight, but if you take per example the first ingredient you gave "Hydrophilic stearic acid", it is not that bad. "Stearic Acid is a saturated long-chain fatty acid with an 18-carbon backbone. Stearic acid is found in various animal and plant fats, and is a major component of cocoa butter and shea butter." But I get your point. I've made a thorough research on the product and I am fine with the benefit /risk ratio. The main idea of retin-a is to saturate the skin with vitamin-a and make it shed. I wouldn't get this effect with Rose Hip Oil.
  6. If you were a girl, would you pursue a relationship with a guy who is involved in pick up, or would you see it as a deal breaker?
  7. Try Retin-A. It's gentler than a chemical peel treatment but its still a potent product which pushes the skin to rejuvenate. It's main usage is for acne, but I've been using it for years despite having a clear skin in order to prevent aging. You'll need your sister to go to a dermatologist as its usually only available on prescription.
  8. I got bad results with this one. Still too advanced. Stage Orange individuals are easily afraid. Good idea.
  9. The female energy is naturally attracted to a man who is going to be able to protect it. If you feel particularly attached to the material, or success, then it becomes an almost per default mechanism, until you outgrow the importance of the material and start finding other qualities genuinely more important. A man with money is not guaranteed to be a good protector. For this, you need a man who's able to see and perceive you so he gets what are you needs and thus you need to have an authentic and intimate relationship with him for that. I find that women who are constantly chasing wealthy guys are afraid of their ability to survive on their own. In that sense, it's probably neurotic, but its also due to the fact that it is hard to compete in a social space which is still so unfriendly to our female nature at stage Orange.
  10. The youtube video Erised mirror.
  11. I paid attention to that as well. To me, it shows a song named Self Care from Mac Miller. It's showing to everyone something else that they are used to watch on youtube. Very odd
  12. Yeah, ideally you've got the find someone who's not far off from where you are on the spiral and is willing to self-actualize with you. Otherwise your energy is not going to match hers and vice-versa, and time will only make it worse. The thing is, PUA has a lot of common sense in it. You've got a light side to it, which is more about the blueprint of how an healthy, skilled and self-confidence individual would behave with a girl, and another dark side which is more problematic as it gives tools to manipulate and fake attraction. Its also as you said before, rather unsunstainable as it gives working tools in the early phase of a relationship but then sort of lets you in the shadow for the complexity of what makes a successful, love-based relationship. Anyway, the answer to your question is pretty simple. You find stage Green women in stage Green niches. Universities (humanities, arts or social sciences), then wherever those graduates go in the working force etc... You can probably brainstorm about what are the Green pipelines and see how it all spreads around, and hang there. I'm not sure where you are located, but per example, in the USA, New York, Boston, Sedona, Boulder or California host a lot of high Green individuals. Areas which are getting gentrified or have been recently gentrified are often full of Green as well. You can also try to attend festivals, alternative clubs and bars, and spiritual retreats.
  13. @Leo Gura I'm loving where you are taking I'll definitely support your vision as much as I can. Have you thought about expending by getting your videos subtitled in other languages? I dream about sharing that content with non-english speakers.
  14. I bet he's jealous you guys don't have our Mediterranean to protect you from the third world hoard. It's very effective at killing, and you can still swim and enjoy your holidays in it (no alligators, no snakes needed). Our politicians have it better, all they need to do is let people drawn and say oopsi. Citizens are much more willing to forgive passivity than actions, especially when you don't want to pay attention at the systemic reality behind, which you benefit from... At least, his utterly gross approach at dealing with the situation is going to shock and cast the light on how inhumane and crazy he is. Shouldn't fly with most, you've got to be terribly unconscious for it not to scream barbarity. That's some middle-age or antique way of dealing with people.