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  1. Switzerland is also a good place for going to jail A treatment programme for a 17-year-old violent offender in Zurich allows him to live in a four-room apartment while receiving lessons from a Thai boxing champion with a 10-person support team at as cost of 29,000 francs (30,000 $) a month. The support team includes a lawyer, a cleaning lady and a private laundry cleaner. Or maybe you guys are more up for a Horse therapy ?
  2. What matters is the level of consciousness of the individual and of the collective. Implementing Plato's Republic or Utopia in modern USA or Europe would just not work because the level of consciousness is mostly Blue/Orange with some Green states and countries. We'd corrupt the Republic and make of Utopia a Dystopia in a heartbeat. We've got what we deserve. And for what is best between the Republic and Utopia, they share similarities in the way that they are trying to find a model for better politics, but they aren't comparable. Utopia is an Utopia, while the Republic is leaning on the political philosophy side.
  3. Alright! I checked his wikipedia and he's a prolific author. Is there any masterpiece that stands out and is a must read in the lot? Also, do you have any idea on why western philosophy is so ridiculously keen on avoiding the elephant? The west primary focus has been on thought and technè hence its inhability to step out of it and contemplate because it always only sees from thoughts which is the ego's root. At least thats my opinion on the matter so far. Descartes and its cogito ergo sum and the Critique of Pure Reason from Kant is the postulate my instructors all started from while I was in high school 10 years ago. I remember there was on some manuals sections about the consciousness, but the focus is mainly on thought. Why is western philosophy unable to reform itself? Western philosophy is missing the fundamental, which is recontextualizing about everything. I can't help but compare it as a math homework that would be perfect if only the student would not have failed the first operation... Yes, words are imperfect. I dislike to talk about he "West" as its a tricky and moving notion which is the object of whole book per se, but it has the advantage of getting us to know what we are talking about. Western philosophy is skilled at demonstrations, defining precisely a concept and cornering problems. I get AHA moments through it when it clarifies and extend my understanding of certain notions. I also use it as a tool to discuss "exotic" ideas with Orange people as they are much more willing to listen and not dismiss you as being a woo woo if you speak their language and reference your ideas via it and/or science. And I agree all the rest you say. Especially the part about Western Philosophy being a great B.S indictaor. Thanks to it, I escaped many life traps. Overall, it is just a pity its not extending itself to notions like ego. Its often hiding behind but its not recognized for what it is and its enraging. You've got a demonstration going in full circle and taking you nowhere because of failing to see the elephant. And its the same for social sciences and many other domains. Cool. Gonna watch it
  4. I've got a book named "Non-violent communication" by Marshall Rosenberg, which I can seriously recommend you. The content has shifted my view on communication forever. Its one of those books that gives you pragmatical tools. Rosenberg has been applying his concepts in the Middle East and got noteworthy positive outcomes with his methode. I think it's even available as an audiobook
  5. Hi everyone! I'm currently re-investigating western philosophy. Despite the fact that my books are still full of good insights and reflexions, I'm catching myself smirking every now and then, as many philosophical problematics seems to be highly correlated to the fact that western philosophy is ego blind, and it bores me. What's the best we've got in store in the west on the ego domain? And do we have any good western-eastern philosophy bridgers ? Thanks
  6. Edvard Munch is my favorite painter. He captures on point the suffering of the human condition. I feel connected and empathetic with him.
  7. Nobody is saying the contrary. I'm still very green, and made great money trading cryptocurrencies. So despite that I hold a fair amount of disgust for how the economy is working, I'm there pretty yellow. I also agree there are mostly green manifestations in this video, but orange looks like its hiding underneath. If my Orange assignement is not correct, then it's at best an elitist stage green which sounds like an oxymoron... But to be fair, I hesitated whether I should post that on Green or Orange. The Goop community has that special sociology of women who are sharing a fair amount of orange values, spending time in orange circles and are married mostly to orange men. They are also quite picky at chosing with whom they are hanging with. On top of that, Paltrow sells extremely pricy garbage that only rich people can afford on her website. Isn't green a stage of inclusion and social mindfulness? Offering a dinner with Paltrow at 1500$ for a seat at the table seems to me like a overly transactional and orange level type of cynical. These women pay for that because she's famous and it will sound great to name drop in L.A that you've been having dinner with an Academy award actress. Personal health and Vanity. Yeah, spot on!
  8. Even worse, he's got the most amazing hair!
  9. Orange trying to pass for Green
  10. Why not? Some of Peterson's fan are deeply interested in self-actualization and could be receptive to what Leo has to say. He's highly popular at the moment and that would create some leads for They are just listening to the wrong man. He's a grim trap, with a huge base and getting them to see other perspectives would benefit to everyone. Those guys are in need for some intellectual mindfuckery, aswell as a healthier, happier role model. Peterson is not a joyful person
  11. OP, I so understand you... I can't believe how good is this video either. The timing is also on point with whats up with my life at the moment, so I can't express how grateful I am. This has changed my mood for the day. I'm sharing it with everyone who's able to see this masterpiece for what it is. I knew most of the content but the condensate is just full blast and a good reminder of the yellow perspective on that matter. All my friends are gonna get harassed until they are through. I'm already getting positive feedbacks as it resonate easily with anyone's experience in such a pragmatic way.
  12. I'd recommend to combine both the talks and the books. The talks are more casual, versed on pragmatic daily situations. They are vivid and Eckhart make them quite funny by sneaking jokes and making fun of the egoic mechanisms . The books are overall more theoretical and complete.
  13. I'm posting this video again for anyone who's interested in hearing a well-built critic on Peterson.
  14. This video... I had a hard time not bursting into laugher at some of his discourse. "University are full of dangerous teachers who are ideologues. They are no educators. They have a simple way at looking at the world, they reduce it to a few principles... and they are on a ideological campaign." Says the university professor, touring TV shows to spread his conservative agenda... What an irony.
  15. The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle It has changed my life like none ever