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  1. Good recommendations. I was actually looking for an Eckhart Tolle video which would resonate with what OP said. @theking00 This one is not bad at all for what you are currently going through. Otherwise look on youtube for a video of any of those guys that will resonate with your life situation and current pain.
  2. Have you tried to listen to a spiritual guru? When I feel in suffering, I enjoy listening to people with a higher level in consciousness so I can put my shit back in perspective. Replacing my thoughts with their own for a moment is usually enough to break the circle I am stuck in. It should be the same for you.
  3. Eckhart Tolle works well for me. I also enjoy winterknight's book .
  4. Paid with divine presence, not impure money young padawan. Things are over for me, but Leo is for sure open to post-modern notions of gender for anyone under 25!
  5. **Wanted** Three young disciples to help dress and undress Leo daily during his 30 days meditation retreat. Anyone?
  6. Andreas Antonopoulos is a wonderful exemple of Yellow. He starts talking around 5mn.
  7. I am aware of Bhakti yoga. I'm also noticing that most cult followers worship some sort of deity incarnated in their leader. There is a reason why Islam has banned the practice of worshipping icons. I find that the huge majority of seekers aren't wise enough to see the difference between the pure awareness, and their mental projection of what God is. At least, the good thing with pictures and statues is that they can't be cult leaders, because they aren't alive and thus can't become zen devils. Now, I don't say that Mooji is a cult leader. Just that I am finding the practice dangerous both for him and his seekers, which is my right.
  8. I am in no way denigrating the person behind the article. I do consider what is said here. It certainly raises questions for me. What I meant is that an article is not a binding proof of someone's guilt. But those videos are proofs that Mooji tolerates behaviors that other spiritual teachers that I value wouldn't accept.
  9. I agree with luckieluuke here. While the article doesn't seem like a compelling source, those videos alone made me feel uncomfortable. I know for sure Eckhart Tolle or even Leo would kindly warn you about the danger of falling into guru worshipping and make a little speech about how some non-dual teachers ended up falling for the constant projections made on them by their followers. I am having a hard time picturing them allowing such behaviors. Is Mooji living an ascetic life? I am convinced that being enlightened doesn't mean that your life stop. Sages do have a life, wives, children, drink some alcohol if it please, or have sex. How is Mooji's life in his community? Does he refuse all the opportunities given to him by his followers? The truth is, that I have no idea whether all of those allegations are true or not. And, I am fine with that. It's certainly important not to condemn or judge Mooji as a cult leader. I'll so far assume he's innocent, but I'll keep an eye on it.
  10. Hehe, he could very well even lurk in here! I'd love to see Leo on Rogan. That would be a tremendous platform for his ideas.
  11. Ego death is only half the story. Half the STORY.
  12. is a collective ego, fueled by all our individuals egos. Making it ego-less would require for each of its users to be enlightened. Unfortunately, its purpose is to help individuals to self-actualize, so its serves mostly people with egos. Seems like a catch-22
  13. I hope a mod closes this thread ASAP. It's a snake that bites its own tail.
  14. To be fair, unhealthy Orange is to be found probably even more often on this forum than unhealthy Green. Whatever the stage you are dealing with, you have to try to bring a higher perspective. A problem cannot be solved at the level of consciousness it is created. Engaging with Orange on "intellectualism, debate, science or rationality", is acting Orange. Debate is one of those english words who comes from the french language (débattre). "Battre" in french means "to fight". The purpose of a debate is to fight with rationality. It is to champion your point of view against the other's perspective, instead of being open to his point of view. As a consequence, debates are not an effective way to learn. The participants are pushed in a fruitless, poor dynamic, which carries most of the time all the seed of Orange's pathology (desire to be the best, to be smartest, the most seemingly knowledgeable, etc). This result in piss poor substance transmission. The real aim is to expend consciousness, and push people to see over the current conditioning of their mind. Using mind tools as such as rationality and knowledge, is still operating at mind level. This is why I personally do not engage in debate and try to offer pointers instead. Time/quality ratio is not worth the time. Sadhguru doesn't debate. He discusses. An opinion is always subjective. Visionaries are for progress and generally believe in new ways of doing things. They can see decades ahead what things could become. Conservatives are not visionaries. Conservative buys into the myth of a golden age where things used to be better. Conservative wants things to stay the same. Being conservative and being visionary is antinomic. You overestimate the magnitude of his mystical experiences. Those are tiny moments of satoris at best. Nothing in comparaison to the real thing. Look at how identified he is with his mind. Regarding this point here is what I wrote to Spacious: "Peterson uses some system thinking. The problem is that most of his knowledge of systems doesn't come from his own experience, but from his studies of ancient wisdom and other type of high consciousness sources. So you can say that he trained his mind to system thinking via recognizing the patterns explained by other Yellow or Turquoise individuals through his academic career and genuine passion for psychology. My point here is that his knowledge of consciousness, wisdom, and whatever pattern he recognizes is primarily mind based. Real understanding of consciousness transcend the mind and thus it cannot be understood via it. Yet, he's so ignorant of that matter that he even tries to frame it into maps. His book "Maps of meaning" is the perfect illustration. The issue here is that the map is not the territory. Understanding this is understanding why there are so many bugs and counter interpretations in his philosophy. The truth is that Peterson understands very little about the territory. Discovering the territory involves the ability to shut down the mind and see there the consciousness, the emptiness. What happens at stage Green is an ability to suddenly experience first hand how everything is interconnected. Peterson doesn't have this ability. Therefore he is not Yellow being mistaken for being Orange by Green. He is mostly stage Orange, with some Blue and Yellow." I have used as a canvas the Yellow "qualities" of the picture you posted. While I agree with you that Yellow is not enlightened, it doesn't mean that Yellow doesn't transcend ego in some other way. Yellow is aware of its own ego mechanism (and others) and see the interconnection of all things via systems, on a mind level. Its main problem is that he fails to incarnate it. Which seems to be its primarily difference with Turquoise. The problem with Yellow is that instead of being enlightened, it "thinks" enlightened-ish. Peterson is not aware of his own ego mechanism and doesn't see how things are interconnected accurately because most of his knowledge of systems doesn't come from his own experience, but from studying it via other sources.