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  1. Yup. The GOP is a devil's nest. They've gotten way too much power as of the last years in comparison to where they should be, without all their cheating. And they keep on growing like some GMO monster. They need to be purged at all costs. It's getting way too serious. I'm pretty certain that whatever they tell themselves to justify their behavior is not coming close to the story they tell the public, though .
  2. They will. The whole GOP has been running on this type of abuse for years. Grim times ahead. All my indicators are red.
  3. It's just about raw power. I don't even know if they care about coherence. Words are of no value to them anymore. They use them either as cover-up stories for their actions or gaslighting tools.
  4. We are always smarter afterward, eh. In 2014, nobody had an idea of how the next years were going to unfold. I bet she's been dreaming of a time machine since the day the orange ding dong got elected.
  5. OMG. Justice Ginsburg tried her best to keep herself alive until the next election and she had to die now? Uuuuuuhhhhhh. Fuck 2020.
  6. Reaching a goal is a journey towards a destination. And paradoxically, the journey is what makes the destination. It carries its energy within. You don't reach it until you happen to be there, after walking each step. While you are walking each step, you just are where you are. Where you are is not the location you wish to be at. It is just somewhere in the path. A necessary place to be until you arrive. So, just be there, accept it and enjoy it.
  7. Putin will play chess as well as he can. Of course, it is in his interest to keep him in command as president. But if he's ousted, if shit starts to hit the fan for Trump, a smart move would be to try to absorb him and juice him for secrets. Parading in Moscow with him as his trophy in exchange for a subventioned gaudy lifestyle would be totally worth it. Or if not as blatant, offering him consulting contracts and speeches for crazy money and hookers. I think your analysis is justified. I have a few friends who are looking for visa to exit the country.
  8. Or, he could learn a few tricks from 3rd wold dictators and ask some complacent nation (Russia, I'm not staring at you ) to grant him asylum. Of course, I am just joking, but Putin will still be up for milking the Donald once he gets out of office. So, he really needs to be put in jail or tightly surveilled by the secret agencies.
  9. Do I really have to mention this was a joke?
  10. Look at you creating rocks when we can create babies for the same amount of pain! I hope you kept that stone preciously. It could maybe be the ideal birth present for your wife someday. "The birthing compassion stone". Lol!
  11. Nope, but here is an interesting experiment .
  12. Aligning your life with yellow and turquoise values. As soon as you do this, you'll find some consciousness clusters ( is one of them btw).
  13. Love is misunderstood to be an emotion; actually, it is a state of awareness, a way of being in the world, a way of seeing oneself and others. David R. Hawkins
  14. Thanks! She really was gorgeous and cute af.
  15. Etherial still exists as an archaic form though. I was annoyed at the common spelling as "real" seemed to go at odds with the word's meaning.