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  1. For us to see how exactly as individual we create both pain for ourself unnecessarily and for the collective.
  2. The fact that you took the time to write about it and ask us for an opinion shows that it isn't matching your expectations. If you can manage to accept it as it is, keep it. You might manage to turn it into a lesson of acceptation. If it bothers you, and you feel unhappy with your purchase, you should send it back. What is your attention towards this book? Is it sort of a present for yourself? A simple source of learning? An object of affection ? My personal library is full of different books. I have second hands purchase which are aren't in an optimal state. I could accept them as they are because I only valued the content. But last year I also ordered a beautiful poetry book from Rumi and it cames broken on the side. I complained and got a new copy.
  3. Jamie Chua. The epitome of Orange.
  4. Yep! Totally It's all depending on the perspective, as you say. Talking from the absolute, everything is perfect.
  5. That's not very non dual, isn't it? You've got the right to love Lana and find her brilliant. I enjoyed her music in my early 20s, and from time to time, I'll still listen to one of her songs. Her music strikes me now as relatively low consciousness and destructive. But of course, next to Cardi B and the other stuff usually rotating on mainstream channels, she appears super self-aware. That's again the magic of relativity operating, eh. What makes me feel uncomfortable beyond anything else now is that she's having a hard time maintaining her persona and its esthetics, both for herself and the public. She seems trapped from this image. A lot of Monroe's misery was induced by the social roles she had to play, because of the projections and expectations people had on her in general. Lana created for herself the same pattern.
  6. I don't find her authentic. Lana del Rey is a persona she created to better market herself. A bit like Norma Jeane had Marilyn Monroe. Her music is all about the pain of material delights going away.Its a real leitmotiv in her productions. Melancholia and attachement aren't seen as very spiritual, right?
  7. I am not sure why everyone is so patient, but this appears to me as a clear case of arrogance and bad faith, deserving some "masculine" compassion. Being spiritual doesn't mean you've got to tolerate this type of waste of your time, and be a doormat in front of such disrespect. @Andreas Instead of criticizing literally everyone who's trying to engage in a discussion with you, ask yourself sincerly whether you are trying to learn and be open-minded. You are a teenager, the odds that your point of being attacked by a community of full grown, educated self-actualizers for holding some legit POVs is ridiculous. We're not a cult, we just disagree with you. You are overestimating yourself. End of the story.
  8. IQ is the wrong metric. What people seem to have more than average here is self-reflexivity and meta-reflexivity. You can say what you want about, but a common denominator to be found is that individuals here are willing to question themselves. Now that may seem paradoxal and even funny to say because of the huge amount of bickering going on due to people disagreeing on certain matters, and the fact that so many want to stick to their position. But I think it is because we naturally want to question ourselves on our own terms and not face the uncomfortable truths we aren't ready for. Still, everyone who is here want to grow in some way.
  9. 🙏 ♥️ 🙏 I'd also like to add that I always got the best interactions with people who had another POV from coming from a place of love, non-judgment, tolerance and a total detachment from outcomes. It seems that on my side, I am so afraid of the potential collective and individual outcomes that I am losing patience after a few posts. And when frustration takes over the interactions do not feel good anymore, I want it to stop but I'm still attached to the result.
  10. That's probably because we're not self-actualized nor transcendent enough. It's a work in progress, but the work is ugly and messy. The good side is that growth comes from difficulties, so its up to us to alchemize this pain in golden consciousness. The problem is that we'll keep on bumping on those kind of issues constantly, and I'm still not sure of what's the way out of those discussions going nowhere. I see that the recurring pattern in myself is that I end up being exhausted, sad and angry and that I am seriously considering that I should stop engaging in those type of discussions. Then I am confused, wondering If I should blame myself or not for being angry and sad when it seems that getting frustrated is somewhat normal. Finding the balance is tricky as f.
  11. It's a bit like being a flat earther.
  12. Leo got accused of having a leftist bias for stating that race is playing a role in economic inequality. That's not an opinion but the state of things. It is taught literally everywhere, backed by evidence. But people who do no like that info or do not see it call him biased and try to flip the situation instead of re-asserting their worldview. I guess it's easier to accuse everyone who do not agree with them from being cultish.
  13. So now, it is a cult like behavior to try to put the light on social mechanisms which are almost totally consensual among academics and are taught at top research universities like Harvard? Obviously, we're not facing individuals who are refusing to see a reality heavily backed by specialists in order to justify their own biases. Instead, this forum must be filled with delusional and cultish individuals.
  14. To be a radical something you'd have to be an ideologue. What those mystics are doing is that they are pointing at what is the state of things, and then suggest a correction. Not by having a full program in mind, but most likely by having some sort a corpus of good practices deduced from ego knowledge, systems thinking, the understanding of natural flows and the form and formless. Change in general is not carried by the egos who are in power, which always have a desire to maintain the status quo to keep their position. At the moment, the opposition is the Green consciousness in America, which is trying to counterbalance the dangerous unsustainability of the deeply rooted stage Orange. So the correction of nasty collective patterns comes often by those willing to grow from it, which aren't the comfortable egos seemingly beneficiating from the pattern. I also think that leftist ideologies tend to naturally cater to collective SD stages and vice versa for the right wing and the individual stages, which would explains why Green is to my knowledge in the US to be found on the left, and not so much on the right. The right's center of gravity is too deeply entrenched in Orange for now. So since western mystics wants to push a correction, they currently attempt to correct Orange patterns in favor for Green ones, which are somewhat at the moment incarnated in leftist ideas. To be a radical leftist, you'd need to buy into a full package narrative, which mystics won't do because they see exactly what are the limitations there and cannot fall in the trap of becoming a naive ideologue with pink lenses. Most of human's suffering is to be found in our own inabilities to tame our ego, whether it is individual or collective. And most modern stage Green leftist are ignorant of that basic fact. I think that no form or new power structures can stop the corruption, and we get a society that looks like our level of awareness. So a fortiori, those wiser individual should know that as well. Wilber has just taken a further step a criticizing what is wrong with Green. It's again just pointing at the common sense. Pushing Green is only a beginning and isn't a finality, humanity has many more growth to do. Green isn't the last step. Whenever the Green stage of consciousness will be predominant, people are going to be suspected to be right wingers while pointing at the collective excess by Green.