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  1. No. Not an informed stage Yellow person. Studies have shown death penalty increases murder in a society, through a phenomenon named brutalization. State violence shows a pattern that is then reproduced by actors as an appropriate behavior for retaliation against misbehavior. It also cheapens the perceived collective respect due to human life.
  2. My understanding of the situation is very clear. And before I came to the forum, I already knew what was the recurring arguments and thoughts patterns of statutory rapist. Your discourse is not exceptional at all. Most statutory rape is committed by people who will hold this type of view, and will terribly overestimate the accuracy of their beliefs and deduction on child sexuality to justify it, unfortunately. I am not sure what is up with you, but if you do have difficulties understanding consent, or feel like you should be able to have a sexual relationship with a "13 year old +" while you are in your 20s, I would encourage you to talk with a therapist so you guys can go to the bottom of it.
  3. I agree with your perspective. Transcendence comes through healing. It's not the other way around.
  4. I missed that post. 🙏 @Recursoinominado
  5. He had realized his true nature before the cross. It is said he went through terror before he was cruxified.
  6. Awake doesn't mean stupid. Jesus didn't want the cross.
  7. Since everything is Love, there is only a need to assess whether there are different qualities and manifestation of it concretely, in the human experience. Is a punch in the face as loving as a kiss from a lover or a mother? Is putting Jews in a gas chamber as loving as hiding them to flee the country? You all know what experience you'd chose for yourself immediately. The rest is intellectual masturbation.
  8. The problem is always in the action. If you want to make a difference between non-offending pedophiles and offending pedophiles, there is indeed room for it.
  9. A pedophile might feel "love" towards a child (and that's really not systematic, there are plenty of pedophile who are in just for the sex), but having sex with it will never be a loving action towards it. The reason is, that even in the case a pedophile has the intention to love the kid, any experience beyond normal physical interaction will be out of boundary and damage its developmental integrity. And this is by default not loving towards the child. The kid is in a position where things happens to it. It cannot consent because it just lacks the life experience to make such a big decision on what will harm or not its psychology and body. Not to mention the very unfair power dynamic. I have came across pedophiles unfortunately in my life. I heard tales of male coworker of acquaintance going to East Asia to have sex with little boys in slums. I also had a friend of mine who was molested by her step dad as a child. Her step dad also started raping her little sister from the age of 4 on. Each time, it was extremely predatory, and frankly sordid. But indeed, you could always resort to the spiritual absolute perspective, and realize it's all love. It's just that concretely, in the relative, 99,9 % of the other perspective screams its not.
  10. Yeah, 3/4 of it with a debate whether it should be 3/4 or 100%. In any case, from this perspective we are only looking at whether the attraction is very abnormal on the perpetrator's side to the point it's classified as a psychiatric disease. It's not a glorious benchmark to be close by by any means. The reason why 14 is not included is because a certain level of physical attraction towards teen from that age on is perceived as normal. But it doesn't mean a healthy grown up adult would seek to have a relationship with them. We aren't even looking at what developmental experts says about how unhealthy it is for the kids. And then, it just account for statutory rape if acted upon by most 1st world jurisdiction, so it gives us a good outlook at whether we consider it normal or not.
  11. What the authorities are saying is not hard to figure out. You can read court decisions, books, attend university lectures or just look at how your current legal system functions. All of that has been shaped by people trained in the domain. So I'm not going to source content widely available. But I'll question anyone making assumptions going against mainstream standards in the domain when I spot it, especially if its totally outlandish and I can easily spot it as false. Another reason why I don't get into more detail is because law is local, and it requires a lot of groundwork knowledge to understand it as a system. That said, there are common denominators. It's tough to talk about it in a global context. The subject of pedophilia is also a multidisciplinary field, and while I've got the basics I'm not proficient in it either.
  12. @Carl-Richard It's because it's still categorized under pedophilia.
  13. Only you know whether the pre-consentment is true or if you added it up later. The current legislation is already made by experts who actually know what they are talking about. This includes psychiatrist, psychologist, criminolgist, lawyers, judges, university professors with actual experience in the topic working together to protect the sexual integrity of minors. And my opinion is that they aren't particularly conservative in their assessment of when consent can be given. I'm curious to know what is your background though, and why you think you are more knowledgeable than all of them. You could perhaps attempt a career in the domain, in which case I would die to follow your journey as such a brilliant, groundbreaking genius, ready to revolutionize it. I'm certain your reception would be absolutely epic. It's either this, or your brilliance is just a belief in your mind, and you're just a guy with a bad case of Dunning-Kruger, attempting to legitimize his creepy attraction for 14 year old and terribly uninformed understanding of consent. Unfortunately I'm certain it's the the second option, and I would recommend you to start investigation what's up.
  14. Yeah right. Coming from the guy who's adamant penetrating someone sleeping is normal, I wasn't expecting anything better.
  15. Mature developed people are not attracted to 14 years old. That's why hebephilia is considered a mental disease by psychiatrists and pretty much everyone who is normal. And the problem is exactly here. Youngster groomed by adults get introduced to sex under the veneer of a romantic relationship by someone who is not healthy, often manipulative and abuses them.