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  1. @Razard86 Yeah i get you, but the point of the solipsism is not that. I have been thinking about it and I have come to the conclusion that the solipsism of leo, and of amanem, is a belief. they believe that the people they see walking down the street do not have a pov. They are empty images. I have another belief, that they have a pov, like mine. both are just beliefs, impossible to prove. you, razard, think that they do have a pov, from what you say, so you do not agree with the solipist belief Anyway, any belief is meaningless. The only thing that is sure is that i am, the other is not so important And i didn't give my authority to another person, i just said amanem: i respect you as anyone who dig deep so, even i don't share you opinion i take it as a possibility
  2. Imo you should explain them what is the point of 5 meo, and start with low doses. 5 meo is a process Probably would be better start with mushrooms, and if they find interesting the psychedelic, continue with 5 meo
  3. much better 5 meo. nn will give them strange, meaningless hallucinations, and probably fear. for what? so they think psychedelics are dangerous and crazy? 5 meo is the key for anyone who wants to use psychedelics as an awakening aid. no magic pill but great help
  4. The cause of awakening is the lack of stupidity. when your level of stupidity drops below a certain point, you are forced to wake up. if your level of stupidity stays high enough, you will keep looking for other things
  5. no belief can be tested The Nazis though that they imitate the nature, not that the nature imitates the Nazis. I'm not saying that they do, just that their ideas were to imitate the nature The Nazis were quite spiritual, they thought they were making a spiritual revolution. in nature strength triumphs and weakness dies, therefore, if you die, it is because you were weak, that is, you had to die. that you live would be an aberration. for them it is obvious. the right wing drinks from Nazism. beauty, appearance, ostentation, show that you deserve to live. the ugliness, the weakness, that you deserve to die. they are superficial! for them it is obvious. donald trump is a nazi, there are millions of nazis. Nazism is just superficiality, not evilness. Well, evilness = superficiality. for them it is absolutely obvious and whoever does not understand it is crazy. But look, for example, a bird that is more beautiful that another have more possibilities to reproduce, any animal that is stronger has more possibilities to survive, their pov looks obvious. Their mistake is that they don't understand what means to be human
  6. that's exactly what the Nazis thought. Do you think their wish was to be evil? they thought they were just. They were stupid, they couldn't see beyond the superficial.
  7. Yeah you're right, all of that is illusion, and imo it's irrelevant. The only thing is to polish this actual illusion until it's perfect....but it's just my illusion
  8. No, if you remove all the lies , the truth remains, and it's absolute. And it's quite simple: just you, the infinity.
  9. When you break all the barriers, what's left? obviously, without barriers, there are no limits. the unfathomable void Infinity. and you realize that your heart was imprisoned. If the doors of perception were opened, everything would show itself as it is: infinite. but the human has locked himself in the four walls of his cave. infinity is god, and it is you. you. you with a free heart, exploding in total freedom in an infinite explosion, which we call love
  10. imo shame = death. As a human you need the human collective to survive, if the tribe kicks you out of the cave, you're dead. If your parents reject you, you're dead. If women don't accept you, you don't reproduce and your genes are dead. then very soon something very powerful happens in you: I need to be accepted, it is vital. I perceive that I am not completely accepted, or that I will not be if others realize certain things. my feeling towards it is deep panic. I will hide those things so as not to be unworthy and thus be accepted. paradise is the acceptance of the tribe. hell, the rejection. That's shame. So I'm going to open an Instagram account so everyone can see how cool I am. and then I'm going to become spiritual and I'm going to show everyone that acceptance doesn't matter to me since I'm above all that and in this way feel accepted by a creation of the mind called "god". Spiritual ego. The maze is tricky, the only way out is the total deconstruction
  11. There is only one way to surrender: when you realize that what you were fighting against was yourself. you were creating an internal war where you fought against yourself. Surrender is realizing that control was impossible, a fiction, and the controller an illusion, so you don't need to let go because you realize you never had it. you spill into yourself and the distinctions begin to cease
  12. Buy a torch to flambé desserts, with that you vape everything at once without leaving any residue. those €20 scales are quite precise, an error of 2 mg more or less. It's beside the point, but I remember a video of Octavio Reitig using a normal bic-style lighter, outdoors, that went out all the time. how professional
  13. In my experience, suffering is not a problem. we can endure tons of suffering, and we will be proud of it and forget it when it is over. the real trauma is shame. that is what remains, the deep feeling of being unworthy. That feeling in unbearable for a kid and that's why use to be hidden. the point is that all humans have suffered from lack of love and shame and have hidden it. It's a good thing that the shame has been overwhelming, so cover-up tactics aren't effective and suffering seeps in everywhere, forcing you to take action. when you see that neither works, only radical deconstruction remains. at least this has been my experience
  14. Don't underestimate the effect that such a guy can have in the psyche of a child. there are many layers of hidden trauma, and it's hidden for a reason. unearthing all that is not easy. imo what works amazing is mushrooms. They will make you see things that were there in front of you but you did not see them. You will see how subtle your mind is, its great concealment tricks. I am not saying that you have not done the work, I am saying that the work is very deep. a child hides emotional pain in order to keep moving forward. the adult has the ability to face it but the concealment mechanisms are still active, as if it were a spell
  15. that father you had was a tough teacher. I also had a very crazy one. It is he who has guided you to the gates of real mysticism. loving him is difficult, but it is possible. He's know that in your mind, but it's hard to really accept. it is a factor of separation, of hate. There are so many layers, it's hard to uncover them all. The good thing is that in a case like this it is a necessity, and underneath all of them is the great void that is alive. so your father was probably the best father possible