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  1. salvia is interesting to see how weird things can get. Like: reality is a demonic cry between heartbroken and festive. everything is fragmented and behind the substance of reality rebounds. you're bouncing and the walls of your house are evil. the goddess kali approaches you and wants to kiss you. you don't see her but you feel her spirit, her enormous tension. you see colorful monkeys with geometric shapes that perform a sinister, rhythmic, syncopated dance . everything is spicy and wrinkled. reality wrinkles. in the middle of this party you can't think: wow, this thing is strange. nothing, you can just live all that madness without a second to get out of the situation. a roller coaster of varied follies. interesting but I do not see the spiritual utility. it is a masochistic, aggressive, cutting substance. the times I have repeated it, after a second of doing it I have had the overwhelming feeling of: no, not this again. I guess I'll never do it again, although on the other hand I don't like being afraid of a psychedelic
  2. and yet it is divided infinitely. although it is an apparent division, since the experience you are having is apparent. the same as the past and the future. there is only the empty now. everything apparent is not real. you are me right now, I am you right now. all the paraphernalia that surrounds us and makes us different is not real, a special effect
  3. God is not terrified nor does he need to escape from loneliness, right? Great insight and explanation. 5 Meo trip maybe?
  4. What happened? from what I read in your posts I thought that for you vaping 20 mg was like having a coffee in the morning 🤔🤔. Any bad experience?
  5. interesting mindfuck. the timeless state is always. right now. Since right now there is a dream, an appearance, why should there have been a "time" when there was no dream? there was another dream, and another, and another ... infinite times. with infinite timeless pauses between dream and dream, so no pauses. backwards and forwards in infinity. which is the same as absolutely nothing happening
  6. Isn't that loneliness a thought that arises when you have other thoughts about how you created others to wake up? embodies the moment without defining or labeling. all those ideas are ego, separation. It does not matter to find friends who think they are God or that they are alone, the important thing is to find friends to love. flow and forget the ideas. All the ideas are just ideas, doesn't matter if they are accurate or not
  7. Suffering is the distortion between what should be and what is. if you equalize both until they are one, the suffering disappears. It remains what it is, you can call it love or whatever you want, better remove the labels and embody what it is
  8. I've been in sales in the past and started my own business very fast. I always had a principle in selling: never lie, not in the least. If you never lie, the client will perceive that you never lie. instinctively trusts you. And he do well, since you never lie. things will turn out
  9. @Nahm you are right as far as I'm concerned . I think that the romantic relationship is an instinctive relationship in which humans allow ourselves to be carried away by a "trap" that nature sets for procreation, and that has nothing to do with friendship, selflessness and nobility. As we create family ties, we have established that sexuality must be accompanied by commitment, which inevitably (imo) leads to frustration, guilt and pretense. with what I prefer to let myself go, cultivate relationships of pure friendship in which desire does not intervene, and enjoy sex if life brings me that, and if it does not, try to forget sex, which is not easy With the sole exception of deciding to have children, a situation that I am not sure how to approach but that would have to arise in a clear, spontaneous and perfect way. if not, there is no problem in not having them. it is a very complicated matter. interesting to consider innovative possibilities On second thought, the honest thing, the right thing, would be to avoid sex except with the intention of procreating, or at least if you don't care if that happens. anything else is falsehood. Really complicated matter. Honesty, i don't know where is the right behavior here. This is the problem if you analyze this matter...better to flow and let's go to the troubles🤔 Pd: i withdraw all of the above, I just know that I know nothing
  10. do not underestimate sex. It's not: oh, we like each other and we like Disneyland and wine. Let's make boyfriends and then let's have sex. no. is, if a kiss flows, if the contact takes your breath away, if, in short, sex works as it should ... that person and you are essentially compatible. your body knows more than your mind. mind for business, for relationships 100% energy. Letting yourself be carried away by the mind when it comes to a relationship is a guarantee of eternal boredom, gray life and being a coward. if the heart flows, the mind must adapt, even if the chosen person is the opposite of "the person in your dreams"(ufff)
  11. @RoerAmit if i where you, I'd do 1,5 g of dry mushrooms, maybe 2 gr. This will put you in perspective of what you are doing. If you do, for example, 5 gr, you may have a very bad experience. In my opinion, the first thing is to clean the trauma with those medium doses, which will put you in front of the mirror in a way that you cannot imagine. once you have no problem with trauma (this is already a revolution), you can aspire to transcendence. i would make mushrooms before lsd, they are kinder and the trip is shorter
  12. from an absolute point of view, any differentiation is illusion. it is you, with your differentiating activity, who is creating the apparent reality. and you are that: differentiating activity. to completely cease differentiating activity is complete enlightenment, the cessation of the self. there the "real" is manifested, which is the substance of the illusion but without the apparent forms that the activity of the self gives it. just glimpses. total cessation without psychedelics is not common
  13. Because for many people, not having sex means not being accepted, like not having views on Instagram. his self-esteem depends on the value that the social paradigm gives them. they literally prostitute themselves in exchange for approval. much more degrading than money, that at least you need it to live . the word mediocre is too generous to indicate their misery. but that's the way most people are.
  14. Yes, if there is magic, there is magic, and if there isn't...there isn't. and anything else is irrelevant
  15. @Yeah Yeah the sex is beautiful, wonderful, but not for those fucking chad. those just jerk off looking at his cock in the mirror. what they do is worth nothing. do not be envious. It is better to be a virgin than a clown who feeds his ego by collecting pussies. It doesn't matter if you lose your virginity at 35 or 45, if something authentic and beautiful comes into your life, enjoy it. do not be envious of the people you see out there, they are all overwhelmed, cheap relationships, feed my ego and feed yours. anxiety, misery. The paradise they don't let you in is not a paradise, it's a fucking shit. a scam for dummies.