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  1. take a backpack, turn off the phone, and travel for a month to some remote and cheap country. a break works miracles
  2. @Muhammad Jawad It is not so easy if in your culture family hierarchies are fundamental and respect (and submission) to your elders is a fundamental value. These elders, out of insecurity, since they do not feel really comfortable in their role, but they must pretend that they do, could tend to treat their descendants with condescension and mockery, thus affirming their role as patriarch. they are not free, they are scared, they fear all the time that they will not meet expectations. you have to understand them. a direct confrontation will leave them baffled, and you feeling guilty. it is better to treat them as a little senile and endearing and make them see that their stupidities slip you. deep down they will realize their ridiculous behavior and in the end they will respect you, if you respect yourself, of course. Growing up in a repressive culture where everyone has to play roles and deep down they're scared of not being enough, it's very alienating. it is what it is, there are no simple solutions, a boxer's waist and a lot of intelligence to see behind appearances Another possibility would be to talk to him alone and make him see his behavior, but open and honest conversations could be difficult in this environment, people feel threatened right away. still i would try but everything has to be built on a foundation of stone: your real and unwavering respect for yourself. if not, there is work to do
  3. the imaginary as maternal in the sense of needing ties, of being at home, tied to the cord. the absolute as father in the sense of free, detached, wildly loose the maternal must be overcome, otherwise the adult will not arrive. must be loved and honored but the ties must be loosened
  4. good explanation of something unexplainable. there is nothing, but it looks like something. then it is something. but it really is nothing. completely empty, unlimited. although there is a pressure, a need, to look like something, because the infinite void looses itself in it's infinity. But right now, there is nothing
  5. the truth sets you free because there is no you, freedom was always. The Bible does not say that, but somehow it is understood. the Kingdom of heaven, etc. a manual for enlightenment corrupted by people who did not understand it and believed that they did
  6. The truth will make you free. just that phrase is enough to respect the bible. the truth frees you from the slavery of the ego. truth is freedom. the truth is now, this. there is only truth. the lie is also the truth, but it doesn't seem like it. realizing the truth sets you free.
  7. forgiveness is: everything is as it should be. perfect. There is nothing to forgive. Although your behavior has caused me pain, I love you, as I deeply know that this is exactly how it had to be, and you are exactly how you have to be. Why? Because it is . there is no desire for revenge. That doesn't mean that if you do it again, it won't drastically stop it. it would also be as it should be
  8. goals are fun. like a sport, a game. the best objectives are: how can I give my best? How can I contribute my talent, my strength? I don't want to leave even a drop in the glass, I want to give it all. Why? Pure pleasure. how? that's the goal
  9. A part of infinity=infinity. everything is infinite, everything is god. the finite doesn't exist, only appearance
  10. @Muhammad Jawad spirituality should not be used as an excuse not to face the challenges that arise. It is one thing to know that only reality exists, that you are an illusion as an individual, and another to let your children starve, for example. if they are illusions right? . If you feel that a situation is unfair, stand up, fix it. if not that situation will return and return. this is life. Soon we will dissolve, but in the meantime, giving everything is better than being passive. we are human, it is what it is If your father does not respect you, he is mistreating you. is behaving aggressively, narcissistically, with you. you now see it as something silly, poor man, he is older. watch out! maybe one day you will open your eyes to the dynamics that is happening and you will see it very differently. do not tolerate being used as a bitch to raise their sick ego, or maybe one day hatred will flood you. do not underestimate the aggressiveness and evil of those small gestures
  11. It is true that this is so, but I think the problem is more the difference in evolutionary stages between generations. you have to go through a period where there is no place for you, you have to create it, nothing that the previous generation has transmitted to you is of no use to you, you are in no man's land, and this generates great anxiety. If you do not pass the test you will have a depressive and unstable life. you have to conquer your stability, your place. it's not fun but it is what it is, and it's a beautiful adventure
  12. @Aaron p depends. you have already taken 5 meo many times, right? so...if taking 5 meo is going to make your motivation drop, it wasn't real, you shouldn't have started. On the other hand, when you start a business, you first become obsessed with it. you are going to forget a lot about meditating, spirituality and everything that is not the business. It's nice, you give it your all, but it gets too intense. 5 meo can (and will) get you out of obsession. this is very healthy. another thing with the business: sometimes you become obsessed with paths and become rigid when it comes to changing them. a bombshell from 5meo can help you see that rectifying is wise. but, be careful with nonsense like after a 5 meo trip staying with the idea that everything is love, my intuition is the absolute truth and I have seen exactly what I should do, contrary to what my reason dictates. watch out! do not decide anything, neither in business nor in anything else, based on those intuitions. they are false. You're in shock for a few hours. forget the decisions made by intuitions when you are still under the effects of the substance.
  13. I think that an LSD trip with the mind working like a whirlwind, creating suffering, would be much more traumatic. could be useful but very hard, a seriously challenging experience. instead 5 meo takes you away from the mind, and that makes you understand what the ego mind is, at least for me. without 5 meo I think I would never have been able to detach myself from the sticky ego for a moment. the op says that he is very traumatized and suffers a lot. maybe take a step back with 5 meo, look at the painting from another perspective and laugh at how silly he has been. it's just tangled in the maze
  14. The happiest will be the one who is most connected to the torrent of happiness that it really is, regardless of their circumstances. You can be more comfortable, more active, more fulfilled... but happiness is your nature. and your nature is more diaphanous, it feels cleaner the more you evolve ,the more impurity you remove, so yellow will be happier