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  1. At an absolute level there is no evil, but at a relative level yes. any deviation from total integrity is evil
  2. For me the only thing that works is to raise your consciousness. the normal thing is to be mentally suffering and seek a way out of this with therapy, with mindfulness techniques, or by changing your external circumstances. and your suffering is always there, since you are the one who is constantly creating it at this moment, and you cannot stop doing it because at the current level of consciousness your mind processes that way, and there is nothing else to do. raising your consciousness is not just anything, it is a true art. you have to understand very deeply, on a non-conceptual level, what you are. once you manage to raise your consciousness somewhat, you have found the key, you are already on the highway. psychedelics are extremely useful.
  3. unconditional human love will make you have a better life than the horrible desert of emptiness that many find, surrounded by competitive psychopaths with their fake smiles, but having your needs met will make you settle in and never get out of there, and in the end, by far human love, you will continue to be a mortal being who struggles not to die, a trap, and always limited, narrow, and addicted to the others. suffering is a good push, if you are ambitious, you will want to get out of it at all costs. the only way out is to break your limits.
  4. Real awakening is to realize that you are the reality but to do it full time, not 5 minutes a month with psychedelics. For this to happen is extremely rare imo.
  5. If nobody is totally 100% awake here (i agree with that, including me), who is going to have the option of the alien awakening?
  6. Yeah but the real suffering is mental, spiritual. It's feeling of lack of love. it is the dissonance between what is, which is absolute love, and what should be, that is a mental creation. it is as if your being is separated from love and is flowing in the void, parallel to love. the difference between the two tracks is anxiety, suffering. life is suffering, it is a fight against what is. anxiety, misery . that's how we humans live
  7. I don't say others can't help, just that to search what you are looking for in the others at the end doesn't work. Desire of awakening is desire to search inside yourself to find yourself. To realize that everything is inside yourself
  8. Why you fear the pain when 99,999% of time there is no pain?
  9. I mean sex, position, appearance. many people are spiritual by status. In the end everything is: please, love me. When you realize that love is inside you, you start looking less outside
  10. Awakening has to be in an absolute level. Most think that they are happy when they are very miserable. We have a great talent to hide ourselves the truth
  11. The human psyche is very complex. we are extremely sensitive emotionally, and we are thrown into the arena. people create shells and never come out of them. the lack of love creates pain and in the face of pain the person protects himself. no one has all the love they need. human love, when you leave childhood (if you have been lucky and have been truly loved in childhood, that is not so rare) you enter the desert. in an emotional enigma with a very difficult solution. the only solution is awakening. the rest is misery. human life is basically happy childhood, then misery.
  12. You will give up material desires when material desires seem nonsense to you. If you leave them sooner, you'll be a bitter repressed but that does not mean that you abandon your spiritual search until you are not interested in the material, the two things are compatible, but the deeper you go, the less that will interest you, which will make you go even deeper So the thing is not negative (abandon desires) but positive, go deeper. The desires will get weak naturally
  13. @Leo Gura Yes, I understand how it can unbalance life. I also have Martin Ball insomnia in mind, I don't know how he is now. but the reality is that there was a barrier in my mind that I had to break. Good thing this substance exists
  14. You Could be right, but my mind is very solid and i have quite good intuition. Anyway, everything is possible. We will see
  15. @LSD-Rumi Your reasoning is completely logical and your conclusions are the same as those reached by a revolutionary philosophy: Nazism. Let's see, nature is absolutely ruthless. if a baby of an animal is born defective, it is eliminated in minutes. the old survive only as long as they are fit. Species that do not adapt go extinct. going against this is not only weakness and degeneration, it is going against life. we're all going to die anyway, so there's no point in prolonging the inevitable when it's useless. useless for the evolution of the species. where do you find a flaw in this reasoning? don't have it right? except for a reason. we humans are not governed by natural law. we were, let's say, expelled from the garden of eden. our path is to transcend the animal. we are a hive organism, not individuals, the individual is non-existent, and our path is towards total ethics, towards the elimination of barriers between us, towards the fusion between individual and group, and the fusion of all groups into one: existing ones. the manifestation of this is solidarity.