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  1. It's an illusion but it's real during it exist. It's like a thought, if you observe you could see that there is nothing, and suddenly a thought appears, with a shape, a character. That "thing" that you create of the nothingness is something during a while, before it dissolves. True, it couldn't exist without the thinker, same that the illusion or reality couldn't exist without the self, but during it exist , is real, there is a duality. The source creates a duality, and in this duality you , illusion or not, exist, and have free will. It's only a game? Could be, or maybe there is a need, an objective.
  2. Who knows? The illusion is illusion, ok. But why the illusion exist? If you realize that it's a conciousness in the inmutable no time, you're going to realize that you are an illusion and the colored reality with time and space is all illusion. But illusion exist! Maybe the base of the illusion is the nothingness, but the illusion is something. It's duality? Maybe...not all of us realized the non duality, I m not doubting about it but it seems that some accept it like a dogma. About free will....In the illusion level it seems that you, as illusion , have a wall of concept that keep you isolated of the self, and you could break it or not... why? Who knows that. In a level seems that reincarnation exist, and a path of different lifes exist. How? Why?
  3. Yeah at the end it's necessary to reach it because it's the real truth...or a closer truth . who knows how many levels are in the reality. But those who experienced it use to say that the absolute is all ,and there isn't anything except the self...let's see.
  4. I think that they said that nothing changes in a deep level, because you are already enlightened, you are the self and you couldn't do nothing about that, even that reality is hidden to you in this moment, but in your ideas, concepts, feeling...I think all changes. Well, anyone could say: no, because there are not ideas, neither you...sure if you are totally enlightened it's like that , I'm talking about be more conciouss
  5. Ha! Good realization. I used to do exactly that, and after I felt like hang over of my selfish sentences, I felt like a fool. The remedy: discipline, stop absolutely doing that. Not because it's bad or anything, it's because after I feel a big fool selfish that talk to listen myself. Never more a lesson, or any word to feel proud of myself. It's an humiliation! I was humiliate myself doing that, like a turkey. It's normal that you don't like yourself if you do that. But if you realize that you are doing, and you hate that behaviour, you got it, it's not only a way of talk, it's deeper. It's be selfish, look only to yourself to make you bigger, etc. Insecurity , at the end
  6. All people hate aging! I think that the only way for let that fear away is go beyond the ego. It's not like: eh don't worry, you still look good, go to the it's real, the body is getting old, and eventually starting to fail. It's a big shit and a drama, unless you can let your ego behind you. Of course it's not easy at all, I think as you get older, it's going to be more easy.
  7. Exactly, and no time , no change... difficult to integrate this reality
  8. There are huge changes, not if you are enlightened, simply in the moment When you get conciouss that the reality isn't materialistic, your relationship with the death changes dramatically. It isn't a small change
  9. Mind concepts. What is the difference between imaginary or real? Only self exist, because many perceived that. And this is the whole reality? Let me doubt about it. Small cell, stop concepting.
  10. Good advice. The best way is to use the body for the porpouse that it is designed. Any difficult sport like rock climbing for example, makes you more conciouss of your body, and make you love it
  11. From what you wrote, you have been able to do specialized work successfully. you have also been able to meditate for an hour a day every day for a year. It is evident that you can do more or less any activity that you propose. the problem is that the one you are doing now has completely lost interest for you. that in time becomes unbearable. If you have the chance, it might be a good idea to consider a time of rest and meditation, perhaps traveling for inspiration. I would completely discard any concern for the future, the opportunity will appear in due course
  12. I have been conscious of it but im not sure if it's another illusion
  13. A dream or a thought are different that nothing. Are real . Well, maybe if I awake I realize that I was wrong, that it's absolutely logical that it's a self , but for now it's a mindfuck
  14. Today I did a small dose of 5 meo, i was between the frontier of the no-thing and the thing, the no-time and the time. In a moment I was in the no time, after in the time, in a moment the illusion shows like it is: nothingness, a moment later like solid reality. So the nothingness and the illusion are the same, are together, glued
  15. Logically??? Why it exist? Who knows if there are more dimensions of who knows...if I were you I'd don't trust really much about my mental conclusions