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  1. Of course it is a struggle. Acting like you agree with them is a mistake, imo. It makes the relationship fall on their side and that you have already verified that it leads to a breakup. I would say the only option is to be inflexible. be clear about your values, you do not need to impose them, but they must accept them. and for them to do so they have to see that they are absolutely clear and firm in you If you really have security in yourself, they will end up accepting and respecting you, and if you don't have it, here you have a good gym to train it
  2. having been born with the peculiarity or circumstance of not fitting into the normal gear of human society. also you need ambition ,in addition to all those mentioned above
  3. Exactly. Life could be simple, bacteria obtaining energy from minerals and replicating themselves, but creative energy competes with itself to increase in complexity. and this in humans gives rise to competition for groups, war, engine of evolution. looks like happiness of the individual is irrelevant, it submits to the creative goal, which is to create
  4. apparent changes occur in the world of appearances. These changes create time, which measures the mutation. in immutability there is no time. to perceive the mutation you need your mind that remembers the past, if there is no memory there is no mutation perceived, or time. In the same way that forms are needed so that there is space, in formless there is no space or time, but in the apparent world in which we (apparently) live there is. Another thing is that this apparent world is an illusion, and space and time are also, but this cannot be said by reason
  5. you probably have tendonitis. In my experience, tendinitis is resistant to rest, it is more convenient to lower the intensity of the exercise. at rest no more than 2 weeks. your body is used to exercise and eliminating it causes discomfort. start running at a low pace again, with two days' rest between sessions. take turmeric powder with pepper, it is very good as a natural anti-inflammatory. Consider taking medical anti-inflammatories for the first few weeks. only with a few days of decrease in inflammation the tendons recover. learn to listen to your body to avoid injuries If you do very intense exercise, measure the pH of your urine. If it is below 6.0 (measure it with a digital meter, not with paper strips), supplement with magnesium and potassium citrate. They will make the pH of your body more balanced. acidic pH promotes injuries, rheumatism and even cancer. apart these minerals are abundantly lost with sweat and are necessary for proper muscle function
  6. that realization about that we are all the same does not have to give an idea of loneliness. that we are is unfathomable, and that appearance that we are is very disparate, infinite manifestations of an infinite abyss. where is the loneliness?
  7. The only theory about reincarnation that I read and it seemed possible to me is that no one really reincarnates since we are all basically the same, what happens is that a being that exists is basically a form or an energetic pattern that delimits the being, nothingness ,what it is, or whatever you want to call it. when that pattern disappears in some way it remains in the general memory (if such a thing exists) and, with the tendency of existence to evolve, that pattern reappears, to continue evolving. this is as believable or incredible as anything else, but it sounds logical to me. It is not that you are going to reincarnate, since you are basically the existence, it is that your ego, or the energetic pattern , which has been evolving for a long time, will continue to do so. so here we are working for the evolution of ourselves
  8. Yeah , dependence is never a good idea, but once you have seen how the ego works, and you have freed yourself, even for a short time, it is quite unbearable to fall into the endless mazes of the ego that make your life miserable. You know that remembering that this or that happened is ego, illusion, but you cannot get out of there or silence your mind for a moment, so if you have a tool that works, you use it. Nor is it a magic that nullifies the ego, it only makes it separate for a moment. After having done that 100 times, I can do it only with meditation, reaching an empty mind every day, and that improves the quality of life a lot. Now I do 5 meo very rarely, meditation is more clean and works. I will do again in the future but a complete dose plugging Anything that is possible with 5 meo is possible without 5 meo? Maybe, but being realistic, almost Impossible
  9. @4201 before could not detach my ego, and I went into loops all the time, but it was to do a microdose of 5meo and I saw the ego for what it was, impossible thing when meditating. I did that for about 8 months, and sometimes a strong dose, maybe even 3-4 days, and now I don't need it, if I start to notice negative thought loops, I meditate until the ego is revealed for what it is and takes off. if it weren't for the 5meo I think I would never have managed to deactivate the ego. the thing was to go vaping little by little until reaching the brink of dissolution, where the ego is seen as the ghost that it is. just seeing it for a moment is enough. I know that recommending this is a bit risky but my quality of life from 1.5 years ago to now is another dimension. not only has it been thanks to this practice but it has been a huge help
  10. @4201 It sounds like you have to focus on the external for a while, but that doing so takes hold of your ego and that makes life miserable. I know that is not recommended but an almost micro dose of 5 meo (like 3-4 mg vaped) every week takes off the ego. it makes you look into the abyss but without becoming it, and it helps to take off the ego. I don't think it's very physically harmful, but I'm not sure
  11. @4201 a question: do you meditate? I've been avoiding meditation for a long time, like: I'm going to focus when I drive, play sports, make my life a meditative activity. Error, this doesn't work. It is very lazy at first, but you have to meditate, and if it can be two full hours each day, at least one. This makes a huge difference in your life. something as simple, mechanical as sitting and watching your mind is the key. I think a lot of people meditate sometimes, and it doesn't ... it has to be constant. internalize that it is as important as work or more
  12. It would seem that existence creates itself from non-existence, although saying "it creates" is not entirely correct since it implies a before and after and there aren't, because if there were nonexistence, and at some point the existence arose, it is that there was always existence since the nonexistence is not. it would be "is being created". How is this possible? perhaps because existence is really nothing, but that nothing creates images, dreams in which it manifests itself, not randomly, but very deliberate. So this nothing that dreams a dream so perfect, beautiful, complex ... what is it? I don't know if this is possible to go deeper and understand that
  13. the seeker is a mountain of shit that wants to clean itself. there's nothing to seek, just shit to remove
  14. @VeganAwake ? obvious, there is only one THIS, but it can take the appearance of a paradise or a hell