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  1. Concepts have their place. I understand what you are saying, that there are no categories in reality, everything is real. and the next thing from this is to also remove the real label and make the void. The mind is afraid of being Without categorizing and giving meaning. Categorizing and giving meaning is dreaming, stopping doing so is awakening. Of course right now I am categorizing and giving meaning, but not with the goal of describing reality but with the goal of stopping giving meaning. This is emptying the mind of structures, which is awakening, settling into existence. This is not enlightenment, but a state of purity like when you were 8 years old, but from here you can access the mystical with control over the fear of the adult and the capacity for total surrender impossible in the child.
  2. Let's see, for me on the one hand there is the conceptual mind that has practical utility, and that structures reality and classifies it and is essential to live as a human. What the conceptual mind says is not a lie, it is a conceptual construction. The point is that any conceptual construction limits, it doesn't matter what. If you want to open yourself to unlimited reality you must abandon them all and empty your mind. then real mysticism occurs, and this is another field entirely. They are not compatible, you must be able to put your mind in concept mode or empty mode. Afterwards, conceptualizing the mystical is possible to a certain extent and with many reservations. For me for now, if two days ago I had a total openness, now I have nothing to say about it, since now I don't have that openness. That whole thing about how others don't exist because you can only try your POV seems like the simplicity of a 7-year-old child to me. I don't see any sense or need in it. From the conceptual mind it seems obvious to me that others exist and have their pov, I am another pov, another bubble of existence, not a god playing cute games to deceive myself for love, nor an envoy of the goddess Kali to sowing chaos, all of that seems like psychotic thoughts to me. Spirituality for me has two phases. awakening, which is leaving the linear mind that gives meaning, and mysticism, which is the real opening to the immeasurable and unthinkable. unthinkable is the key word. We cannot access it because we are operating from the two-dimensional level of thought, we must leave it completely and open ourselves to perception without dimension, or in infinite dimension. Everything about: I am this, I do this for this reason, reality is love, etc. etc. is within two-dimensional thinking. toxic to mysticism
  3. It has nothing to do with accepting or not, but with floating above or connecting. Reality is life, existence, God if you want. The name doesn't matter, it is what it is. With the mind we create an image of ourselves as an entity that moves in time and has a series of qualities, we classify and give meaning to reality, and with this we disconnect, we get out of the flow, we stop being now and we float. above. You have to get off the timeline, stopping interpreting completely. It is something very simple but at the same time tremendously complicated, it is human mental illness. This is not mysticism, it is being awake. awake is not the same as enlightened. awake is simply a normal state, like that of a child, a non-ill state. I tried to explain it here more or less. I think I didn't put enough emphasis is the meaning , just in the time, but both are parallels. There is no time without meaning, and no meaning without time
  4. You say that because you can't remove the meaning from the equation 😉
  5. Smart desire. Maturity is balance. Be immature is very difficult life. To some their parents have passed on an acceptable level of maturity, to others a shitty level and they must fight hard for every inch.
  6. The perfection is very close, It is a millimeter away from you, you just have to equalize with yourself. eliminate the meaning and interpretation of reality, then you stop perceiving life as a timeline, you settle in the now, and the now is alive. that life is everything, that is existence. There is nothing else, there are only opening levels. More open, more life, that is heaven, just existence
  7. When as you have said, reality becomes a lucid soup, there is no "alone." It is what I call that reality becomes fluid, you can penetrate it, you are it flowing. The moment you think: "alone" you are outside, there is separation, you have just created a structure and therefore a limit. reality is once again the rigid impenetrable shit it always was. For me the only way to be is empty, in the moment that you put any meaning, the thing gets opaque Really, there is no difference between some things and others, everything is reality, there is no difference between mental or real, what is is real, it is the only classification
  8. or in other words (if I'm not mistaken with what you're trying to say): the mind must be empty of structure. no meaning means anything
  9. life only listens to a prayer, the proyection of your mind. You are a force that pushes, like everything that lives. You must connect with that which lives and pushes, and be that. then you see clearly that you must go with the flow and stop interpreting. just flow and try to release the greatest vital energy in you
  10. It is impossible to understand death . Most likely, death is the beginning of another cycle, and so on for all eternity. If a cycle is occurring now, it means that there have always been cycles, which means that right now there are infinite cycles, but you only experience one, and it will disappear, but in infinity it would happen infinitely more times. It is something incomprehensible that does not enter the mind. It is useless to think about the structure of reality, it is the mind of a dog trying to understand a computer. The only thing you can do with death is look directly at it, see the black hole in front of you, and open yourself to it.
  11. Time is a mental construct created from something real, change and cycle. Reality is changing and cyclical, and time is the perception, memory and forecast of that change. It is always now, but our mind is able to remember what it was like now when it was different, and predict what it will be like based on the changes stored in memory. This creates a parallel reality that is perceived as a line, and that separates us from the reality that is, which is always now.
  12. I remember when I fought with 5meo, a tough fight. I would lie on the floor and think: I am going to cross the barrier of my psyche, here and now. I did it, no, almost, strange, strange. horrible sometimes. things like: a sphincter of darkness that swallows me and suddenly the absolute: an eternal prison, I am trapped in a motionless eternity, absolute cosmic horror. Then I would get up and walk around my house looking at the ground trying to remove that pressure from my mind. One day I did it and it was: absolute emptiness, total death, nothing that expands without limit. an absolute gong that sounds and was death. party. I thought, well, this is so nice what I had to see today, we have to settle. Then I thought, no, I have a quality, I go further. I put something like double the dose into the pipe without weight, trembling because I was still under the effect of the previous one, I lit it and thought: kill. reality opened up. I saw myself standing in my room with my arms open, infinity was open, the total glory of existence opened to me. Hallelujah. There are no limits, that's what I am. Infinity.
  13. @Keryo Koffa Ego death is to become infinite. This does not mean that you realize that you are infinite, you are not a thing that is infinite, you are simply the absence of limits, or better, what you are is absence of limits, not a you. It is not something, you are depth, this is not thinkable nor can it be remembered. You can remember a kind of endless well, but that well in your memory will have edges, limits. It's not that, it's absolute openness. That's what spirituality is about. The first time you achieve this it can be perceived as horrible, there is nothing to grab, it is nothing. If you manage to maintain it, the mystique emerges. The absence of limits is the source of reality, and you become one with it, since that is what you really are, it is simply reality
  14. It simply softens the ego and can suppress it at a given moment. The problem is that it is violent, but that violence is necessary until you can do this more or less naturally. I got more openess with meditation and some thc than with 5meo, 5meo is just the tool to break your energetic blockage, to reconfigure the energetic pattern that you are, to make you less dense I personally do not give any credibility to the realizations of psychedelics like: oh I am god, reality is mental, blah blah. I simply seek the death of the ego. This means the total suppression of the relation subject/object, perceiver and perception. The problem is that you can take a large dose and the ego resists. For example, if you are seeking to understand. If so, you, that is, the ego, is there taking notes to understand. In my opinion, you have to leave the mind out of this, no conclusion is valid. any conclusion is ego. What you are looking for is openness, openness is not translatable to the mind, and that's it. It is something like reality, by fusing the subject and the object, becomes fluid. By being fluid, it can go deeper into itself, and in doing so mysticism emerges. The moment you try to give it meaning, you are out, whether with 1gr of 5meo in your vein. Psychedelics are an aid, not a magic pill. The objective is be able to dissolve the ego easily, many times a week just with meditation, or low dose or psychedelics. The rule number one for me is empty the mind, no ideas about god or anything, just dissolution. Then, after time, some ideas about reality could arises , but I think it's better to be sceptical. The thing is bigger than it seems. And another thing, now I'm in normal state, close, zero mystical, then any idea is just a mental construction, you should differentiate between that and real openess. For me if there is not openess, like now, it's better don't thinking in spirituality at all, just seek the openenss when the circumstances allow it
  15. Your level of authenticity is....well, not very high