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  1. I think that most people would be shocked to know about a place where extreme potency drugs are promoted among young people to be able to realize that you do not exist and that reality is a dream. you have to be really brave to promote this, it's not a jocke
  2. I think that language is genetically encoded. There is a rule called Zipf's law according to which in all the languages that exist the second word is used half as often as the most used, the third one third of the time, the fourth one quarter and so on ... quite mysterious. also the most used words in all languages are the so-called invisible words, the, to, etc. This rule works in languages without any relationship. it would show that your idea is correct and that all languages are the same with different aspects
  3. @RealTruth the point is that if you stop your mind long enough, you will see: I am absolutely nothing and this nothing is. it is wonderful. then your mind will work again and you will think: what was it saying out of nothing, why was it? what stupidity, nothing is nothing, it is also quite bad, the opposite of life. then you will stop your mind again, and you will see: the apparent reality is somehow a dream of nothingness, it is nothing. reality = nothing, an empty appearance in eternity. again the mind will return, and you will think: what was that about appearance? why? if everything is solid, it doesn't make any sense ... that's the game
  4. you are not god doing this for that. There is neither how nor why. The answer to the enigma is: it is incomprehensible. If you understand, you are wrong. your hard drive is not for this. you can see it if you turn off the computer, but when you turn it back on and conceptualize what you saw with it ... wrong, wrong answer
  5. @Flor_floresYou are in karma as soon as you identify with the person, their circumstances, and give them a concrete meaning. when you see that the person is not real, you see that neither is karma. It is a question of identification, you can shift from one thing to another in seconds, several times a day. as karma and the person (I think they are the same) for many people produces acute suffering, a distortion between what is and what should be, they see the need to transcend karma, leave the person behind. Trying as you say to represent the drama of karma is useless, it is an enigma without a solution, no matter how much you untangle it, you will find new knots, that is why psychology fails. the solution is to take the complete riddle and throw it away. The problem is that the person can't throw the person away
  6. the ego is a dam that blocks love. the more the ego dissolves, the more love radiates. without ego, you are love
  7. that I, as a human, have the same relevance as an ant, or a rat. my i is completely irrelevant, almost inexistent. Only the substance exist, the shape is an illusion.
  8. @The Buddha i think it's because Leo is absolutely enlightened with psychedelics, but his ego is very strong without them. simple. it is clearly perceived even by reading it here. it is rough, abrupt. The truth does not flow in him if it is not in a trance, but he is a person of great courage and great ambition, and with a very powerful intellect.
  9. the desire to awaken is what leads to awakening. the ego knows that it must die but it cannot make itself die. the search for something external to act as a trigger is the only option that the ego sees for its suicide, since it cannot cause its own death. artificially created experience, if complete, occurs when it is have to. It is also artificial to sit for hours to silence the mind or to self-observe the slightest thought. they are manifestations of the same thing: the will to wake up. the ego itself realizes the trap that it means, and assumes that the only solution is its dissolution, but it does not know how to leave, since the fact of wanting to leave reinforces it even more. He needs a gun, put it to his temple, and pull the trigger
  10. you are god right now veiled by illusion. the illusion is you. a disguise. remove the disguise and it will be evident, sure, without a doubt. If the costume returns, you will remember that you knew: I am God, but you will not know exactly why, even if it was 5 minutes ago, if the veil returns, God becomes invisible since you only see the illusion. remembering it is impossible. God, why have you abandoned me? you will ask. and the answer will almost always be: because once again you have chosen the ego. you were in god but you fell into temptation, you thought you could savor the two worlds, but if you let the ego play, it will dominate and draw the veil. but once you have rested in the calm waters, once you have reached your destination and recognized what you have always been, you have finally equalized the dissonance, you will see that the ego is not worth it, it is a scam. but still ... it's tempting
  11. what you expose is an enigma with a solution, which I would say you already know. as buddha said, the world is suffering. This is so, the only way out of this, the crazy dance of karma, is enlightenment. and for this you have to be willing to renounce the world. are you ?you shouldn't, because of your age. that time will come, while ... to play the game as harder (and pleasantly) as possible. From my experience, which is not small, with many games played, I can only say one thing: they were necessary. soldier to war ... is what it is. the sooner you play them the better. burning karma fast is a wise move. risk, dare, fail if necessary. karma has to be burned and half measures are not enough, you have to get into the mud. It's a hard game if you want to find the way out of the maze. I guess it won't always be like this, just my experience. If you renounce the world, if you give yourself completely, if you die while alive, the suffering will go away. The crazy dance will stop the moment you stop and say: I renounce to wanting anything. then the wall will be broken, and in exchange for your renounce, you will be given infinity. If someone had told me before, maybe I would have understood, I don't know, probably not
  12. of course you are right, loving others is something that makes you human, happy, whole. my comment may have been wrong, even rude, but I know that it is not the same to love others than a relationship. The couple's relationship is something in which many "corrupt" factors intervene, such as physical appearance, the charisma that I mentioned, even being a man or a woman, fidelity, etc. This being the case, it is almost always a selfish relationship, focused on satisfying needs (sex is wonderful, in a relationship it is ... complicated), therefore, when expressing your inclination towards a relationship with someone who is in a position like Leo's , I couldn't help but make that comment. it can be totally wrong and mostly it's just a point of view, but looks like the person you notice must be admired by you. This is normal, but I don't like it. it's just an opinion, but for me to admire is ego, vanity. I'm totally wrong and your realization went for another path and I didn't get it? Really possible Pd: Sorry, you have exposed yourself explaining your trip and I have given a rude opinion. It is really impossible to know or judge what of others, I have told you in case I could open your eyes to something, my sister finds again and again relationships of "admiration" and I have found a similar pattern. I can't make her see what admiration means, or what I think it means. You said that you want a concious relationship. You can't want that. It only could happens when you don't want that. Because the act of want makes you selfish, so unconscious
  13. Maybe that vision wanted to show you how much charisma influences you when considering a relationship. This means one thing: I am incomplete and this person is going to complete me. the only true love is simple, disinterested, given. When you raise this relationship, don't you think that what fascinates you, in an unconscious way, is what I read is going to add to your person? In a relationship the important thing is to give. you don't know him. Even if you knew him, you should think that you don't really know him. This vision says: I'm a teenager, danger
  14. It is the only place in the history of mankind where people from all over the world interested in enlightenment meet and share points of view. seems little to you? well ... I think it's more than a lot