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  1. turn it up a tune or two. break free . Think as offensive as possible. is he short? do he has a belly? feign masculine attitudes? does he have droopy cheeks? Does his mother dress in an exaggerated way? Does his father seem bitter? There is no limit, let go, it is the most liberating. if they hit you, you've got it. it's war! They want to steal your energy, do not allow it. Give it a nickname, micropenis for example. every time he talks to you, tell him: sorry micropenis, I didn't listen to you well. hello micropenis, how was the day. Starting today, that's his name. Or anything. Do it like you were jocking, but as offensive as you can. Yesterday i saw your mother more fat as usual. Well, looking your father it's normal she eat to forget. And don't wait that they insult you. Start. Your objetive is that they want to hit you. If they do, you win. As Gandhi, passive resistance. And never show that they can touch you, never show fear, like poker. They are not dangerous at all, so nothing is going to happen. No limits! But always like is was nice, like jocking. When you start you can't stop. It works, no one is immune. think and hit where it hurts. as musashi says (a samurai from the middle age who won 60 duels to the death, and wrote a book called the 5 rings), in combat, if you focus on what the opponent can do to you, you will probably lose. Focus on what you can do to him. Visualize his weak points, the action to follow, the result. if you visualize the cut, you will probably cut You are in combat. Enjoy it
  2. inside and outside are appearances. obviously it seems that there is inside and outside of you, if it were not so, you would not need to realize that it is not so.
  3. @Jodistrict have you tried synthetic? are there differences?
  4. That is. To achieve this, each one must be intuitive and do what is necessary, understand what hinders free flow, and act accordingly. sometimes psychedelics are necessary, other times meditation, also changing habits, companies, occupations. it is something that encompasses everything
  5. It should not be easy to be in the spotlight and that does not influence you, preserve your integrity. but I guess if you've been doing it for many years, it becomes normal for you
  6. you have to eliminate as much as possible, or totally, the narcissism from you, since it turns you into a puppet. any need for external validation is sapping your life. turning you into a sad clown. if you want to stop being pathetic, become aware of your narcissism and expel it. After that, you can start living with dignity
  7. That is absolutely true. I don't like a girl who wants sex the day we meet. seems dysfunctional to me. I think she does it without real feeling, as for "try" to be a woman. I am not talking about a sentimental attachment, but about a real sexual feeling that occurs after 2, 3 or 4 dates, where it really flows. could be in the first, but almost never. it is usually forced and stupid to do so. on a disco night, the cheapest
  8. I've been doing it since I started masturbating, at 11 y.o. With so much practice, I can achieve something that I call a semi-orgasm. I stay at the moment of orgasm for a long time without reaching it, and when it comes I stop, then I ejaculate, but halfway, without being a complete orgasm but the sensation is almost the same, the expulsion of lesser semen, the peculiarity is that you do not lose the erection and you can continue. I have done it up to 5 times in a row, the girls are quite impressed because it is not usual. If I have a complete orgasm, I can't go on, and really, normally I don't feel like another one on the same day, but this way I can spend hours.
  9. getting girls because you're "somebody" sucks. the cold door is infinitely more beautiful. not only the result matters, beauty is in the process, it's magical
  10. there are very intelligent people, who know many things and have a lot of interests, but who are not capable of deep love. some have a flat mind, few interests, but love completely. there are many degrees, many variables, things are not what they seem
  11. psychology tries to solve the labyrinth that is the human social ego, the trauma, going through it until you find the exit. authentic spirituality flies over it and comes out of it directly
  12. I don't understand what it means. If you mean experience as something that is happening, I agree. the absolute is not happening, it is. happening is appearance. to realize god is to realize that you are, with unlimited depth. you can say: "realize" is an experience. well, we are in the apparent, everything is experience, but we experience that there is no experience, there is being
  13. Why? Obviously reality is. Is=god. Seek in yourself. You are
  14. If God wanted that, he would never remember being god. God wants things to be exactly the way they are, right? but those of us who seek enlightenment do so by our will, because we want that and we act accordingly. I guess you could say God wants us to. what you said before about the depth, I do not agree. I can realize God meditating for a moment, a flash, or I can spend 10 days drooling in ecstasy like Ramakrishna. they are both realizing god, but of different depth. I seek more depth, but not as much as a saint. the just one to live this life in total freedom. But who knows, once you start something you never know where is the end
  15. You had a enlightenment experience of one day if I remember correctly. but then the ego came back. So, are you enlightened like your nickname says? obviously not. that experience recontextualize your mental landscape, but has the ego dissolved again? Is there infinity in your mind when you close your eyes? Or do you only remember that experience? That's ego, you are sleeping, even you awoke one day. The god realization it has to be at the present moment, if not, it's ego. remembering it over and over again makes it a religion. maybe that happens to you?