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  1. @Anna1 But then the demon of fear comes in and makes it a calculus equation lol.
  2. This topic has probably been covered already, but ahh how do you approach girls in college without laying a reputation on yourself of being “that guy?” I go to a medium-sized university 10,000+ people, but I tend to see the same people walking around every day. And in high school, I approached girls and sometimes got rejected and would frequently have to go through these awkward situations where I would see them again. I haven’t done much approaching in college yet (Freshman) but I want to see how other people handled this before I start going ham.
  3. Just do it and a lot so you get comfortable doing it. It's like taking a cold shower, you're just thinking about jumping in, but your afraid of how cold it is. So all you do is give yourself a countdown and just feel it entirely. This channel helped me out quite a bit with approaching
  4. Making a Lean Startup Canvas and networking with people will probably do you some good. First-hand experience is best from what I've heard.
  5. @Evan12 I can relate, I did wrestling for 3 years in High School (Graduated this year). What I noticed about this sport is you actually have to commit to it and all of your free time just disappears during the season. So, you got to play around with your schedule a lot. When I tried doing Personal development during the season I would meditate and read self-help books before school. On tournament days I would try reading on the commute and during those breaks between matches. Also, in the sport you have to diet and cut weight, which presents an opportunity to work on and clean your diet. Man, I was literally in the exact same spot you were in, with lone wolf (few friends), non-dual, and psychedelics stuff. From what I've experienced it's just better to keep that stuff to yourself because when you tell people about stuff like that they start thinking that you're weird and trippin.
  6. @Truth Addict Thanks
  7. @John West I had a lot of trouble with finding out how all back up stuff works. if you have an old version like 2010 it automatically makes backup files for you. You can find them by going to the file tab --> Open Back Ups. If you already have them saved in the cloud and want to go a little further to protect your files. I would recommend buying a good quality flash drive and use Sync Toy to sync your files easily to the drive.
  8. @Truth Addict So, if the emotions come up they get asked by themselves?
  9. Hi, I just watched Leo's video on The Power Of Asking Questions, but I am a bit confused on how to do it exactly. Do I just sit there and ask myself the question repeatedly or have a journal in front of me to write down anything that comes up to mind? Or do I just sit ask myself the question repeatedly patiently without writing anything down until one day the answer hits me?
  10. Thanks for the variety of responses. To give y'all more of a background of myself I've been meditating for 2 years starting from 10 min now doing doing 40 min a day. In the past I've felt that burning sensation before and also once felt as I have wanted to pass out, but this was way more intense including wanting to throw up and a fear of dying. During the six hours I was almost totally motionless, was trying to stay mindful of the sensations of my body and trying to not go into thought stories doing completely nothing. The sensations were so surprising as a result of doing such a simple activity of sitting down and doing nothing. Which, tells me something else is coming into play here.
  11. I once saw Leo's video on overcoming addiction and he said the solution is to simply sit down for hours and do nothing. So today I decided to try it out. I am totally alone in my room, completely quiet, started a timer for eight hours, and sat down on a chair. After two hours I felt a sort of burning sensation in my abdomen area. After four hours the burn really started to burn like a fire was lit inside of me. Then hitting the fifth and sixth hour I wanted to throw up, I was sweating, felt like I was going to pass out, and had sort of a fear like I was going to die. So, then at that point I stopped out of fear, walked around for a bit, and all sensations wore off in like three minutes like nothing happened. So, has anyone experienced this or know WTF just happened?
  12. @7thLetter Thanks, I see how the mastery process kind of comes into play here.
  13. I'm Incoming freshman about to go to college and I want to improve my social skills. I've noticed fairly well that my people skills are pretty bad and I am kind of suffering for it now by not having too many friends and not having the confidence to talk to people without feeling awkward. So, my point is that if I started working on social skills how long would it take me to get to the point where I could talk to anyone effortlessly? I want to know this because I don't want to set the wrong expectations for myself.
  14. @Leo Gura Thanks for the reply. I'll take it into consideration, and I had a feeling I had to plan things out strategically.
  15. @NoSelfSelf I didn't know that, cool. @aurum I'll see if I can do both with my school work thanks.