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  1. @Leo Gura I was afraid I was when coming up with my LP, but my values surround understanding, self-actualization, and spirituality. Therefore, the most meaningful thing that could think of was to make people more aware of these areas of life through an online medium. If you don't mind, could you give me an opinion/advice on my situation up above? I have been getting depressed and losing sleep over it and would love to get a response from you. I'm not sure if I'm overthinking the situation, terrified that I won't be able to set a good foundation or if I'm still okay. My anxiety is killing me right now with me thinking my life's potential is done for.
  2. I've read everyone's posts and I thank you all for the advice. I do realize the pandemic was an abnormal situation, and while the thought of not growing much in the past years is taking a toll on my mental health, i will try to move on to do the things on my bucket list.
  3. When I started college back in 2019 I was progressing slowly but surely in my self-help journey by meditating, reading, taking life-purpose courses little by little, and taking attempts at chatting up college girls. First-year was going great until the pandemic hit and there was a shift to online classes. I was in complete isolation in my parent's house with just the task of doing school work. It only took a semester or two after the lockdown to fall off track of my self-actualization journey because I felt soo isolated and online classes were so easy to procrastinate on. For about two to 3 years (late 2020 until 2022) I tried keeping my habits going but discipline was non-existent. I might have read several books, tried to eat healthily, and attempt to finish the life purpose course over that timeline. However, nothing was sticking because something would throw me off like one of my family members getting covid and tending to them. I spent a lot of my time trying to do things to make things fun for myself during these times of the pandemic like going fishing, learning new recipes, and working on cars/motorcycles. I also did a fair share of wasteful activities like Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, and video games. Fast forward to now, I just finished my first semester physically back in school and had some time during this winter break to work on myself. Once I took a good look at the progress I've made in personal development/setting my foundation over the college pandemic years I realized I didn't make the progress I wanted to make. Now I am filled with regret about having wasted so much time and I'm dwelling over the past wishing I could snap myself out of that lazy sleep to tell myself what I know now. I have a newfound deep sense of desire and motivation now to work on myself as a result of regret. I'm back on track now better than before, but I'm finding it extremely painful to do anything personal development related because I just think back to how I could have done it a lot sooner. I feel old at 21 not having made the progress I wanted in PD, and still have my "v card". Also, I have 1 1/2 years left in my 5-year university degree and getting close to reaching the real world. My degree is in computer science and I have ambitions to become a sort of self-help/spiritual guru that I found through the LP course. I've gone through the process of learning from my experience/regret and trying to move forward, but I just keep coming back to dwell on the past. Could I get some advice to deal with this situation?
  4. @Leo Gura There are definitely good opportunities on campus, but it's kind of weird in the way that I can't just start walking up to girls cold turkey and trying to hit on them. I fear developing a reputation on campus for being that "guy". Would approaches on campus need to be more indirect/social circle type game?
  5. I live in a small city with a population of around 400k. I go to college here so I can't move to a bigger city. I want to go out and do a lot of approaches. Will I have problems running into the same people/girls?
  6. I have decided that I am going to switch to computer science as of right now and feel like this is the right choice. @aurum I definitely overwhelmed myself a little too far with this decision, but this experience has made me very aware of how serious I have to be about my career/life purpose. Sort of like a wake-up call.
  7. @Sahil Pandit I talked to a couple of people about it and they say something similar. Thanks for putting things in perspective. However, I still feel a ton of emotional turmoil, like a burning hole in my stomach because of the choice I got to make between both majors.
  8. I’m going through quite the crisis right now in my life at the age of 19. It all started when I realized I may not want to be an engineering major (computer engineering) anymore due to not liking a project I was a part of and seeing that technical aspects of doing the project sparked little to no interest. I’m at a point in college (start of my 3rd year) that I need to decide now what I want to do with my life because once classes start I’m going to go past the point of no return and not being able to change majors all that much, which is in about a week or two. My two options at this point that seem reasonable are either stay in engineering (maybe I’ll still like it) or switch to computer science which I have some interest in because I took some classes in it but my gut feeling says that’s not the right choice. I’m near the end of Leo’s life purpose course and came up with the life purpose “Pervade personal development/spiritual topics using my creativity to create a more conscious society.” I would like to do this by creating a website or some other way, but I was kind of concerned that I might just be copying Leo and that this might be unauthentic. However, I’ve always been intrigued by personal development and spirituality due to and have been watching Leo's content since high school. I feel as if people around me and my peers need to become aware of their potential in these areas of their life and I would want to convey that and guide them. I was thinking that I could major in computer science in order to build a website for myself with my purpose in mind and have job security by having this degree if things don’t go well. I also have an interest in becoming a life coach, however, I'm nowhere near qualified to be one. I never expected to experience such emotional turmoil and sleepless nights. I realize Leo calls this the hero's calling in which I have to make a decision for the better of my potential. Is there some advice/wisdom y'all could share with me because this is borderline a nightmare.
  9. I just finished my first year of college and have the option to work 8 hrs a day doing heavy manual labor or go full bore at figuring out my life purpose during my 3-month summer vacation. I've been working on and off on Leo's life purpose course for the past two years. So far I've made it all the way to the part of the course that's dealing with figuring out my zone of genius, which, has been sort of difficult and have developed some resistance to. Financially I'm doing pretty good, about 6k for next entire semester, which is going to be fully online due to COVID. However, I feel as if I should be working to make more money as I always did during my vacations for the past 3 years, but I also see this time as an opportunity to figure out my life purpose. So what I'm asking is would it be possible to work and still be able to work on finding my life purpose? I feel like this is a dumb question to ask, but I just want to see what y'all have to say.
  10. This topic has probably been covered already, but ahh how do you approach girls in college without laying a reputation on yourself of being “that guy?” I go to a medium-sized university 10,000+ people, but I tend to see the same people walking around every day. And in high school, I approached girls and sometimes got rejected and would frequently have to go through these awkward situations where I would see them again. I haven’t done much approaching in college yet (Freshman) but I want to see how other people handled this before I start going ham.
  11. Just do it and a lot so you get comfortable doing it. It's like taking a cold shower, you're just thinking about jumping in, but your afraid of how cold it is. So all you do is give yourself a countdown and just feel it entirely. This channel helped me out quite a bit with approaching
  12. Making a Lean Startup Canvas and networking with people will probably do you some good. First-hand experience is best from what I've heard.
  13. @Evan12 I can relate, I did wrestling for 3 years in High School (Graduated this year). What I noticed about this sport is you actually have to commit to it and all of your free time just disappears during the season. So, you got to play around with your schedule a lot. When I tried doing Personal development during the season I would meditate and read self-help books before school. On tournament days I would try reading on the commute and during those breaks between matches. Also, in the sport you have to diet and cut weight, which presents an opportunity to work on and clean your diet. Man, I was literally in the exact same spot you were in, with lone wolf (few friends), non-dual, and psychedelics stuff. From what I've experienced it's just better to keep that stuff to yourself because when you tell people about stuff like that they start thinking that you're weird and trippin.
  14. @Truth Addict Thanks
  15. @John West I had a lot of trouble with finding out how all back up stuff works. if you have an old version like 2010 it automatically makes backup files for you. You can find them by going to the file tab --> Open Back Ups. If you already have them saved in the cloud and want to go a little further to protect your files. I would recommend buying a good quality flash drive and use Sync Toy to sync your files easily to the drive.