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  1. Hi, spiritual friend. A few fascinating questions came up in me after a deep insight. I am really enthousiastic to share my open-minded questions with you all and I look forward to the answers of you! Little disclaimer: I have quitte good knowledge about spirituality and non-duality. However I still have a lot to learn and comprehend in this life. I have some answers to a few questions here and a few not I am trying to be radiclly open-minded here Does the oppositie of the Ego exist? Is the total human body the Ego? Or just your brain? Is the Ego full? Or is the Ego empty? Or both at the same time? Is the whole universe the Ego? Or does the Universe contain a/the Ego Is the Ego alive? Or is the Ego dead (with a possible paradox of life in it)? Is the Ego real? Or just a thought in your brain? Does the Ego-mind have a 'Meta-Ego'? Is the Ego finite? Or is the Ego infinite Is the Ego a deep form of self-deception and do we pretend like we have an Ego, maybe just to fulfill our spiritual needs which maybe is a form of survival? If you have an awakening, does the Ego then also have an awakening? Is it possible to completely disable/kill the Ego? Is there a possible strange loop between the Ego and humans and/or the Universe? What is the simplest definition of the Ego? What is the deepest definition of the Ego? These are my open-minded questions about the Ego. I will appreciate every answer. Offcourse you don't have to answer every question haha. I made quitte alot. Every answer and thought is much appreciated. If you can and have the time, I would really be happy if you could answer (nearly) every question! Every answer and input means alot to me So a big thank you in advance for you And I have a message to all of you reading this: spread the Love.
  2. Hello beautiful people, As the title says, I can't fully love myself. I mean not in a manner like full self acceptance, maybe not even the half of it. Personnaly I think it has at least something to do with my (early) chilhood, where my biological father abused us and I felt it happening unconscious as a baby and semi-conscious as a toddler. Furthermore, when I was approximately 7 years old, my stepdad came into my life. I was stubborn, because it felt like he wanted to play the father role, which he did with alot of authority. And I couldn't and still can't stand such authority. And it was contrary to my my mothers philosophy of upbringing So now I've moved out, to my own house, since 1.5 years, finnaly. But my stepdad and I haven't talked to eachother in like more than 10 years... It's been a 'cold war' at home unfortanetly. I didn't even dare to come downstairs to eat something, and when I did, I instantly felt sick. So I pretty much kinda did groceries for myself... For me it was a closed chapter when I was like 13, I accepted my mothers 'happiness' with him, but he kept bullying me unfortanetly Which harmed me alot. (I also a a traumatic diagnose because of him). He even bullied my ex-girlfriend... I went to a ton of psycholgist for therapy (also for him). So I have some things that I went through, do you think my mental problems and negative self image are correlated to that? Or maybe other things in life? And which things? I'd like to hear a list for what causes a self-image like this So I tend to be to strict for myself, what can result in a low self image, which leads to depression, etcetera. So how can I break the vicious negative (self talk) cycle? It's so difficult and it's influencing my personal developement and my life in a huge way at this moment. So I am completely done with it. I want to live, not half living while I am almost dead. I'd like to hear your (own) thoughts, ideas and tips from you! Thank you in advance
  3. Hi @Illusory Self I sent you a PM!
  4. Hi there! I am very depressed and I woud love to get some tips for things to do when feeling miserabele. And also, how can I do something when I am too depressed to do the things I normally like? It feels like I don't want to do things anymore and Just lay in bed all day, and too much laying in bed won't help me in the end I guess. Or does it? Thank you in advance! PS: if you're also depressed and read this, let me know and/or send me a PM
  5. @NoSelfSelf Thank you for your answer and kindness. My awarenes is quitte high, but when I have anxiety and depressive feeding it tends to be low. How can I break Thatcher circle? Practice Self-inquiry? Or meditation? And what do you exacte mean with "Constant proactive action towards something...." I'd like to know. Thank you in advance.
  6. Like the title says, how does the Law of attraction really work? And does the Law of Atrraction actually exist? And if so, in which way does it exist? And what are the implications if it is real? There is so much information about it, so it's quitte difficult to find the RIGHT information about it. Sometimes I seem to drown in analysis paralysis. So what are your thoughts and experiences with the Law of Attraction? What are your answers to my questions, and how do I manifest what I want? Thank you in advance
  7. Hello there. Lately I have been dealing with a very deep depression. I already had a few big depressions in my life, and it almost seems like I am chronically depressed or something. Very hard to deal with as you can understand. I try to watch spiritual and personal developement videos on YouTube, listen to self-help podcasts and I am reading 'Think and Grow Rich' for the 5th time now, because I want to know more about the Law of Atrraction. Because I want to know how to manifest something. And I also want to know how I could get out of my depression while using the LOA. Anyways, I hope someone feels me and has a tip for me on how to manage my life better to get out of depression. Resources are also very welcome! (Like books, lectures, YouTube video's etcetera.) Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi! I am curious on how to get an enlightenment experience ASAP. I have had a few enlightenment experiences, but I want to feel reborn and see what it means for me now. I'd like to hear practical advice and/or resources that can help. Thank you in advance
  9. @hyruga Looks great, thank you! @BlackMaze Yes i think that's a good way to make a decision, thank you!
  10. @Pugfishpanda Thank you for your reply! Hahaha yes then I am also very consistent @Gesundheit It is indeed difficult without a belief system. Sometimes I wish I had a belief system, that would probably make my life a lot easier. @Cykaaaa Thank you! Yes the why is crucial. the problem is I don't have a clear why at this point. I did the life purpose course from Leo, which is a fantastic tool and gave me a lot of insights, but I don't have a clear vision yet. Yeah, fall down 7 times, stand up 8. ??
  11. Hello everybody, You may know it, you have discovered something nice like a new habit and are working hard on it. But after a while you stop, you slide back. I think most people recognize this, to a greater or lesser extent I unfortunately recognize it very much, I have a very big problem with being consistent. I am very inconsistent. For example: I am starting a new morning routine. At first I like it and enjoy it but then the motivation gradually disappears. and at a moment I quit due to circumstances. Let's say I did it for a month. And after quitting I haven't done it for a whole month. But because it was good for me, I want to do it again. So then I try again, but I can't manage to keep it up. Maybe even now for 2 weeks and I won't try again in 2 months. And then I might try something else (a new habit for example) and the same thing happens but with something else, I can't manage to keep it up. This is very problematic, I can hardly make any progress in this way. I hate that I'm so inconsistent and just doing something (without much success). I know this is part of life but I think it is disproportionate to me. I'm getting nowhere with all the sliding back. What I don't think helps is my motivation. I am a person who has a lot of doubts, so when I start something / am working on something I can think: this is good for me, I have to keep doing this. But because of setbacks in my life, I get more doubts and I ask myself questions such as what is the point of doing this? Why don't I just stop when it is so difficult and yet hardly makes sense. But at the same time I know that it is good for me and does make sense. And yet later on there are thoughts like: life has no meaning so why should this make sense and am I not just going to relax in my comfort zone? The thing is, i'm very aware that it's good for me and I need it. But still I let the doubt win and am very inconsistent because of that. I want to break through this inconsistency and have a happy and productive life with discipline, but how? My question is: how can I make sure I stay consistent and have less doubts? And if I slide back for a moment, how can I get back to work as quickly as possible and be consistent? Sub-questions: Is it wise to build up something with mini steps? Or is it smart to go big, make a big change and commit yourself to it? What tools / resources are useful in the area of this problem? Do you ever suffer from inconsistency in habits? If so, how bad does it bother you, what is the cause and how do you deal with it/what helpes you? This is a tricky and annoying problem that not only me, but probably many people have to deal with. That is why I would like to hear your experiences, ideas and possible solutions about this. I am curious and looking forward to your reactions, thanks in advance!
  12. Hello everybody, Life is full of decisions. From very small to very big decisions, life is full of choice. Sometimes too much choice Anyway, I am really interested in how I can make "good" decisions about things in life. I am quite bad in decision making, I doubt a lot. I know that at a higher level, a good or bad decision may not exist. But I wonder for everyday life. So my question is: what things should I consider to make a good decision? What questions do I have to ask myself to make a good decision Weigh the negative and positive points? Which tools can you use? Or is it just a matter of listening to your feelings? If so, what's the best way to do it? For example: If you have a job you don't like, would you better have a job that earns less, but where you are 10% happier? Or a job that pays even less but where you are 20% happier? Or a job where you earn more but are even 20% less happy? Or even stop working at all or start a business etc... Note: I express happiness in percentages for the sake of convenience. There are so many important choices you can make in life, the question is how do you do this best? I look forward to your vision on this, thank you in advance
  13. @Applegarden Thank you for your reaction! Yeah, I don't want to depend on external circumstances, I want to focus on the internal part. I tent to be more theoratical, and not practical enough. I am stuck in my mind often. I will try to turn suffering into action. I want to become the best version. Inspiring that you will focus on enlightenment work now, I wish you the best with that. Another question: which spiritual things do you recommend? @Serotoninluv Thank you! I am going to look at it @Elisabeth Thank you for your reaction. I had psychological help a while back (CBT). It helped a bit, but stagnated after a while, so I decided to stop. And yes I think my depression is back. It often comes back. Maybe I will try some CBT again. And yes I really like the positive self-help and I have become more positive, but I have a hard time keeping that positivity. Any advice on how to maintain the positivity?
  14. Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum. First of all excuse me for some spelling and grammar mistakes, my English is not perfect haha. I will try my best. I am 20 years old. I am working at a callcenter 16 hours a week (4 shifts). I get 0 satisfaction from this job. It makes me feel misarable. Also, my home-situation makes me very sad. I want to leave ASAP, but that is difficult. I am following the life purpose course at this moment which is amazing and really helps me. I am really into personal development, spirituality and discovering reality. As an 5 year old kid I already often asked deep questions and thought hours long about how I am here and who I am. I love it. To be honest, I never had a real passion or purpose other than that. I loved learning but hated school. I always struggled and I am stil struggling with this "low consciousness" society. I feel like I don't belong and that makes me feel very sad and lonely. I am very different. I don't know what to do. I am in survival mode and think I can't really follow my passion. Everyday I wake up I feel down but force myself to do things. Good days and bad days alternate, altough I can't call it good days but more like "OK" days. Days with hope despite feeling sad. This alternation in "good and bad days" really makes me confused. I don't know anymore when I feel good or bad, it really depends on the day and the moment. One day I think I feel good and have hope for the future and I am working on myself, the other day I am sad, self sabotaging, not doing anything while I am in a victim mindset. It really pisses me off. It feels like I can't trust myself anymore. I really want to make my life great, and make the world a better place. But at this moment i feel terrible and don't know what to do and how to feel better. Maybe this is written a bit chaotic haha. I tried to write my feelings and thoughts as authentic possible. My questions are: -What would you advise me? -How can I feel better? -Do you relate to feeling different and lost in this society? If yes, how do you deal with it? I am open to all input and I look forward to the responses. Thank you a lot in advance.