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  1. The Lense of the Ego/ The Lense of Higher Self
    The Lense of the Ego/ The Lense of Higher Self
    A person is insulting me. (Event)
    Ego: Who does this person think they are talking to. I'll show them they don't know who they are messing with.
    Higher Self: This is a chance for me to test my capacity for self love. Do I have the strength that cannot be moved in my 3rd density form?
    A person steals from me.
    Ego: I'm about to destroy their life.
    Higher Self: Can I learn to forgive my self for the harm I have done to myself? The one who stole from me, is me. So in truth nothing has been lost but the violation of my Free Will. I will forgive myself fore it knows not what it does.
    The ego sees everything done against its desires as an attack, an affront to its desire to be respected and treated with care. The ego is not wrong in how it feels. But it is misguided on the interpretative lens it is viewing things. Its like slapping yourself across the face and then demonizing your own hand. Then contemplating how you need to harm or separate yourself from your own hand. The same foolishness it is to demonize that which is you, is the same foolishness that makes you think separation is even possible. The fool regularly suffers their foolishness.
    The Higher self sees everything in the above example as an unruly hand slapping itself. The hand doesn't understand that it is only part of the whole. Instead of the hand working in unison with the rest of the body to achieve collective success, the hand tries to do its own thing and keeps failing. So the Higher Self sees the ego in action. So the Higher Self  forgives the ego because the ego is confused, the Higher Self understands that with more knowledge and Wisdom the Ego ultimately dissolves. How does it know this? Because this has been happening for infinity, and this will never end.
    At the highest level of Intelligence and Wisdom, separation and conflict are seen for what they are, lower levels of intellect at play that is mostly shrouded in ignorance. Akin to a hand continuously slapping itself in the face. The hand thinks it is separate and forms its own agenda. When the hand awakens that it is one and the same with the body, the same way a human can recognize it is one and the same with the infinite, then the hand can stop slapping itself, and the human can stop fighting itself. 
    Drop the ego, stop slapping yourself.