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  1. @Surfingthewave Here we are again lost in reading words and not seeing actual meaning behind it... Pushing "myself" "I" just meant that "I" would do more of these practises and contemplation ( most of those that calm mind and body ). Of course "I" didn't mean it in way like tensing up and using all of energy "I" have. "I" thought that this forum is full of people who don't get lost in concepts, but this is what is happening constantly. Anyone who reads this comment, just before "you" are about to write something think it again so we don't need to jump back and forth again and again
  2. @NahmHelp people to realize they are in "heaven" so to speak. Most people just aimlessly are stuck with their small problems and they don't think about future at all and they are slaves of their emotions. Also let me remind that this topic was about "practises" for no self or for enlightenment. @Surfingthewave"every moment is a mystical experience in a away" Let's suppose that you have handful of stones and want money. Then lets redefine word handful of stones meaning money as you could use it when you go to shop. So I asked help to start having mystical experiences and now I have to stop doing anything since every moment is it Every moment is mystical experience in theory, because it is God/Consciousness/bla bla bla bla... Again I said I know theory and would like to transform it to Actual experience and yeah it would come by meditating only and doing this and that only, but I asked some boost since I am able to push "myself" more so I would get to the Truth faster so I would have more time to teach other parts of me here and lessen suffering overall.
  3. @Nahm"My" opinion is that it is about how the money is made. If "you" support "ill" business like tobacco company or fast food company it generates more problems compared to minimal positive value it gives. So "I" wouldn't use money changing owner as a rule for knowing when helping is made. To be spesific "I" want to help people really and not just stand fakely behind thing "I" know is extremely harmful for society.
  4. @Nahm Do you use word "people" here like if "I" make 1 dollar it helps at least "myself", but "I" see "myself" as giver for others not for just bashing on happiness by "myself". Best way "I" can help "myself" is to help others.
  5. @Spaceofawareness"I" can't answer to "your" question since "I" don't know what begin aware of awareness in action means. "I" mean "I" can take "object" "table" for example and "I" am aware of that table, because how otherwise it could possible me to "sense" it, but also "I" know that "I" "sensed" that table so am "I" now aware of awareness or what does it mean? Also "I" can't answer to that is there any separation, because "I" don't understand the question. Lot of people say that things don't happen in "your" "brain" they happen there where they are, but that has been clear to me my whole life.
  6. @Surfingthewave"I" don't have anything in my life right now, because "I" dropped everything behind. Yeah maybe "I" hang out with my friends and "I" love whatever "I" do, but "I" am not in school and "I" don't get into my mind how could learning more stories help with my life, because "I" don't think "I" miss anything except "I" would like to be yoga teaher or life coach to help people, because as honest "I" can say it right now is that "I" don't see any other real reason to be here except to help other people. "I" don't have any mental problems, because as "I" have been rational guy those didn't ever make sense to me. Yeah "I" understand why people are sad and that's why "I" want to help them. Spiritual work is just "my" own game "I" wanna play there is no any reason behind it except it makes mind and body more calm and "I" can help other people easier. It can't be exhausting, because how could it be? Think it for second. "I" give one strong tip for "you" now. If anything "you" do in "your" life seems exhausting to "you" then "you" don't have right reasons to do and maybe "you" don't do thing "you" "should". When "you" live with full passion there is no room for exhaust or ego backlash and of there is then regocnize it and it will vanish, because awarness is curative alone as Leo said. Why "I" want mystical experience? ... ... ... Why child wants a candy? ... ... ... Because he/she wants it, that's it Also how could "I" have too high expectation of Infinite Love. Any expectation of it would be limited therefore less than the Actual thing itself And as "I" have nothing going in my life should "I" meditate, watch Leo's videos and do spiritual things or just lay on the sofa watching temptation island about people who think that it is end of world when they find that the guy who didn't give a fuck about girl in the first place will sleep with other girls, because everyone knew that already. "I" would be interested maybe in relationship, but the thing is that girls rather take that guy who fucks all other girls and is mean and rude to her than taking that one who actually loves her and would be her best friend. But "you" can't be shy or "you" don't get girls... No... "I" think "I" am extremely confident and "I" loved one girl so much that even when she was not sure does she like me or not "I" told her that "I" am on your side even if "you" would love other guy and "you" can't get me away from "your" life ever unless "you" push "me" away and "I" said that in almost tears and "I" don't usually even cry. Then what happened?... ... ... That girl told me that we have to change meeting time "I" had waited for month, because she is busy with her boyfriend she got. "I" replied to the message that okay. After that when was her "name's day" "I" told her that have a nice day it's "your's" she said only thanks and she haven't been contacting me ever since. That girl even said that if she would decide her feelings she would want "me" to be "her" boyfriend, but that never happens.
  7. @Nahm In "your" video "What Is A Self Referential Thought" time stamp 0:30 - 0:33 "you" said that "words only point to the actuality" and this is same what "I" mean as "hand" is concept and thought but the thing it is point at is not thought. "I" guess "we" are lost in word game, but in reality both of us understand what "we" are trying to communicate.
  8. @Nahm "you" said "Thing... is a thought too." Thought of who? If answer "you" give is thought of God, "we" are speaking about same thing. If answer "you" give is thought of ego, "I" give follow up question and it is that if thing is thought of ego then whose egos thought it is.
  9. @Nahm By reading "your" last comment "I" see that we already agree that "hand" is just made up word and that is thought, but the thing word "hand" is pointing at is not thought. To summarize words are pointers and thoughts, but the thing they try to describe is not thought. Words are like knifes that cut Universe to parts so we can know what "part" of it we are talking. In reality there are no "parts" because we made them in the first place. We agree @Nahm?
  10. @VeganAwake"I" already told "ya" that "I" understand that "I" is imaginary, but it does not help only to know it without experiencing it and that was the whole thing "I" was asking help for.
  11. @NahmIn Absolute sense everything except God/Consciousness/Nothingness is "thought" of it, but isn't it helpful first to recognise what is happening right now. Lot of spiritual teachings are misleading, because they try to say things as simple as possible. If "you" say for example that hand is thought. Okay. Hand is thought, but whose thought it is. It is not thought of ego. It is Thought of God. And if everything there is, is thought then it doesn't change anything, because that way it becomes nondual. For example it does not make sense to say that everything is dream unless we can compare it to something. There is still possibility that "you" mean hand as a concept is thought of ego and that "I" agree, because without thinking there is no difference between anything and there wouldn't be any names for the things. But while speaking me must say word "hand" so we can translate information.
  12. @NahmYeah when "you" don't "see" "your" body then if "you" think about it, it becomes only thought, but by body "I" meant same thing as television and tree when they are absorbed. And during meditation "I" am just silent and "nothing" happens. Like Leo said hand is actual, but after "you" put it behind "your" back then if "you" see image of it then it is only thought, because it is not actual thing in this present moment.
  13. @JosephKnechtWhat is useful is that "I" like the feeling of mystery when contemplating about anything and it does not even need to be spiritual thing. It feels like "I" am super smart detective. "I" love music and "I" also make it by myself, but still best vibe that there is, is that mysterious vibe where "you" see that something is off, but still "you" aren't sure what it really is. "I" will leave 2 ambient tracks for "you" if "you" would like same thing as "I" do. Also if someone does come up with more these kind of "timeless" and "mysterious" kind of tracks "I" am more that happy to be helped also on that.
  14. @Spaceofawareness "I" am one who is aware of body, thoughts and mind. When "I" do self inquiry "I" have never found anything except "experience" that mystical "I" is aware of. To be honest "I" am not even sure that there is "I am", because "I" don't feel it anymore after "I" recognised it being only "thought". While "I" write this it feels kind of automatical process since there is no "I". So "I" am in weird place where "I" don't indentify "myself" as body, but neither as an Universe. It feels like the Observer of what happens right now is something beyond "me", but still the one who is writing now does not think it being that "me". So what am "I" then and am "I" really anywhere. Where is the "watcher" of this present moment? "I" know logically that the "perception" happens right at where it is and it does not come from anywhere and goes anywhere. It feels like "I" am missing something really simple right now. Simple way of saying what "I" mean now is that it feels like if we would take every sensation away from this moment nothing would be left, but they say that there would be still consciousness that is same thing as nothing.
  15. @nistakeYeah "I" have came into same conclusion that time is "your" best employee in spiritual path, but "I" am just searching some extra boost so "I" would be more on the "edge". I guess it's just time for "me" to find something different to do while "I" continue having my old meditation habits.