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  1. @MrTouchdown I don't just understand why you always flip this whole thing upside down. I never said you are imaginary. I said that whoever is reading this message right NOW is the only conscious being and that can be "proved" for oneself through mystical experience which can be accessed with meditation or psychedelics for example. Btw how you know that dream characters don't have own experience? How you know that it is your own dream and not some dream "server" out there. You don't have any proof for any of them, but you still decided to make difference between them. Why? -joNi-
  2. @Someone here If you call it nothingness then it would be so nothing that there wouldn't even be "experiencer" in it so how can you say that you experienced it?
  3. @MrTouchdown 🤦 If you would be only conscious being then there wouldn't be that difference you stated and therefore you could call both with a same word.
  4. @MrTouchdown What is the difference between dream at night and this what you have NOW?
  5. @Vibes Exactly and also remember to pm me, if you got questions, my friend : )
  6. @Someone here I thought I was talking on high quality spiritual forum rather than in stage orange bar night. "Actual" video recording doesn't prove anything, because that assumes that the events in a video happened and aren't just things happening in a present moment. If you are using video camera to prove spiritual insights I think @Leo Gura should kick you out of this forum just, because this is too absurd :D:D:D:D:D
  7. @Someone here This thing is "programmed" in a way that you need to "sleep", but that doesn't prove that anything actual happens in a dream. It works like a video game where you heal your character, but there doesn't need to be any healing happening, but just a gain in a hp bar. You never experienced deep sleep, but you have just thought about it. Your logic just assumes that there needs to be cause and effect and that is why you are having so many problems in understanding spirituality.
  8. @Someone here That there is no "need" to do anything, but at the same time you can do whatever you want. Maximium freedom as a human. You clearly don't understand which you are talking about. It's not so complete that there is no time, but the thing doesn't even exist, but as a thought.
  9. @MrTouchdown You ask evidence as this is some type of murder going on. Isn't it pretty accurate to call reality as a dream if there is only one conscious being which is you. There is only the things you perceive and that is thing you can become conscious of when you meditate or take psychedelics so you can't find the answer from outside, but I can give you right direction, if you shall.
  10. @Someone here Actually it has everything to do with escapism. I feel complete right NOW existing as I am and to be precise you couldn't feel complete without first having an experience. You feel that the time between falling asleep and waking up is relaxing, but that is just, because you wake up relaxed, but what if you could have this peace while doing home chores. That just requires mindfulness skills. Ask @BipolarGrowth and he may also say the same thing that existence can be extremely beautiful and no thought about no-content can be as good as that. Also these kind of thought patterns you are having have potentiality to lead to suicide thoughts, because you are trying to get something which you already have, but just don't notice. I have just seen that you have had these negative thoughts lately and you should take my response as a message to start fixing things.
  11. @Mvpjouney I left something unspoken, but if you really think about my words you would see something way beyond. Because non-existence is impossible that says that there needs to be experience all the times. That kind of proves that there must be incarnation after this dream stops and the new begins. While you are reading these words you may realize that it means that either in the "past" or "future" you are the Kksd74628. At the same time no one is conscious, but you, because I am you. And I can be at one place at the time and actually I am reading these words from your screen as you do, because these words are your own message to yourself. -joNi-
  12. @Omni Just start meditation, because that teaches you how to let go. There are so many misconceptions in spirituality that makes it harder than needed. What so called ego death means is just that you lose sense of self which actually is very basic realization. Ask me, because I can honestly say that I know what I am talking about. If I could just hug you and say that nothing bad will happen so you could trust to my words. I do high quality spiritual practises almost daily and there has never been point where I couldn't stop the process while sometimes it felt like it.
  13. @Someone here That's just trying to escape. As I said before, go and fix your problems and see the world in different light. Also if you want just to BE then learn meditation and mindfulness so you can do that while you are "alive". It's kind of sad to read posts where people are so unhappy with their lifes that never-ending "death" seems like a better option.
  14. @gettoefl Relatively my life started to be more calm the more ego dissolved. One time when I was running I understood that, while everything "around" "me" was happening automatically, even the body is moving by itself and there is no single thing which someone controls. After that whenever that is under concentration it can be seen that I can just relax while the body does what it does. Even NOW this writing is happening automatically. You can ask more questions and I wouldn't mind. With love -joNi- 👋🏼