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  1. @mr_engineer There are games that cost and still people bully other's in those games, cheat and act like a children. You can't stop child to buy games. Even in games there are rules and you can get ban. This isn't anything new. Also Actualized.org is trying to be easy to access for new people so having paywall would make it harder for people to come. Why are you arguing against something so basic?
  2. @mr_engineer Leo has stated that he is trying to impact small group of people who are extremely motivated and disciplined on this work. There will always be people thinking that something is a cult, but thoughts don't matter as long as it isn't. Actualized.org probably right now doesn't try to influence to whole world or even to whole spiritual realm, but just to his fellow friends who actually take the help with thanks and respect. You should be you and not change based on what some people think of you and the same goes to forums. If someone dislikes, (s)he can leave. Those who like can party. That's not rocket science. Polices aren't enough, you need also laws. Without laws it would become corrupt more easily and how people would know what you can or can't do. Moderation has been used here for long time and still people just play here like it is some school game. We are literally talking about destroying whole Universe before your eyes here so I guess asking to be nice and good human being and kicking trolls away isn't too much to ask.
  3. @mr_engineer Immature people can stay, but they are little bit pushed to value Leo's patience more precisely. Being new to these things is not the problem, but being this hard-to-teach person just becomes distraction for members here and restricts growth of all Actualized.org members. The impact that practically comes with this is that people start to respect the direction where Actualized.org is trying to push members more which leads to even better growth for everyone and also we get the bad apples who don't want to grow away asap. Why would you carry someone on your shoulders who's disrespecting your help? Try to understand that this forum is rare goldmine and this forum, video content and Moderators help is given all for free for you so behave nicely or you're out. As simple as that. Don't get me wrong though. Actualized.org cares about people, but just if they care about themself enough to understand the consequences of acting like an A hole. It is not too much asked to treat other's like human beings, care about their worldviews and analyze them, not bully or steal anything and have positive mind state when posting. You are given laws in your country and the point is to make better society for everyone and it also guides humanity to act better. Also understand that Actualized.org is Leo's self-expression too and yeah that is valuable too. Don't call that egoistical or anything, because of cource Leo has all rights to do things his own way and he should. Don't make something problem which isn't. -joNi-
  4. @spiritual memes Usually you have to be little creative finding good answers, but one could simply be learning to answer to that question, what small actions could create big impact in this stage of my life, better and better time after time. Being very good answering to what you should be doing right now literally is one of the most important things life, because you could build your whole life from just being expert in that. That is what I think the whole philosophy is about, being more fluid in thinking so you could find interesting solutions for yourself. Practicing thinking is the key.
  5. @hoodrow trillson I see from that last sentence that you haven't looked deeply into his side. You need to really have the attitude like "oh fuck okay, I'll sit down and analyze it". The point is that most of the times the people holding opposite view just seem to be so stupid to even look to their side and that is what causes blindspots in worldviews. I just suggest one more time to really watch maybe one whole podcast and put "hate tate" lenses away and see his side better way. That is not comfortable, but I advice everyone who is anti tate and is reading this sentence to really put effort to it, because I can guarantee that I have point right now for you to see. The ones who really do that and find something important, please come here to reply what you found out so we'll be more openminded to other sides too. With all love -joNi- <3
  6. Like Leo himself said in liberal and conservative videos, there is always some reason for the another side. Try to see why Tate "supporters" think like they do. When my friend first time showed me Tate videos, I was laughing my ass off for the stupidity until I saw wisdom in it. I am not saying that you should be exact copy of Tate or anyone else, but please look to see some good points in them. It's called as analyzing differing worldviews to grow yours. Usually if you catch yourself picking side you'll have bias. It could be bias or not and it is your job to contemplate about it.
  7. @Leo Gura Yeah, but that was sidetracking of what I said. I really believe that therapy would pay itself in a form of better quality work and therefore the only thing which would change would be happier workers.
  8. @Leo Gura I was talking about the future when that happens. Point is that treating people's mood well by therapy, good work buddies and caring boss will enhance their work quality. That'll be huge thing in the future. Of cource everything costs, but if I would guess, better mental/physical health of workers increases work quality so much that pros outweight the cons.
  9. @Rafael Thundercat I agree that polices and all people having extremely traumatizing work should have free therapy. Maybe we hit sometimes point where all workers of any kind of have free access to therapy, because we live times where stress and depression are too high in charts. But yeah, about the other topic I still think that polices have so hard gigs that they need to act fast and precisely so I think they shouldn't be thinking about that they go to jail when they need to concider shooting. -joNi-
  10. @iboughtleosbooklist As you said, that's cope. That you claim to be okay without gf and winning when in actually you aren't just hides the problem from your eyes for a while. That it was a dream or not is unimportant point. Of course if that makes it easier to face your emotions then you can do it, but don't make that an excuse to be okay having problems unfixed.
  11. @Nilsi If I combine already existing ingredients my own way to make special meal that no one else made before, is that original or not? If the answer is yes then why suddenly it is not when ChatGPT literally does the same thing?
  12. @iboughtleosbooklist You haven't posted that even once. You only believe so by relying on one thought that you named as a memory.
  13. @NoSelfSelf I am sorry if you felt dominated, because tbh we had pretty deep, interesting and good conversations in the beginning. I'd be open to continue those conversations if we could relax and be friends again. From my side I don't have any hate. Good christmas to you -joNi- ♥️💓
  14. @PenguinPablo Why would you think so?