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  1. @Carl-Richard Of cource because highly developed people will also become professionals at anything they put time and effort in. All aspects that I listed were choosen, because those are the core points to come up with insights which are very important in science.
  2. @musicandmath111 Concentration skills (meditation), openmindedness (spirituality), creativity (meditation, art and self-expression), thinking skills (health, contemplation and meditation), wisdom (lot of life experience, spirituality and contemplation), patience (meditation), curiosity (health and spirituality) and as little bias as possible (spirituality, self-help, trauma healing and contemplation). Things in brackets are how you could train those things for example. This is just extra narrow list what you need.
  3. @ThePoint Maybe to the user "spiritual memes", I don't even know anymore. I read many threads and came to that overall conclusion. Thing I just would want people to understand is that we should learn to read between the lines what the person is trying to say or we fight perspective against another one.
  4. @March Edit your question and make it longer so we could answer to it better, thanks. -joNi-
  5. It seems that you guys are purposely trying to find someting you could fight about always. That message is insanely simple if you don't shift to argumentation gear just for the sake of being in the fight. Basically the more conscious you are the better decisions you start to make and the better outcomes you usually have. End of the drama. Breathe and be happy. We're on the same side, my friends . With love -joNi-
  6. @StarStruck I don't drink nowadays and I still go to bars and I am more going and extroverted than all other people here drinking their ass off.
  7. @Tyler Robinson So the goalpost is now moved. It isn't anymore about is it dangerous or not, but will it make you crazy and the answer is that it depends. If you aren't stable don't touch grass and if you feel like you could make extra step to experience life then go for it. You said: "bah!!" and I thought you disagreed with what I said. Overall point that is it dangerous is now closed because it all depends on everything and we don't have enough information to make so radical statements.
  8. @Tyler Robinson What part of my text you disagreed with?
  9. @Tyler Robinson It's the mentality behind people who get addicted which is dangerous not the thing necessarily by itself. There are alternative ways to consume weed so arguing that it's bad for your health is out of equation. Also what psychosis even means at the most absolute sense? Bad experience where your ground what is real and what isn't is vanished. So could it be more about perspective than about the state itself? Knowing this we could say that cannabis can be hard for people who aren't prepared and therefore it should be used with a caution like anything else in life. Case closed, peace. Your friend -joNi-
  10. @Carl-Richard I wouldn't want to be conversation police here, but it seems that all the times when people are talking anything related to spirituality they just tell one nugget of information as an attack to other nugget of information. Can't you see that you and @Breakingthewall actually talk about different things. He showed the importance of experiencing something by yourself and you just said that you make duality if you don't see the teacher being you. You are talking in different levels and about different things . Maybe I could make new thread soon about how to communicate with other people on the forum. We on the forum aren't so different after all.
  11. @Inliytened1 Can't you see that you both agree already ? He never said that you shouldn't look inward, but just replied to @Someone here and said that there are benefits in listening to other people. @Breakingthewall The point is not to convey experience, but to convey a way to have one.
  12. @Breakingthewall Point of spirituality shouldn't be reaching state in the first place, but to live life well. Also what enlightenment even means, because there are so many different definition and sides to it. As long as teacher gives you good advices and makes you better person I wouldn't mind listening to one. As long as there is someone who has some information that you don't it is beneficial to listen to him/her. Usually those gurus have some wisdom to convey and it doesn't always need to be something which is related to just spiritual practice. There's word practice for a reason. It's practice to have good life. Peace.
  13. @Someone here I want to point out to you that you aren't really staying in the subject so try to read my texts with more precision and only answer to what is being said. The only thing I am saying is that there's use of listening to someone wise and you're saying that listening to spiritual guru is waste of time. I said that it could be useful if it gives you a new perspective and you aren't really confirming that point I was making. If that statement is correct then you´d see instantly why listening to someone wise is good. Maybe more than one pair of eyes is better than one.
  14. @Someone here I guess you learnt to talk, cook, meditate, do mathematics, write, speak foreign languages etc. all by yourself. If you believe that you should do your own personal journey by yourself and so should I, why are you having this discussion with me in the first place? You're right that I cannot live your life and do meditation for you, but I can give you an idea, perspective or a hint of what you could do. Everyone is just offering an idea and you're correct that the decision is on you if you want to see it or not. That doesn't still make what I say right now useless and if it would you wouldn't be replying to me.
  15. @Someone here The main point is that listening to other's thoughts can help you realize something, because it's usually different way of looking at the thing. That can be extremely fruitful in your personal journey towards wherever you want to go. I'd say it's a luxury to be able to talk to other people, because that alone increases your perspective of things. What you're saying is important thing also; you're captain of your life. The point is learn as much as you can and sometimes the information comes from your thoughts, sometimes from your experience and occasionally from other people. Even if some books are better than others you shouldn't throw worse ones away.