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  1. @NoSelfSelf I get what you're saying. Basically by contructing your own worldview and bending reality intellectually you can gain edge. What I use often is even though I know it would've been more optimal if I started hobby X when I was 5 year old I still believe I beat people, because I just am so awesome and I trust to myself. In that sense I don't need to "lie" to myself, but I just take the angle that gives me best change for knockout punch. Regardless if people think that my angle sucks it doesn't dismiss that it works for what I am using it for.
  2. @Florian Here's a little twist into your thinking that could add dimension into it. Before delving deeper into that I gotta say that your approach is valid and contemplating structural values that give meaning for sub values is important. The problem comes after thinking about these things long enough that you reach a point where it is hard to make any progress at all, because you've just hit the end of spiritual inquiry that reveals that everything just is, period. Understanding is not solely enough; you need to partner it with creating. Understanding is bringing things together and decreasing noice for the sake of reaching clarity. Creation aspect aims to build character and lifestyle that is UNIQUE for you. Of course both understanding and creating work as a team together to enhace the power of each others. What I've managed to realize is that the blindspot of most spiritual people is that they don't focus enough or at all for creation aspect, but they just dream of reaching new stages of emptiness. IMO the point of understanding should be to CREATE from it and not just escape the whole game and smile like an idiot. Feel free to comment on this to continue the contemplation with me. -joNi-
  3. @Elton Then you speak about this problem for someone who has the power needed and explain that this thing restricts your work and also that it ruins the business's money making ability. Your Boss understands if he isn't complete moron.
  4. @Elton People who don't respect you, don't respect working under you, you fire 'em. Know what you do and tell them that if they want to be in your ship they support you or they're out. Being in friend position doesn't give you permissions to jump into your eyes. You set higher standards for people who are closer to you.
  5. @Jannes Does ice cream taste good?
  6. Simply because he gives value what people on this forum will never understand.
  7. @Someone here I would advice to care only about things that you need in order to build the life you are currently visualizing for yourself. Everthing else is pretty much waste of time if you don't know how to use them for your benefit. Stop asking reasons for doing X things from people, but discover for yourself if it is useful or not.
  8. @meow_meow First thing, never take molly in your life again.
  9. @Buck Edwards Here's the point imo. When you learn to find quality information and analyze it carefully there's no need to do it fast.
  10. @OBEler I don't see anyone giving this type of perspective what I think is the most useful. The point is that you've gotta try things for youself what works and what doesn't. Of course being cautious is the key here so advance carefully forward. Try to understand that whole society is gaslighting your ass 24/7 and is keeping your creativity low. Just remember that whatever you do and whatever happens is your own responsibility in the end. Who cares if you lose some minimal amout of money while tripping. General rule in life is that you shouldn't gamble money you ain't ready losing. Actualized.org isn't your Motherfucking DAD and MOM to ask for answers, but just friend group of people trying to advance in life. That's that. Do what seems right for you, see results and correct your behaviour. Be your own captain, Amen Jesus.
  11. @Jannes The point is that you don't need constant grinding when honestly you don't want something. If part of you doesn't want to watch youtube and part of you does it means internal crisis and you need to fix that problem first. Ask from yourself why you want to watch youtube instead of doing something else in the first place. What is the thing you're lacking in life outside of watching youtube videos that you're addicted and can't get elsewhere. It is called "personal" development for a reason and not "life optimization". Something in you needs to change in order to call it progress. Mere content change in life doesn't check that box.
  12. @Jannes You shouldn't need to handcuff yourself not to take heroin. Find how to really control your mind instead of needing some tricks. The truth is that what you do may work, but doesn't permanently help with anything nor it won't grow you.
  13. What all of you spiritual people fail to realize is that doing things, living best life for yourself and making it best exactly precisely for you is NOT a bad thing. The only problem occurs if you don't act out of love in various scenarios. That's the only meter of how well you're living your life is how much love you feel inside. You guys need to realize you're broken inside and you need to love yourself more and not just cope by feeling gimplses of love by bending backwards on people and calling yourself a hero. You ain't hero. Just pure non standard simp trying to feel love by all means possible. It is true though that when person starts to live life based on love instead of survival and pity pleasures (so called egoic stuff) he'll have so much fuller life experience full of beauty, love and intelligence. You need to start contemplating by yourself what you want out of your life instead of listening all types of teachers and copying their approach and acting like you're so fantastic because you can parrot sentences that young child could even do. The answer waiting for most of you is deep realization that you'll always be "selfish" whatever that means for your own purposes. There's nothing wrong with that. Who the fuck told you that it is wrong to love yourself so much that you give your whole life experience in totality for yourself. That's the only way anything makes any sense. Wake the FUCK UP!
  14. @An young being Make new discord account with random name and picture and hop on it. How anyone could know anything and I keep everything said between us, because one of my values is keeping promises.
  15. @An young being You didn't get what I said. DM me your whatsapp, discord or skype and we can hop on a voice and I can explain it to you.