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  1. @Buck Edwards Here's the point imo. When you learn to find quality information and analyze it carefully there's no need to do it fast.
  2. @OBEler I don't see anyone giving this type of perspective what I think is the most useful. The point is that you've gotta try things for youself what works and what doesn't. Of course being cautious is the key here so advance carefully forward. Try to understand that whole society is gaslighting your ass 24/7 and is keeping your creativity low. Just remember that whatever you do and whatever happens is your own responsibility in the end. Who cares if you lose some minimal amout of money while tripping. General rule in life is that you shouldn't gamble money you ain't ready losing. Actualized.org isn't your Motherfucking DAD and MOM to ask for answers, but just friend group of people trying to advance in life. That's that. Do what seems right for you, see results and correct your behaviour. Be your own captain, Amen Jesus.
  3. @Jannes The point is that you don't need constant grinding when honestly you don't want something. If part of you doesn't want to watch youtube and part of you does it means internal crisis and you need to fix that problem first. Ask from yourself why you want to watch youtube instead of doing something else in the first place. What is the thing you're lacking in life outside of watching youtube videos that you're addicted and can't get elsewhere. It is called "personal" development for a reason and not "life optimization". Something in you needs to change in order to call it progress. Mere content change in life doesn't check that box.
  4. @Jannes You shouldn't need to handcuff yourself not to take heroin. Find how to really control your mind instead of needing some tricks. The truth is that what you do may work, but doesn't permanently help with anything nor it won't grow you.
  5. What all of you spiritual people fail to realize is that doing things, living best life for yourself and making it best exactly precisely for you is NOT a bad thing. The only problem occurs if you don't act out of love in various scenarios. That's the only meter of how well you're living your life is how much love you feel inside. You guys need to realize you're broken inside and you need to love yourself more and not just cope by feeling gimplses of love by bending backwards on people and calling yourself a hero. You ain't hero. Just pure non standard simp trying to feel love by all means possible. It is true though that when person starts to live life based on love instead of survival and pity pleasures (so called egoic stuff) he'll have so much fuller life experience full of beauty, love and intelligence. You need to start contemplating by yourself what you want out of your life instead of listening all types of teachers and copying their approach and acting like you're so fantastic because you can parrot sentences that young child could even do. The answer waiting for most of you is deep realization that you'll always be "selfish" whatever that means for your own purposes. There's nothing wrong with that. Who the fuck told you that it is wrong to love yourself so much that you give your whole life experience in totality for yourself. That's the only way anything makes any sense. Wake the FUCK UP!
  6. @An young being Make new discord account with random name and picture and hop on it. How anyone could know anything and I keep everything said between us, because one of my values is keeping promises.
  7. @An young being You didn't get what I said. DM me your whatsapp, discord or skype and we can hop on a voice and I can explain it to you.
  8. @An young being But you have to question why you like doing it in the first place. It most of the times is because it makes you feel good about yourself, but the reality is that you should feel good about yourself regardless if you help others or not. Helping is an another addiction, I know it, because I've been there and I loved it. Nowadays I try to aim helping only people very close to me to build stronger connection with them and not just for pity pleasure. When one is addicted to helping he might start putting himself in second in things and that'll cause problems later on. Hopefully you see what I try to say, because it'd save so much time of yours.
  9. @An young being The way you said it in beginning was weird and even I didn't get what you meant. If being brutally honest to people was what you meant then you're correct and that's the way to go. Build up people by always being more and more honest with them until they gotta face the truth. Practice your communication btw, because the way you did it in start was so bad basically everyone got your message wrong. At the same time you should realize there is no point helping anyone realize anything, because it's your dream and life and there's nothing else. Helping is just you coping thinking that you're good person, but why you need to feel being lie a good person. Think about that. -joNi-
  10. 2 months have passed from that post and still nothing ?
  11. @HMD Extremely good work my friend . Contemplation basically is your training tool which teaches you think step by step. And very good point about not getting stuck thinking only things that are related to your life, but opening your contemplation to as wide as possible.
  12. @DefinitelyNotARobot Intention is the game you play and choosing that intention intentionally gives you edge in turning your life's purpose into something you deeply care of. You pretty much seem to know the point of finding correct perspectives for solving problems in life, but it seems that you're trying to find some final touch to your conclusion of intention being crucial in your life. Value of living intentionally also is that you take fuller control of your life and position problem solving more into structural level over content level which is more effective. Maybe contemplate what living more intentionally would mean to you in my thread of Library of Juicy Insights. I'll link it below. PS. There is intention anyways in things so the question is do you intentionally choose it or let god throw dice for you. -joNi-
  13. What it means to be spiritual? - Becoming more conscious overall - Aiming to turn into a mature person - Opening your mind, body and feelings - Wanting to be healthy in all domains of your life - Caring more about connections of any kind - Developing deep love for everything - Becoming more intentional - Valuing learning in itself - Wanting to have more experiences in life - Deep introspection - Appreciating every moment as something special - Contemplating own purpose and field of mastery - Letting go of past trauma - Finding personal meaning for own life - Becoming more creative and playful in your approach to life - Arriving to place of no worries - Having reasonable balance in things - Cultivating happiness into your life - Making all above part of your lifestyle
  14. What is mastery? (about 2-3 hours) - Extreme precision - Capability to put intention effortlessly into action - Massive amount of understanding that acts as your map - Ability to see complex thing simply - Way to experience life through what you do - Large quantity of quality experiences well analyzed in your mind - Total immersion into your work - Skill to see small nuance differences - Creativity to survive from tough situations - Mastery of yourself comes before you can have mastery in something else - Result of well focused attention and effort in life - Ability to imagine end results clearly - Astonishing love for what you do - Patience to wait your work to turn into perfection - Ability to shut down all theory in your mind and just perform - Being always prepared - Curiosity to deepen your understanding - Being in flow of work and becoming one with the thing you do - Automatic patterns that work with good muscle memory - Having good feel of what you do - Good sense of own limits - Requires concentration - Very valuable attribute that we should aim to have more in our society - Tough mind full of courage - ART, ART, ART, ART, ART, ART and ART!!!!
  15. @Colin Williams You just need one who values development in general and your job as a partner is to guide her to match your level. It'll take time, but that is the most logical way to do it. Even finding partner who seriously is open to develop is hard tho. And that way it'll be so much better anyways, because you two would share development journey as a team for longer and it'll make you two bond even stronger.