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  1. Again on this forum, we aren't treating topic holistically. Yeah TikTok lowers our concentration span and occasionally brings weird trends, but I think that our younger generation is grasping quicker concepts that took ages for older generation now. Exactly, because TikTok is showing ideologies such as LGBT, people get informed of those existing. If you would only follow news and not any social media you just wouldn't be on a track of what is happening in the world. News are good, but the "real life concepts" come from social media where you meet people not "objective truth". Opinions and their variety are one of the most important gifts you can give to young people. They will understand lot about having biases, because they will see people discussing on very different sides against each others. The reason younger generation is more openminded to new concepts is because they are being exposed to those in a way they can take it in. If their parents would've teached morality, they wouldn't care, but because it comes from their peers it is easier to take in. Also younger people tend to be more openminded by default than older generation due to different circumstances obviously, but also because at some age people start to close up and start being more conservative, because they don't anymore understand nor want to underdstand new concepts that arise. When you as a child were laughing at your parents not understanding obvious things, understand that if you start to hate TikTok you'll be that person who will be laughed. Conclusion Don't fight against trends, but embody them and work the problem from the inside not outside. TikTok or some even "crazier" alternative will always be and "weirder" things will come so stop resisting, because it will just cause stress, because the process is going forward and it cannot be stopped nor it should. -joNi-
  2. @Danioover9000 It's fun how you found how TikTok and meditation are different. Of course they are completely different, but it seems that you didn't see the connection that I tried to make and I made it for a reason. The point was that TikTok ain't the problem, but some bad content inside + people get addicted to almost anything. I would want you to validate that little point after deepening the conversation. It seems that you almost identify right now as a person defending that view, because you aren't moving from the perspective you are standing on. I can agree that those things that you said are right, but can you agree on that TikTok in itself isn't the problem.
  3. @Danioover9000 I think you don't realize that those problems and false beliefs are things that have always existed and now due to social media and we as a humanity are connecting more and more to each others. That leads we to acknowledge those problems easier. It works the same as meditation. Many beginners maybe know that when you start meditating you will get more triggered of your thinking and you will be more stressed. Also meditation brings things to your mind so you will see how bad your life actually is and that leads to negative emotions. Conclusion TikTok and meditation both are like magnifying glasses that show garbage that is hidden. The magnifying glass isn't the problem, but the garbage that is found by it. Hope you see that point and when you get that we can move on to introspect this thing deeper.
  4. I don't know what you all are talking about these banning TikTok things, because obviously it isn't happening nor it should. You should know that if you start to restrict things, because people might get addicted to them you are literally taking responsibility away from people. Again we need to go to meta level where we will see that any of addictions or harmful things wouldn't happen if we consciously grow ourself to appreciate our body and life. Lesson has be to been learnt and by avoiding the class you will just yes not fail in the test, but also miss out the whole class and its valuable information. ps. without TikTok there would be another one so banning dangers doesn't work, but learning to face them and do the correct decisions.
  5. @Danioover9000 It isn't that TikTok has positive effects but all social medias in general. TikTok just seems to be one of the big ones. 1. Social media brings people's opinions to masses eye's better than news or other sources of consuming information. 2. Consuming TikTok content draws good picture of new trends with small searching. That helps to stay on track of new trends, concepts and news. 3. It seems that people are extremely open on TikTok and I see that as a good thing to evolve people to be more outgoing. I even think that not talking about sexuality is one of the biggest taboos. 4. And as @Juan said "You can learn how to draw a face in a minute!"
  6. @Danioover9000 As I said previously: "Change brings good and bad things, but on overall the world is learning from its own mistakes so let's stop worrying and start accepting what is." The point is that the more we evolve the more new hard puzzles we will face and that can feel scary to some people. I have seen the studies of TikTok and I understand the negative sides of TikTok, but I was merely pointing out that there is another side to this thing and it isn't solely negative thing. I am just trying to take the position of bringing perspective, that no one does, to the table so more people can approve them. It also leads to interesting conversations and I will learn a lot from them. All love to you <3
  7. @Devin Tell me that you live under a rock without telling me actually that you live under a rock
  8. @Majed Of course, consuming information from any source isn't the problem, but that you do it without your own filtering mechanism. You should be upgrading that beast throughout your whole life if your aim is to be wise. Thinking skills are real deal. Very wise person understands that problems should always be fixed in structure level which in this scenario means; it doesn't matter what you do as long as you don't sell your own thinking system and become sheap who follows other people blindlessly.
  9. @D2sage And exactly because of that we need thinking skills, not ready solutions. You are right on this thing partly. Some problems can be avoided and some of them are created by new situations which comes from development. If you think that we can plan ahead everything you're naive. There will be things, concepts and systems that we have no idea right now. That is what is development, sir. Development isn't only scary, but it also makes your life better. Better technology, health care and possibilities. We are doing weird things nowadays because we aren't experienced with these new things. Development isn't the problem, but our incapability to keep up with it.
  10. @Rafael Thundercat Exactly! That is the reason why we need to learn the beautiful skill of solving problems asap .
  11. @D2sage That is one style of raising children, but I would argue that there are better alternatives. Protecting child/teen from dangers makes them think that failure is horrible and they will be scared, stressed and confused in the future. They can't take any risks and they won't trust to themself. Better way imo is to give them good perspectives and let them see themself what is good and what isn't. Best you can do is to show different perspectives and have good conversations and be interested in why they think like they do. Don't change, but show another door to walk through. If they respect you and see the advantage for themself, they'll do the correct decision, trust me. So don't teach solutions, but thinking skills to solve problems by yourself for yourself. Being curious is the most important energy you have inside yourself and children have incredible amount of that until they are teached to act "professionally". Children will naturally do what is forbidden, because that is interesting. The more you try to control the less you have that in the end. It is the same effect as in the relationships. If you blame and say many times for your partner not to cheat then eventually the will cheat and leave you. The whole thing you are doing right now is trying to move person with bad eye sight not to fall into any traps instead of giving them glasses to see for themself.
  12. @D2sage That "educational" sounded somehow more "serious". I understand that you gotta survive, but think life as a game that is patching to newest patch everyday. Don't resist, but give honest critique on how to make the system better without breaking the whole thing. I heard one person in Destiny's podcast to say that schools suck and we should stop whole school system and home school all children. All of that was because school is so called brainwashing element in our society. I understand the problem, it is huge and should be fixed, but shouldn't be destroyed. Of course some things are stupid that change brings, but we can't but to play with the cards that are dealt. Do the best with the resources that we have in the situation given. Solution to problem isn't the one which dodges the whole thing, but that which makes it to work. Dodging is activity which is caused by fear that you showed (I don't want my sister to have bad life). Dodging is also laziness, because we don't want to work with that puzzle at all. First we thought that games are bad for you and then we made games that help you learn skills that you need; for example grammar games that teach languages. So to summarize See things as challenges and mini games to win rather than enemies or corruption. Have courage to really think of solutions and help society to integrate those rather than demonizing some part of life which causes just more division to humanity. That doesn't lead to anything good as we have seen in various examples; for example wars, bullying and attacking minorities.
  13. @D2sage We gotta hit the balance point between conservatism and liberalism. We want maximium freedom without breaking any useful structures that we have built throughout many years. You know that you've got old when you start to cringe on what young people are doing, because that is a sign that you've stopped going forward with the progress. I mean sometimes people do stupid shit, but to bring perspective, probably you did something "unacceptable" from the perspective of older people. Change brings good and bad things, but on overall the world is learning from its own mistakes so let's stop worrying and start accepting what is. That is the only way you'll ever build inner peace for yourself and people around you.
  14. @Majed Being true to yourself, talking with other worldviews and caring to understand them is the best way to do that.
  15. @Rafael Thundercat Does person B parrot person A when they share the same understanding that 1 + 1 = 2?
  16. @ivankiss I agree that it would be disaster from the perspective of how you personally just wanted life to be. What you want and what it is, is different. You have to make a decision. Either live life the comfortable way or seek for truth at any cost. I am just expressing this possibility to you and you can either deny it, attack it and attack me or then think about what Kksd74628 was trying to say and really let that sink in. From your perspective what I am saying could be wrong or right and the ball is on you to discover the answer. I have nothing to do with your path, but just be one perspective and make you think more about these things.
  17. @Breakingthewall When you are in lucid dream you just know, feel and understand instantly that you're alone in your dream. That same experience can be had in your "waking life" too. Unless you've had that I wouldn't talk as you and if you have then I don't understand what is your point right now. I am not talking about any beliefs, but direct experiences you could have. I hope you understand what I am trying to convey right know. If there's something that I explained weakly feel free to ask more questions. Peace .
  18. @Breakingthewall You should drop all beliefs away. Sorry if my response wasn't clear enough to address that. The answer isn't any idea, it is an experience you could have.
  19. @ivankiss That's not how spirituality works. You need to experience something in order to "know" it. Spirituality isn't guessing game, but hardcore science that relies on direct experience. Having opinion, guess or intuition doesn't work. Many people make more thoughts of how universe works when "practicing" spirituality when in actuality you should drop as many thoughts of it as possible and "see" what really is and what isn't. You have to tap not knowing and question all ideas you have about anything. Then you'll be surprised what state of mind you'll reach. And as @Razard86 said it isn't easy to drop out false beliefs, because that would be total chaos and path to unknown for you and you see that as a threat. I understand and trust you. All love to you <3
  20. @ivankiss How you know it is not true?
  21. @ivankiss Anyone else? The point I was trying to make is you to realize that thinking that there are other conscious beings reading your thread is a huge mistake in your thinking. You are right now having a dream and everything is your imagination and therefore there is only the experience right HERE and NOW. The experience is same with itself and also is one, because it is the only thing that there will ever be. You are right now reading your own message that you wrote to yourself. Kksd74628 didn't write this thing. "You" did it. Like in your nightly dreams you imagine everything so you do now. That's why everything is one and same. -joNi-
  22. @ivankiss Who are you explaining this thing to?
  23. @Danioover9000 You could easily have more developed sense of morality and spiritual understanding, but I was just trying to remind you that the tone you brought this thing here was kind of attacking instead of pure criticism. I don't think that selling gym workout plan for fat people or fixing someone's sight for money and clout is bad. Yeah of course I am not disagreeing that those problems shouldn't be fixed in the first place and I'd even argue that making this big video about helping those people would redirect focus to those problems more than doing nothing (which actually happened). First of all everything Mr Beast is doing is solely his own self-expression after all and I think he should have all rights to do so within all laws. To your other point I think good thing to realize is to see that probably Mr Beast isn't being this hyper dopamine person all the times. Even if he would I think that would be extremely understandable due to his lifestyle, money and clout. What you see on internet can easily bend your perspective of the situation and that's why it sometimes is incredibly hard to analyze scenarios, because at the end of the day you're left only what catches your eye sight and what has been recorded. You have to admit that to understand Mr Beast's or anyones personality one would need to know him/her on personal level first before making analysis of him/her. So to summarize that and previous comment: 1) Picking side and not taking into account other sides is a mistake in a deep thinking (if you want I could explain that on voice, because it is long point.) 2) Usually due to picking side you'll color your talking so the output is even more biased towards some direction. 3) Internet bubbles you to your own worldview if you aren't consciously trying to see other worldviews. 4) What you see on internet isn't everything. 5) To understand someone really you'd need to know him/her personally. I am talking about very nuanced things and what you did overall wasn't that bad, but I just think a little correcting to more holistic way of presenting things could be next growth for you. So more colorful data if possible and show the other side better so it doesn't become one sided. I have just done so much thinking that I want everything to be precise. That is where I get my joy to life, from having interesting and hard conversations with people. I want to stimulate myself intellectually so I decided to make these posts. What you brought is important discussion though. With love -joNi- <3
  24. @Danioover9000 Didn't watch all the content you posted, but I guess I got an overall picture of the situation. Don't really understand how people can twist what good you do against you. For example in the latest video you posted there was this person who got one million DOLLARS!! And then that person goes like oh, but he manipulated that person to show his home like wdym?? He got million dollars and if that would bother him he would as a last trick just change address and be happy with the money and clout he got for free. Feels like trying to just twist and rotate something to look like bad when there's no point to do so. Could Mr Beast do better, probably, but remember to ask that could you and then you see that all of us could be doing better so what is the critique then. Lately I've been reading comments on Andrew Tate and now that and it just feels that were you normal person or spiritual person you gotta always choose people to hate or put down. I don't literally get it when we are trying to be as conscious as possible and people just like to take sides. Just understand that taking side always means not seeing the whole picture. You could say which perspective is better in some perspective, but calling some perspective or person solely bad is just having blindspots and biases. I've spoken. -joNi-