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  1. As a young man, I never really understood feminine love, until recently. After being exposed by Leo with Solipsism, Nihilism and the like, I tried to fight against it by pushing myself, hence masculine love. It was great for a while, by I would always come back to the same place of depression. And I was constantly worrying about myself, my future and the world. Then in the last two days, I've had realizations that opended me to feminine love. It eliminated almost all of my worries and made me very accepting of reality as it is. Instead of trying to craft my perfect life, I became conscious of how beautiful life is as a whole. I knew I had to let my worries go. Nihilism can ultimately only be solved with feminine love, not masculine love. The hallmarks of masculine love: conquest, self-confidence, desire for change, desire for growth, competition, discipline, meaning, selection, perfection, influence The hallmarks of feminine love: pure acceptance, open-mindedness, humility, non-competition, self-acceptance, lack of bias, comfort What the man fears most is being soft, because he equates 'being soft' with indifference. What the woman fears most is being hard, because she equates 'being hard' with worrying. A very masculine definition of love is: Love is the realization that your actions impact the entire universe. A very feminine definition of love is: Love is the realization of the absolute perfection of the universe. I'm not comparing masculine love against feminine love here. The only thing I want to say here is that absence of feminine love is unhealthy if you are very masculine. But as a man, you should nonetheless work on your masculinity first.
  2. Math itself is definetely not enough, if you want to be happy about understanding the "dream reality". This is dead wrong.
  3. You're probably right about that, so what should I do?
  4. not my taste but the fractal video is pretty cool
  5. @tuku747 Why did you send me these songs?
  6. Survival demands understanding of our physical surroundings and faith in the future. Solipsism destroys both!
  7. What do you want to point out here?
  8. Yes, that's true, at least at the level of consciousness I am that right now. The only thing that changes through my beliefs is me and my behaviour.
  9. Is it fair to say that if an assertion is not based on your own self-reflection, then you can sure that it is false (at least in your current understanding of it)?
  10. Do you mean I should first go back to believing in the material worldview and then transcend both belief systems (material & idealism) together so I can come closer to truth?
  11. Because Leo says consciousness is all there is.
  12. You're probably right about that.