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  1. Here's the link: Sorry about the poor quality of the video.
  2. Here's an 8 hour long video on YouTube about the stuff that Andrew Tate teaches at Hustlers University. I will upload this video on my own channel and post the link here because I'm afraid this video will get deleted. This is perfect for integrating stage orange.
  3. 1 hour ago, @Leo Gura said: "Basically, anything you can imagine is real, if you imagine it deep enough. Zero limits to Consciousness." Leo says consciousness has zero limitations. It can imagine absolutely anything. So why can it not imagine other beings?
  4. If consciousness has no limitations then wouldn't "I am God" mean that consciousness cannot divide itself (i.e. it must always remain singular)?
  5. I do believe this topic deserves it's own video because it is profound and it intersects psychology with spirituality. It intersect psychology with spirituality. It connects with self-deception. How we can reprogramm ourselves? "The subconscious is the bridge between mind and reality." It connects with the "law of attraction"
  6. I believe there are many ways you could go around this. Try to integrate some masculine energy. On a spiritual level, men feel like crap when they put themselves in a subservient position. Open yourself to the possibility that some people are leaders because they are selfless and that many people are followers because they are selfish (that's how I see the world haha). See responsibility as a beautiful thing, because it is a form of selflessness that requires a lot of integrity to master. Leo's favorite: You are God ⇒ Absolute Responsibility That is understandable. The need for others to take the lead comes from the fear that things will go wrong when you try it yourself. If you don't know how to do something, you can always learn. Believe that you will succeed one day. It takes time to adopt yourself to a higher level of responsibility, and the process is painful.
  7. Do you agree with what he is saying about consciousness vs. congnition? I don't.
  8. The following claims should be evidence enough. Prove me wrong on any of these claims if you can. The notion of a distinction/difference is undefined. There is no rigorous treatment for how symbols are distinguished. What makes A the same as A and different from B? The universal quantifier ∀ is undefined. No definition of the natural numbers can cover all of the places natural numbers are being used in mathematics. There is no proof for the assertion that the composition of functions is associative (which is a super-foundational "fact" of mathematics). Circularity can be found within the foundations of mathematics. For example, we use set theory to do logic (definition of a well-formed formula), and then we use logic to do set theory (Zermelo-Frankel axioms). You may state your own convictions of why mathematics is a house of cards.
  9. How can I raise my default level of consciousness? How can I ensure to be more conscious for example, after I wake up?
  10. @Leo Gura When will your book come out?
  11. What about spiritual awakenings that are hard to describe in words? Can those be transferred telepathically?
  12. Good point. Leo himself talked about the relativity of the notions we use.
  13. What is the point of doing pure philosophy? What do you think? I think one point of pure philosophy is to stop believeing in nonsense.