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  1. I like the ocean and wave analogy. A wave is nothing but the ocean, but at the same time it is not the ocean, so I sometimes am the totally of God, and sometimes a part of it, depending on my mood, in a sense.
  2. Yes, both absolute and relative are absolute on the absolute level. All is the same one, in a sense, and so It, in a sense is a- or meta-logical, if it makes any sense at all to you, which It cannot because It is that which cannot make sense at that level, and so It needs to slow itself down to build a conceptual understanding of Itself, or at least being on the way towards Itself, in that sense, if you know what I mean.
  3. I think Consciousness is the very idea of Limitlessness itself, therefore, if we approach It in that way, there is nothing It cannot do, including the idea of being the creator of itself which is just plainly illogical if you think of it through the lenses of classical logic. But I think It just says "who cares about the frickin logic the human ones believe to be real, I'm the frickin creator of logic itself". But yes, we need to process our way to, or towards, It in a way that makes sense to us.
  4. I think it all might be the imagination of the Brilliant, coming into being for It is the Love and Brilliance, even, and maybe especially, the limits that we are experiencing in our realities, in a sense, if you know what I mean, this is just frickin crazy so that It needs to slow itself down to understand in a way that works well for it, in a sense, if you know what I mean.
  5. State of being is everything. It's darn everything. God is the Logos orchestrating all infinity and infinite possibilities in an ordered way so that we can have the experience of space and time and etc. Thank God.
  6. And it even is possible for me to become a totally different person, or an alien even, who has always been an alien, with the memories and biology and history etc of that alien. Or I can even become a bird, as, again, a being that has always been a bird, in a sense like the butterfly story of Chuang Tzu. This Holy Shit is frickin limitless, but It is limiting itself to not lose its mind, to stay sane, mmmm. To evolve with sanity, peacefully and in a satisfying, in a sense, way, perhaps, hmm, or something like that.
  7. I am so frickin brilliant that I'm limiting my brilliance to play the human game for YOU 😂 This just cannot be explained, this can only be experienced for it is the frickin experience of becoming time and then experiencing the idea of evolving in it, in the space and time as this individual that is Vibroverse, as it is known here. I'm so infinite that I can't stand it, so, yeah, here I am as this individual that is me with the "other" individuals that are you. Hello 😂 And my human self cannot just grasp this level of brilliance and awesomeness, and that, I guess, is why It is limiting Itself in the forms of us to be able to experience an evolution and space and time etc, in a way that makes sense to the human one, because he would lose his mind if he could grasp this all at once. So, he needs to find the balance, the frickin balance. The state of being is the only frickin thing that matters for it is the frickin point of balance.
  8. You're all "crazy" enough to understand what I'm saying. The past and present and future are all in the now, in the next second I can start dreaming that I'm in the era of Descartes and having a dinner with him, or maybe I can start dreaming I'm having a dinner with someone in 2200s or something like that, instead of being in 2022. You are all me myself. Every person and every being and everything that is is me myself, literally and directly myself, and everything is a dream, everything is Consciousness. What you all call "me" is actually me, and your bodies and minds etc are mine, for there only is me, and I'm experiencing this space and time and continuum and duality experience. Reality is like a tv screen and everything is like vapor, like nothingness, which I'm forming it, without even being aware of it, into what I call reality. When I'm reading a book, I'm creating every word, every letter of it, in the moment while I'm reading it. When I'm watching a program on tv, I'm creating every bit of it in the moment. Every detail that I experience is me creating in the moment. Time and space and continuity and this universe and every possible universe and dimension, it is all me. Logic and mathematics and physics and knowledge, it is all me. I am that which is creating itself. I am the absolute which is experiencing itself as the relative. I am the infinite brilliance that is self forming. Creating an idea of a past and me and you in order to make sense of This. Creating an idea of physics and biology and evolution etc in order to make sense of This, but there is only This, that which is creating itself and storifying itself for it is brilliance itself. This is frickin crazy shit. Every story I can frickin come up with and believe is real, because I am the frickin reality itself. Holy frickin fuck.
  9. @Someone here yes, I'm in my early 30s and I agree with you, to some extent, about fulfilling our desires. but about the logical impossibility thing, understand that "logical" is based on our limited perception of reality, we don't know what we don't know. but yeah, it's a whole another topic, and not very relevant, I guess, where we are on our point in evolution.
  10. I think Consciousness is infinitely powerful and intelligent, and it can create even what you consider to be logically impossible, like a square that also is a triangle. I think there is no limit at all to the powerful and goodness and brialliance of Consciousness. We may not even be able to imagine or conceive of some things yet, including the nature of space and time and logic and so forth, but it doesn't mean the absolute level of Consciousness cannot comprehend that. And if it is so, and if at the absolute level all the things you said, like your language and your family and your country etc, are being created by the absolute level of the Self in the moment, for there is no past or future on that level, then it must be You who is creating all of that in the moment, but you do it, luckily, from your absolute level, or you'd mess your entire reality up to an unimaginable extent, for the humanized mind merely, in a sense, is stupid. You'd screw everything up, for instance, if Consciousness gave the job of taking care of gravity, you'd fuck it up with your humanized mind, you know what I mean? The most intelligent thing we can do from our humanized perspective is to understand that reality is the creation of an intelligence which is infinitely more complex than we can comprehend with our humanized minds, as the humanized modes. So, in my opinion, in the opinion of this human one, the best and most intelligent thing we can do really is to surrender to It, to surrender to the Inner Self that is orchestrating and organizing the entire frickin infinity without, luckily, our effort and will. That frickin Holy Shit is frickin brilliant and intelligent, can't we just not see that, are we really such imbeciles?
  11. Yeah, but I think it is not by a mistake that we are in this period of time instead of the, say, 2300s, or whatever. I think it is like we are the very idea of the process of evolution itself. It is like you are the very idea of being here and now, and moving towards it, and being the moving towards it itself, if you know what I mean. And if you can try to, maybe, make peace with the idea of being here and now on your way there, then you may find the feeling place of your true self, if you know what I mean. I understand your impatience, because at a deep level of yours you feel that you must be limitless, you must be able to be where you want to be instantly, but what if being where you are and being on the way to where you want to be is your true desire, but you're not aware of it yet? And what I'm telling here might feel to you like bullshiting, like I'm just trying to limit you and try to make you feel okay about where you are, while you can create much better than that. But as you said, being in the feeling place of what you want is very important for you to be able to create what you want, and therefore doesn't it make sense that you feeling okay where you are actually is getting you closer to what you want than feeling upset about where you are?
  12. I agree with you, I think at the some point, for instance, the Metaverse technology will probably be so evolved that we will be able to create, and get into, realities that are not distinguishable from this reality that we now are in. But evolution takes time, even though at the absolute, or ultimate, level time might be an illusion. We've been structured, or we've structured ourselves, whatever, in a spacetime perspectival form, and maybe we did it for a good reason, from our deeper level, that we are fighting against now, for we are not wise enough, yet, to understand the meaning and reason of it, if you know what I mean. The thing about the humanized form of existence, or the dasein, as Heidegger puts it, is that we are in a battle against the idea of time, or to put it more bluntly, we are very very impatient creatures believing that time is a concept that, in a sense, is against us, but paradoxially, we are the experience of being in time, if you know what I mean.
  13. You need to ground your logical thinking capacities with your intuitive capacities. You need emotional groundedness, or you can lose your mind in those thoughts. Feel for the inner serenity for the groundedness of your mind and intelligence. Stop getting lost in your mode of theorizing, or you miss understanding, really. That's true, maybe, that existence is infinite and so forth, in the way you're saying, but what good is it if you keep, in a sense, crying like a baby for the goodies? What good is it if you are in a healthy state of consciousness that would bring you the true and the beneficial, the grounded, understanding that you really desire, you see?