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  1. I wanna change my neighborhood. I have upstair neighbors named, let's say, a and b, and I wanna create a different world where I have always had neighbors named c and d. And I am imagining the details of c and d, and that c and d have already been my neighbors for the last, say, two months, or something like that. So, mechanically speaking, if everything is coming from consciousness, then i can, in one second, manifest the dream that i want and forget that a and b have ever been my neighbors and create a new memory and world and building for myself where my neighbors have always, in that sense, been c and d, yes? Like the idea of "shifting", "tuning", to a "parallel reality", like, in a sense, to a parallel dream. The answer probably is "you can create everything that you desire, including an, experientially, different timeline, a "parallel world"", in that sense, mechanically speaking, for this entire timeline, and neighborhood, and my neighbors, the building, etc etc, are something I am imagining, in this moment, anyways. Therefore, mechanically speaking, I can start to have a different reality, in that sense, with the history etc that I prefer also, yep. Now, of course, I am aware that I can do it, of course, but I would probably not be able to "tune" to that alternate dream by trying to do that with my ego mind, because my ego mind is just not that creative, and powerful, in that sense. I am aware that my ego mind self just does not have such a will power, but what I am wondering is if I really can, mechanically speaking, if my will really was that strong, in that sense, do that, if it is really something, in that sense, that I can manifest, with all the details of details of details, and so forth, if I had a will power like my God self, in the experiential sense, has? Staying in the, appearance wise, same building but "tuning" to a "different version" of this building, of my neighbors, etc, in that sense, like snapping my fingers and finding myself, simply, in the timeline, in the dream that I prefer, like that, if my will was as powerful as the will power of my God self?
  2. Well, everyone knows everything.
  3. I prefer smoother and nicer visual effects.
  4. Yeah, there are no need for dramatic visual effects, in that sense, for shifting timelines, yeah 😂
  5. Is it fair that God just exists eternally without "His" consent? "He" just exists, and has no choice but existing forever, think about that.
  6. No, nothing but the Absolute Zero is ever helpful, everything else is just blah blah at best.
  7. I don't think there is really anything i should learn etc from my "real" neighbors, and if "real" is imagination in which we believe, imagination we "know".
  8. Trust your resonance and relax. Nothing is "too good to be true" for God, for everything is imagination anyways.
  9. Bashar, Abraham, Rupert Spira, Darryl Anka, Papaji.
  10. Dreaming. Awake. Neither. Both. And any other combination.
  11. Everything is illusion, therefore everything is reality.
  12. I think we don't, yet, understand what "everything is consciousness, everything is nothing" really means at all, at all, at all, kinda like not even close. The you you believe you are is an image that is made of consciousness, a projection of consciousness, that is literally made of imagination. The next moment you can stop imagining you are a human and start to imagine being a cat, completely forgetting that you ever were a human. Everything is consciousness and your experiences and your memories and all of that is consciousness making up that stuff in the moment, and in the next moment it begins to dream something else, and in the next moment it begins to dream something else, and so forth. If you wake up you understand that your socalled direct experience, if you mean the contents of your experience like your personality and memories and stuff you are seeing around you an so forth also are stuff you're making up, in this moment, out of, literally, nothing, of that which is, literally, formless pure awareness. And, in that sense, of course they are making it all up, just like you, right now, are making up a memory with those people, and making up the imagination that you are reading this now.
  13. I think that's a good awareness, but aren't you also making stuff up? Are you sure that you really have a real history yourself, including your experiences with those people and their stories? Are you sure that you are not making it up now?
  14. Can you have a dream where you get into a time machine and experience time travel?
  15. This forum makes me feel free, because seeing others who also understand that they are God is very freeing. This takes my feeling of guilt or my feeling of "am i doing something wrong" away from me, because you guys know that you are imagining me. This is an awesome feeling to be with others who know they are imagining me.
  16. I think it is bogus, legit, and also lol what.
  17. "You" also are an illusion. Wrap your mind around it.
  18. Yeah of course it is not as easy as "just think positive thoughts and create a good life", yeah your subconscious must change for a true change. But it does not mean law of attraction is not real, it is real, but it is not as simple as "just think positive thoughts".
  19. Law of attraction says you get the reflection of what you believe most strongly to be true, and if you understand that reality is a dream, that reality is consciousness, then you understand that of course the frickin law of attraction is real.
  20. Law of attraction, actually, simply says that life is a dream and you can learn how to go lucid.