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  1. Thank you for answering. So what you're saying is, just acknowledge that I'm fooling myself and move on... For a moment I got it, then I lost it. Thank you I'll think on it.
  2. One thing I've realized is that to become fully woke (connected to The Akashic records) you have to let go of the info your mind downloads through school exc. But there are also several traps that I think can screw you over like for example the moment you become connected to the source has to be done when you let go of fear FULLY( I exercised myself so much walking barefoot, tapping into the occult, spending time in nature, sungazing, meditating, breathwork exc.). Yeah but to do that you have to be set, career chosen, wage-slavery free... I was connected to that God force for a while and I've never felt happier in my life but in that happiness I lost connection with the 3d with no "survival" accomplishments. I constantly told myself "Nature got me." "Nature got me." In a way cheating the ego development. Letting go of ego when I need it most. (I'm 16.) I experienced a big depression last year because I had to let go off that beautiful mire I've drilled into my mind. And had to reconnect myself to ego again. With the start of the school year (2019) my desire to learn the things we learned in school vanished. I felt huge pain in lowering my vibration because most of the kids in my school are just so arrogant and low in their development. I couldn't focus on doing work and learning because I felt like I knew already.(The constant ideas and glimpses from the source) And for 1 year I'm returning back to my ego, I'm good. I've built a good work ethic, I watch allot of videos relating interesting topics like this one I'm developing well, great even but I think I'll be even better if I still had that connection and insight from the Akashic... Is it possible to do? And is there any problems and traps that may come along the way? I'm aware but I'm not connected. If this won't be healthy now when? Around the age of 20? Or should I just use psychedelics in my spiritual growth from time to time? Thank You Marvelllious