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  1. Without trauma and conditioning, do you still have a point of view ?
  2. Yeah, its like the people of Iran and China went beyond fear of government control.
  3. It sure dont look like he is. And his supporters are clearly in denial of his mental state. Bias is everywhere.
  4. Forgiveness is always self forgiveness, and it tends to happen through Grace.
  5. Depression is the inner child's unmet needs. Be the parent to yourself that you truly wanted, and the inner child will feel safe and stop acting out in various ways to get your attention.
  6. We are the aliens. The variety of intelligences with which to connect is infinite. The question is will you connect with the most high
  7. Cant wait for the video, but what makes you so sure you the only human who has experienced this ?
  8. In our current state of development, collaboration only really happens when there is a huge crisis, ie when it serves survival purposes.
  9. @Magnanimous A good place to start is to wish positive outcomes on those around you. ie practice positivity in a detached way first. This will spill over into your own life.
  10. @emvipi Look into the devotional rituals done in Hindu tradition, they have been shown to be quite effective in the type of prayer you mentioned.
  11. Power of imagination is also useful here, ie imagining having had a past where all your wishes were fullfilled, ie zero sense of lack. Copy and paste infinite love onto your life.
  12. Confusion is part of the spiritual journey, until we stop believing ourselves to be a person in time and space who thinks it knows what it wants or doesnt want.
  13. Seeing the funny side in challenging times is a super power🙂
  14. Looks like he's wearing black in that video