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  1. Check out his channel with shorter clips, really helps to integrate some of the concepts. https://www.youtube.com/c/ActualizedClips
  2. You mentioned BS. The reasons to hate yourself is what I would call BS. You hit the nail on the head, there are no reasons to hate yourself. So what subconsciously perceived benefits might there be in believing that these "reasons" are the truth, when clearly your intuition knows they are all lies.
  3. Perfect music for drinks at a rooftop bar, thank you
  4. Loving this, using it for my writing session this morning, thanks
  5. I hear you, I guess if one's at coral, there's such bliss, that it don't really matter what kind of music is playing in the background
  6. Why do we assume that Turquoise or Coral would not enjoy a bit of psytrance or afro house ?
  7. @Carl-Richard They'd probably enjoy a little bit of everything