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  1. Yes, if it's high quality meditators gathering together to invoke Grace, then of course it will have a beneficial effect. In fact very soon this will become crucial.
  2. What is the full name of the substance you used. Nothing specific coming up on google based on what you mentioned ?
  3. If you become a confident public speaker, you can basically sell any bullshit to people's painpoints. Hitler, Trump, Tate etc.
  4. Sin is just an ancient word for our programming.
  5. Im guessing its a scientific term for what's out there in space, for which science has no current explanation.
  6. Saying alound and meditating on Divine Names of God in Hebrew and Armaic.
  7. I think Russell Targ was part of the remote viewing team that discovered the location of the tomb of Osiris.
  8. Leo is one of a kind truly. Also check out the work of Dr JJ Hurtak from the Academy for Future Science. He wrote a magnificent book called The Keys of Enoch.
  9. Yeah, only the highest heavens will do, after graduating from space ship earth🙂
  10. Overlap of heavenly and earthly realms for those with the eyes to see. And we are living in a time where the veils are being lifted.
  11. Without trauma and conditioning, do you still have a point of view ?