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  1. @NightHawkBuzz Stop wasting energy on mental masturbation. Focus all ur energy on your own path and see what happens
  2. @Sandhu Sometimes we say: "I'll be able to serve people much better when the money comes." But what if the money only truly comes, after making the clear decision to serve more fully.
  3. @trenton I went through something similar, but in childhood. I was a brilliant tennis player up until the age of 12. My dream was to win Wimbledon and I planned and lived accordingly. When I was 12 I had a bicycle accident where I fell on my face, with bad concussion and few hours of memory loss. Soon after my tennis abilities went downhill as did my confidence levels. It was a huge identity loss for me. Years later when I started the spiritual path, my focus was still on recapturing the magic of my tennis days. Ultimately I realized that all the magical frequencies of my youth are still present now just in different forms. Nothing was lost. In fact I was probably saved from becoming a sport star with a big ego and potentially a loveless marriage. You'll be surprised at how magically life can fall into place, when you let go of the belief that only certain things can bring joy.
  4. Feeling is one aspect of it. The understanding that what you're feeling is mostly just an inner child's reactions to not having had all their needs met, and that you now have the power to fulfill all those needs internally - this makes all the difference.
  5. Or phrased differently: How do you come to an acceptance of Infinite Life
  6. @Sincerity If we made it a conscious practice to not just feel our pain, but to also deeply feel some of the magical frequencies of Life on a daily basis, then stuck energy would move a lot quicker. In other words, bring the same intensity to feeling Good.
  7. The Balinese paradise is evoking magical frequencies that have always been within you. These bliss frequencies are not in the Balinese paradise per say. We could say they are like sparks of God, reminding us of our brilliance. Besides psychedelics, one of the most powerful tools you have, is in fact your imagination. Yes, it's like a muscle that needs to be exercised, but rest assured, every time you release and old version of yourself, your imagination capabilities will be upgraded too, exponentially so. Perhaps sometimes it's totally valid to feel like shit, but most of the time it's unnecessary. A lot of spiritual people feel their pain and feel their pain, but they neglect to make full use of the power that's available in all the magical frequencies of Infinite Life. So yes, the more clearly you can pinpoint the precise frequencies of your Balinese experience, the easier it becomes to explore them at will. And ultimately also to integrate those frequencies into your new baseline state of being. We have more freedom to choose what we focus on than we think. @Rafael Thundercat
  8. @Thought Art All jokes aside, we can allow the frequency of experience from one dimension to 'bleed' into another dimension of experience. Everything overlaps. All the elements of metal are contained in classical and vice versa, be it in seemingly distorted ways at times. The point is that, if I am a soulful being, I have access to the frequencies of an infinity of experience at all times. I am not merely an observer of what reality is dishing up in any given moment. In the same way that I have access to different personality characteristics to serve those around me, I have access to all frequency of experience to help nurture my experience when my cup doesn't feel so full.
  9. @Thought Art Sure about what specifically ?
  10. Frequency Blending is a powerful tool we can use to make manifestation way more fun. What would you say are the top 5 magical frequencies of your life so far ? One example could be how we felt the first time we heard a favorite pop song as a child. Or the excitement experienced when setting off on an international travelling adventure. And what about the magic sensed in the air when arriving at a tropical island destination. Magical frequencies can be used to override less desirable frequencies. Is it possible to experience similar sensations in your body, when waiting for the bus on a scorching day, than you would if you were witnessing a beautiful thunderstorm, while relaxing in a gorgeous mountain cabin ? Yes it is ! It's just a matter of claiming your freedom to have access to this ability. Magical frequencies can also be blended with each other to produce something new, to expand, to grow. There's truly no end to the magic we can create in this infinite Life. When you're stuck in traffic on a dreary road, and all of a sudden it feels exactly as if you're on a tropical island, it's then that the magic of Indistinguishability has opened up to you. And ultimately manifestation begins to feel less like a project and more like a playful game.
  11. You think ur the character and then you realize ur the soul. You think ur the soul, and then of course you realize ur way beyond that too.
  12. What is the best online life coaching academy to study with if one wants to become a life coach ?
  13. @Leo Gura What is the solution to a vicious strange loop like this ?