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  1. https://www.conscioussingles.com/ Good dating site for conscious people all over the world.
  2. New Agers would say that you are not the only one ascending, earth is ascending too, things are speeding up to a higher frequency in general. But these theories tend to be frowned upon here
  3. Each person can have a very unique definition of success.
  4. If you want to do true science, watch this video and start looking at your hand
  5. The more I marvel at this the more magical I feel
  6. I think extreme perfectionism unwinds naturally and gradually the more we love our avatar just as it is. Unlearning anxious habits from school days related to so many tests and exams. Noticing in the moment who or what is it that I'm trying to be perfect for right now. Or even seeing my perfectionism as being okay too. Is it even a problem if I stop labelling it as such.
  7. Kinda cool how with this infinite simultaneity there is also infinite peace.
  8. Check out Frank Yang's youtube channel, I think he goes into this in more detail.
  9. But you do exist, as the mystery of existence itself.
  10. @Godishere The way I understand his teaching is that it's about deconstructing all sensation. And that even God mind is still a sense of self that can be deconstructed. In Vedanta, the teacher James Swartz talks about the creator aspect of God, known as Ishvara, as just being one aspect of God. The phrase "freedom is freedom" refers to an indescribable beyondness, ie beyond the creator aspect itself. So in a way your true nature is prior to God as the creator, but of course still God.
  11. Frank Yang likes to say that first there is transcendence of the individual ego, then transcendence of the soul, and finally transcendence of the creator aspect of God, which is like the ultimate ego in a way.
  12. And perhaps society actually needs the conscious people to be making babies
  13. One day you meet the right woman and you might just change your views on not wanting to have kids. You never know, it can also be a very magical journey.
  14. To do the child-rearing thing properly you would actually need to be quite selfless.
  15. Yes, and divine masculine will express differently through each individual. What tripped me up personally was being too hung up on society's definitions of masculinity.