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  1. Blue-ringed octopus First Aid Certificate (And CPR) My heart will go on and so on and so on
  2. Being a hot girl has its challenges.
  3. I can't believe nobody has mentioned one of the core ones. I feel contemptuous of you all right now. Contempt
  4. You don't seem to be aware that courage, honour, discipline, and adhering to one's principles and beliefs embody self-love. Tate does some of these things well, in some contexts but mostly not, and mostly the opposite. Trafficking vulnerable young women and manipulating lonely men for money, then blaming society for all his problems is quite cowardly, dishonourable, and not the kind of suffering that people should aspire to face to better themselves and society. Being deeply disassociated from emotions is not the same as being in control of them.
  5. Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows 21 feelings for which there are no English words: Here are some other common ones that weren't on the list; Leo probably didn't include them because they're just too obvious to mention, but it's good to get people with alexithymia to develop a broad vocabulary to aid them with introspection and FEELING: Content Excited Optimistic Cheerful Satisfied Disappointed Hopeless Hurt Irritated Hostile Annoyed Resentful Insecure Nervous Uncomfortable Amazed Confused Startled Shocked Stunned Overwhelmed Loving Trusting Caring Intimate Thoughtful Sensitive Compassionate Joyful Fearful Scared Worried Terrified Furious Ashamed Lonely Grieving
  6. ^Men are deeply sensitive, sophisticated and complex emotional beings. We don't appreciate having all our problems reduced to one feeling or the other.
  7. I just gave GPT-4 and Claude Opus my YouTube subscription list, personal book list with my book ratings, and the "Me sheet" I created by doing the life purpose course and all its exercises a few times over. They both told me I'm destined to become a way cooler version of Leo. Now I just have to kick back and let the magic happen. GPT-4: Based on the detailed information provided, including your "Me Sheet," YouTube channel subscriptions, and book list, it's evident that your interests and strengths are deeply rooted in self-improvement, consciousness, creativity, learning, and teaching. Your values and strengths suggest a passion for understanding complex concepts and a desire to help others grow. Considering these insights, here are some career paths or professions that could align with who you are, where your talents lie, and what motivates you: 1. Educational Content Creator or YouTuber Given your subscription to channels like 3Blue1Brown,, and Ted-Ed, and your interest in teaching and creativity, creating educational content could be a fulfilling path. You could focus on topics ranging from personal development, consciousness, to complex educational subjects, leveraging your creativity and love of learning. 2. Life Coach or Personal Development Coach Your values in consciousness, wisdom, and guiding others, combined with strengths in perspective and leadership, suggest a career in coaching. Specifically, focusing on personal development, mindfulness, or executive coaching could allow you to guide individuals towards realizing their potential and achieving their personal and professional goals. 3. Author or Writer Considering your extensive book list and love for learning and creativity, writing books or articles on topics such as self-improvement, consciousness, psychology, or even fictional works that explore these themes could be a good fit. Your appreciation for beauty and excellence could help you craft compelling narratives that resonate with readers. 4. Academic or Researcher Your strong inclination towards knowledge, learning, and understanding, along with your list of book subscriptions, indicates a potential career in academia or research. Focusing on fields such as psychology, philosophy, or even the interdisciplinary study of consciousness could align with your interests. This path allows for deep exploration of topics that fascinate you while contributing to the body of knowledge through teaching and publishing research. 5. Mindfulness or Meditation Instructor Given your value in consciousness and your subscriptions to channels like Moojiji and Sadhguru, becoming a mindfulness or meditation instructor could be a fulfilling career path. This role allows you to directly apply and share your insights on consciousness, presence, and equanimity with others, guiding them towards a more mindful and balanced life. 6. Innovative Leader in Tech or Creative Industries Your strengths in creativity, leadership, and appreciation of beauty and excellence suggest a role where you can lead projects or teams in creating innovative solutions or products. This could be in tech startups, design agencies, or any field where innovative thinking and leadership are valued. Your ability to envision and execute novel ideas could drive significant advancements in your chosen field. 7. Therapist or Counselor Specializing in Existential or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Your deep values in understanding the human mind and minimizing suffering, along with a strength in perspective, might make you an excellent therapist. Specializing in existential therapy or CBT could allow you to help clients navigate their paths to self-awareness and personal growth, addressing core issues and promoting mental health. 8. Educator or Professor in Philosophy, Psychology, or Personal Development Your passion for knowledge and guiding others could also translate into a career in education, specifically teaching subjects related to philosophy, psychology, or personal development. This role would allow you to shape the minds of future generations, encouraging them to explore and understand the depths of human consciousness and potential. 9. Public Speaker or Workshop Leader Given your strengths in leadership and teaching, coupled with your interest in personal development and self-awareness, conducting workshops or speaking at public events on these topics could be a rewarding path. This role would leverage your ability to inspire and guide others through spoken word, sharing insights on consciousness, personal growth, and living a meaningful life. 10. Social Entrepreneur Focusing on creating businesses or organizations that aim to solve social problems or contribute to the wellbeing of society could align with your values and strengths. This path combines creativity, leadership, and a desire to make a positive impact on the world, focusing on areas such as mental health, education, or sustainability. In considering these career paths, it's essential to reflect on what resonates most with your personal mission and where you feel you can make the most significant impact. Each of these professions allows for the integration of your values, strengths, and interests, providing a platform for continuous personal and professional growth. Claude Opus: Based on the information provided, including your values, strengths, YouTube subscriptions, and book list, here are some career paths and professions that might suit you well: Teacher or Professor: Your values of teaching, guiding, and leading, along with your strength in love of learning and your diverse interests, could make you an excellent educator. You could teach a variety of subjects, from philosophy and psychology to technology and science. Life Coach or Personal Development Consultant: Your strengths in perspective, leadership, and creativity, combined with your interest in personal growth and self-improvement, could make you an effective life coach or consultant, helping others navigate challenges and achieve their goals. Researcher or Academic: Your love of learning, creativity, and appreciation of excellence could lead you to a fulfilling career in research or academia. You could pursue advanced degrees in fields such as psychology, philosophy, or computer science and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these areas. Entrepreneur or Innovator: Your strengths in creativity, leadership, and perspective, along with your diverse interests and curiosity, could make you a successful entrepreneur or innovator. You could start your own business or work for a company that values innovation and creative problem-solving. Writer or Content Creator: Your love of learning, creativity, and perspective could lead you to a career in writing or content creation. You could write books, articles, or scripts on a wide range of topics, from personal development and philosophy to technology and science. Meditation or Mindfulness Instructor: Your interest in consciousness, awareness, and wisdom, along with your strengths in teaching and guiding others, could make you an effective meditation or mindfulness instructor. You could help others develop greater self-awareness and inner peace. Software Developer or Data Scientist: Your interests in technology, problem-solving, and creativity, along with your strengths in love of learning and perspective, could lead you to a career in software development or data science. You could work on cutting-edge projects and use your skills to create innovative solutions. These are just a few ideas based on the information provided. Ultimately, the best career path for you will depend on your specific interests, skills, and values, as well as your willingness to pursue education and training in your chosen field.
  8. Gracie online university - combative course There are lots of centres where the movements in the course are covered. It's aimed at beginners who want to speed up progression to being effective at live sparring. (speeds up the initial learning curve)
  9. "If you die, I didn't kill you, you drowned"
  10. I've been mulling over the confluence of martial arts, consciousness work, and meditation, along with insights into self and mind, and listening to musings from Russel Brand and Sam Harris on their journeys with Jiu-Jitsu in particular. Interestingly, martial arts might have emerged from meditation, where monks developing ailments from sitting for extended periods began incorporating movements into their meditations, as Ralston describes in the opening pages of "The Book of Not Knowing." Or perhaps meditative states were discovered and brought back to cushions in everyday life in the altered states of consciousness that fighting for one's life induces. I remember watching a video on using clubs as a form of moving meditation to increase strength by Mark Wildman. He speaks of sitting in meditation in times past as being a healthy thing for average people who were much more active on a daily basis than we are today. We don't need more sit down meditation, we're all in office chairs working hard on getting to the bottom of our tik tock reels. Needless to say, a whole dimension of self-discovery and self-actualization can occur in these treacherous waters. Alfred Lord Tennyson's Ulysses is gently wafting beneath the surface of my conscious thought as I write this. There is nothing like a good strangling to help you grasp concepts such as 'surviving a self' and Leo's explanations of self-deception with more depth and clarity than you ever could in any sober state of mind. There are lots of things that can armbar the scientific method. God can armbar atheism while tickling its armpit. A running theme I've picked up on is the issue of pacing for beginners. According to John Danaher, you should basically spend your first 6-8 months learning to be a good bottom bitch. I read Josh Wiazkins's book "The Art of Learning", and he talks about depth, as opposed to breadth of knowledge of techniques, as being most important. If you know how to do a few things exceptionally well, you will win more fights than someone who knows how to do a lot of things terribly. I just see red stars bro.