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  1. @LSD-Rumi 5Meo Mipt is definitely one to try. It has aphrodisiac feature and feels great. 4HO are generally turns into magic mushroom. My personal favorite chemical is 4ACO DMT.
  2. @Hanna Luna I hope you are not anthmorphosizing God here. Watch the Sparrow here ( Which is brillantly described on the Self Deception Series. The torture you described in your post pales in comparison. Selfishness at it's best. That is how humans(Humanism Paradigm) are in a nutshell. Unconsciousness has no limit for devilry! so be consious and face your fear head on. Become the light that you are and expel the darkness instead of going the other way.
  3. @Breakingthewall Word! The impermanent being has to let go to understand it. It is an illusion anyways.
  4. Use the humanism(illusory ego) model you will get illusory answer use the consiousness model you will get the right answer.
  5. Describing the Non-Dual will always be partial, but I liked this article and video on Jessie Kin's channel. Ego Death Subcategories Absent Selfhood Objectified Selfhood Expanded Selfhood Fear of Losing Control Transformative Aspects Rejuvenation Personal Bias Suppression Overcoming Fear Of Death Viewing The Self As An Illusory Construct Increased Openness To Experience I experienced all these effects via 5MEO DMT on all of my Trips. How is this not the best technology on our planet? Post if you have other descriptions of the Ego Death/Dissolution experience with 5MEO DMT or other substance. Take Care
  6. Cannabis is a legit Psychoactive substance, and you would meet God with it, have extraordinary awakenings and insights and is a tremendous contemplative tool. However, It develops tolerance and can be problematic in many aspects of life if abused. It affects your mood, appetite and sleep (meaning everything). It also has a withdrawal effect. Since Leo has a conscientious personality, he probably can handle the tolerance part, but I don't think it is a good idea for people who struggle with Self- Discipline. It is good that he did not use Cannabis before starting Actualized! ? Cheers
  7. Great Question! An essential point about climbing the ladder of the Spiral Dynamics model is the effectiveness of the model is pretty much dependent on your Radical self-honesty. In my opinion, the question should have been, is it even possible to climb the ladder of Spiral dynamics at the embodiment level without using Psychedelics? (I am talking about the magnitude here) In other words, It is like asking can climb Everest barefoot. Why barefoot when you can use the helicopter. Can I swim Through the Atlantic Ocean in a Boat when I have the option of using a plane. How will you clear Chakra blockages that are abstract and beyond the awareness of the Impermanent being? Another advantage of Psycedleics is cultivating your Awareness muscles. I call them the Six-packs of Awareness. Consciousness Aware Self Deception Aware Situation Aware Construct Aware Interpretation Aware Body Aware All of which can be developed using Psychedelics. Moment of Silence, though, for people who miss the Power of Entheogen(The God from Within) just due to Unintellectual Indoctrination Cheers
  8. I appreciate it. How do you know you are not deluded? Should I believe my experience of "direct consciousness"(The six sense) or listen to deluded beings? If a deluded being told me I am deluded, it is a compliment. Their comment shows their interpretation of reality. I understand the challenge of explaining the beauty of colour to a blind person. I understand the challenge of teaching Dolphins Language. (I am not dehumanizing here) I understand their fear and sympathize. Direct consciousness is a separate reality. The goal here is: Pure understanding Integral thinking Transcend and Include They can make comments, and I will listen – only a fool would argue with a fool. (Keep in mind a fool that does not know it is a fool is a dangerous fool). One of the attributes of being directly conscious is understanding that it cannot be explained using the Humanism paradigm. It is a Paradigm lock, and we can only attempt to explain it, which Leo is doing Phenomenal work. What guarantees that you are not falling into epistemic error? Direct consciousness and consciousness work. How can you do consciousness work without understanding what consciousness is? How is it possible to do consciousness work without being directly conscious? There is only one Epistemic Truth - "There is Nothing - But consciousness." All all-other Epistemic claims are falsehoods and operate at the Relative Truth level. Is there an objective instrument that defines what is true and false? You are asking the wrong question. There will not be such an instrument. There is some bitter truth to be swallowed about Truth. Existence is an illusion with capital I. It is not only one illusion. It is an illusion within an illusion, just like duality. I would recommend Neale Donald Walsch’s book Communion with God. Or is truth purely subjective? And so we have 7 billion different "truths. " Relative Truth is purely subjective, but Absolute Truth is beyond subjective. The only thing you can do is understand it. Yes, we have 7 billion Relative Truths or 7 billion Falsehoods, depending on how you see it. My advice is to deconstruct it/ Contemplate it. Set a rigorous standard for Truth and watch out for your self-deception and devilry. In that case, you should be able to get better insights than any living being since you are directly conscious and infinitely intelligent. Use Actualized as a Model to transcend enslavement to the ego. Actualized videos are models within models that will help you unlock enormous insights for yourself. Use them wisely per your purpose. Take Care!
  9. @Someone here I don't think there is confusion as the question of Truth has already been verified and answered multiple times through Actualized. The question should be how there could not be confusion about Truth when the Social Matrix incentivizes, and the mechanism of existence is only possible through self-deception. Could you please explain the difference between a Human and an ape without using language? (I am waiting....................................).No, You can't explain because humans did not descend from apes. They are apes. Don’t also forget about the underdetermination problem and mind-body problem. Humans are fearful beings enmeshed with illusion, entangled with survival drive and enslaved to the Denial of Death. Don’t trust egos when they say they know about Truth and use language to explain it because they are engaging in Self-deception. That is why 5MEO DMT is the way and shows you the "Beyond Language." There needs also be an authority of Truth to communicate this glitch within the Matrix. I believe that is the whole work at Actualized here. My advice is don't worry too much about sleepwalkers as they enjoy their sleep. Use their information to your liking as their insight are also intelligent (one feature of consciousness) Don't confuse: Non-Duality with Duality Absolute Truth with Relative truth Truth with Survival The choice is yours. It is your desire for Truth that is going to give you the Truth. Cheers
  10. Criminal Lawyer Legally Analyzes ANDREW TATE'S OWN INCRIMINATING WORDS About His Business
  11. @Leo Gura I can confirm Cannabis has given me a God-Like consciousness on multiple occasions. I believe, though, that was potentiated due to my previous 5MEO DMT experience. I wonder if it is possible to have the full energetic non-dual experience with Cannabis alone.
  12. @Giulio Bevilacqua, I think the deconstruction work is more important than the diet. The food I have eaten has never affected my 5 MEO Trips. Yous ay, you eat veggies, so that should be fine. Take it easy. Don't freak out regardless. You should be fine. If you are making a solo trip, I would say watch out for the dosage. Start with lower instead of aiming for a breakthrough for the first timer.
  13. 5 MEO DMT means absoulte Infinity therefore it has infinte application period.
  14. @Vlad_ Awesome. I would say just watch out your ego not to fall in the trap of Charltanry and Massianic Complex. Because Zen Devilry will be lurking behind you if you are not careful post awakening.