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  1. 5MEO potentiates other medicines for sure. My experience with other substances have been much profound after my 5MEO breakthrough.
  2. @dflores321 I prefer the word impact on life than life-changing as change is a constant process. I can see how DMT is would be powerful due to its beauty, dualistic nature, and all sorts of things that pop up in the divine imagination. That's why people love it and as they can relate to waking consciousness hallucination. For profound impact though, I put 5MEO on its own category as it is the absolute truth, direct consciousness, and GOD. That's the rock bottom. Life is not about truth it is about pragmatism. Therefore, DMT or Mushrooms bear more meaning in profundity to humans. If you love/want Truth, don't need illusions, stories, fantasies, yes/no/ may be situations, 5MEO is your medicine.
  3. This is why I love you!
  4. @aurum We are living in augmented virtual reality. 5MEO dismantles that into pieces leaving you speechless even with low doses. Of course, 5Meo gives you human insights. You are meeting God after all. If your intent is pure God will give you those insights. Don't forget God is also you though.
  5. Consciousness deceiving itself into being a temporary form and the form not realizing its deception and having a sophisticated mechanism to deny the deception through sheer survival drive.
  6. Watching all of Leo's videos only shows us not even 5% of who he is in his personality so I don't have the data to see his flaws. As far as his products and his teaching concerned though I would say he is damn flawless. Do you know how much time it would have taken someone to internalize the deep truth that is communicated on his channel? Probably decades. That is even if the person is open-minded.
  7. @BipolarGrowth I think this is a classic shallow factory farming mentality. He has repeatedly mentioned why he does not take that route. It seems you have not deeply contemplated how egos corrupt everything. I don't see how turning it into a clickbaity channel going to help humanity. If you have not fully realized, at this point Actualized is going uncharted territories. Leo alone spitting truth that others don't dare to speak about is actually his strength.
  8. Meditation is hard for newbies however way you slice it. I remember when I started meditating almost two years ago. Every minute of it was torture but not anymore. Once I watched all of Leo's mediation videos and experimenting with different ways, I found something that worked for me for a while. Now I meditate for an hour on a daily basis with ease and joy. Here are my steps: 1. Lay down in symmetry as if you are on your death bed I know people object to this because it may seem contrary to conventional methods but the fact is you are more relaxed when you lay down. Keep in mind that there is enormous work behind the scene to keep you straight. Why bother when you can stop that work by laying down. Don't forget every experience is a meditative experience. 2. Use Mouth tape If you don't know by now the fact is you are supposed to breathe through your nose. (For more information please read the book Oxygen Advantage by Patrick G McKeown). Simply using mouth tape will silence the monkey mind significantly and you won't be confusing the mind to breathe through mouth or nose. One less neuroticism! 3. Use Face Mask One of the most important skills to improve your meditation is to watch out for your neuroticism and you have lots of them. Keeping the eyes closed is one work on its own. Why bother to keep your eyes closed when you can put on a face mask. That also reduces a significant portion of monkey mind thoughts. 4. Use Leo's guided meditation I have used many guided meditations but nothing comes close to Leo's guided mediation. No classical, No cute metaphors or ego comforting statements just pure non-duality wisdom. The moment he says "enjoy your silence" by the end I am in a nondual state. 5. Stay static(The no manipulation technique) whatever happens I can not stress this enough. Stay in the position you started meditating whatever happens. It itches, don't move. You want to correct your posture don't move. you want to move your head, don't move. When you think about Mount Hiei monks meditating for days in a static position, you have no excuse not to be static for 20minutes or an hour. That is the gateway to a meditative nondual state. This is how I meditate and I love it and have improved my happiness and clarity enormously. For sure there are other techniques but newies could probably benefit from this. Much Love to all!
  9. The goal is to grow at the being level therefore do them simultaneously. Don't consider them separate and understand consciousness work is a life long journey. The sky is the limit.
  10. Leo said 21 which is understandable and responsible thing to do for large base of followers he has. But if I have to be honest with you I would have taken it even if I was 18 especially when I have such a quality guidance from Actualized videos. The question is how deeply do you want the truth? How well did you research? what do you want to get out of it? Keep in mind the truth is not going to be handed to you on a silver platter. The truth you get from language is shallow and is operating at intellectual level. Psychedelics will give you the real and potent truth at the being level. As long us you are keeping the dose low, educating yourself and committed for growth I would say go for it. May be work one on one for staters.
  11. 1. Please watch Leo's How does Psychedelics work? video. 2. Get your metaphysics and epistemology straight. Keep in mind of the mind body problem at all time and its solution which is that there is only one universal perception ( Non duality with capital N). Please watch Self deception 1-3 and what is perception? videos. 3. Stop thinking as human(the grand illusion and falsehood) during your trip instead think as your true self which is pure consciousness. In fact since your life by itself is one Psychedelic trip, think as above even during your "ordinary" existence.
  12. @longusername12345 I would have loved to but that it would be against the rule of the forum and would be unfair to Leo. However, the process is simple if you bought the list. You just search the authors some of them even have a youtube channel.
  13. I really really really love Leo's book list. It is the most underpriced product ever. Every time I finish one book, I am always dumbstruck and ask "why are people not talking about this?"(Of course I know why). Another resource that I use and might be helpful for others is I make youtube playlists based on the book list categories. You will be surprised how much quality information is out there for free. Even though books have an obvious edge over the interviews, lectures, and other videos, I have got many great insights by watching these videos. I wonder if other people also do this too.
  14. @BipolarGrowthOperate at beyond belief level and beyond language level, everything will be unbelievable. The question is how did you believe anything in the first place? Most of your experiences sound to be operating at the projection of mind level projecting illusory gray alien, illusory Archangel Michael, illusory Terence McKenna, and your illusory ego-mind self. Ask how could I be deceived by illusion talking to an illusion? Thanks for sharing though!
  15. @Swarnim The hate trap is a low conscious, vicious circle to be avoided by any means. I really liked Leo's videos which start "Rant against ------". They appear to be offensive on the surface but they have a gem of truth inside. I will make sure to add the love tone next time I post. Cheers!