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  1. Because the ego loves a destination that is tangible and materially accessible. Enlightenment is too esoteric and too difficult for an ego-mind to comprehend, let alone strive for efficiently. So it’s convenient to just hanker after any derivable pleasure one can access instead. These never become what one wants, but it takes searching for them to figure such a thing out. Even ‘enlightenment’ is an ideal for the ego-mind. Really, there isn’t such thing as enlightenment to strive toward. Thats just another amusement park for the mind to venture. You are better finding out who “you” are and stripping yourself of all you are not, especially what you consider yourself to be. This is what we all want truthfully. To understand ourself. Some may call that enlightenment, yet that is merely another idea. Ironically, there becomes no thing to strive for when one discovers they never existed to begin with.
  2. They don’t “make you” anything. They show you truths of which you can choose to make of what you wish. You can recognise them for what they are or distort them to fulfil some selfish desire.
  3. 100% agree. This is my main point of interest but I must also ensure the gameplay matches just as well. I have a freelance game designer who I am considering to hire for a reasonable price. However, for art design and graphics we may need extra help. I am an artist myself but still quite intermediate when it comes to digital. Heres a game I find has a similar environment effect I am aiming for https://youtu.be/fe9DytkcSlc
  4. Thank you! @seeking_brilliance Awesome idea, I’ll definitely look into this man. We live in such a great time of technological advancement
  5. Ooo this sounds interesting! Thanks for the feedback. I like the idea of inducing different emotional states brain wave function may be harder to detect without an external product related to the app. But could be a self computed input of some form.
  6. Ego shapes duality providing you a platform from which to be a unique being unalike to other existing things in reality. An ego is an important life form if considered an entity that can develop a meaningful quest. Ego death can only be of value having considered you develop a healthy, competent one to begin with.
  7. Hey all, So I currently have quite an ambitious idea. I seek to develop an immersive meditative game app directed at mitigating anxiety and tension for individuals struggling with mental health. The app would be directed towards those with anxiety disorder, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD etc. However, it could be accustom to any person whom desires playing it. Adjustable and custom settings. The game would be set in highly immersive and aesthetic 3D environments wherein the player would be an inanimate object part of it that navigates the plains of a particular setting. The sole purpose would be to simply explore with no addictive objectives in which to attain, without inducing anxiousness and tension. For example, my first idea is to use a space galaxy setting with the player being a star. The player could navigate space past milk-ways, meteorites, planets and other various objects. The player would be a glowing luminescent star like object orbiting space consuming other small stars in a calming manner. Meditative, binaural sounds ages would accompany the background. Functions would include touch screen holding and sensitivity, with slow movements to maintain a nice balance. Eventually I would extend the game into other sceneries such as underwater, mystical, jungle, clouds etc. but I would begin with someone like this. I aim at creating an entire platform on self-development games as this is a completely untouched niche. Longterm, the game would be a tool that could be implemented in treatment plans for patients within the mental health faculty. Therapists and medical practitioners could use the game as a revolutionary shift from conventional gaming applications. Im currently in conversation with game developers at present discussing costs and requirements etc. I plan on investing into this quite soon as I have done research and found there is both a market interest and need. Other game examples include: flower, abzu, flow and journey. Extremely popular and successful games. However, they hold no aim towards these aims I earlier mentioned. Having said all this. My question is: if you were to play game of this sort game what features would you like it to have? What are some features you would like to see? How long would you play a game of this, duration, time? Other tips etc?
  8. Yeah couldn’t agree more! A lot f misleading methods out there really. I noticed you said you don’t do private label which is interesting. I’m doing private label for both Amazon and Shopify and resonated with what you had said. It’s much harder to start up but can become a huge pay off once you get going 🙏
  9. It’s relatively easy and doable to find a decent ethical job that pays your way until you can gain the necessary funds. The biggest thing you need to forget are SHORTCUTS. Avoid them, have a long term horizon completely predicated on the overall objective not how long it takes. Be a visionary enamoured by your ideas to change th world, then find ways to put them in practice. Its not enough to simply start a business. You need to be intrinsically driven by an idea. It needs to completely demolish your need for hedonistic gain and be a landmark for powerful change in the world. It can begin small and be scaled up. You don’t have to be the next Elon Musk. Just find a way to use your skills to innovate something either yourself or within a company. But sure as hell avoid the easy route, for it becomes the hard route in the end.
  10. Personally, I feel because it removes the underlying fear of their partner not being a potential match. If you believe you’ve already found ‘the one’, all effort in pursing that objective can be now put to rest. In other words, its a self fulfilling prophecy that eliminates the need to validate finding the “one”. It crudely fills the void, so to speak A lot of people over look the simple fact that almost anyone could be ‘the one’, it’s a matter of perspective and situational susceptibility. One can accustom their personality to any person, and we see many do this depending on how needy or desperate their aim for a relationship may be. The whole ‘soul partner’ is a fabrication of ones mind.
  11. @Preety_India yeah sure
  12. For sure! People can apply their learning to anything, even things as simple as living skills. It’s such a lost cause when we overlook the immense opportunities we have afforded to us by technology. Ps. I forgot to mention some weeks ago I explored your podcast and listened to a few episodes. I found it great and insightful to listen to. Keep up the good work! You seem very genuine in what you speak, something which is extremely needed in the business sector
  13. This is quite a common problem. It usually has to do with the intellect attempting to overanalyse. A good practice is to do a fully relaxation method prior to meditating or during it, in intervals. For example, shamanic breathing, observation by staring into an object, relaxing through image visualisation, mantra meditation etc. Find an exercise you can do to still the mind whilst entering meditation and exiting it. I find this to be most helpful when the mind is far too active.
  14. I’m curious to know if any other users on Actualized.org originate from Australia, more specifically Brisbane? Interestingly, I met one of my now good friends on here. Would be cool to see who else might be in a similar boat. Fire away
  15. I feel a thread of this kind would be immensely beneficial for starting a conversation around small business start up, art, creativity and those passionate about pursing a career. The reason in making this post is to inspire young people to get out there and just begin creating something for god sake. There’s so much opportunity we are drowning in it. I’m often bewildered when I see many people spending their spare time eating chips while incessantly watching Netflix or partying and drinking, when conversely, they could be studying or working on a life changing career project. I do, however, get that this is the current state of human society, to be deeply immersed in the most time wasting distractions known to man. As of right now I have been working on my own business projects for the last couple of years years and it has been nothing short of immense fulfilment beyond belief. For instance, I’ve written and released a short book as can been seen below. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084RNZZDC Also created the beginning of a journal line as can be seen below... https://eunimity.com.au/products/the-mini-introspection-reflection-journal https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08B16X5YF?ref=myi_title_dp I am also artist whom makes hand made art and occasionally sells them.. https://eunimity.com.au/pages/artwork-by-jacob-ryan Additionally, I’m also working on numerous other side projects such a titanium tool brand and a few game apps. In the future, I plan on starting my own art therapy practice, creating a self cleaning drink bottle, writing more books, developing numerous products in different industries and holding mobile workshops around art and psychology. As well as advanced study to bolster my degree completed last year. I’ve learnt a ridiculous plethora of insight on marketing, branding, and creative refinement during this time. I’ve had some large pitfalls early in the early stages of business but things are now smoothing out. So this is my leading example to inspire others to begin doing something engaging with their life. Get out there and do something. Create something powerful in the world. Begin a project, learn a skill, start a business, volunteer, travel, help the world. Become a master. Boredom is a figment of the imagination and does not exist if passion courses throughout you. I encourage all to endlessly seek out theirs. Life is far more profound when doing so. Would love to hear others stories on a similar journey or what your aspire for in the future 🙂