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  1. I see right wing populism as a culminating fear of stage green. In so far as that being the case, I’d say this is why such people are enticed by Trump since he proposes such a radical and irregular political approach. If people are so volatile to select trump while masquerading a populist ideal than there’s no reason a fascist leader would be the tipping point for a new fascist ideology. Luckily majority of society is not deluded enough to Ashe such a movement, even though main stream stage orange may be the go to. It’s still far better than stage red authoritarianism.
  2. I like Jim Carey. He definitely has some value to share. Since he has inundated experience in embodying the role of fictitious characters he probably has a profound understanding of the ego far more than the average conventional being. Nonetheless, don’t assume him to be a spiritual master, there’s much to be discovered beyond what he speaks. He likely still has far to go but is doing well for an actor. Transcending ego while equally playing the game in Hollywood would be a chore like no other.
  3. From my understanding, liberalism and libertarianism are quite similar. Liberalism is classical and libertarianism is contemporary. They both undermine the state and prioritise the individual. Well I’d say they are linked because the libertarianism we see today is systematically spread throughout fragmented ideological positions. Contemporary libertarianism lends its absurd belief in individualism from the skepticism which cane of post-modernism. Post-modernism maintains no absolute system from which to be grounded, it upholds subjectivity. This allows for ideological positions to be arbitrarily grounded in self-fulfilling logic. Since post-modernism questions everything many subjective ideological positions used this to denounce the state, libertarianism being one of them. Libertarianism of today is used by the west to aggrandise and bolster any individualistic ideal. Which is why we see so many random schools of thought sprouting.
  4. I wouldn’t necessarily say that. Many individualists operate under herd mentality. Detesting anyone that argues against the rights of a person’s autonomy and banding together to do so. Eg. Radical feminists whom argue for the individual sovereignty of women to be unbounded by governmental stratification of gender and yet still assume a leftists position which resists capitalism. Just because one is a leftists does not denounce their adherence to libertarian beliefs.
  5. @Leo Gura You’ve misunderstood the point. Libertarianism is being used to aggrandise individualised political positions, ie. maths is racist. This is completely arbitrary and irrelevant to math, yet equally maintained by individualism. These type of positions are underpinned by the very freedoms which are assumed through the libertarian and post-modernist ideology.
  6. Isolated principles of liberalism have been around for Millenia, since Confucius in fact. However, libertarianism itself evolved paradigmatically only if recent centuries.
  7. That’s exactly the point.It has nothing to do with it but is still being used to make the argument nonetheless. Supposedly math constricts the autonomy of those who are not white, since it was created by the white man and is maintained by white bureaucracy. Basically libertarianism is being used here to defend individual freedoms of the black American. Post modernism and libertarianism are related in that post modernism was used in deluded fashion to create libertarianism.
  8. @Leo Gura watch this. This clearly demonstrates the limitations of libertarianism. Math is racist is plain absurd. It’s like saying Chinese are racist because they created large technology companies and are now presumed elite in software engineering. Those who ascribe to libertarianism can sprout any theory they desire. The ego can use its own preferences and justify them from an individualistic lens. You see libertarianism is an offshoot from post modernism. It’s one of the most aggrandised ideologies many cling to simply because it validates any position (hence, individualism). It’s quite a radical ideology when closer examined. If any average citizen can use libertarianism to defend an arbitrary viewpoint than the ideology itself is extremely unmediated and volatile. It becomes a walking abomination ready to implode. This is the very dangers of libertarianism. Almost any act of free-will is justified, yet equally contradicted since any argument of free-will can be used to oppose it. Free-will is arbitrary and subjective, collapsing when we see its absurdity between conflicting views. The very limits of libertarianism is patently clear and extremely dangerous.
  9. Because not every being operates from the same level of consciousness required to maintain an equilibrium of unity. Anarchy is what would manifest. Simply by the fact those with less civility would have no system to hold them accountable.
  10. “To construct a proper model of politics and political ideologies you must root your framework in a solid materialist analysis of the world” what is this dude on about? His very notion of materialism is based on the very same abstraction he denounced. Materialism is conceptual, unlike what he is accounting for in his critique. The “solid objective world” is a mental fabrication projected onto experience. This person has granted the illusions of his own mind over the consciousness which created them.
  11. Establish a purpose in a service or product through which your skills can be reflected. Don’t focus on trending business styles, such as e-commerce. Use Amazon to sell your products sure, but don’t just sell some random house gold rubbish for cash, there’s far too much of that already. Create an innovative tool which far exceeds any money you will get from it. Craft a powerful idea that will serve humanity and it will equally end up serving you.
  12. Hitlers corruption was also heavily contingent upon the socio-political climate of his time. The time in which Hitler rose to prominence was when political tyranny was rampant. Its more economic tyranny we see nowadays which ensures the political.
  13. A very sad story. He for sure has been violently wiped with floor and its evident all he has accumulated is protective mechanism to repress the past. The mans identity was moulded around the insatiable dogma of capitalistic success. He was indoctrinated almost no different than Hitler. The irony is, the very same financial capital that many envy is the very same that catalysed Trumps inhumanity.
  14. Fundamentally, the purpose with this practise is to still your entire being. Not literally make your entire body inoperable. Still yourself in such a way you are relaxed and present. Strong determination sitting should not be about resisting the bodily functions that naturally occur but to allow your self to rest in the present moment. Rest as though your body was asleep. The word “rest” is important. I’ve found approaching long sits in this way allows them to be endured for much longer periods with more ease. Consciousness then illuminates much clearer.
  15. This is awesome man! Great work. The Leo part almost brought a tear to my eye