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  1. @Adodd thank you, your kind words are very much appreciated. Nice work. Also great concept you have there. Totally agree, creating is such a powerful fulfilling activity. It helps get you out of your own head in the flow of things
  2. Recent work. This is a colour pencil drawing I recently completed of an Amur leopard along with an integrated background added for luminance. You can follow more if my work on my Instagram accounts. @fine_art_abundance @jacob_ryan_sr
  3. Not sure if it’s been mentioned here but the movie “Wild” I found truly inspiring. Finished watching it today. It’s about grievance, self-discovery, letting go and acceptance. A very decent and illuminating very movie.
  4. Thank you very much appreciate! Been in the flow of recent times and experimenting with new art mediums. It’s been awesome 🙂
  5. Hey buddy, yeah I deleted my old Etsy account because I was having some issues with it. I’ve now started two new ones. One just recently for art and another for self-development. Heres the link to my art one I just opened https://etsy.me/3A2T9vS Thats awesome! What art to do you primarily create? Yeah psychedelics are extremely insightful. I haven’t used them for art yet per say but I’m definitely wanting to. Most of the time when I do psychedelics I want to use that allocated time for deep inner work haha
  6. I’ve also noticed minimal conversation in this area. This is something I’ve been looking into of recent for multiple reasons myself. However, I wouldn’t be approaching it the exact same way in which the F.I.R.E movement propagates. I still aim to be frugal, since I have found far more contentment and satisfaction in doing so over the years. Instead, I would be using a combination of part time professional work, real estate investments, freelancing/business and stocks. A mixture of these income streams are likely to help diversify chances in succeeding such an uncommon financial status. Although, as @Leo Gura stated earlier, your overarching narrative must serve more than merely your own self survival. Hence for example, I aim to use my creative skills in business and freelancing as secondary income sources. There must be a higher aim in contributing to society, for both its functional and spiritual improvement. If you are financially independent and provide no benefit to society you are effectively no more helpful than one dependent on welfare. You’d be helping society more with a typical job. The aim for financial freedom needs a contributional aspect to it, such that society is no further burden on the social structure. Making use of your abilities is one way to ensure this. Use part of your time to hone a skill and provide this alongside your work. It will both bolster your portfolio, help others and provide you a purpose from which to orient your time living.
  7. These are very cool ideas! I was thinking that too. Capitalising on water, since water is a medium I am extremely fond of in a artistic and symbolic/philosophical aspect. I love the Toa Te Ching, such great wisdom. That’s a good idea and very fitting as a means of inspiration. Alex Grey has a lot of psychedelic influenced art. It’s extremely intricate and breath taking. The piece you posted above is amazing. I think conveying deep topics in an understandable but subliminal fashion is the challenge of any artist. He does well here. I’m still learning to do this I feel haha
  8. Awesome work! Sounds like you have a some life changing clarity. Love that you’re bringing together music and psychotherapy. Both fields can be very powerful modalities for healing and prosperity. I can definitely relate with your deep immersion into playing musical instruments. I had a similar feeling when first learning guitar some years ago. It’s so purifying to just play and effortlessly melt into the creative flow state. Awesome to hear you have this natural knack. Although I can’t speak much on the field of music therapy in its specificity, I can relate from an art point of view. Ive been passionate and adept for art since being a kid and am now aiming to pursue it more seriously alongside psychology. I completed my degree in psychology last year and will be doing masters of counseling next year with hope of moving into Art therapy. I’m sure there would be correlations between music and art therapy 🙂
  9. Hello all, Been a while since posting, but thought this may have been appropriate. I’m currently working on my craft as an artist in fine art hand drawings. Over the years I’ve taken my artistic knack for granted and now aiming to capitalise on it with regular practice. I create mainly realising pieces with either colour pencil or pen. Most of my work is high detail and of recent consists of abstract concepts or multi layered ideas attempting to convey a deeper message. Although I’ve managed to complete a few designs over the years that fit this criteria, I’m lacking the ability to come up with continuous ideas. Often I come up with ideas randomly through reflection or source ideas from other work. However, of recent I’ve just not resonated with most of the ideas I’ve come up with. I’d love to hear some of other peoples cool ideas that could be created in relation to spirituality, psychology, philosophy and life itself. For those with some intriguing creative input please do fire away! Some of my previous work along these lines is below.
  10. Some recent work. This piece is called ‘Shapeless’ in honour of Bruce Lee. It’s a fully custom designed piece created using a combination of both pen and colour pencil. The addition of water in this piece is to resemble the importance of adapting to life processes and change, to flow with what is and be imperturbable. Bruce Lee was an advocate for this way of living and implemented this principle into expression of his martial arts. The piece was done using Prisma soft core colour pencils and Bic black point pen on A4 paper. Feel free to follow my instagram art account @fine_art_abundance or my personal @jacob_ryan_sr
  11. Awesome! I’ve just begun using digital format to diversify my art skills. It’s such a handy medium for particular art styles ?
  12. Great ideal! I share this also and have been working on it more particularly and directly in recent times. Lately I’ve been exercising detachment far more than ever and it’s been very rewarding. Here are some things I have found helpful during the process: 1. Establish clear body awareness. Notice what state of tension and feeling you are in throughout the day, especially when unable to let go. I found just observing my body more frequently eased tension and impulsivity ten fold. It’s also helpful to repeatedly throughout the day take moments to consciously relax the body and take in some deep inhalations and exhalations. 2. Admit of your flaws and errors, become undeniably vulnerable. I’ve found it extremely helpful to notably announce when I am wrong or to shed light on some area I am presently flawed in. This isn’t an exercise of self criticism and in constructive negativity. It’s being intentional about where you are presently at in life. For example, in multiple occasions, one being a date, I admitted that I am incompetent with affection and this probably has to do with my inability to properly receive it as a child. I therefore come off as unintentionally cold and distant sometimes. I also admitted I aim to improve this and am seeking to do so at present. Believe it or not, on my date this seem to increase attraction not squander it. I also confessed to a friend areas in which I feel de-masculated and poorly attractive. This allowed me to accept these things more deeply and look at ways to improve them. I became more authentic and genuine as a response, as if a distinct burdensome shadow began to disappear. I let go of the need to defend myself as I laid bear what I would usually defend. 3. Take long walks in nature without technological interference. Do this daily and you will be surprised of the benefits. Nature has this sort of oozing ambience that loosens the mind and the body. It tends to quiet thoughts too if you just simply take in the surroundings. 4. Observe your ego defences. Really begin to take note of what you defend most, whether personality traits, beliefs or just simply things you have been told to. This is extremely important for advancing your ability to let go. A large degree of resistances are maintained by the numerous self-defence mechanisms that have been erected. Every time you feel a need to defend, argue or resist a situation/person/idea really take a moment to be silent and observe. Take longer to respond and ask where this response is stemming from. Better yet, I’ve found it even more powerful to explore the other persons view when I am in a conversation. Speak less and ask more. You tend to learn more about yourself when in listening. 5. Think of what you have, not of what you have not. This is a principle from Marcus Aurelius, from his book Meditations (amazing book by the way). Really learn to recognise the good in all things you already have. In other words, cultivate gratitude. Not superficial appreciation but really joy for the great blessings you have. Some of these for me have been a warm shower, a comfy bed, books, a car for transport, internet, art and creativity. Put attention more on what you have and you will notice a subsequent jetting go for the things you do not. 6. Enjoy simplicity. Antithetical to hedonism, simplicity is really the act of being with what is. Or at least, being far closer to this state. Enjoy simple things. Like reading, going for walks, catching up with a friend, doing something creative, a tea, morning sunshine, sitting in silence or nature, watching the stars, a board game, cleaning your house and reorganising old belongings etc. Really allow yourself to get grounded in simple everyday things our ego mind typically ignores. These things really are joys to be had. Becoming more aware of them will decrease the neediness of attachment to more grand things. It will humble your ego and decrease the incessant need for pleasure seeking. There are many others but these are just a few from my experience that I can right now think of. Hope this helps to some degree!
  13. Nice work. This is seemingly denounced in spiritual circles since the far majority of strip clubs are a safe haven for toxic behaviour, completely antithetical to spiritual work. However, it’s important to recognise that the ego has these impulses and needs to learn to accept them. This may have been a very good start to scripting shadow sides to spirituality. I like your humility in this. I myself have never been to a strip club but have been near various things of the sort. Can be purifying to accept these sides of yourself. Also turns out to decrease their intensity.