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  1. Could be a good short term experience. However, I’d say there’s a lot of risk that comes with doing this i.e. surviving the wild, nature can be brutal if your intentions are to remain living. So you’d want to research where you’re going and how you going to survive all the unexpected challenges, of which there are infinite. Theres a lot you just can’t be prepared for in the wild. Despite this I don’t see it being a longterm strategy for providing benefit, given the way society has evolved and ourselves as a result. Saying that retreats from society for periods of time I think would be highly beneficial. You should read the works of Henry Thoreau, in particular his book ‘Walden’. He retreats from society for some time no lives off the land. He really highlights the importance of self preservation, minimalism, gratitude for nature and solitude. He re-enters society later but I imagine this experiment had many benefits.
  2. I’d say the question isn’t what you talk about but the process in how you talk about it. If it’s natural to the moment than its not so much a problem what gets shared. Women typically appreciate men who can be present in the moment. In some situations it’s appropriate, especially for flirting. In others, it’s better to leave it for later. Gauge what gets talked about according to mood and how she is reciprocating with you. This means to remain “outside of your head”. You’ll be surprised what can be talked about if you’re fully present in the engagement.
  3. Just a practical question on LSD. I’m wondering if there is a method that can help shorten the trip duration? This weekend I’ll be doing some 1cp-LSD with a friend. She has never tried it before, however, I have 3 times. In my experience it usually lasts anywhere from 8-12 hours but I feel this will be far too long given we probably won’t be taking it until midday. Is there anything we can take to neutralise the trip early? I usually prefer getting up early to trip but she’s not an early morning riser and lives a fair distance from me. If anyone has some experience in this area would love to hear!
  4. What country are you in? That could play a factor. Most people I match with on bumble message, very few don’t. So you could be right you may need to optimise your profile. Are you smiling and showing your teeth in your photos, women are quite attracted to this. Do your photos have variety (selfie, group photo, indoors, outdoors, different activities etc.). There needs to be layers to your profile for people to be interested in getting to know you. Make your bio and prompts interesting too, write them in ways that encapsulate your unique personality not the algorithm (use words and phrases you actually would). Be different than the norm. Ideally, in person is best but not fully realistic in our day and age unfortunately. Finding events and meets to go can be helpful too and you should be trying to do this. But unless you want to chat up girls in broad day light in public or in a night club with the drunken and disoriented, dating apps are the option. I don’t have any interest in chatting up drunk people or going to night clubs to do so. I prefer in real life at events or on dating apps. Dating apps have been surprisingly effective for me in recent months. Met some great people. But need to find what works for your personality and situation.
  5. Tinder is a horrible app in recent years in my experience. All my recent success has come from Hinge and Bumble. Far superior apps. Tinder has become a hyper-sexualised commodity through which validation is currency (e.g. bathing suit photos and only fans). Hinge and Bumble seem to be mediums through which people are genuinely interested to have conversations. Their design lend them self to better conversations just purely through their prompt options and layout. Good openers can be things like: Tell me something I ought to know about you.. Tell me the one quality you value in a person? What is it that makes you interesting? Or what is it that makes you, You? What’s the first thing you would do if it was your last day on earth? What does your ideal first date look like? I sense there is far more to you then eye catching beauty, tell me am I right? Insert their name before the message too this personalises it. E.g. “Sarah, tell something….”. These are some I made up and have yielded good responses. Never send “hey, how are you?”. This is overly generic. Be different unpredictable, mysterious and curious but also respectful. Remember, women are dynamic and free flowing, your engagements must follow this trend.
  6. Overall you haven’t seemed to say anything extremely problematic, however, I’d suggest a few tweaks. Firstly, I’d recommend giving more freedom in your offers intially. Women usually like to have freedom in their choices and don’t like to feel pressured in early stages of getting to know someone. Rather than saying “want to go on a date” straight off the cuff, say “I’d love to see you again sometime soon” and give her time to respond and express her interest to you. Only be direct after you’ve received that level interest in return. Secondly, give her the freedom to find a suitable time by saying something like “what’s your schedule like this week or next?”. That way she can feel as if you aren’t hunting her down but are considerate of her lifestyle/demands. You can then offer a time and place to meet (key word “offer”). Say something along these lines after she has first expressed equal interest in meeting again - you shouldn’t be meeting someone who doesn’t express interest in you equally. I noticed you have a direct formality in your messaging. Being direct is good but early on can be a massive turn off. It can sub-communicate neediness, domineering behaviour or just a lack of flexibility in your persona. Women are dynamic and find comfort when you can be too. Us men can be rigid robots and this is a massive turn off. Don't get overly stuck on following 1, 2, 3 step formulas, find a way to be relaxed and easy going. Neither should you get overly fixated on locking women into dates as if you are compiling a list. Be natural, fluid and detached. This is far more attractive, especially early on.
  7. As an artist I don’t feel I share this view. It seems you are looking at it more from a utilitarian and pragmatic perspective. Art has not inspired beauty but also informed vision that allows for practical innovators to form their ideas. Take for example M C Escher who pioneered abstract surrealism and the innovation of architecture. Leonardo DaVinci not only created great art but informed much of modern literature. He also merged his philosophy of art with that of other fields such as science, engineering, biology and architecture. I feel you may need to take a more nuanced lens beyond the mechanist benefits we see now in modern technology.
  8. Marriage, likely not. Another partner or serious relationship, yes, but it isn’t planned. I find it more worthwhile working on myself and meeting people on the side when opportunity permits it. I’ve been meeting people more of recent which is nice but I have no specific aim or agenda. That’s no at idea. Pedestalising or idolising that aspiration however could become problematic. Nothing wrong with desiring a compatible partner or seeking it
  9. Problem is the “Dream partner” is a fabricated illusion unnecessary and unhelpful to actually finding one who is compatible. There are numerous compatible options out there one could explore. Reducing down such possibilities to an inconceivable term only straight jackets your relationship potential.
  10. Yeah man by all means contemplate it, I don’t want to force you out of it though hey. It’s best to discover that for yourself. But I’m sure through contemplating it deeply you will likely see some of the dangers with these type of romantic fantasies. Similar to twin flames ?? Yeah I agree! The pick up and dying world is wrought with deceptive ideas. Listen to what seems deeply truthful not what feels comfortable. Love is one of those mysterious and magical things that cannot be simply explained by the limits of human ideas ?
  11. This predominant idea of the “soul mate”/dream partner” is a complete mental fabrication of society that really needs to be dispelled. It’s actually quite damaging for human relationships and the way in which we understand intimacy. Let’s explore some of the reasons why. If you proceed with this presupposition you are completely limiting what constitutes a potential healthy relationship. For one, assuming there is such a person “soul mate” or “dream partner” completely ignores the fact there are millions of amazing people you could still potentially meet. It assumes there remains only a select few options among the many available to you. Not only this, but it straight jackets you into thinking that you know who the “right” person is. When really we have no clue what would amount to a healthy match until we have experienced many various relationships un-alike. It takes many organic interactions and incidental encounters to likely discover this. Thirdly, its completely unrealistic to assume you could by any means correctly find that “one” right person. You will likely only meet like 10,000-50,000 people in a lifetime and maybe only 1% of them you will probably meet more than once, much less become close with. Think about how few people you know relative to the world’s entire population, it’d be like less than 0.000000001%. Also think about how small of an environment you are selecting your partners from. You aren’t travelling the globe, traversing different cultures and climates, you are simply selecting the most convenient and closest locations approximate to where you live. And to assume that in these limited environments you will find the one is unrealistically absurd. Realistically speaking, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people you would be compatible with. However, this idea is daunting and requires effort to consider even more to attend to. It’s much easier to adopt the socially fabricated idea of a soul mate or perfect partner. This way you can justify not having to look elsewhere when options are poor or thin. It also means you can justify remaining in an unsuitable or unhealthy relationship when knowing you should leave it. To realise this illusion would mean you have little reason to suffer the demising end of any relationship. You would realise it was just one among many others which may have produced better outcomes. You therefore have many possible opportunities ahead of you. It’s probably better to just appreciate the connections you are fortunate to experience rather than prize or aggrandise them as if they were the best you could ever have. Just appreciate them for what they are without needing to compare them to what you don’t have. Ps. This wasn’t directly aimed at you @Spence94 it was directed toward the conceit “soul mate”/“dream partner”. My apologies if it did happen to offend you
  12. Agreed. Government is a collective duty therefore all constituents who take part must be considered. Our global politics is seeing quite an unstable psychology at the moment. We will need strong minds to come together if we are to move forward gracefully. Yep. I’d dare say the most sensitive types like Trump or Putin will act out the most.
  13. Good point and I agree. Thanks for the friendly reminder. I would say they do need to do better nonetheless. Millions of middle class, underclass and uneducated people of the kind are relying on them. True. But fear also breeds more fear. The problem I see is that government officials likely are not incentivised to admit of having fear. Probably goes against the conduct of competent leadership I guess.
  14. I watched a good video by Russell Brand on this just today. An absolute load of nonsense really. To have the agenda to upset people in such times when livelihood and mental health is at an all time low is inhumane and abysmal. It’s worrying when leaders of this kind waltz around with this of attitude preaching the want best for their country. The only thing I see they desire is tyrannical power. https://youtu.be/92QDOFcWV5Y
  15. Thank you. Yeah usually long extended breaks between eating helps a lot. Oh interesting hadn’t heard of that before. Thanks man I looked into it early, looks like it’s worth a shot. Yeah I don’t apparently have SIBO according to all the tests I’ve previously had. Though I’m open to trying anything at this point. Meat actually usually makes my stomach worse, so I do best my best to steer away from it most of the time. Chicken and fish are okay but red meats a no go. Oh sweet! I might message them. Yeah I agree. I’ve seen more positive results from natural remedies than any other.