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  1. @Swarnim My dad runs a factory chicken farm. He currently manages a meat production farm that produces around 300,000 poultry birds every 8 weeks. Their growth time to maturity is about 6-7 weeks and there is a 1-week clean-out and reset period for all the equipment and barns. My parents are relatively uneducated immigrant farmers and this was some of the only work they could get when we moved out of the third world. I had to begin working there when I was about 12 or 13 years old. The first time I walked into one of those barns I choked and immediately had to run outside to take a breath and vomit. The first lesson involved learning how to cull new chicks. Thousands of adorable, fluffy little munchkins were running around over a seemingly endless expanse of fresh sawdust, heated to perfection by large gas burners with industrial fans to cool them down if they get too hot. We had to go in with buckets and find any sick, injured, or struggling ones and break their necks over the side of the bucket and watch their writhing bodies tumble down into the accumulating mass below. My mom didn't understand that you only had to break their necks and she actually pulled them clean off. I think I cried for about 2 weeks. For the most part, their lives are pretty happy and easy. Once they reach maturity and take up all the space in the barns then their suffering really begins. It's difficult to breathe, the heat produced by the biomass of bodies and the fermenting shit can cause them to die of heat stroke. The ammonia in the shit burns their legs, skin, and feathers and they can't sit down. They only get 4 hours of darkness per day so they spend as much time as possible eating and drinking which provides them with some relief. At this stage, you have to go in with a tractor each day to rotary hoe the manure to keep it as dry as possible. The stench and acidity can make it difficult to open your eyes sometimes. Their bodies are also much bigger and so culling them requires much more effort as you have to carry much more weight in your buckets. I found an efficient way to break their necks over my boot, as occasionally a head will fall off and blood will piss out everywhere, or they shit and piss all over you while they are floundering about screaming, it's best to keep them as close to the ground as possible. Interestingly, manure from factory farms is quite a crucial part of the fertilization necessary to run organic farms. I know this because my dad tried to quit this job and run an organic vegetable farm instead. There was plenty of suffering there as well, organic farms aren't the idyllic scenes of rolling prairies that people skip through with butterfly nets scooping up nature's bounty... He went back to farming chickens. I don't want to work as a farmer at all and have since moved on. I once had a trip on about 150ug of LSD where I left my body and entered a swirling vortex of consciousness pertaining to environments like this. I became a chicken living in the squalor, scratching at wet burning shit and then clawing at the walls of Auschwitz engraving 'God is going to have to beg for my forgiveness in the blood that seeped off my fingertips. I was then caught and my neck was broken as my body shook violently (my actual body) and I tumbled down into what felt like diving into a pool of cool rich volcanic soil in a quiet countryside. Fresh green plants grew out of me and up to the light above. I then traveled up to a hyperdimensional realm, somewhat akin to the ending of this video. Suffering is an intrinsic part of consciousness. I have experienced much worse in trips that will likely take me years to integrate. God's capacity for suffering is infinite, just like everything else.
  2. Survival Fundamentals In the beginning, I felt nothing, Then I said, let there be light.
  3. Mourning. She settled upon me as dew in the early morning fields of tenderness. My world shifted an inch as she raised her head, the fluttering of her lashes rousing birds warmly nested within. Her glance pierced me as the golden rays of dawn beckoned all that was natural to summon itself from dreary slumber. Her fingers twinkled in the dewdrop's delicate retreat from the impressions they imparted. Sparrows stretched their wings and quickly leapt downward, with a soft fearlessness. She drew me out and folded me away. My heart mourns. It mourns the loss of late-night driving and walking with you hand in hand, Out into the wide yonder of foreverywhere, where dreams are birthed and all that is false goes to die. It mourns lazy afternoons with you, tucked away in a mundane corner of the world, Etching out something of such little and profound consequence, Before eating a meal together, watching a film together, and then falling asleep together, back into foreverywhere. In here. Where a knotted pulse unwinds and the soul finds reprieve from all its transgressions. Wounded teardrops falling like rain to nourish newborn dreaming. Pain pours out of me as I sink into peaceful loving.
  4. Tl;dr Buy a nice house and make it nice for yourself Watch nice porn Try stay healthy Do work you enjoy and are good at Don't manipulate too much Enjoy your hobbies Do what you wanna do Hang out with people who you can really vibe with and just cut out h8rs and drama cre8rs If you wanna paint, then do that, if not then dont Cuddle with your cat and get mad serotonin Dont let spiritual teachers suck you into hardcore practice or make you feel like you're a moronic normie for wanting the above. Bonus pionts for reaching God consciousness Put drugs in your bum occasionally and connect with God, but dont live your life that way. Don't be stupid and chase money and dopamine. Unless you have ambition, then do whatever. Try and be a good person, so you can sleep easy. Listen to good music but dont move in nextdoor to a raver.
  5. Gratitude flow Top tier stoner movies Pizza Running My Father My Brother My Mother My Sister My distant best friends Youtube Music Vacuum cleaners Pain My bed My PC The Internet WiFi Runescape The Grind Honey bees My Girlfriend My Grandmother My Car Uncertainty My bullshit persona Music again The Sun ...
  6. @at_anchor If you get yourself a digital copy of mathematics HL and the solutions manual, then make screenshots of each of the questions and worked solutions and create anki flashcards out of them, you will have a very efficient and effective way of going over a standard high school advanced math curriculum. This is basically what I did as I had very broken schooling. You can just chip away at a chapter a week, or month or whatever pace you want and the flashcard software will automatically show you stuff you're struggling with, or that you are about to forget. Once you have a good grasp of math, the sciences come quite easily. Math is really best treated as a foreign language than a specific subject that you either can or cannot do. You can still just make tiny gains in your understanding if you have other life stuff going on. Don't underestimate the compounding effects of time, that's something I would tell my younger struggling self if I could.
  7. Before you worry about good sources/methods/techniques, you need to address your belief that you can't do it. This attitude is going to kill you before you even start. Instead of telling yourself that it's impossible, tell yourself that it will probably just take you more time than other people. Start small and build your confidence slowly. It's more important for the journey than which app you use.
  8. Light Pink is actually the most camouflaged color in the sky. Basic Physics.
  9. I can't believe my luck on this account. A friend to help me grind out global deforestation. EDIT: Removed spam text.
  10. "Good artists copy, great artists steal" "Ceci n'est pas une pipe volée"
  11. By virtue of the principle of homophily, it's likely that many people on this forum are similar to you. Self-awareness is a great first step, and then self-awareness geared towards benefiting yourself and others with your 'uniqueness' is a great extension to that. I watched this interesting Vaush clip that specifically covered the theme of 'masking' that many people on the spectrum may do as a result of being subtly traumatized by the social milieu growing up: He makes a great argument for a Tarantino movie marathon followed by a Breaking Bad and Better Caul Saul binge. I might bring some DVDs out the to ranch with the guys:
  12. Here's an interesting online test to find out which movie/TV character your personality resembles. Unlike other online personality tests, it has an anonymous peer review option. Self-report test: Peer report test: These were my top 10 matches after mum, dad, sister, brother-in-law, brother, 2 besties and girlfriend had their say: My self-report match was dumbledore, so it's interesting to see the differences. DO AN EVALUATION OF LEO HERE: (I will update as more people do this) Current matches for Leo:
  13. First Aid Certificate (and CPR)
  14. The error here is assuming ants in South America complain. They are infected with a mind control fungus not to dissimilar to the narcissistic control exerted by people like Tate. Tate fanboys don't complain, he is cool and he does not do sex traffic. He is top G. He has baguette. Do you see Tate fanboys complain? No, therefore Tate is God. Cognito ergo sum.
  15. Why Andrew Tate's Man-Philosophy Cannot Work The speaker wants to discuss the problems with Andrew Tate and his philosophy, which has been in the news lately and has been popular among young men. The speaker is not interested in demonizing Andrew Tate or presenting evidence in a criminal trial against him. The speaker is more interested in the larger picture and the philosophy behind what Tate is teaching, which is troubling. The speaker has a lot of experience in the various industries and fields that Tate is a part of. The episode is not intended for those who already agree that Tate has done bad things or is a bad person, but for those who admire Tate and find his philosophy appealing but can't understand why the rest of society doesn't agree with them. The speaker sympathizes with the situation of young men, who have a hard time finding good role models, and have difficulty with dating, socializing, and making money. Tate promises young men fast access to beautiful women, cars, money, houses, and an attractive lifestyle, which can seem very appealing. The speaker has a lot of experience going through his own journey of growing up as a man and figuring out these issues, and has a lot of inside knowledge about the dating advice for men, pickup industry, and online business. The speaker mentions shady characters operating within these industries, much like Andrew Tate himself. The text discusses the idea that there must be a healthy way to accomplish certain things, such as getting multiple girlfriends or going into business. The author mentions that they have a three-part series called "How to Get Laid" that provides detailed advice and tips on these topics. They argue that there is a wise and foolish way to go about constructing one's life as a young man. The author criticizes certain subcultures and echo chambers on social media, specifically mentioning Andrew Tate and the "red pill" community as examples. They express disappointment with the lack of ethical guidance in these communities and point out that the flaws in these communities are not that they don't work, but rather the lack of ethics. The author also mentions that they have personally received backlash from within these communities for speaking out against them in the past. They compare Andrew Tate and his community to RSD 2.0 after RSD collapsed with Julian gate in 2015. The text discusses the topic of drug dealing and redemption The speaker suggests that there is a difference between smoking weed or doing psychedelics versus using drug dealing as a way to make a living The speaker believes that anyone can redeem themselves, but in practice, it may not happen The speaker notes that drug dealing often involves dealing with shady characters and the bottom of the barrel of society The text suggests that the speaker suspects the person they are discussing (Leo) may have dealt drugs for longer than they let on The text also brings up the topic of a man (Andrew Tate) having multiple girlfriends, none of whom know about each other The speaker suggests that this is a red flag and that this man is likely lying to and manipulating these women to keep them in the dark about his other relationships The text implies that the problem with this behavior is not the cheating itself, but the web of lies that comes along with it The speaker suggests that no self-respecting woman would enter into this kind of situation knowingly and that the man is tricking and manipulating them into it The text describes a facade of personal development and success that is often portrayed on social media, specifically through the examples of individuals such as Dan Bilzerian and Tai Lopez. The author criticizes the way these individuals use social media to advertise and recruit followers by exploiting the "deepest parts of your reptilian brain" and making promises that are not sustainable. The author argues that this kind of advertising is not how genuine success is created and that it can actually take longer to become wealthy and successful in relationships. The author expresses frustration with the shallow, surface-level solutions that are often pitched in the name of personal development, spirituality, and business, and emphasizes the importance of 100% sustainability in building one's life. The author mentions that the Dan Bilzerian lifestyle is not genuine because the girls are paid to be there. The text discusses a man named Tate who had multiple girlfriends and then revealed to them that he was starting a webcam business and expected them to participate in it. The author argues that this is a "scumbag move" and deeply disrespectful to women. The author suggests that it is not a behavior that should be expected of a "high quality man." The author presents a thought experiment of a father offering his own daughter the same webcam business opportunity, in order to illustrate how wrong it is. The author argues that the majority of women enter the sex industry due to financial pressure or coercion, rather than a true desire to express themselves sexually. The author suggests that this type of behavior is equivalent to abuse and can cause psychological trauma for the women involved. The text describes a person (referred to as "Andrew Tay") who is profiting from controlling and manipulating young girls in a foreign country by using various tactics such as threats and manipulation, referred to as the "Loverboy method" These girls work in the webcam industry and earn a significant amount of money, but Andrew takes more than half of their income The girls may leave the industry after a few months, but Andrew uses pressure and manipulation to keep them around for longer, potentially earning him an extra $50,000 per girl per year The text states that this behavior is illegal in most countries, including Romania, and is considered sex trafficking The text also suggests that Andrew is having sexual relationships with these girls, making his behavior deeply unprofessional. CEO loses reputation, negatively impacting stock and employees of the company and potentially the economy as a whole Effects ripple out to customers and families of those involved Discusses the concept of "mob justice" or "cancel culture" and how it can sometimes go too far The idea that the legal system is not always effective and the "mob" steps in to fill the gap Mention of specific individual, Andrew Tate, and how he is not a threat to any government or people in power The text touches on the idea that society has rules and ethics to prevent chaos and the spread of evil The author posits that one should consider if they would want their daughter dating someone like Andrew Tate The text implies that some individuals may not be concerned about the well-being of society and instead focus on their own desires for sex and power. The text discusses the idea that flashy and unsustainable methods, such as those promoted by Andrew Tate, do not lead to a solid foundation or true success. It suggests that these methods, such as NFTs, crypto scams, and Ponzi schemes, prey on young and impressionable individuals and are not effective. The text also mentions that girls may also be "playing a con" on young men through their presence on social media. The author advises that building a solid foundation and being ethical are crucial for becoming a truly powerful man. The text critiques specific methods promoted by Andrew Tate, such as running a webcam company and recruiting girlfriends into the business, as being manipulative and potentially illegal. The author argues that these methods are not likely to lead to more sex or relationships, and may in fact have the opposite effect. The text suggests that the methods promoted by Andrew Tate require a cold-hearted and sociopathic mindset, which most people do not possess. The text discusses the concept of ego and how it perceives other people The author argues that a major error in certain philosophical ideologies is the desire to manipulate and control others in order to achieve success and happiness The author states that attempting to control others will lead to failure and unhappiness, as it is fundamentally impossible to achieve true happiness through manipulation and control The author mentions a specific individual, Andrew Tate, who is accused of treating women disrespectfully and violating the principle of respecting the sovereignty of every conscious being The author suggests that contemplating these principles will reveal their truth, and that committing to never controlling or manipulating another person will improve the quality of one's life The author also differentiates between healthy masculinity and toxic masculinity, and criticizes surface-level ideas of what it means to be a "real man" Coercion and manipulation are not true strength True strength is found in spirituality This includes the ability to accept, surrender, let go, set aside ego and personal desires, sacrifice, and endure difficulty and pain for a higher cause A lot of "pick-up artist" characters prey on people's impatience and desire for shortcuts, instead of legitimate means of acquiring things There is a masculinity crisis, which is not caused by feminism or social justice movements, but rather a lack of teaching and experiences that test men's abilities as leaders and with the opposite sex Boys and teens are becoming addicted to video games, which is not only unhealthy, but also does not provide opportunities to test oneself as a man There is a right and wrong way to teach men how to be better leaders and have more experience with women The same goes for traditional family values and relationships, where a healthy and toxic version exist The key is to do these things with respect and not out of fear, insecurity, or a need to dominate. The text discusses various forms of electronics and video game franchises, and how the integrity of the original creators can affect the quality and value of the brand over time. The author uses the example of the Star Wars franchise, which was created by George Lucas with high integrity, but was later sold to Disney, which has lower ethics and integrity, resulting in the production of low-quality content that is overpriced. The author argues that maintaining integrity over a long period of time is difficult and takes a special kind of person to do so, and that building wealth is not just about accumulating money, but also about developing internal assets such as mindset, education, skills, and communication abilities. The author criticizes "guru" figures like Andrew Tate and Tai Lopez for selling "Fool's Gold" to their followers, and suggests that their teachings are immature and psychologically harmful. The author suggests that facing the truth when one has been fooled by a scam or scheme is a part of what it means to be a "real man" and that it can be difficult to give up the fantasy that one has been sold, but it is necessary for personal growth. The author mentions that one could lose their life savings, set oneself back a few years, get involved in criminal activity, debase oneself and subscribe to toxic ideologies when falling for these schemes and scams. The speaker is critical of a Necromancer who believes they can control a demon and is suggesting that this attitude will lead to negative consequences. The speaker suggests that the Necromancer's ego and selfishness will lead to a cycle of negative behaviors, including theft, lying, cheating, killing, and exploitation. The speaker argues that these behaviors are characteristic of "third-world countries" where laws are loose and societies are less fair and pleasant. The speaker suggests that societies with strict laws and peaceful cooperation are more likely to be prosperous and wealthy. The speaker argues that a society with strict rape laws is important for economic prosperity and mentions the UK and US as examples of this. The speaker dismisses the idea that loose rape laws are desirable or "cool" and encourages the listener to consider the negative consequences for their own family and loved ones. The text discusses the negative effects of chasing materialism and wealth, including unhappiness, depression, addiction, health problems, and relationship issues. It argues that eventually, people will realize that materialism is not the answer to happiness and will turn to spirituality as an alternative. The text suggests that the methods and tactics used to acquire material wealth and success can lead to bad habits and a low integrity character, which can make it difficult to improve one's life. The author suggests that desperation for material wealth or success should be a "Clarion call" to change one's approach and "drop all the gimmicks." The text implies that the mind is not as flexible as people think and bad habits can be difficult to change once they are ingrained. The author's solution is to focus on genuine spirituality and to work on building a strong character with high integrity. The speaker is discussing their personal spiritual and development work They mention that in order to reach the highest levels of spirituality, one must let go of manipulations and lying They mention that this can be challenging, and that it's easier to survive without both hands tied behind your back They mention that they handicap themselves in texting with girls in order to maintain integrity and truth, which brings joy in life They mention that every lie, deception, manipulation, and trick has a cost that will come back to bite you in the end They mention that it takes a lot of spiritual development and maturity to understand these costs They mention that they also have urges to manipulate customers, charge more money, put out clickbait content, and lock their best content behind paywalls, but they work to resist these urges They mention that by maintaining integrity, they maintain the integrity of their brand and attract people who find something unique and special about it They mention that Andrew Tate has only shown a small part of personal development and has not developed himself internally They mention that there are many levels of personal development and recommend the viewer to check out his series called Spiral Dynamics, the nine stages of ego development, and episodes on wisdom, integrity and understanding bias.
  16. Using chat gpt to provide rough outlines of actualized.orgs video transcripts. Table of contents will be generated here:
  17. No Big nose = easier, faster breathing + warm humidified air in cold + dry climate:
  18. Your biology is lacking:üevedoce
  19. A mix I made in high school:
  20. I took it on an empty stomach in the afternoon . I started playing background music in my earphones. It's sounds of the ice recorded by this women in Scandinavia. I absolutely love it, it's simultaneously terrifying, soothing and entrancing. I went for a short walk to center myself before effects kicked in. After 5 minutes I felt energy shimmering through my spine and I made some spontaneous free flowing Kriya movements to dissipate it and welcome the nourishment into my consciousness. After the walk I lay down in a dimly lit room, listening to the sounds. I began to notice the divinity gleaming through all the mundane objects of my room. Some pens on my desk, my clothes hanging up; simply beautiful, radiant and iridescent. I began to feel myself being thrust under the ice, the cold cutting through my being like butter. It took me to some painful memories, mercilessly and righteously eviscerating them with each sounding crack. Flaying me into thinly sliced and moreish delicacy. As I lay there, I happened upon my reflection in a mirror. I watched my face age and saw myself die, my consciousness evacuating my skull and inhabiting another. I watched the process again, with a new face across a thousand lifetimes. Each wrinkle housing the countless temptations to which I had succumbed, Each burial the countless trespasses made against me. All forgiven, all accepted, all seen and understood and the immeasurable growth and expansion it generates. In my heartbeat I felt the movement of mountains giving way to small streams In my tears Love gushed forth into raging rivers, flowing down into the thirsty souls of all my lives. With each breath I savored the orgasms of a trillion lovers from the beds of amoebas to the slow pulsating songs of whales. That was from a 2 star sushi train back home, lookin for a good place around vegas, yo.
  21. Working class Joker Backpropagation is always 20/20, but it's 2023, baby.