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  1. Class clown 100 miles in less than a day, Months of work to finish that way, Shaving my head to go faster, Not for the look, but to master The art of letting go, to be free, From the weight of suffering, I see A path clear, with mind so light, My spirit ready for the fight.
  2. Mourning. She settled upon me as dew in the early morning fields of tenderness. My world shifted an inch as she raised her head, the fluttering of her lashes rousing birds warmly nested within. Her glance pierced me as the golden rays of dawn beckoned all that was natural to summon itself from dreary slumber. Her fingers twinkled in the dewdrop's delicate retreat from the impressions they imparted. Sparrows stretched their wings and quickly leapt downward, with a soft fearlessness. She drew me out and folded me away. My heart mourns. It mourns the loss of late-night driving and walking with you hand in hand, Out into the wide yonder of foreverywhere, where dreams are birthed and all that is false goes to die. It mourns lazy afternoons with you, tucked away in a mundane corner of the world, Etching out something of such little and profound consequence, Before eating a meal together, watching a film together, and then falling asleep together, back into foreverywhere. In here. Where a knotted pulse unwinds and the soul finds reprieve from all its transgressions. Wounded teardrops falling like rain to nourish newborn dreaming. Pain pours out of me as I sink into peaceful loving.
  3. YODA Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12 Image 13 Image 14 Image 15 Image 16 Image 17 Image 18 HEART
  4. "I grind hard man, I ain't got time to worry about your monkey ass." - David Goggins
  5. BOAT CREW In this first draft My heart yearns for great Leaps of Faith Taken in courageous bounds Beyond all previous borders So I've been doing some math here This ghetto ass treadmill still hasn't broken down on me yet I need to get 2.3million xp to get to level 99 That should take about 38 hours... I done ate a little too much chicken over Christmas and New Year's if you know what I'm saying. Credit for the drawing above
  6. Chuuuch Gracious God, Our Father, Lord of Lords, King of all kings, Ruler of the Universe, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End, Bright like the morning star, Hair like lambswool, Feet like bronze clay, Wings the mount up and FLLLLLYYYY.... FAAAAAAAAAR 'WAY! GREATEST GIVER! OF THE GIVINGNESS!! THAT DONE EVER GAVE TO THE GIVERS! THAT DONE ASK ... TO BE GIVEN ... UNTO! I ask not for a lighter load but for broader shoulders. We ask all these things, In his name. May the chuuuch say Amen.
  7. Using chat gpt's gpt 4 to provide rough outlines of actualized.orgs video transcripts. Previous summaries, transcripts and table of contents can be found here:
  8. I moved my treadmill back into my living room. I will get this motherfucking cape if it's the death of me.
  9. Levity is alchemy.
  10. 28 January 2024 Hours sat: 1 Cumulative Hours: 36 M Dick
  11. God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer. - Justin Bieber
  12. 23 May 1853 BC Hours sat: 1 Cumulative Hours: 35
  13. 30 November 2023 Hours sat: 1 Cumulative Hours: 34
  14. 29 November 2023 Hours sat: 1 Cumulative Hours: 33
  15. 2 September 1945 Hours sat: 2 Cumulative Hours: 32
  16. 1 September 1939 Hours sat: 1 Cumulative Hours: 31
  17. 17 May 1542 Hours sat: 1 Cumulative Hours: 30
  18. 12 July 1298 Hours sat: 1 Cumulative Hours: 29
  19. 9 May 1604 Hours sat: 2 Cumulative Hours: 28
  20. Hours sat: 1 Cumulative Hours: 26