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  1. @softlyblossoming I am no better at embodying it either. The first time I didn't even mean to do it. It just came on it's own. It feels like suddenly the scene in front of you isn't 2d but has penetrated your head and gone past it. Just imagine a blow of cold wind sweeping across your face, but not just that, imagine it entering through your pores, penetrating your face and then eventually your head and brain, cooling it all down, then releasing itself from the back. That's how fresh it felt. To be honest, a Moojiji video about being present will easily get you there, embodying on the other hand..
  2. My first aha moment was realizing the freshness of the present. "Wow"
  3. There are multiple ways you can define "faith" because it's relative to the context you use it in. However the most common definition is that it means "blind belief". It is something that is usually religious and dogmatic. Most commonly used as a defence mechanism against contemplation into one's own worldview. What's interesting is that this definition is a degraded version of what the word actually means. See, truly "Faith" means a deep trust into the workings of the universe. This trust, only comes about when you experience an awakening into the perfection of existence. Unbeknownst to many, one of the qualities of existence is that it's perfect in every way, however the human society is too ignorant to realize this by default and therefore an average human mind would be required to do much effort before it can see this quality of existence. Once seen however, it's becomes obvious as to what 'Faith' truly means. You do not need to worry, you do not need fret over what you think is wrong anymore, precisely because everything is seen to be perfect and that the existence of 'wrong' is just an illusion. The foundations of the existence of 'wrongness' or 'imperfectness' is rooted in relativeness. Relative to your survival. When reality is realized to be perfect, this illusion is seen through because survival isn't a concern anymore. How the current definition faith came about is due to the average human not being able to grasp the true meaning of this word. That's why to an unrealized mind, what faith seems like is "blind trust into workings of existence", as opposed to "clear trust, verified by one's own direct experience, into the workings of existence". Furthermore, the definition is degraded even more, that now it's not just "blind trust in the workings of existence" but "blind trust into the workings of a particular authority". Now this authority could be a your ideas about God, an institution, a book, your parents, etc. All of this happens simply because collectively we are not evolved enough to keep this word's true meaning intact. And this goes for various other words as well, such as "Love' "God" "Truth" etc. Therefore it becomes very important that you know the true meanings of these words because it aids in quenching your thirst to know what's true. "Faith", really, is rooted in direct experience, rather than blind belief. This kind of faith, provides you with feeling rooted in your trust towards the perfection of life. You do not care if the universe is for you or against you. You do not care if according to God's plan, you'll have to suffer immensely the rest of your life and die a miserable death because whatever existence manifests itself as is seen to be perfect. At this point, anything and everything becomes self-evidently perfect. You are not the point of concern anymore, unlike the degraded meaning of 'Faith'. In the degraded meaning, you are concerned that you will have to assume responsibility of your own worldview and that you can't just ask a higher authority for the truth. But in the true sense of what 'Faith' means, not only you assume full responsibility, but also are not concerned with yourself anymore. In fact there are no points of concern anymore. 'Faith' really is a quality that makes one indestructible, rather than making them akin to a flimsy house of cards.
  4. I do not know why but this perspective towards the body just seems so devoid of love. Imagine if you said all that about your child. I know what you said is true however, there's no love in it. I see it more as caring for it until it dies, it's like it's my child. I do not care that it's a burden, I love it. I'll anyways be without it one day when it dies, I want to cherish my time with it. Maybe I say this because my body is healthy and does not create an experience of hell for me, but that's just something to be grateful for even more. All of this goes for the mind as well. I see the mind as also my child.
  5. Discipline means that one has control over there mind, emotions and body. Having control over these three means you can choose what you enjoy to a large extent. It's not about balancing pleasure and productivity. It's about gaining control over these 3 aspects and then choosing to enjoy what you think you should enjoy (productive work.) Now you can go about developing discipline in many ways. The mental game you'll have to figure out yourself, but I can give you a few good physical habits that will transfer you into a state in which it is much easier to control your body, mind and emotions. These habits are always recommended by tons of people, and there's a reason for that. 1. Cold showers everyday: I have lived life bathing/showering everyday and also the opposite. And I can tell that just taking a cold shower and cleaning your body a little bit using soap, will do wonders when it comes to transferring your state. This should obviously be coupled with other hygiene practices such as brushing your teeth, clipping your nails, etc. 2. Meditation: Meditation done in a lethargic state the likes of when you wake up, isn't good for integrating productivity and pleasure together and ultimately developing discipline. I suggest meditating after the cold shower in the morning. The session being primarily about what you have to do today and reminding yourself of your long term goals. Identifying your worries, regrets and guilts and what problems you have to solve. 3. Having a clean room, if not a clean house: The idea here is the same, a dirty environment promotes lethargy. Lethargy's primary function is to rid you of your control of your body, mind and emotions. 4. Eliminating distractions: For me it was a mobile game and youtube shorts. These distractions promote lethargy the longer you procrastinate. After eliminating them, I had lots of time. Uninstalling the mobile game was a hard decision for me, as that was the primary way me and two of my other irl friends connected. Because I have now uninstalled it, the friendship will likely die out. Be really careful of your Lethargy. When you are in such a state, it's important you somehow get out of it. Because in lethargy, it's very easy to take bad decisions and waste your time and ruin your whole day. It's best practice to keep out of a lethargic state as often as you can, unless it's time to sleep. Hardwork Mindset is a misjudgement of the Productivity mindset, by those who do not understand the Productivity Mindset.
  6. I think the rise of yellow in our civilisation on some scale will occur when humanity starts losing itself in VR. And people start to question reality. And also question how alive AI are. However it will be still long ways from humanity becoming yellow. Just like how green rised up last century but humanity still isnt green, yellow will rise late 21st century I think. Also arival of aliens would greatly boost our collective to green if the aliens execute it nicely. Also when much of humanity has become yellow including major scientists, then I believe we will start researching energetical phenomena and AP and psychic powers on a wide scale. This will boost the collective again making it reach late yellow. Now since society is mostly yellow and green, turquoise will have a much easier time developing and coming into life in individuals. So turquoise starts rising too. By the time we are all turquoise we will probably be so unified with each other and in love, that we'll start to energetically merge. This is my theory. Ofcourse it leaves all the different catastrophes that will happen because I can't predict that.
  7. Would the best description of that void be pure formlessness? If so, I have had an experience like that. When I got that I suspected myself of DID. As far as I remember, no pain came with it. Just shock.
  8. @Shambhu I see, from witness what I mean is the deepest layer of the false self, devoid of both the body and the mind. Which can, if focused on itself, regress enough to peel off the last layer and suddenly is left with nothing. Logically it sounds absurd but experientially it's the truth. In what I am trying to describe, even 'that' is part of the experience. You can't say "There is something that is aware or knows" because even 'that' just is. I think though we mean the same thing since you said it's pure consciousness, which is what I am pointing towards too. @Thought Art This is probably beyond what I am talking about in the video. As I said in the video, even if you go beyond that witness, it's not guaranteed you'll experience some sort of oneness or anything, let alone God. By witness I just mean what's left when you completely disidentify with both the body(including of internal and external bodily feelings, behaviors and emotions) and the mind(which includes, all levels of thinking, personality, memories, meness, etc.).
  9. Depends, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. It depends on what's your latest realization about yourself and the world. I would say to grow enough that you are not a hindrance to your own self. Then going for the success as it seems of priority to you right now. I mean you can do them both at the same time. See it's all about what calls you. It's all a very intuitive process, at least for me. Sometimes you wanna ease up on the spirituality, sometimes in the practicality. Point is that you know what you want in both domains.
  10. You're still young af. Life might be over if you came to your senses when you were 70 but you are only 24, you have all the time in the world to figure life out, that said, don't go about it too slowly. If you play your cards right then you can still self actualize and become financially independent.
  11. In my vocab I call ego the very essence of feeling like a self, an experiencer. The accumulations of survival patterns etc. is what I call the personality.
  12. I remember talking to a guy on the spirituality sub-reddit and it went completely over his head how there could be no experiencer, at all. Using his logic and experience, he determined yes he wasn't his personality etc. but their was indeed a witness and it's logically impossible there couldn't be a witness. He concluded he had transcended selfhood, and all that stuff, because he saw he wasn't his body and mind. This was half a year ago I believe, however this really put into perspective for me how most of the people who are into spirituality are not very deep in their path. Not that I fancy myself anywhere deep, I just find it weird that even this 'simple' ego-death isn't of common experience in the spiritual community. So I made this video. Might help someone. This might or might not be adding to the forum. Like most here, I am also very picky as to what I wanna self promote, I do not want to promote anything that doesn't actually provide value to the forum, so please let me know.
  13. Positive beings seek to unite, negative beings seek to divide. Without division their would be no life, there would be no you trying to unify. God was Satan when it divided the unified reality into infinite fragments. Negative beings are to be thanked, they maybe clueless as to what they are doing, but their role is so so important. Negative beings promote life and creation itself. Positive beings want to unify/love everything, which is synonymous to dissolution and destruction. What's fucked up is that just switch your angle and you'll see unification and love also is creation and life at the same time, and that negative beings also promote destruction and dissolution. It's all the same, NOT if you want to embrace division. This is why I love negative beings. (And also because I have never encountered one 😬, if I do, this logic will be challenged, but I will try to solidify it through direct experience)
  14. Honestly there's way too much diversity within each person to slot them into paths according to their race. Yes they look different but that's about it in my opinion. It's more about the culture being that race attracts, is what shapes the person more. For example being black in america is gonna be a much more different experience and expose you to a much different culture than being white, asian or Indian. Not to mention you'll be born into a family that follows it's own culture. I would recommend that whatever ideas you hold about each race, search the opposite of it on google and find lots and lots of examples that contradict your ideas about the world, and then find views that contradict even that. This way you'll be exposed to much much more diversity and variety and develop an even more nuanced worldview.