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  1. I said when making this thread that I'd post in it everyday but I realized that is too much for me at this stage. I'll post once a week(minimum). The no fap challenge I failed but here's something I learned. At the stage I am currently at, I am happier fapping every 5-7 days or so. Because past that I feel my urge to go after girls becomes crazy. It's not a bad thing but I really want to devote most of my time to my studies. I have a lot to study and my exams are coming up in June. I am doing two undergraduate courses at once. So I am going to stop trying to no-fap and just do it once every 5-7 days. Any more than that is too much imo. The No Junk Food challenge went extremely well. Didn't eat any junk. But I did eat fast food here and there. I have decided to cut that out as well. Meaning I eat everything homemade, with exception to food orders here and there, which I'll minimize. I ate proper homecooked healthy meals today. What I am starting to learn now is how to housekeep sustainably which is good for my body and mind. Earlier I was so confused as to how adults can keep all clothes clean and tucked away at all times, dishes washed, the home clean, and eat only home cooked food. It's all about your mindset. See as you grow new things unlock for you that you couldn't do before because your mind has evolved. I couldn't gain value out of a to-do list before because I was too lazy. Now making one every night for the next day is doing wonders for me. I have been tracking my finances for a few months and I realized that the amount of money I spend every month on junk food, fast food, takeaways can easily be redirected to buying more healthy ingredients and groceries to cook at home. See I was locked in a loop. The reason I was buying all this junk was because I had nothing to eat at home, but the reason I had nothing to eat at home was because I spent my money on all the unhealthy food. I have decided devote more of my time to cooking, and prep last night so I can cook really quick the next day. Cutting out most of the seasonal anime I was watching has been such a good decision for me. I used to mostly watch Isekai anime. That kept me in a lazy mindset. It really is just a dopamine hit. The storyline wasn't good, I was just consuming mediocrity for the sake of distracting myself. Most of these seasonal anime I was watching had stopped growing me long ago. They were just a source of distraction and cutting them out has been a really good decision for my psyche. For context I was watching like 7-10 series this season. My mind has a lot less information intake right now and I have been able to adjust to the amount of variety I want in my content diet. I have started exercising for strength now. There is some equipment at a nearby park that I can use for free to do upper body training. I am not going to the Gym because I can't afford a membership. But I won't let that stop me. I am training my core now as well. I stopped running because honestly I have no idea how much I should run or if at all. I am happy with my current stamina level. I have no training plan because I tried to make something or find one for me but it's too complicated for me at this stage. As I stated above, some things unlock later in life. So I'll just do the exercises that just seem right to me and use the equipment at the park. It's not all perfect though. My time management could be better. I am still learning a lot. Very happy with my growth so far compared to the start of this month.
  2. I used to say I am agnostic but I realized that's not very authentic + people try to convert you if you tell them that. Now I stay authentic and just tell them I see that God is everything right here right now. And when it comes to believing in whether there is some being above the clouds or deities out there behind the scenes, I just tell them the truth, I don't know. This leads to interesting conversations.
  3. You're mixing up God and the world. God is literally everything, if you are experiencing less details in your visuals field those details that you think should be there literally don't exist anymore and they exist only in your imagination. You are not experiencing less of God, you are still experiencing everything there is. If we think of 'world' then yeah you are experiencing less of the world because of blindness and such. And other beings can have varying ways to perceive this world, some more detailed than others. But fundamentally speaking, they are still experiencing 'everything'. And everything can't be less or more because there is nothing else to compare it with. If you, with blurry vision, compare your 'everything'(God) with someone else's 'everything'(God) you make a fundamental mistake because your imagination of their 'everything' is part of your 'everything'. You can't compare your 'God'/experience. The notion that there is an external world and other people who experience this external world in more detailed ways than me is relativistic notion that doesn't apply to God because God contains that notion and is beyond it. So for example. When you think of another person with better senses perceiving more information per second, you are comparing their 'everything' with yours and concluding they are experiencing more of God. But it's 'everything' so no comparison should be possible. This contradiction happens because you are not comparing 'experience of God' but 'experience of the world'. 'God' is beyond this whole example because the comparison and their POV exists within your imagination.
  4. Well if you really seek to witness these powers one day you'd find someone or have an experience yourself. Sure it's a 'waste of time' to try to acquire these powers but it's as much a waste of time as is browsing this forum, watching a video, learning about some topic or trying to succeed in life. So if you do wish to have these powers there's no shame in going for it. Because ultimately that's the only way you'll really be able to answer this question of yours. I am sure you wouldn't be satisfied by just reading replies to this post.
  5. @Osaid I agree with everything you have said. What do you think about the significance of implication #3 and how it relates to manifestation? Could there be another 'invisible genie' in the waking world?
  6. Do you write the spam emails I get? Nah but srsly thanks for the message
  7. If you are gonna judge them then you are dumb as well, just a little less.
  8. oh I see you were balancing the OP's perspective as well
  9. If you are willing to see so much nuance in Leo's words then you should attribute nuance to the OP's words too. It's clear that most of us here watch Leo's videos and attribute nuance to his words. But if he uses a particular kind of style of using words then that creates a certain vibe. I don't think the OP is blind to the nuance in Leo's word, but he said what he said to counter-act that anti-human vibe Leo has created. While Leo himself may not be subject to it, I am pretty sure many people will fall into the trap of "everyone else is stupid" due to this anti-human vibe Leo creates. And by the looks of it OP fell into it too and just realized his way out of the trap and therefore is sharing that. If you feel like "But OP is clearly less nuanced than Leo therefore I should attribute less nuance to him" then you are doing exactly the kind of anti-human shit the OP is warning about. Also tbh Anti-Human is a bad term to use here @BlessedLion should've used something like 'a lack of love towards other human beings'. Because the term Anti-Human opens the convo to the 'Alien' aspect of life and I doubt OP is talking about that duality here.
  10. @Danioover9000 You shouldn't rely completely on one company for your digital needs in the first place. I keep my files locally in hard drives or flash drives in addition to cloud storage options. I don't have a lot to store but if I ever needed to store massive amount of data I'd get a NAS device. I even want to get my own email server going after a few years because I don't want to rely on any google, Microsoft or other services.
  11. Changing the environment will help you fap less but ultimately the solution is you. You can slow down the momentum of fapping from daily to every 2 days to 3 and so on, go very gradually when you do this. If you start by doing once every 2 days then do that for maybe a week before you move on to every 3 days. You'll be happier as well since you'll be looking forward to something at the end of the week(if you slow yourself down to once a week). You'll just enjoy yourself way more with a slower momentum, making you not want to fap naturally again the next day. But yeah, if you are fapping daily then you got to change the content you consume etc. to slow yourself down. Overtime it wouldn't matter as much since you'll gain resiliency. Also try not to watch porn at all when you do fap because that pulls you into the addiction. If you aren't horny enough that you can't fap with only your imagination then that's a pretty good sign you shouldn't fap. Porn is completely unnecessary and will pull you into a daily spree again. If you are addicted to porn then you'll also notice that if you want to use imagination to fap you'll need a lot more foreplay/stimulation. You can't just whip out your dick and be done in 10 minutes like with porn. This is a good thing meaning you are more resilient to seduction and such. Not using porn to fap and having a slower momentum will also push you to talk to more girls towards the end of your cycle, so that you get that foreplay and are actually able to fap the day you want to fap and enjoy it. How many days your cycle should take depends on your body. And it should go without saying that if you can do pick up or dating then do that and there'd be no need for you to fap at all.
  12. If there are any such effects pointed out by the OP that happen due to group meditation, then they surely wouldn't be on the level of psychological
  13. I agree that Google should unban the man but the initial ban was justified. It's problematic that Google isn't unbanning the man, I wonder if the situation has been correctly communicated to the people in charge inside Google.
  14. Post here something that makes you go "What a time to be alive!"
  15. What you said is quite vague. It's obvious the old paradigm will need to be destroyed before a new one emerges for the collective. And I think most people already sense that that might happen in our lifetimes. Can you be more specific?