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  1. I think you did the right thing, like the man @Roy says. But bear in mind for the future that women generally have an unspoken keep-this-between-us rule. Of course they break it all the time but usually without the subject of the talk finding out. So they're pissed off that you broke this tacit rule and now they look like bitches. I just caution you to bear it in mind next time to save you unnecessary headache. Maybe there's another approach to take. But yeah, if it was something your cousin deserved to know then he needed to be told.
  2. It is all relative. If some monster took you, me and your friend hostage, Saw-style, and said you need to kill either me or your friend and then you and whoever you save can leave, are you evil for killing me? Ordinarily we'd say yes but within this context you had no choice and you also saved a life. So does that make you unfathomably good because you saved a life and did the unthinkable to do so? Maybe. You could have killed yourself instead, I suppose. Then we could say that means you're good because you didn't impose death on anybody else. But actually you did, because this Jigsaw guy is gonna kill both me and your friend now because you didn't play the game. So you're even more evil for killing yourself instead of one of us! And so on and so on. We can look at it from all these different perspectives and they are all partial and all relative.
  3. Justice is justice. It doesn't matter if you play a part in getting justice for a victim who then turns out to be a crook themselves, justice must be served nonetheless. You could also flip it and think of it not as getting justice for the victim but as bringing the perpetrator to justice. This way the victim is secondary and justice, for the sake of justice, is primary.
  4. Spotted on the train last week.
  5. I recently shared Debunking The Myth Of Science - Part 1 with a friend. His response was 'Yeah I'm not watching that lol'. And I have to admit, I did challenge him on his reflexive dismissal, probably a little too much in retrospect. But I don't just go around sharing videos with everybody. This particular friend has a pinprick of open-mindedness so I wanted to give him a nudge. I have other friends who are so stubborn that I would never dream of sharing anything outside of their paradigm with them. Something funny I have noticed with people who actually did watch a video I sent them is they all came back and said some variation of 'yeah, I already knew that'.
  6. Show me someone who's never been a dickhead, and I'll show you a dickhead.
  7. I was so impatient my dinner burned my tongue; I was so patient I starved to death.
  8. WW2 British propaganda poster.
  9. Total unabashed preying upon the demographic with body-image problems.
  10. Cockney man's man Ray Winstone in online betting advert. Some quotes: 'You're in control', 'just forget about the final whistle', 'sometimes you've just gotta take the money and run', 'the world's favourite online sports betting company'. Highly appealing for men with a crude, rigid view of masculinity (Stage Red, Orange): the risk, the bravery, the reward.