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  1. This is a song about awakening.
  2. (feel free to delete this if u feel like I'm sharing this only to promote myself. To be honest I'm not sure why I'm sharing it, I just felt like it. Maybe it would be helpful in showing some people what it feels like to awaken.)
  3. I want to lucid dream, but lucid dreaming seems to require being more grounded and being aware of who and where you are. But I don't want to be in that sort of grounded state most of the day I want to be forgetting who I am and where I am while enjoying the moment. Anyone else encounter this problem? and anyone have a solution for it?
  4. @Kalki Avatar Did you gain any mental insights from that, or was it simply a feeling?
  5. @ivankiss how did it happen? what were u doing?
  6. @ivankiss What was the first one like exactly? A realization of god or just no self?
  7. indeed do that indeed
  8. I had my first awakening before even knowing about spirituality whatsoever. I just thought the word "spirituality" was basically the stupidest thing in the world and I was a regular atheist materialist. Idk how common this is it seems like most people begin with theory then they have their first awakening when they put that theory into practice. Anyone else have their first awakening before knowing anything about spirituality/ and if so how did it happen and what was your interpretation of it at the time?
  9. It's just for research purposes of course.
  10. Anyone know a fairly simple way to make ayahuasca, or any other similar psychedelics at home?
  11. The similarities between the story of Harry Potter and the journey of a truth seeker are curious. He realizes that in order to kill the devil (Voldemort) he himself must die. Then he gets transported to another realm where the wise man (Dumbledore) says: "of course this is all happening inside your head, but why should that mean that its not real" Then he is able to return to the land of the living but he is different and no longer holds a piece of the devil in him, because the devil himself killed it by being idiotic and unaware. It sounds so similar to my own process of awakening that its almost creepy. anyone else notice parts of the story of Harry Potter which are very similar to the journey of awakening?
  12. +
  13. I was just looking at my room contemplating how I am constructing it, and I thought back to what I think is my earliest memory. The memory is of very hazy shapes, sort of like a less vivid version of what I see now when I look at building blocks of some kind. Has anyone had any insights into how you are constructing reality from its roots? it is simple imagination of course but it has a complexity too it also. I feel like there is something right under my nose which I'm missing which would give me a clearer view of how I am creating this moment. It seems like right now I am doing what I "did" as a young child more vividly but the vividness has lead me further away from grasping the complexity of how im doing it.
  14. Thank you so much for that that was awesome. I’m also feeling the same way (the “haha” way) but no need to apologize for laughing, also no need to not apologize for laughing. Therefore the laughing is perfect. Love u ✌️