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  1. it would help me a lot if it was able to be discussed
  2. I want to make a career out of psychedelics and study them but im not sue how. Is there a country where its legal to study them in university or somewhere else? idk how to.
  3. Why is the cup there? because I put the cup there wait hold on a sec....... its cause of the person who sold me the cup wait, no..... its cause somebody made the cup waiiiittttt a minute........ its because of the person who created the company which made the cup how do You answer this question?
  4. @Leo Gura I got measles and was home for weeks, the whole town knew about it and it was in the papers. the school I went to was even closed down for a few weeks too. Then when I got to school the other kids didn't want to come near me because they knew I had been the one who was sick. Then my best friend who was also the most popular kid, took his hand and rubbed it in my hair then took the same hand and rubbed it in his hair in front of everyone to show them that I wasn't dangerous to be around, then everyone stopped avoiding me. this was when I was about 7. This made me feel loved for obvious reasons, I can't think of any real unique reason why this would. Maybe cause I wasn't sure how much he liked me beforehand so him doing that seemed to be conformation. Also being fast and having other kids admire me for being good at sports Madde me feels loved, because I felt better than them maybe idk. My mom used to put a lot of time and effort into my birthday parties, whenever other kids would come over they were surprised at how fun they were and I noticed that she did all of that for me so that made me feel loved because I felt like I was the centre of her world. Something that made me feel unloved was when my dad told me that if I were to become a pornstar he wouldn't want me living with him, this made me feel like his love was very conditional.
  5. Ok so I entered a state once while on a car ride I became the car, in the sense of the car being my sensory body in the same way as my human body usually is. This was fucking cool. Id like to try again. How? thanks.
  6. I feel like I need to get to the bottom of why i am me at this particular time. I get that im god imagining everything blah blah blah. but I wanna know why this exact dream. Is there even an answer to that question? or is the question why just a stupid fabrication. idk but I feel like I can't rest until I find out.
  7. sounds fun
  8. Hypothetically: there are no laws, there is no other, and most importantly: there is no punishment for your actions. of course the way of love is still the right way even if there is no reward for it and no punishment for not doing it. but really there is no way of love, because love is all so there can't be a particular path that is more loving than another. sooooooo what would you do?
  9. I want to learn as much about the psyche as possible. But the path to do this isn’t clear because it seems to me that the psychology and psychiatry taught in the top colleges are misleading because they don’t understand what the mind actually is, similarly to how physics is misleading because they don’t understand consciousness. what’s the best way to learn about the psyche?
  10. There is a part of me that strongly desires fame. Just to be seen, given a lot of attention. This seems to be really common for kids who grew up online. I got a lot of validation at a young age on social media for the way I look and got addicted to it. I tried deleting all social media to stop myself from seeking the attention, but years later the desire to be seen still follows me around. How do I get over this obsession?
  11. Anyone do active imagination? (talking to parts of your mind through imagination) I want to get batter at it and further explore it. I've only done it a few times and already earned a lot. I talked to myself in my head from the perspective of me and I told me a lot about being ungrateful for myself and more stuff that I had been ignoring like laziness.
  12. Whenever I enter a high consciousness state lately I seem to assume the worst of people and become afraid. Before when I would enter these states I would assume the best of people. I think ive found new parts of my shadow that are difficult for me to integrate so I'm projecting them, how do I stop doing this?
  13. I have realized that Truth is absolutely relative, therefore seeking truth as if it exists as a thing within life is stupid. But I am still in the habit of seeking truth as if it is a real thing which can be acquired. How do I break this habit?
  14. @Animo how is the alchemist about intuition?
  15. My theory is that his heart wasn't strong enough to keep up with with his mind. But idk that much about him so, could be wrong. Anyone else have a theory?