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  1. what do you think determines what we dream at night? WHY do we dream? Seems to me that they serve the purpose of helping us process things which impacted us a lot. For example if a family member dies we will probably dream about it a lot. But people also dream about flying a lot so yeah.... I got no clue wtf they're supposed to be sometimes, what purpose they're supposed to serve.
  2. @Rafael Thundercat i know that once i get it i’ll just want to lose it. i’m just playing the game of going back and forth. its fun as fuck
  3. when i’m looking at a thing (like for example a number or a letter or a car or a person or whatever) it seems strange that i can’t just change that thing into whatever i want to change it into, since it’s only occurring in my mind, as my imagination. what is preventing me from just manipulating the world into being whatever i feel like manipulating it into?
  4. @Leo Gura could u explain to me why u think reality is not whatever i believe it to be? My argument is that reality is absolutely relative, therefore it is whatever it believes itself to be. it could be that we are just using different words to mean the same thing. instead of “believe” i could say: reality is whatever i “think” it is.
  5. So reality is whatever i believe it is. But how do i change what i believe? my beliefs feel so engrained in my mind that it seems almost impossible to change them.
  6. the question this guy keeps asking is: why do people believe what they believe? i couldn’t come up with a good answer to this question. could you tell me why?
  7. I have 2 friends who self harm a lot. One of them told me she hooked up with this guy, then felt guilty and dirty, then cut herself. I find it difficult to empathize with this behavior since I have no desire whatsoever to cut myself. she also wants to show me her cuts on her body Why do people cut themselves and how do u help someone stop doing it?
  8. I hate the pull of sleep and food and using the bathroom and porn and girls because I feel like I cannot resist the pull of them. Why do I want to feel like everything which happens is my OWN decision? Why do I want to feel like I am NOT being controlled by something external?
  9. @StormLight overly trusting others
  10. maybe spend a lot of time thinking more than u usually would before you do the retreat to get a contrasting affect. and also that could be a good way of making you feel tired of thinking by the time you start the retreat so maybe you won't crave thinking as much. you'll just wanna relax and enjoy the silence instead of feeling like you miss thoughts so much, cause you will have had you'll fill of thoughts
  11. I uploaded this video a month ago of me speaking as honestly, openly, and vulnerably as I could for 30 minutes. I would be curious to see what any of you may think I could be missing in my view, or if you have any other observations of any kind. Basically, I just want to figure myself out and I want help doing that, thank you.
  12. I heard @Leo Gura say in one of his videos that he uses his arrogance to cut through bullshit, I also do this, and I also have been doing it since I was very young. What new ways of cutting through bullshit can I develop? So that I won't have to rely on my arrogance to do it? I do NOT want to continue to rely on this arrogance because it creates separation between me and others, and a feeling of superiority within my heart which is corrosive. Thank you
  13. I've recently started meditating in the forest at night and it feels way more powerful than meditating inside or during the day. Anyone have any theories as to why it feels so much more powerful? It feel powerful in the way of clearing my mind and grounding me in my breath and silence instead of my egotistical thoughts. I have theorized that it helps me face my PRIMAL fears and this facing the primal fears, such as fear of being alone and fear of the dark clears the mind. Please let me know what you think, thanks
  14. @Swarnim thank you for the nuanced response I really appreciate it. Do you have any advice on how I can work on my heart chakra?