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  1. Stalker (1979)
  2. @Opo
  3. @Carl-Richard What's your point dude?
  4. @ivankiss Amazing insights. They strongly resonane with me on intelectual and on emotional level. I'm currently in that moment on my path where my shadows emerged to be seen and healed. Yesterday I started writing what I feel to allow this energy to find its expression. You insights relate to what I put on the paper. Reading your posts, I felt such a clarity. You bring more light on my shadows. Thank you from the Heart.
  5. Please define supportive community. All I see here is supportive community, everybody invest theirs energy trying to help you. Nobody is against you.
  6. Seems that your ego is the problem. Just let it go. Watching TV might help
  7. Hm, giving a fuck about characters displayed on the screen. Just don't identify with those as it has nothing to do with you.
  8. Hey, I'm eating shit food, I'm overweight and I have bad results. Guys, do you know what could be the reason?
  9. @Striving for more I'm afraid that you're wasting your energy. I suppose it is a kind of self-defending mechanism protecting one's psychical integrity. This is not even close to promoted here open-mindedness. One must be not afraid of the truth because if not ready, one's own world would collapse. I'm speaking from my own experience which was painful, but it was necessary. By painful I mean almost losing my mind. But, now I know. Saying that all conspiracy theories are fake is stupid same as saying that none are fake.
  10. I don't understand this selfishness argument. I'm not anti-vaccine. I've done 100+ hours of research before drawing any conclusions and the deeper I dig the more I regret I started digging. I'm quite sure the vaccine itself will be safe. One must research deeper to start connecting the dots. Honestly, I would be more than happy to be wrong but I can't get rid of that one big conclusion that this whole thing just stinks bad. Call it fear, call it self preservation instinct or selfishness but just do your own research first.
  11. There're too many uncertainties and too many why's to be 100% sure it's safe. Only one who is ignorant or lacking of knowledge can be so sure about it. Just do your own deep research and then decide. By deep research I mean one must find out how sars cov 2 is more or less fatal compared to previous ones. Also one must question the means undertaken to combat the virus. Are they reasonable? question lock downs, closing small businesses letting bigger stayed open. Question necessity of wearing mask if there is no strong evidence for it's effectivity. Question dissapearing of ordinary flu and other viruses. Also do your own research regarding pharmaceutical companies. Ask why there is so rush to vaccinate even convalescents. Why there is so much pressure. If all that makes sense to you then go and vaccinate.