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  1. I think it is quite simple, without perception there is no existence. unperceived reality, what is it? is something? exists? Existence is synonymous with perception. everything perceives itself, I suppose even a proton perceives itself in a way incomprehensible to us. The perception of infinite holons combines to create broader and deeper perception. Could there be no perception or reality? Yes, but there is perception, so non-perception is not there. Will it be there at some point? not because that some point only exists if it is perceived. Perception is the light that creates the existence.
  2. God is quite powerless, he can't do a lot of things. He's infinite and all that, that seems the maximum power, but then you are prisoner of your infinitude, you have to dance and dance infinitely, even if you don't want. The good thing is that god is immutable, he doesn't care about that, he just exist.
  3. First you reach the total void, meaningless, in which your body gets transparent dissolves and expands, until you have no body, there is nothing. then you don't know anything and don't understand anything. allows that to be so, eliminates the need to understand reality. Then open your heart, it is the heart of emptiness. Observe how all reality flows from it, everything that is. Why does he do it the way he does it? Are the people who appear in turn a source of reality? who knows. If you start thinking those things everything closes. Simply be one with the flow, then you intuit beneath the flow the total absolute that you are, you intuit the smile of existence, its joy. It is eternal, immutable. Is it who is hearing the words? Seems so but seems that the immutable is hidden behind mutation. that behind every form is that essence that is transparented, but that does not manifest itself completely. It's not void, void is an illusion, behind the void is the totality, and it's full. You have to open yourself as if you were an orange, and show the eternal light . For that you first have to equalize this reality, remove all distortion, clean your mind
  4. Suffering is something inherent to the fact of having a mind. having a mind and not suffering is almost impossible. If they tell you that strange mole you have is a melanoma, you will suffer, or if your son disappears for two days, or if your girlfriend with whom you have a life project starts ignoring you, or if your business is robbed, or if a guy calls you shitty son of a bitch and spits in your face, or if your newborn child has cerebral palsy, or if you are a woman in Afghanistan, etc etc etc etc. Suffering is part of the mind, even you can meditate until the absolute emptiness, after you are back in the movement of life, and always shit happens. At least I see impossible to stop suffering, then I try to enjoy the fight. we will rest in peace when we are dead, for now, its quite difficult Many found a solution: I'm going to be a monk, out of the human movement, who doesn't care about anything, then I won't suffer. Well, it could work I you can bear that life
  5. I can be in a meditative state for hours, but then karma returns. It's a real burden. It pushes me to do certain things, to establish social ties, do business, move forward, be aggressive so as not to be crushed by the movement of life, like any other living being. Many people forget that it are a cog in a system, and that without that system they would be dead in a matter of days. This has a price.
  6. In spirituality there is the idea that at will you cause anxiety or bliss, which is a matter of attitude, practices, etc. I think this is a lie. The human circumstance is complex, we have an enormous burden of repression, conformism, inherited mental slavery. Shortcuts do not work, it is necessary to physically conquer your karma, to carry out the fight that corresponds to you. Evasive tactics in my opinion are like addictions, nothing lasting.
  7. In spirituality there is the idea that at will you cause anxiety or bliss, which is a matter of attitude, practices, etc. I think this is a lie. The human circumstance is complex, we have an enormous burden of repression, conformism, inherited mental slavery. Shortcuts do not work, it is necessary to physically conquer your karma, to carry out the fight that corresponds to you. Evasive tactics in my opinion are like addictions, nothing lasting.
  8. It is possible but it is very difficult, since the configuration of the human mind programs for desire, frustration and unhappiness to produce evolutionary movement. Any animal is happy and lives in a state of flow most of the time, but obviously they don't come up with ideas like that they didn't leave their wife when they should since they weren't really right for each other, but they had to settle since customs ,They were dragged into it by their society and now they have children but what they would really like is to be alone and not have to drive a taxi around the city 12 hours a day and every time they look in the mirror they see themselves older and fatter, and the Sunday has to go to eat with his brothers-in-law who despise him. It is extremely easier to be happy if you are a crocodile in the Nile River. being human is cosmic shit
  9. I don't know anything at all right now. I'm in a park at night, I smoked some weed, my mind is clear, it's not attached to thinking. A year ago I would be analyzing, fearing, controlling. Now it is empty depth. It is pleasant, beautiful, quietly joyful. but I know absolutely nothing. What I am? what are people? I exist, that's it. and existing is something that must be felt to the core. pure, clean existence, without content. this is all. I would like to be able to go deeper, understand, but that only brings confusion. confusion clouds the perception of the now. only the simple is real, everything else is meaningless. The perception of the situation is totally clear, the feeling of the body, the air, all is clean. It's like I'm an empty hole. Who listen the sound? An empty hole is listening the breath. What means that? Nothing 😅. Immortality? God? Infinity? No idea. Anyone really knows anything? Well, there is something that I know: emptiness is perfection.
  10. In my experience, that's not the final realization, but maybe we are talking about different things. Once you realize the inherent emptiness of all forms, absolute emptiness opens before you and you realize that you are total emptiness. If you can endure absolute emptiness for a while without withdrawing in horror, since it can be perceived as death, the emptiness opens and shows you (it sounds corny) its heart, which is your heart. The infinite void is completely impregnated with what we could call love, and this love, given its infinity, is the total light of existence. one moment, you find yourself looking into an infinite immutable vastness of absolute light or absolute love, and the next moment, you are that. It is immutable, and cannot be thought or imagined, since the mind or self is contained in it. This is reality, and everything else is appearances.
  11. they just wanted to appear mysterious. It's possible to talk about everything. There is no difference between talking about a session with 2 prostitutes and a lot of cocaine than about the infinite being or the absolute void that opens and shows its heart of absolute fullness. The important thing is to try.
  12. two possibilities: one, reality is flowing and in its flow it creates a subject who is the center of the experience, who listens to the sounds. This subject really is the sounds, he doesn't hear them. Nobody listens, the sounds are. There is no such thing as hearing, but rather it is an appearance that occurs when the sound occurs. another, the infinite being creates the experience to listen to it. a creator god who creates qualia and experience. which one do you choose? imo, reality is completely impersonal, ultimately it is an unlimited vastness of existence, and from it arises the infinite being that those fragments you cited speak of, the infinite self, and that being combines infinitely in infinite universes synchronized with each other to infinity. An atom is one universe, a cell is another, a human, a city, a galaxy, a universe, multiverse, etc. that's what it seems to be. The question would be: what is enlightenment? Be the unlimited self, or maybe it's still a construction? Well, if it's unlimited it's eternal. When I realized I perceived it like what always was. But imo the real enlightenment is go beyond of that self, to total substance of reality, the totality before any self, where the infinite self is contained. The realization of the infinite self, even sounds paradoxical because it's infinite, is limited, because that self is concrete in a way: it's you.
  13. Then, there is someone or something that hears? Id say that sounds arise from the totality.
  14. Id say it's about the structure of the mind, to achieve a point of total openenss, or emptiness. But does he understand how reality is structured? What are the things that appears? Why there are sensations, things, others, cosmos? What are them? He knows how to meditate and reach his essence, be totally free of obstacles, but until what point? Maybe there is more .
  15. I have had that realization many times with 5meo. I am the timeless being, I have always been here, my freedom is total and my joy is absolute. but there is a small problem with this: it is personal. I am. there is self. an eternal, indescribable self, but a self that perceives itself as self and knows what it is with absolute clarity. It is not empty vastness, it is infinite self. So, I think there is still identification. On the other hand, only with meditation with one or two puffs of weed, I have had an experience of total opening. There is no self, there is infinite emptiness, and this emptiness opens and shows its essence, it is totality. I look at it and in a moment I am it, but not as a self, but as a total indefinite, impersonal reality. It is extremely difficult to maintain this because the natural human self needs to be a self, it cannot be indefinite, so they are brief openings, a minute or two. Then, how to be sure of anything? Right now im not having those perceptions, so are they real?