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  1. Exactly. when time stops, reality changes from a linear configuration, like a chain of events, to a configuration in depth, like absolute being, or as you have said, the truth. by changing configuration, the way of understanding also changes. it is an empty, inarticulate understanding, impossible to preserve, it only works in real time. When time stops, this moment is eternal, and you realize it with total clarity. It's the limtless reality now . Id say that this is awakening, and id say that time is the essence of the illusion
  2. Maybe it's possible, but in a non-conceptual, non-logical or articulate way. that way it is impossible, it works on another frequency.
  3. If I were you I would forget the weed. It is very psychotic, more than other psychedelics. and it is very easy to abuse it. If your path is really inwards (which would be very positive for your life) read about spirituality, meditate, perhaps psychedelics in a very specific moments, but above all, do not conceptualize. don't make a belief system with god, infinity, solipsism, and all that. spirituality is like playing a sport. You are in the field, you feel the situation, you are present, you do it. You are not thinking about the ideas of how to play, what it means to play, why the human being plays that. no, you play and that's it.
  4. The solution to your problem is simple: forget the ideas. they mean absolutely nothing. If you are in this game of spirituality, you cannot formulate ideas as if you were a philosopher. or spirituality or philosophy. It is a mistake to have mystical experiences and then conceptualize them. mysticism is now, it does not belong to the mental realm, but it is life now, it is you. philosophy are conceptual systems, ideas. they don't make any sense, they're a hobby, and not much fun. 5meo opens you up to reality right? Well, just think about this: when I did 5meo, I opened myself up to reality. Right now I'm less open to reality. do i want to be or not? If yes, find out what prevents it. don't think about anything else. forget the words god, infinity, illusion, drop all that. you are open or not, and that's it
  5. My level in 5 meo is the level of Leo when he was starting many years ago. It doesn't means that in everything else he could be deceived. But probably he isn't And i use 5 meo to make an openess, because i use to have a wall in front of my face, but now seems that the wall is gone. Let's see. Yes, he's totally sane in appearance, more that sane, but there is a possibility that he has gone down a wrong path. the guy with good taste has twisted games. but on the other hand, he seems too smart to fall for something like that. although, again on the other hand, he looks... how to say it... trapped in himself. But again... maybe he's playing a game impossible of understand . Good movie to watch. Leo, we are waiting for the new season.
  6. more than that, a true enigma. your whole life is a puzzle that must be solved. it's a game. small doors are opening until suddenly, the real one opens. there you are, looking into the abyss of existence. you are that, you never went anywhere. always now. I wonder....maybe leo is playing deeper? It looks like he's gone crazy, right? but on the other hand....perhaps no one can understand him, and he is playing a game that no one else plays. phase 2. we will see
  7. the ancient celts went into battle naked, many native americans went happily to the torture pole. They seemed crazy, but the crazy ones, completely, are the current humans, striving to preserve the impermanent, a whole culture of billions erected on a pillar of madness, of fear. denial of death, deification of seduction and worldly pleasure, accumulation, power and falsehood. From childhood they teach you to build a wall to crash against it. A way that is a Guarantee to crash into a stone wall at full speed. Disaster. what we do is reverse this crazy conditioning, and with extreme difficulty and maximum intuition, return to the origin, to the now without attributes. To the real life. The eternal existence. Poor humans lost, trapped in suffering that can reach horrific proportions in old age and artificially prolonged illness. Thinking that they make a paradise, they create the true hell. as sellin water in the river says very well, that nice gentleman with good taste and wealthy knows how to play his game. Now he's laughing, the son of a bitch.
  8. That is. end of the bound state, a complete qualitative difference. They should teach this in school, but no, you have to go through the fun cycle of suffering to get out of there clean, forged. if not, you don't go out. that's how the game is made
  9. Exactly, a long and very difficult road, to get to where you were at the beginning. Where you always where: here and now. You. Well, test passed. a ton of shit released. freedom. now we'll see. to dive into beauty.
  10. if you try to capture god, what i said before happens. you lock yourself up. to open your hand is to give up knowing. knowing is like saving water in the sea, it doesn't make sense, it's useless, stupid, impossible. the reality is. you can only be. all you can do is to tune yourself in to what is. completely break the barrier. knowing is a barrier, it is greed. The mind has to be totally empty of knowing. The only knowing that is useful is about the ego, to manage to open it. The infinity can't be Known, it's in another frequency, the frequency of being, if you try to know it, you are in jail
  11. keep clinging to your little ideas and your fictitious structures of reality. It's your way of controlling. but you control absolutely nothing, you just keep hanging around on the surface. the miser has many strategies. Knowing things is one of the ways to keep you locked up. The question is: Do you want to get out of your jail, or do you prefer to stay inside? or put another way: are you smart, or stupid?
  12. there is the infinite vastness of existence, and superimposed on it, a beautiful drawing of colors. everything is pure beauty, perfection. only the greed of the self sees misery where there is plenty. it is extremely difficult to convince the greedy usurer to open his hand. He has an iron fist closed with a hydraulic machine, the bastard. You have to caress him and whisper in his ear: greedy bastard, open your hand, it's the best for you. if I already have it wide open! he will say . no, bastard, you have it totally closed. give him anesthesia with a psychedelic to make his greed manifest. everything is pressure, control, fear of losing what you have, absolute terror of opening your arms and letting go. deep, solid, encysted. the miser has to understand that with his attitude he gets absolutely nothing. upside down, lose everything. miser, you already have everything, but your closed hand prevents you from enjoying it. open it.
  13. Hallelujah brothers, because we are. and that's it. we have it all. we are what it is . we are the depth. we just have to forget the clothes and focus on the only thing that matters: being. form is utterly indifferent, pale and unimportant, compared to the vastness and wonder and sheer beauty of being. Bottomless. absolute.
  14. Sorry for insulting, i was insulting myself, because you are me, and i have been so greedy, caressing my treasure of bitterness, like a gollum caressing a piece of shit 😂. human stupidity knows no bounds.