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  1. I dont feel as much love for the people dying as I would want to. Humans have slaughtered so many lives, humans and animals. Maybe this is how it feels when something is trying to kill you. The economy stuff scares me because it threatens my survival, but from my point of view even if 1% of humans died and collective consciousness raised 20% that sounds like an absolute win. I say its about time humanity stopped destroying everything.
  2. I would also like to know. But maybe this question is not specific enough. Have you seen this?
  3. What's stopping you? What got you into action last time? You got caught in downward momentum. The first day might be hard, but you can get back on track.
  4. What are reasons for feeling like you have no energy? For at least a year now I have felt like I have no energy, except when I was playing video games. I gave up video games a few weeks ago and the energylessness is hitting me. My passion is for life. For learning and for existing and for all of nature. I like Leo's videos and I know the highest pursuit of a human is to raise awareness, first my awareness and then the collective awareness. My main problem right now is feeling like I have no energy or willpower. I need the willpower because I don't have the energy. I want to feel like I did when I was a kid, so excited and full of energy that I couldn't stop bouncing around. I still am a kid (18) but every day I wake up feeling drained and it's hard to move around and take action. I am very ambitious so it does not compute. Could it be because I have not talked to anyone outside my family in 3 years? I don't have any friends or car or money so I am always at home, and I don't like being at home. I plan to start a business though currently I don't know anything about how to do it. It seems like even to be a wage slave I would need a car and I can't afford that without money. But that is a tangent so anyways, if anyone has struggled with energylessness I'd like to hear how you fixed it/what I am doing wrong.