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  1. It's not actually possible to increase the total narcissism in society. All that's possible is to raise the collective consciousness or leave it to others. Social media has helped raise consciousness enormously. So, no - just because you see more of something doesn't mean anything has been added. You can only have this thought because your consciousness has been raised by contrast and conflict. If you were in the 90s and the last 20 years hadn't happened, you'd be utterly incapable of understanding the person you are now if you met them. The you that you're grateful to be is a product of the higher consciousness of these times. Gen Z will have the highest consciousness until the next generation.
  2. You guys seem to think it's easy to consciously share like he's doing. When I saw it I knew he either got a good girlfriend or took the next step in his evolution / achieved higher love. Either one would give him the security needed to express himself like that. If he did the latter he's become more admirable than he was before and I hope he brings that power to the videos. It's also just how humans are. A lot of us are socially conditioned. The way he's posting on his blog isn't unhinged, just unprecedented. It's way closer to the actual human experience.
  3. @Mjolnir I've dealt with the same pelvic floor tightness and lack of feeling for years. I read a lot of anatomy and stretched most of my tight muscles. I had so many tight muscles in my lower body. I especially had to stretch my hip flexors because I'd been sitting all day for years. I had to strengthen my muscles because I was too weak to hold healthy posture. It helped me at first but my problems continued because there was more I had to address. Almost my entire body was weak from sitting for most of my life and my lower body muscles were very tight from running on a treadmill years ago, having the habit of running every day on a weak body without stretching, and I stopped doing that when my problems started occurring, but I didn't know anything about anything so I couldn't fix it and everything kept getting even tighter and more painful for years until I learned enough about the mechanics of the body. I don't know if you necessarily have a history of running but it's not really the point. These musculoskeletal problems occur because the body reacts in the way it has to, to whatever forces are placed on it at any time, whether sitting all day or something else. It was common when I searched for help online to find articles say it could be caused by holding your body in a tense state all the time due to psychological stress, but I found this to have nothing to do with my problem and not help me even though I've been stressed. Maybe that alone does it for some people. But there are also impersonal mechanisms of causality going on in the body that have to be understood and fixed, usually coming from our lifestyle. I spent so many hours thinking over my past years and reading articles to try to understand. I had severe pain, and it was coming from inadequate circulation for the cells to survive, and the cause of that was fascial adhesion. I didn't feel much pain at first, but I kept making it worse. I also read about nerve compression and scar tissue, and I probably have both to some degree, but reading about it wasn't helping much and I found out it wasn't the problem. The problem is that my fascia became so constricted while I was going through it that even after stretching and strengthening my muscles, the condition didn't go away. It will become tight if the lifestyle is sedentary. I stayed in bed for most of a year while struggling to figure out my muscle situation and I think that's why it became such a problem for me. By the time I rehabilitated my muscles it was too late to fix the problem with only that, because it had created a new problem. On my entire abdomen and underneath my ribcages, the fascia is almost like a bulletproof vest. I have to decompress it for 2 hours each day and it's steadily working. I haven't fully healed yet, but in feeling like I finally figured it out I already got my feeling capacity restored to some degree. I don't know how severe your situation is, but it's probably going to require the same things - stretching, strengthening, and fascia decompression if it's tight. Here are some of the videos that saved me... https://youtu.be/8OYMx_aw8E0 https://youtu.be/K-CrEi0ymMg https://youtu.be/smG9qvVeMNM I think you would benefit if you searched for any or all stretches that your body could use and work on balancing the whole system out. Our modern lives make us so tight. And I noticed if I'm doing a stretch with complex movements, it doesn't stretch what I'm intending to stretch unless I get the stretching position almost perfect, so I have to follow the instructions I find meticulously. And sometimes I read articles about stretches that I end up not really understanding, and I have to look for another person's explanation of it or try a different stretch. And I heard someone say asymmetrical tightness creates some harmful torque inside the body, so I paid attention to if on one side I was tighter, and I actually was on most stretches and I tried to balance it all out to stay safe. There's a lot that I've learned slowly over the months that allowed me to finally get improvement, and what I did was frequently search the internet with my problems and hope to get lucky. I still don't understand some of it, and we may have different situations, but I hope you can figure it out and get better and understand what happened to you.
  4. This is put so badly. I'm comparing it to God, not the average human. Most humans don't say these things and they're probably less conscious. I'm just trying to figure out why I still feel these things, because it feels really bad. I wish I didn't post here. I just read the forum and I log in against my intentions. Everyone wants to be the best but won't admit it. It's innate. I wish I didn't want to be the best. But if you succeed in being the best there's nothing else to do except share. My mind is so twisted because of my arrogance and grandiosity. My neurosis will heal when I recover my health and am working on projects all day and socializing. I can't really maintain my positive states when I have 12 hours of stasis every day. A bit of "healthy" distraction is probably good for the mind. Just be the best at being you. Try not to suffer so much. It's possible to step outside of suffering in the moment, it's just ridiculously hard. People don't care about your accomplishments. They just care about how they feel. Arrogance is repulsive. Why isn't this always the case? I don't know, but I've run out of thinking energy for today.
  5. What does it look like to not accept it? I don't know if this is what you mean, but it took years just for me to accept the ordinary fact that animals bite into each other and rip the life out, like a bear pinning a deer and tearing it inside out. Because it causes a lot of confusion about why we even exist if pain is so real, and how society can operate. Why is nature ruthless? Does it mean life is irreconcilably competitive (and therefore meaningless if meaning=connection?) I don't know how to answer that. After years of confusion I randomly feel like I've now accepted it.
  6. It's harder not to get into an unresourceful mental state when I can't move my body. I'm hoooooping as much as I can that God will restore me to health. I'm sure that my soul took this on on purpose, and that we never take on more than we can truly handle.
  7. Cringe is always ego. If anyone talks about hating themselves or wanting to disappear then you know that they're super judgemental of others. This is only a defense mechanism. Don't get me wrong, I experience these things too.
  8. Last entry - I deleted all my entries because of cringe. I wonder why it's not okay to expose such arrogance. I know others are just as bad. This is to be my last post on the forum. I hate how I condescend to people when I use it. I don't need to be so self-serving to do self-development.
  9. I deleted what I originally said.
  10. I deleted what I originally said.
  11. I deleted what I originally said.
  12. How old are you? So you feel like you could experience positive emotions if you fixed your health problems? I read some of your other posts and have had some similar situations
  13. He seems partial. I only read three of his articles but he goes through it without really explaining. Plants can be malnourished or healthy, like us. I don't think we should act like they're all the same. All he acknowledges is pesticides. But cide=kill. If cides aren't good for the body anyway then there's a whole world to health beyond that, about what the body actually wants. I'm just talking about the fact that he said organic food isn't even healthier. That seems like counting numbers and not seeing the forest for the trees. I feel lost too. But it's not like you should know immediately. A 6-year old kid doesn't know how to discern who really understands health or not. So neither does an adult unless they've been meta-learning it for some time.
  14. It's related to your success in life and food is a psychoactive substance. It can lower your energy and functional intelligence over time.