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  1. Are you going to release a course about enlightenment?
  2. Its basically what Leo is teaching in a nutshell. Amazing video. love this guy.
  3. @BipolarGrowth What are your spiritual practices besides psychedelics?
  4. Meditation can make your trips even more powerful.
  5. @gswva "being left alone" is an egoic statement and state. God is above all human ideas of loneliness.
  6. @Leo Gura yeah and you are doing a fantastic job. It is possible to convince people. You are the perfect example for that.
  7. @Leo Gura Convince him/her that what he/she really wants is god, not money, sex or relationships. Show them some good books. Show them that it will bring them the happiness they want.
  8. @Leo Gura But returning to the ONE, Becoming god is the pinnacle of life. Its ones deepest inner desire, the way to happiness. Everything we do is to bring us closer to becoming one with god. So I think that deep down everybody wants to become god, we just have to show them that it is the case.
  9. @Enlightenment @Enlightenment these glimpses will definetly motivate them to do the spiritual practices afterwards.
  10. @Enlightenment but why aren't there more woke people out there when we have these powerful tools.
  11. Why is it that enlightenment is so rare when we have the best technology for achieving it (5meo) ?In a few minutes you are able to realize god with this powerful technology and yet there are very few god-realised people out there.
  12. Did you have other spiritual practices? or did you just use psychedelics to become enlightened?
  13. I don't understand why success doesnt lead to happiness. People are always saying (including Leo) that success won't make you happy. Why is that? If you look at successful musicians or actors you see that they are living their passion, they are creating their art, they are contribuitung to the world, they are helping millions of people with their art etc. And on top of that they make a lot of money and they get famous. Living your dream life and passionately working on your dream career seem to make these people happy. In the media you see these people and for me they really seem to be happy and fullfilled. So why do living your passion and as a consequence of that being successful not lead to happiness or on the opposite lead to misery? Appreciate your answers.
  14. Why was it horrible?