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  1. So I want to improve my dating skills and want to pursue enlightenment at the same time. I dont want to do both at the same time. I want to pursue just one of them first and then the other. What order would be better ?I think that I would pursue enlightenment first and then after that dating. But maybe I might be too old by then to start improving my dating skills. Im currently 25 and I think the spiritual journey will take at leat 10 years. Thanks for your reply, appreciate it
  2. @Leo Gura What girl would be your ideal type, Leo? What does she has to have to be a 10 in your eyes?
  3. @WelcometoReality I haven't tried it, but that's a really good advice. Trying to implent it.
  4. Through Enlightenment? Through Religion? Through Knowledge? Through Life Purpose? How can one achieve permanent inner Peace? Thanks a lot
  5. Rest in Peace. Very sad and unexpected. His messages were always very wise and helpful.
  6. @Leo Gura Alright. Thanks for your answers:) Have a good day.
  7. @Leo Gura I would take DMPS after the provoked urine test because it wouldn't mess with my sleep schedule (every 8 hours would mean I dont have to wake up during the night).
  8. @Leo Gura Thanks for the help, Leo. May I ask you two last questions? Sorry for asking. I really dont want to bother you, but I think that your answers might help many other people, who have the same questions like me. 1. So do I need to take ALA if I do the post Urine test chelation (just one round)? and 2. Can I use DMSA for the Urine test and then DMPS for the post Urine test chelation round? Thanks a lot, Leo, appreciate your help.
  9. @Leo Gura But would'nt it be too much DMSA I would take that day? for the Urine test, about 1700mg and then again every 3 hours.
  10. @Leo Gura Should I wait one day after the provoked urine test or start immediately with the post- urine test chelation? so basically on the same day.
  11. @Leo Gura Ok thanks. Is there a way to not have to wake up during the night to take your DMSA and ALA? Can I just skip the night sessions and supplement after I wake up?
  12. Before I start chelation I first want to do a provoked urine test to see, whether chelation is necessary and how toxic I am. 1. Is it safe, if I use DMSA just one time for the provoked urine test or does it redistribute the heavy metals in the body and creates more harm than good? 2. What type of water should I drink, when I do the provoked urine test? Does it even matter, what type of water I am drinking? Thanks a lot
  13. So as far as I have understood hell refers to the ego-life and heaven would be the state of No-Self or God-Realization. But most people just dont seem to be that unhappy that they would say that their life is hell-like. Most people seem quite satisfied with life. So why is it then that the ego-state is referred to as hell in all the traditions? Thanks for alle the answers, Appreciate them. Peace.
  14. @Leo Gura There are many enlightened people, who found the truth, but they dont find themselves in a place of existential aloneness. Are they deluding themselves by thinking they have found the truth or have they found a way to find the truth without facing existential aloneness?