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  1. I don't understand German 🤣 But the point is, if those hellish kindoms that you mentioned exist, you will be on them. Infinitely, in the infinite turns of the cosmos. No scape
  2. Well, it depends. That seems like a hedonistic approach. If you take responsibility for your path you do things because you have to do them. For example, at some point you may have to offer yourself to be crucified, or participate in a medieval cavalry charge, or perhaps rip out the heart of your firstborn with an obsidian knife and eat it, because the gods demand it. Your happiness is irrelevant at any given moment, since ultimately happiness is what you are. what is relevant is the movement of the cosmos, and what it demands There is something wrong in the idea about suffering is like a mistake of nature that should to be solved. Suffering exist as anything else, because reality wants, or if you prefer, god wants. The Buddhist idea of the end of suffering seems like , let's fix the mistakes of god. Id think it's much better accept the suffering and enjoy it, because it's unavoidable, the end of suffering is a chimera
  3. what we call evilness is what is necessary for the creation of form, and suffering is its consequence. there is no form without suffering. If your suffering and your evil disappear completely, your form disappears. When there were only single-celled organisms on Earth, some of them thought of joining together, becoming a larger organism and killing and stealing the energy of those who did not do so. the very sons of bitches. Life is war, war is evil and evil generates suffering, and suffering is the crucible from which form emerges. We love the form, it is beautiful, rich, magical, so we must also love evil and suffering since without them there is only unity.
  4. The guy of the video don't seem he's suffering. I had to do a lot of trips with 5 meo until it wasn't horrible. Sometimes was extremely horrible btw, but you have to do again and again until you can open to it
  5. We will never know the possibilities of reality because they are unimaginable. Realizing this is dizzying. Your human intellect is the intellect of an amoeba, it cannot approach infinity, it can only surrender to it. Perhaps in another dimension you are a fluid universe of absolute peace that rotates on itself for eons, to give an example. Total reality is infinite, but in the end it doesn't matter, because it is always you.
  6. Any of them have it's point. 5 meo DMT is the king of psychedelics, It is the divine ray that pulverizes your mind and opens the total alive void in you, and reorders your energy flow, cleaning all your karmic garbage, breaking all your chains. then the chains return, of course, but you have already perceived their nature. The problem is that I perceive it as too aggressive, it is not something you want to do every day, I would say it would be unbalancing. Nn DMT has a weird effect to me. I vaporize it once and see fractals and stuff, then another time, and then my being opens up. It's something more or less subtle, not explosive, an effect that leaves you a little...ah, okay, and? but then it leaves you, let's say, with a hangover of several hours in which your spirit is open, the music penetrates to the deepest depths, your understanding is clear, your perception much more direct than normal. THC is mysterious. 2 or 3 deep puffs of weed and reality twists, it can have certain unpleasant moments of mental looping, and at a given moment you are staring existence in the face. here and now, the totality is, there are no mental grips, there is an abyss in front of you and you look at it, and you realize that the abyss is you. then you say: hallelujah. everything, absolutely, the total, unimaginable power. you are the absence of limits.
  7. I see in everyday and I took some substance too bit often😅. 5 meo DMT, nn DMT, THC. I can't avoid to try to open a bit more. The issue is when the mind becomes aware of itself as a living entity and understands what life is, not as a chain of events but as a cyclical reality that always has the same substance, then it stops perceiving in a linear way and does so In a profound way, it is a change in angle of perception. That places you beyond the human cycle of birth and death that you consider your person, and you see that this cycle is something that happens within who you are, it is taking a step back, skipping death. It cannot be done from the intellect because the intellect is a creation of life, therefore it cannot contain life, but is contained in it....a mental movement twisted on itself that when it opens, opens the cosmos . The total infinity that exists and that inevitably creates forms due to the essential instability given by the fact that there can be no limits. Then, how to avoid to try to perceive deeper, more open, more clear? It's like there is a ocean and you want to dissolve in it, stop being you and be that
  8. yeah, who settles for misery when they can open themselves to the living totality? There is nothing to lose, everything to gain. the psyche must burn and disappear to leave the unfathomable alive in its place. It is a process that should be taught to children at school 😅. but most would be so greedy that they would prefer human power. I would have been one of those too if my circumstances had been different, it's human nature. When the devil taught Jesus everything worldly, I would have said: yes! Give me everything, give me all those whores and all that fame, money and power, and that divine nonsense...please, I don't know what you're talking about, bring me some models right now, and a Ferrari
  9. It could be said that existence exists, and non-existence does not exist, then existence is absolute because it has no opposite. about the sense of self... this is created in opposition to what the self is not, since self does not really mean consciousness of being but perception of being the receiving center of the experience, of being the one who hears, sees, suffers or feel pleasure. You could say that the self is illusory since it is created by experience. If there is no experience, there is only empty undifferentiated existence without limits or content, there is no center. but still, you are. This is transcending the illusion of the self/center and perceiving yourself as consciousness/existence.
  10. Yeah I'm in the same point, like a pendulum that swings from one place to another, but that is increasingly centered, self-regulating every second. once you have opened the door, the entire tide of your life tends in that direction, polishing and clarifying until total and permanent opening. It seems utopian but it is something completely real, evolution of being, unavoidable
  11. Yes, we have to understand deeply our conditioning in order to free ourselves from it and jump to another dimension of being
  12. You were exactly the same substance than now. Can't you perceive it? Remove everything and the alive substance remains, it's immutable, is always the same, is your true nature. Then you identify with what you are and forget everything else as something that arises and pass, then you are here and now always, expanded in your true nature, and in a giving moment, you perceive that you are more than this cycle of birth, development and death. That cycle is happening in you. Then you are free.
  13. No, that is having serious depression. Enlightenment means that your mental landscape is no longer limited by emotional and mental structures but flows directly from the source. It is a change in frequency. Within that flow, things like fear or desire occur, but they are seen as a flow of what is, like everything that exists, and one does not identify with them since everything passes and changes. There are no limits and therefore anything is dwarfed in its importance, you are not that, but the flow itself, and this flow is impersonal, it is a phenomenon that occurs given the absence of limits, which ultimately is what you are: absence of limits, from which reality emerges , then you, the reality, perceive itself without any doubt as eternal, and you perceive your alive substance, the intelligence, the life
  14. @Water by the River great post. for once sellingwater speaks with his own voice and it is powerful and full of clarity. Maybe are you working in a book?
  15. Think in conciousness as a synonym of existence. What would existence be without self-consciousness? the same as non-existence. there wouldn't be any difference.
  16. Yes, at the end, you are that, but it's something impersonal, is the substance of the reality, just absence of limits. Is absence of limits a self? Or something?
  17. What is the source of everything that exists? That's what you are, the horizon of possibilities, the unfathomable depth that exists, the infinity that is conscious of itself, The source of the infinites universes, the power that arises from the nothingness, the totality that can't avoid being because there are not limits. The absolute freedom. God? That word is confusing. Just existence, what you are
  18. Our thoughts are the manifestation of the pattern of existence that we are. and in some way we are them because the self, the idea we have of what we are, is created by them. But really we are the source of the thoughts, not them, and the source of the thoughts ultimately is the reality.
  19. The karma of your family line is transmitted for thousands of generations and becomes saturated. Wild living beings have no karma, they live and die according to natural law, the fact of being alive is the truth. But humans are kept alive artificially and karma accumulates. the lie. wildlife you live and die in the purity of truth. Human life accumulates lies until a critical point, and at that point the individual either self-destructs, or breaks the border of what is human and transcends
  20. Ok , the descriptions are just opposition games, but the reality is and you are that, call it what you want
  21. Once on a mushroom trip I looked at my hands and they seemed strange, alien, twisted, monstrous. Everything I looked at had that same quality, threatening, unfamiliar, hostile, but the hands were the hands of a demon. Fortunately I managed to turn that environment into something, let's say, fluid.
  22. Totally agree. When you see the depth of the game, you realize it's difficulty. Then you realize that you are the intelligence in movement, pushing, creating, and realize that it's difficult, but not too difficult . It's something to be done.
  23. What addiction do you have? Thinking that reality is nothing? 😅 Maybe I'm nothing, but I perceive like everything. A well without bottom where everything is. It's quite scary btw. Open your eyes and realize that the infinity is this, now, and nothing can be known. Like you are alone floating in the eternity. But it's not like that, you are not floating in the eternity, you are the eternity, and there are no limits. And really you can know something, the most important thing: what you are. That is enlightenment. To see your true face. That's extremely difficult, because a lot of mental traps veil it. The human condition itself is the veil, a game very difficult to solve. See it a moment is the work, at least for me. A moment as often as you can, in a total way. Then the mind start to be thinner, but the true perception maintained is very difficult
  24. Good reflection. Id say that a yogi is one who manages to break his chains and release his true nature in this human experience. someone who knows his human structure and overcomes it, without any subterfuge, and equalize it with the flow of the reality, being one with it
  25. This is what spiritual work is about, separating yourself from the learned social matrix, and opening yourself to reality without a filter. As humans we are programmed to be part of the hive and the glue that binds us together is language, which transmits ideas that have genetic force. Every living being has the life/death duality programmed. Based on this primordial ramification, we humans erect a web of ideas transmitted by the word of enormous complexity, and we inevitably get lost in it and acquire a logical, filtered way of processing, lacking in vitality. the work is to understand, penetrate, break and open