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  1. Of course it's egoic, like christian. Try be loving or selfless? More egoic is difficult. Try is egoic, try to be rich is egoic, but try to be loving is double egoic, like you d gain any spiritual gainings doing that. You take many things for granted, such as knowing how all romantic relationships are, where the good and the bad are, a lot should be, a lot to forgive atrocities. Maybe you are committing them when you step on the grass. it is true that sex often has a lot of ego. like almost everything, like eating, for example. I respect celibacy but here is all that natural desire. for what? to withstand it as a test or something? it is a complicated, difficult or impossible matter that there is an answer for everyone. Better to be open and don't be sure of anything in that matter
  2. @Windappreciator you are right. Deal with people with fixed ideas are very difficult, but the important thing is to free oneself from all that, and it seems that it is already the case. the hardest job is done. @puporing congrats for having been able to free your mind coming from a family where values are the opposite of freedom, it is not common or easy, it is like a small war that you have to fight
  3. I have met two Chinese girls who were in my country studying, and I saw that what they were really doing was escaping from their family, from the pressure to get married. the problem is that they were also completely materialistic, focusing on money, brands, etc. very lonely people, very demanding with themselves, depressed and on the way to more depression and darkness. How many people like this is China producing? millions? The Chinese must free themselves, they have a hard job to even start doing it
  4. The problem here is not how to deal with your parents, it is how to get them to not affect you at all. it is a difficult issue that you have to resolve. There are two options imo: 1, stop treating them, 2 continue doing it, making the emotional charge that this entails slip off you. I would clearly try 2, it is a difficult challenge but it is an opportunity for evolution, to become someone stronger. You cannot count on them accepting your points of view over time, maybe they will, or that they will continue to reproach you eternally. a tough test! turn the other cheek, love them as much as possible, and above all, not give in a millimeter to their pressures
  5. @Thought Art @Thought Art It may seem to you that this mountain of shit is very real, I have been under the weight of the mountain of shit until very recently, until one day it was deactivated. on a mushroom trip by the way. I realized the emptiness of reality, and in a moment the whirlwind spinning in my mind became completely harmless. it completely lost its venom, and strangely enough it was permanent. continue with the work, go deeper, in the end the ego is deactivated, they are not stories. the gain in quality of life is priceless
  6. @Thought Art You are depressed now man, it's a shit, but I would say that by now you know very well that all those thoughts that overwhelm you are absolutely nothing. it's just what you are choosing right now to tell yourself. With half an hour of meditation you can make the bubble burst and see the unreality of all those ideas. It does not matter if you are 25 or 83 and 20 illnesses, it is at this exact moment when you choose to bombard yourself with shit or enjoy the moment empty of content
  7. If you've had two beers the day before, you probably won't notice it, but the ideal is not to have drunk anything before or afterwards for a day or two. why? because when you do 5meo a great amount of energy is released, like kundalini, your arms and legs can vibrate like epilepsy, and alcohol blocks that energy. I have personally checked it in both ways. Drinking before is stupid but at the beginning of experimenting with this I did, one leg fell sleep and the fingers of one hand were sore and stiff. something very real, with a two-day spasm. Doing it later is tempting, a beer to calm the situation. Mistake. the energy continues to flow for hours, you can notice that if you meditate , if you drink it will be blocked. it is a feeling of something negative, not healthy
  8. @dflores321 it seems something like the dark night ... you have really seen the unreality of the ego, and the emptiness that remains is just that ... emptiness. think that despite the emptiness, you are. you have to go deeper
  9. so that your mind is clean as a mirror, to realize that you do not need anything, to enjoy the beauty of the world, be more effective, eliminate laziness, increase your understanding, your intelligence, be more yourself
  10. well, imagine the following: they give you an intervention and they cut a wire from your brain and suddenly you stop having sensory information. no sight, no hearing, no touch, nothing. oh my god am i here trapped forever ... here? where? who is trapped? how long? What are you? You keep thinking and thinking, but there is no place to go, nothing happens. That little ego that you are stays well screwed there, you just need to cut another cable and your memory disappears. like a fetus, to zero. where are you then? do you exist? What are you?
  11. @Dodo Haha i deleted coz at the end...who minds , each one will do what they can
  12. Keep in mind that all you see is a creation from the back of your brain based on the electrical impulses it receives from the optic nerve. a great job without a doubt, quite beautiful. but it is still a special effect. if you close your eyes it disappears
  13. if they give you anesthesia, you disappear. the same as if you die. your ego disappears, it disconnects, there is no more memory or perception. for you that is total death since you are identified with the ego. but at another level you are me, and the ego with its memory is an illusion that is happening apparently, like mine. if the identification with the ego stop, or get weaker, and begin to identify with what perceive the ego, you find immortality. You, as a ego ,don't care so much what happens to the ego because you see that you aren't real, something empty. You understand, for example, that someone is completely calm before their execution. He has let it go, he doesn't care what happened to the ego, he sees it for what it is. But if you are totally identified with the ego the idea is horrible, even unthinkable. So the answer would be: when you die, nothing happens except the disappearance of this illusion, as if it had never existed. so somehow it doesn't exist now either. Detachment is the answer
  14. Sounds good, but the problem is that once you are at that point things get strange. the dream no longer makes sense, it is true that suffering decreases a lot, but living in a state of unreality is not satisfactory. This is when you change from escaping from suffering to seeking the truth ... whatever it is
  15. @Terell Kirby thanks! Yes, the first impulse is to escape of a bad dream...after that maybe more to realize the truth=present moment. If the movie were good, probably you are ok with that, like most of people, and you never realized that was a movie
  16. In the absolute sense i don't know, but in the relative yes: erase, or dissolve, the delusion of the mind, the constant interference, the background noise, to plunge into the present moment. for the simple reason that it is more pleasant, more honest. and beyond that pure bright glory is intuited. reason to spare, more when the other option, to continue in the movie, is quite stupid and even insane
  17. @KaRzual It is not easy at all. sit down to meditate, you will see that the thoughts arise. every thought is a manifestation of the need for control. to let go of control is to be in the void, with nothing to hold onto. "you", so your ego, has as its main function to be in control, for that it carries out a constant activity of thinking. It conceptualizes non-stop to get the feeling that dissecting reality and controls it. the way to stop doing this (I think, I'm on it) is to see that control is an illusion, to understand that the entire ego is an illusion. the dissecting activity of the mind provides false security. everything it says is empty. you are floating in the void and clutching imaginary handholds for fear of having nothing to grasp. you have to see that these handles are nothing, illusion, and have the courage of be without nothing to grasp I say that it is not easy because our mind is the heir to thousands of generations of minds that have been conditioning themselves to completely need to hold on to firm imaginary handholds. no control is the last thing your mind is willing to accept. is going to change one handle for another. conscience, god ... whatever. the point is that this mind is penetrating enough to know that what it is doing is false. it is the mind itself that knows that it must leave control, since with it it is locked in a jail that only serves to suffer. the mind has to see it and surrender, I can think of no other way except psychedelics
  18. @blankisomeone i think that if you were in contact with real human suffering you would see it differently. for example a war or a hospital. You may think that enlightenment is the cure for all suffering, but it is not for everyone. Most people will not know what you are talking about, it is not their way, nor their time. still they are brothers, they are you, and compassion arises spontaneously
  19. @SOUL great analysis. Seems that the smart guy is not smart enough to free himself of the ego
  20. Yes everything is happening now, but something is happening, then there is time. It is obvious that only now is real, but it is not about that. if there is change there is time. time is the measure of change. The issue is not the obvious that only now is real and what happened is a mental construction, it is that from the absolute point of view absolutely nothing happened. it just seems like it. that's why there is no time. but ... if it looks like it, something happened, right? well, it seems that no. There is only the right now when you have a hallucination that something happened. but ... the hallucination is changing, therefore it is happening. no ... it just seems that way to you. It's a trick. it's the same all the time. crazy. I am not saying that this is true, but sometimes this reality appears and it is very clear. Is the same that the realization that only you exist. A kind of loop. Sure Leo explained really good is his videos, pity i only write and read English, listen is a big work . Looking forward for that book
  21. you feel good because you realize that you, in the relative sense, are a cog of a whole, and that the most stupid and against yourself that you can do is to behave in a selfish and mean way.
  22. If you are in a high state of consciousness, you see something very strange: nothing is real, nor did it happen, there was no holocaust, no big bang, no others. there is no course from before to now. reality is not created in steps, there is no evolution. It is something too strange to be true, as if you had put all this decoration with the sole purpose of deceiving yourself. It seems somewhat sinister and crazy, but it is clearly seen. is that really so?
  23. agree in my ignorance about Buddhism. rather superficial knowledge, but this orientation towards the cessation of the cycle seems evident to me. And about the suffering...well, as @Tim R said , let's study a bit
  24. absolutely possible. a critical point is being reached. a revolutionary breakthrough can come at any moment
  25. Agree. And a very negative vision of life, like a penance to be avoided. it is a religion that has the ultimate goal of ceasing to be reborn, that says it all