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  1. Yeah, while there’s no wrong way to speak about this, OP’s post is not likely one of those “BOOM” formulations since it is (at least to me) clearly not the boundless communication of the message. Try this one on for size 😂... The longing for something just around the corner is actually the longing for exactly whatever already appears to be happening. That can really resonate robustly if it’s heard. There are many other aspects that can be used as pointers to the ungraspable, and they’re generally more logical and clearer and even more complete... but in my experience they often don’t hold a candle to the illogical bolded phrase above. I really don’t know anything though.
  2. “Am I gay?” = almost certainly not straight. Unless it’s a sort of a mere thought experiment or open-mindedness exercise. Perhaps try gay porn. If that doesn’t work, get your hormones checked — particularly testosterone. Could be a number of things even including low histamine. Or just depression.
  3. The apparent you is doing infinity. But... You doing infinity is being done by infinity. So there’s no one doing anything at all. There’s just infinity: “what is not, but is appearing to be;” what appears to be happening; nothing. If only the sheer magnitude of the beautiful futility could be seen... 😌
  4. Someone else and someone here automatically go together like flocks of a feather. And when one falls, so does the other. Ain’t got any clues but two, then BANG, ain’t got any clues at all. Consciousness is a movement towards something else, which doesn’t exist. All-there-is has no need to observe itself. The infinite has no clue about what isn’t infinite. Freedom has no clue about what isn’t free. Causelessness has no clue about what isn’t causeless.
  5. No matter how diligent and earnest the search, the apparent you will always be pulling a fast one on itself. It wants two things exactly equally: 1. its own end, and 2. its continuation at all costs. So it’s merely an empty and paradoxical apparent energetic claim. Even surrender will covertly operate as a way to continue the survival of me (seemingly hiding always-already-only-liberation), as one has to keep doing it (keep on not-doing), so it confirms there is a “one” to surrender. Until the bitter end, me will survive at all costs. In a sense it doesn’t give a fuck about happiness and enlightenment, it only wants to be real and see things separate from it as real. It’s an unbreakable illusion because there’s no illusion to break. To be poetic, the apparent collapse of me seems to be associated with hitting a brick wall of hopeless, helpless futility one too many times, just a bit too hard, waking up what you really are; the sleeper for the time being... nothing being everything (and nothing wakes up so nothing happens). If I could give any tips I’d say just follow what feels good. And explore ways to feel even more joy and goodness via skilled meditation... But I must note: each and every tip given, of any kind at all, just perpetuates the me, which is not wrong, but that’s what it does... And not including that last sentence would be recklessly misleading, from this perception.
  6. Would love to hear reports on this. Especially from those who have experience with at least one of: 5-MeO-DMT, ketamine, God-realization. I will very likely not be using psychedelics anymore, so “I missed out.” If only I got the memo last year 😂
  7. Sounds like a one way ticket to wacky town. Ground self in simplicity perhaps.
  8. Just another way of pointing to this. No more right though.
  9. Many times, and it was quite similar, though really just completely indescribable. Usually with 110ug LSD-25 or 10-25mg 5-MeO-DMT. No insight is more profound than another, because there's only nothing appearing to happen. Knowing existence is the dream. This is beyond existence.
  10. You aren't a being. You're life appearing as a being.
  11. Well since God is neither real nor unreal, there's no exclusively real God to die or not die.
  12. ^^^^^
  13. All the me wants is life, which is all there is already. Un-winnable predicament.
  14. 100% responsibility = no one left separate from that responsibility to own it. There's already just what's appearing to happen. There aren't two happenings, one where responsibility is embodied and another where it is used. There's just always already what's appearing to be, and no separation from that -- no separation of any kind at all.