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  1. there's 2 reachable non thinking states, one where i am and one where i am not ... be sure to opt for the fruitful powerful conscious one
  2. i am here to save you and nobody else to save one is to save the world you are my beloved because you are in front of me, the masses elsewhere better find their own savior
  3. how moral i am is the extent to which i undo self bias in recognition that you are just as important as i am to be moral is to walk the tight rope of implementing and not obstructing both our agendas if you live closeby, you are my moral imperative, i assume responsibility for your needs ... if my next door neighbour is hungry then i willingly go hungry if you live far away then less so since i cannot help everyone
  4. the whole practice is to look at another and see the same thing first you have to activate your own light through meditation then go outside and see that light beyond the other's appearance easy to write, lifetimes to get
  5. women HAVE to fixate on age, their offspring depends on it, men will fuck anything that gives them half a look, children be damned that's why i hate women my age, they know me too well and won't give me quarter a look, so i go for olders and of course youngers
  6. choose the nows, leave the news
  7. in acim this takes place as follows: one enter mind and still every illusion that arises, keep the one thought that i am and drop all others, achieve the holy instant ... two having gotten good at one, bring that to another and view them minus any illusion, see them from your i am to their i am and you will become oneness, a divine namaste of the god in me greets the god in you
  8. have respect for those who brought you the light, there is no awakening alone, everything is interconnected and all else is egoic grandiosity, you have been saved 1000s of lifetimes just by finding this forum
  9. consciousness is all possible dream experience ego consciousness is pea sized since it makes out it separates itself from the dreaming stage, it dumbs you down for its own mad purposes which i have discussed elsewhere spirituality is to expand and experience the whole of consciousness which is actually what you are but ego told you otherwise well i misspoke there, what you are is the absolute which in fact is the reflection of consciousness so after full consciousness which is still duality there is one more step this step takes you out of the dream back home to the infinite, here is always finite and dual since knowledge here is a set of things one can know
  10. conversely get on the ground and kiss the feet of the ones who have paved the way you were sinking without a clue and they stepped in and rescued you don't keep lying that all those deep insights you have are yours you were nothing and someone took pity
  11. women ask one question of you, what can you go for my status and security if you can do plenty i will forgive your looks because i am taking care of my future men ask, what can you do for my reputation and my libido if you can do plenty and i will look good because you look good, i will sign on whatever dotted line and look after you she wants the best lifestyle she can garner based on her physical assets and the guys who are chasing her he wants to be respected as having it all and for that she is sought tirelessly as an indispensable part looks truly are nothing ... there is nobody looking good when they wake up in the morning ... looks are about how long you spend in front of the mirror and choosing your outfits at the mall and getting tanned and toned anyone can be a looker, man or woman, but it's a minor piece of the puzzle, and all that counts is the above
  12. i'm twice your age then some and still bound out of bed at 3 each morning thanking my stars for another hit of oxygen each breath is another ascension moment when well used
  13. meditation is to explore the fact that you are being controlled by an ego which doesn't have your interests at heart it is seeing the thoughts then setting about fixing them you are not a separate individual living in a time space universe you are here to undo ego and step into your true nature you think you see different people all around you right? no that is what ego told you ... everyone is who you have egoically projected them to be fix this by seeing everyone as goodness loveliness holiness and then you will start seeing yourself this way
  14. with increasing consciousness certainly being raped is bad yet in your low conscious incarnations you being the raper was wholly good, it was the just booty of your conquests and so it goes one life you are raper next life you are raped, one life victim one life victor duality is about paying the piper for misdeeds as you become aware of goodness evil is but how conscious are you
  15. you are the one who screwed up the blissful perfection and, look around you, messed up this whole joint you continue to insist your delusions are true and god has given you perfect sovereignty to do exactly so your only goal in this dream is to feather your own nest and not care who has to pay the price for you to have one more day looks at yourself seriously ... god is awaiting you lovingly with open arms if only you will snap out of your megalomania or on the other hand enjoy another 10k go-rounds like you have already no matter you will go back home one day