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  1. @BlackPhil There are actually many worldviews here. In fact we all disagree with each other 😂
  2. @BlackPhil Well I don't want to take any healing you received away from you, I'm happy for you. But I don't think you will have much luck here conversing people into your worldview. When I met Jesus he said everything's allright. He can't believe what they did to his teachings when he was gone
  3. But who created the creation? I thought God is allmighty? Didn't create God at least the one that created the creation
  4. @BlackPhil But I'm sure there are people that have never heard of Jesus, nor will they in their lifetime. What about them? How can you look for something when you don't know about it?
  5. What about people that never come in contact with christianity? Are they just doomed?
  6. @SOUL That's certainly the case when you're on the so-called spiritual path in the beginning. But there can be only one non-experience, because there can't be a distinction between two non-experiences.
  7. I know exactly what feeling you mean. I personally don't experience it on or after most psychedelics. It happens on weed though. It's probably just heightened social anxiety as you said already. Maybe take a few days off after an experience and be in solitude to contemplate the trip.
  8. @Breakingthewall Have you tried to stop pushing? Or are there responsibilities that don't let you? What stops you?
  9. 1. is this also the case while on them during the trip? 2. it could be a hint that you're not very connected to the people around you or that you just don't vibe with them. Being sober it's way easier to just pretend. 3. Maybe you just need that time to process the experience. Is it only for a few days and then back to normal or does some of it linger after that?
  10. Having no money can lead to the experience of becoming wealthy, which is way more amazing than just being rich. If you recognize that the people around you are stupid and evil it's a great hint that you have unfinished emotional business somewhere. The people around you are never random. Illness can be really painful and uncomfortable. But it can also tell you that some things you did in your life don't work our anymore. It is the body fighting for its survival, which is an expression of Love. The possibility of illness also gets you to treat your body well. It makes you appreciate being healthy in the first place.
  11. @Yimpa @Breakingthewall It's all perfect in its context. Dysfunction has a reason, often some kind of misunderstanding. It is beautiful because it shows you a lack of understanding of some part of reality. War is perfect because it is an expression of our egoic structures. by feeling the pain and seeing all the tragedy it becomes clear that our ways were wrong. Essentially suffering means that we're not in alignment with Love. Suffering is love because it tells us our disconnection from it in a way that's impossible to ignore. Suffering is often the greatest teacher. No suffering is ever for nothing. It all pans out in the end.