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  1. Tread lightly. DXM is very powerful and can be addictive. If used too often it is harmful for sure. I'd say no more than once in 1-3 months. The effects also may linger for many days after, which can be positive but also negative. That being said, it's one of my favourite dissociatives. It also has a way more "warm" and dreamy feeling to it. I experience Ketamin as very cold and clinical in contrast.
  2. Don't you see the irony here? You even recognize that you'd be happier if you didn't believe in that ideology. And still you say that you have no other choice than believing in it. Is that really true? You have a choice. You are creating your own unhappiness.
  3. This is really worth watching. It's essentially about the huge impact and repercussions that survival has on science. And how you can't really avoid playing the game, either.
  4. ❤️
  5. You can work with any programming language if you're a professional, but everybody has their favourites. So congrats for finding yours.
  6. What do you mean by that? Isn't having a life purpose the best way to live? Or do you mean you shouldn't get too attached to it?
  7. I have no clue what you're talking about. Sounds like mental masturbation to me.
  8. You can still very much get lost in concepts, especially if you think that you're immune to that.
  9. Dude you're way too full of mind to get consciousness. You've got yourself lost in concepts. Drop all the concepts and then see. No concept can ever capture consciousness.
  10. @Javfly33 I heard that Kratom is pretty unique in its mechanism of action. I believe it also works a little bit like an SSRI, but that's not conclusively clarified.
  11. About 15 g per day for 3-4 months. It completely numbed my emotions and it was extremely uncomfortable and difficult to taper off. That was over 7 years ago. I took some again last year, but in moderation. I still like it, but you should never underestimate it.
  12. It is able to completely fuck with your life, your spirit, your emotions, etc. Don't ever underestimate such a thing. I'm speaking from personal experience here, and I know cases that were far worse than mine.