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  1. surrender is, whatever is happening good or bad is the absolute's will ... how can i be the means by which this here more smoothly more fully more lovingly unfolds
  2. what surrounds me is energy ... my mind assembles that into holographic objects that i term world
  3. time for a little meditation break 💥
  4. this is disingenuous, if we talk we need to utilize duality, of course there is only outer no inner because you are not a body, you are nothing from where everything emanates, you access this best by closing your eyes and falling into the void, we call this the inner in order to communicate a pointer to truth
  5. there in Mind and mind, mind is an object in Mind, Mind is all this, mind is what an ego uses to create and dream all day and at night to practice itself being Mind so that (baby) mind grows up to be (daddy) Mind ... my dreams give me a taste of being what i am destined to become; they motivate the apparent small me to wake up and be the actual real me
  6. spirituality is how many times a day can you stop in your tracks and say wait, this here is all just some paint being sprayed on a canvas until such time as it becomes your default vision you don't need a university, you don't need a teacher, you don't need religion, you don't need a book stop will you?
  7. most believe they are a person surviving the 9 to 5, but they are wrong they are not that, they are the one who sees that person operating when you get a glimpse of that, for a time you split into two to become the survivor and the watcher, and these two joust for supremacy when the watcher prevails, then one's true nature takes center stage and enjoys the dream with unbridled joy and clarity
  8. ego frames this question as either or but the truth is both and sure you need to survive and live the dream ... the question is, what is your priority ... are you focused more on the outer or more on the inner the outer is useless, futile, empty, meaningless, drab ... the inner is where all power and beauty and truth is and is discovered to be the maker of the outer and so its treasure can if wished be channelled to make for better outer experience the outer dream is merely affording you an opportunity to wake up, if you don't ego might survive one more opportunity for another chance or might not i am not here for the acclaim of forum users, i am here to slap myself over the head via aptly chosen words to jolt myself out of the stupor i am choose your priority live life accordingly
  9. being hot is a kiss of death, you will look outward for approval your whole life and never find someone who wants the real you the worse curse existence imposes play down your looks in every way possible ... give someone a chance to appreciate and adore the sublime supreme subjective you they are the one worthy and this all applies to men as well as women
  10. i constructed it when i needed survival and to be the biggest and toughest guy on the block to get the trappings and the ladies i outsourced thinking to an ego mechanism so it can do the job instinctively and uninterruptedly ... time is paramount to an ego that is not my agenda in this incarnation, i am here for my real nature to arrive and thrive ... to survive is the old paradigm and needs little concern
  11. ego is all about maximising my territory my influence my reputation my bank balance my sex appeal my body count ego wants me hailed as king of the world it is seductive and cunning and beguiling, always saying you deserve all this, why permit some other sucker to get his hands on all the loot
  12. don't dissolve ego, transcend it if i listen there is two entities in my head right now, one is real, one is an automatic response system whose job it is to give me a good life let ego do ego and in fact i have no choice in that but i don't mistake it for me, it is no more me than you are i am its watcher its minder its overseer its awareness i know my identity and look to live it fully
  13. they melt on the mat, everything comes up be it anger lust greed hatred jealousy ... it is all worked through seamlessly the you who gets up is radically different from the you who sits down
  14. i say forget karma until later, do what you came here for which is wake up, i rise at 3am every morning to hit the mat and will continue until its kicks in full time truth implores i be ultra serious, i haven't a second to waste, my heart can stop beating any time it pleases i am a man in the desert who has wandered aimlessly and desperately many days searching for just one sip of water i have plenty of time to pursue everything else both during the day as well as later on impossible for me to sit on a mat 24 hours a day
  15. @r0ckyreed this is pure vice like mind grip on display, you mind is selling you delusion and you are the willing purveyor you are the poster child of mental enslavement, advertising what the ego considers the well lived life the monk lifestyle is one, doing what you incarnated to do and two, living the bliss of awakening thereafter, namely living in the garden of eden without a care or a concern ... there is no better life imaginable but you have to be out of mind's incessant grandiosity to see this i lived with monks for a bit, the benedictines at the abbey in san diego county and every day is a magnificent adventure never knowing what is going to full into your lap meditation is simply abiding in your true nature, not letting the mind's storytelling run rampant and deceive you into thinking it matters realize your true nature, start to integrate it, then let's talk about the monastic life it is perfectly fine to enjoy the dream after awakening and it also perfectly fine to play with the birds and the animals in the garden of eden
  16. language is bridge between body and mind, body experiences and mind organises mind is trying to give you the best life relative to those around you but you can train it to just abide in the moment prioritise body over mind
  17. attraction, attachment, addiction = love to have, have to have, sure to have addiction is turning a want to a need conversely all needs are addictions your day doesn't begin til the fix is in ... you make sure you get it no matter what the one difference is addictions can be dropped i don't see addictions as bad for myself, if i am addicted i will force myself to take breaks so i can see the effect i am or have been addicted to everything but i don't mind because i indulge consciously rather than absentmindedly i give myself permission to do whatever body wants but i stay in awareness as far as able and doing this addictions don't pull so hard i take away their power and go along for the ride and one day they decline to being an attachment or an attraction and so i can say yes or no
  18. if one seeks results beyond the now, one has work to do for example when one writes one can answer a question but what counts is that writing is conducive to flesh out one's own truth and nothing is needed beyond that whether others agree or argue need be of no concern if one continues to present one's views in response to others, one does so to hone one's own perspective and if other's benefit then great but that matters not when i write i am always surprised that i know something
  19. for me its who gets me the inner circle who get my inner sanctum, the holy of holies, the raw brutal unvarnished me it necessitates radical vulnerability i give all to those i have absolute trust in those who are able to get it those who will provide the mirror i need why? if you get it, you understanding, does facilitate the greater deepening honesty is what begets the deepening of truth most of course never get me no matter what honesty is reserved for the rare few
  20. the whole internet needs a filter that adds the words FOR ME to every sentence every uttered on planet earth truth, thought, life, love ... is subjective for me at my level of consciousness all else is a puerile attempt to impose ideology on unsuspecting masses memo to god
  21. time is the belief that things change of course a person seems to be born and seems to die so let's define that spectacle as 3 score and ten years and then presto we have created time
  22. i bless you and love you too with your relentless uncompromising hard earned quest for truth ... you resonate with me more and more as time goes on and for me that means i am awakening ... thanks for being part of this place and sharing your treasures with me
  23. some insights i stumbled upon this week desire, attachment, addiction = love to have. have to have, sure to have ... respectively desire is fine and natural and fun; desire everything, whatever comes enjoy to the hilt, just don't pray it stays attachment is i can't live without this, you have thereby expanded your identity and consequently your suffering addiction is this is an unstoppable behaviour and therefore my defining priority ... my life is fulfilling my addiction ... this is wholly who i am
  24. thought is ego bossing me, word is me bossing ego thought is energy coming at me to entrench my wellbeing my satisfaction my survival word is me reprograming thought to enhance my thriving and my arriving thought is division, word is multiplication thought despises, word empathises thought is worthless, word is priceless thought keeps me asleep, words wake me up so writing anywhere can be useful