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  1. It would be interesting to know the correlation between progress and functuality and suffering. I'd assume that the most growth would happen around 7 but I might be wrong and maybe there are a few people who've had enough of intense suffering and awekening happened.
  2. I think suffering is necessary in order to grow yourself but it has to be delicately balanced or you won't grow and get lazy or become too overwhelmed and knocked down and fall into hopelesness. I find it important though that many things of value or valuable precisely because they take work and effort. But it's also nice to suffer less or none. I for myself have had too much suffering. For a time I handled it better than most people by far. however, put a few shovels more on it and it break down like a house of cards that health is. I mean it can always something happen and shit hits the fan.
  3. I've read about 1/3 til now.Your chat with the ai is facinating. Sometimes it felt like a bit parroting and too much flattery but then it applies all the info and comes to very intelligent conclusions. It was so sophisticated that I first didn't know that it was already claudes answer. It is a mindfuck that this ai can apply all the perspectives and models like spiral dynamics in such a nuanced way. @Leo Gura I find it a little bit strange that the AI used wousedlike kneejerk. Is this really a word the AI came up with? Thx for showing how to interact with the ai in a very productive way. Haha, in truth, leo just wrote a dialogue and sold it to us as ai
  4. It's strange, when I was younger I could do that without any problem but 5 years later I seem to have lost this ability. However I also could be aware while being asleep. I also lost that ability. Has this happened to somebody else? Can it be the case that everybody has this ability to one point in life?
  5. I've had it a few times when I was extremely stressed and had a lack of sleep.
  6. It's happened to me on lsd and shrooms a few times years ago. but because I came back to my body and memories I forgot most of it and these things have become just stories in my memory. However, after one experience I directly told a friend the whole story via voice mail because I was so shocked and fucked up after coming back and we talked about it a few days later and therefore I can remember it a little better.
  7. I've had it for years. Mine was caused from stress and then focussing on the driness and that caused them to get nore dry.
  8. @Leo Gurabut isn't a guru still beneficial as soneone pointing out the specific traps a deciple has like you do?
  9. Sometimes people screw up the drying or storage and the psylocibine decomposes.
  10. Theravada schools often use either concentration meditation or mindfullness meditations (vipassana). As for myself as practitioner of the theravada path and vipassana I can say that this is a good method for seeing that states,feelings,sense objects are constantly changing and there is no inherent controller there. This technique is good to grind down karma although this methode and also path is slower as many other ones but yield more stable gains. My critizism is that it is believed in a material world independent from ones own existence staying there when you're gone and that some of the deconstruction exersizes create a lens of there only being parts and thereby reducing everything to those. Also some people aren't aware that this is a lens and they can't switch to another one easily. They also discount other enlightened people as bot fully enlightened as long they're having sense desire and doing stuff in the world because according to the definition it is all ego and must fall away.
  11. I haven't read the whole thread but I think the difference between an ordinary person suffering and a person who awakens is that he or she suffers consciously and doesn't act on it and gives up. When I was on a 14 day a 18hours vipassana retreat I suffered for a week enormously and was soo deperate and then letting go happened and there was freedom from myself without really knowing what was missing. Now I know that for a few days the I was missing, then it came back very strong a sabotaged the rest of the retreat. Has anybody already said that?
  12. That's great to hear my friend. I've read a few other posts from you. How did you get to this realisation? Which kind of meditation did you use or just observation?
  13. What about the munich security summit where he confronted the west for their (from his pov) dishonedt ways? Maybe both because the summit this year has been over the weekend after his death? @Leo Gura