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  1. @Ryan M Go Live In Thailand , Amazing there
  3. You are saying to me " You don't understand what truth is and what mysticism " then telling me your opinion like it is the absolute truth , that's so funny
  4. @BlueOak i understood your point of view , but i disagree with you
  5. What you said was dumb , i didn't say you are dumb , maybe you are but i don't know that This topic is relative. When assessing a historical figure, one must consider a multitude of facets: the environment in which they existed, the individuals with whom they interacted, their upbringing, and the prevailing norms of their era. Reducing a character to simplistic labels—such as “liar,” “murderer,” or “thief”—fails to capture the intricate tapestry of their life. Indeed, such judgments often stem from minds that seek simplicity rather than nuance. and this man you are talking about developed his people from stage to stage , Read how the Arabs lived before Islam and what values he added to their life ,
  6. i read your replays , that's telling a lot haha you are judging the actions of a person lived 1400 years ago by your today rules , this so dumb , if you didn't understand mohammed i don't think you are understanding Leo
  7. i understand you very well , i said the people in 2006 elected Hamas , that was comment on your replay about Hamas is a gang , i didn't say the last year people elected them yes this is what i meant
  8. You are digging too much to prove your point but sorry my friend you are wrong Hamas's leadership In Gaza , Who you see in Qatar these people only spokesmen , (Communication channels ) no more , they didn't know about October 7th before it happened , they watched in on Tv just like you >> Read about " Mohammed Deif " I Can describe any government in the world like this , who in your country put the rules ? Who controls every thing , not the guys with guns ? not the police ? not the government ? or the guys with flowers applying the rules in your country ?
  9. Sorry to tell you this, but Hamas was democratically elected in 2006, so it is a government, has police and government centers, and managed the affairs of the Gaza Strip.
  10. And now you're an slave with a castrate mind, trapped in fear from people don't know shit about , but i don't know this will still with you until death or not
  11. “The authoritarian Arab regimes have astutely grasped the dynamics at play. When seeking favors from the United States, they recognize that the path leads through Israel. However, it’s essential to understand that their motivations aren’t driven by the welfare of their nations; rather, it’s a strategic move to safeguard their own positions of power.
  12. :)))))) saudi arabia not able , but Israel in my opinion able , check this :
  13. Iran exerts significant control in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. This control was solidified after the Iraq invasion, and following the failure of the United States and Arab countries to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Iran fought fiercely to preserve Syria, ensuring continuous borders between Iran and Lebanon The United States initially aimed to address the issue with Iran, but due to Israeli pressure, it ultimately withdrew from the nuclear agreement. After former President Trump’s decision to cancel the nuclear agreement, which came under Israeli pressure, a new strategy has emerged: the formation of an Arab-Israeli NATO alliance. The purpose of this alliance is twofold—to counter Iran’s influence and prevent further expansion So I disagree with In This US policy shifted due to Israeli pressure, rather than solely based on America’s interests, oil, or other factors During Donald Trump’s presidency, six Arab regimes normalized their relations with Israel. Saudi Arabia was also expected ( and it will ) to sign a peace agreement, which would have been a significant event benefiting both President Biden’s administration and Prime Minister Netanyahu. However, behind the scenes, Saudi Arabia and Israel not only align with Western interests but also maintain a covert alliance between themselves