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  1. @Igor82 Interesting. I always eat potatoes together with milk. Maybe I should change that! @wpw and@InfinitePotential Thanks for the info! @Quanty That's crazy.. I am still stuck in the mind however, haha.
  2. Is there really still a difference between males and females? I am asking this because I was watching Leo's video 'How To Be a Man'; which implies a strict code on what it is to be 'masculine' and how to be a 'man', but I feel like this is a bit close-minded when thinking about it in a more open way? Is there really a difference between males and females? Or is it all based on social construct on how we should behave, which is shaped by our ego and an egotistical society.. Is there really a difference between males and females when we talk about enlightened people? If said person is enlightened, ego-dead, does not identify with its mind anymore but is one with the world and doesn't listen to his ego.
  3. @Ingit not sure why being a medical student is relevant to going into your thoughts, but you should remember that you are not your thoughts.. you shouldn't identify with them. You can't find answers in your thoughts since they are mostly your ego taking. What are you trying to find in your thoughts? It's just a waste if energy. Important is to focus in the Now.
  4. @Michael569 Hello! I think I can actually do pretty much whatever without consequences now that you say that. I have never been really been 'sick' either (apart from the occasional cold, and once I had food poisoning while travelling in Asia) (but I hope karma doesn't get me now). Anyways, I grew up in Belgium in a bigger city, right on the outside of it, so no special region.
  5. I think, what he means, is instead trying to 'get rid of it', trying to run away from it, you should acknowledge it and then let go mindfully. When negative thoughts occur, just acknowledge their existence, but don't judge them, don't analyse them, just let them be as they are. But do not engage with them.
  6. Hello all, So I wanted to ask your opinions / knowledge / advice about the importance of drinking the right amount of water. Since I have been a kid, I have been hooked to drinking milk, and still (now at 24), I have this habit of drinking a lot of milk, daily. I drink it for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. When I am at home (I am a student), I don't drink water at all. I drink 1-1.5l of milk a day, but not a drop of water. How bad is this habit? Should I change it? I don't feel like it has negative effects on me at all. But maybe I am missing out on something?
  7. This is scary to me, I have never heard of such a thing but I am intrigued. So it came to you as a vision of some sort? Or what gave you the information? Still a lot to learn I see.
  8. Jesus and Buddha. How would we have information about their vibrational frequency?
  9. Does anyone have any experience with opening of their third eye chakra? I've read some really weird and thought provoking things about it. It could help people to enlightenment too and gives you a totally different view in life. But I've also read about scary experiences (such as encountering one's own demons?) I'm not sure what to think of it. What are your thoughts? Knowledge?
  10. I'm really sorry to hear that. I don't know a lot about it, nor am I able to really be able to help you other than express my empathy to you and a lot of courage. I am glad that you could recognize the actions of your mother are from a narcissist's view meaning that I'd imagine you could put less energy / importance into her actions? I'd advise you to talk to a specialist/therapist who could give you some insight on how to deal with it. Since right now it is kind of a "hot topic" I am sure you could find the help you need. I myself do not have experience with it so sadly I am not sure what to say to help you other than to meditate, try to forgive and let go. Peace be with you, and I am curious about your development. The best of luck!
  11. So I just read this post by someone claiming romantic love does not exist, and "every girls loves a guy by ego interest not by pure love". I thought it was interesting to discuss this in a topic. What does that say about guys anyways? I feel that it is 'sexist' if you do not validate the opposite statement, or to be even more general; constructing a general statement: Every person loves another person by ego interest, not by pure love. However, I feel like this statement is false.. Why? Well, first of all; out of my own experience; Not that it really matters, but my sexuality is not based on gender, but on persons. If I am attracted to a certain person (no matter what gender, it just my 'gut' that talks,), I listen to it. I had this relationship with a guy that I just saw in the distance while in a party. I felt this immense strong attraction power that I never felt before. I am not sure where it came from but it was one of the biggest feelings I had ever felt. Now, this is a non-traditional feeling to have, certainly since 'homosexuality' is looked down upon in most cultures and society. Which already questions this statement; why would a person be attracted, or go into a romantic relationship, feeling 'romantic love' for someone that does not conform to societal standards, when whatever we do in love is by ego interest? I am sure that this does not give interest to the ego in the slightest since all it does is going against what you have learned on how to behave and how to be. Taking all the negativity in just to be able to express your sincere feelings? Also, I dated this guy for 2 years and I never felt that this was out of my ego. I just genuinely loved this person. I loved his presence, his energy, his way of living and his way of 'being'. Although, of course, we did not always agree, there was this 'bigger thing', that was above us which would deem every argument as more 'superficial' against the profound love we had for each other. I don't know, I thought it was interesting to look at; because although I do think people sometimes 'love' out of self-interest (and with this, I am thinking more about toxic relationships), I think all truly healthy relationships, are not built on feeding your ego, but just out of genuine for the other person. If your romantic attraction is based on feeding your ego, this seems purely narcissistic and bound to fail, because if the other persons fails to admire you and your ego, then it all falls apart very quickly.
  12. What does enlightenment mean for sexuality? I mean I am still having a hard time grasping the real concept of enlightenment so I could be spilling absolute bullshit right now. After reading this post of Leo: I feel like Sex, Sexuality, seems something that is identified with 'you'. As if it something that arises from within an unconscious Being? If there is no 'You' ('You' does not exist), if anything you see is a 'figment of your imagination' ,"'You' and 'the world' merge, erasing the physical distinction between self, other, and world.". I feel like Sex is something coming from a personal desire which is connected to 'You' of some sort, so which is not 'real', but just.. I don't know, I feel that it is hard to explain. Or am I totally wrong and enlightened people get as much pleasure from sex as people who are not enlightened?
  13. @Prabhaker Seems like a fraud to me. But I could be wrong of course.
  14. I'm not sure if this is an event of synchronicity, but just yesterday I had this event! I was thinking about how in highschool we always played with a 'mushy' football. It's the world cup now and I was following it closely. Thinking about the hard leather ball and how it must hurt sometimes for the keeper to catch it / when it hits another player. So I was thinking about how it was when I used to play football when I was younger, at school with this mushy yellow footballs. I had never thought about it before, for over 6 years (high school was 6 years ago). Then I visited a friend, and I went to sit on a chair outside in the garden of her house, and this exact mushy ball I was thinking about just HOURS before, is right in front of my feet! It was crazy, such a coincidence
  15. Is it this guy? https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/karnataka-trial-court-frames-charges-against-nithyananda-rape-case-82595