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  1. Animals have different personalities.. For example some dogs are more aggressive than others, some are more shy, some are loud, quiet, etc... Doesn't even have to depend on the breed. BUT... If personality is a product of identification with the ego, then how come animals have different personality traits?
  2. I know it's ridiculous But this song Really, if you listen to the lyrics
  3. @Gabriel Antonio medication is basically ignoring it though. The emotions are never dealt with. Only surpressed. But I get your point.
  4. @Gabriel Antonio So what should you do with them?
  5. @Salvijus So why don't you give him some legitimate advice instead of calling it a "stupid question".
  6. @Preetom i think i have had this for 9 months straight. It was more in the heart area. I had a constant pressing kind of pain, really uncomfortable but it was there all the time. From when I woke up until I went to sleep I could feel it. I went to the physiotherapist, doctor, etc. I just wished everyday it was over. I realized from the beginning that the doctor or physiotherapist weren't going to be the solution but I wanted to try it anyways. The doctor was thinking about thoracic blockage. Basically it was repression of stress and emotional pain that couldn't be dealt with in a healthy way. At that point there were life events happening and it literally hurt my heart because I couldn't get in peace with it. Once I could finally find peace with the situation the pain was gone..
  7. @How to be wise So pain receptors do exist?
  8. @How to be wise Do you feel physical pain?
  9. @luckieluuke Exactly this. And studies have shown that animals do feel pain.
  10. @How to be wise Okay, good points. So pain receptors don't exist? And why does "pain" exist at all than? At the very beginning, why did "pain" introduce itself then? It has to come from somewhere right, this root, on which the memory is based and anticipated
  11. @How to be wise sounds a bit naive to me to be honest. So you're saying if it can't be remembered or anticipated you wouldn't feel pain? So if you throw boiling water on a baby they wouldn't feel pain? It doesn't make sense to me because in that logic, if pain can only be felt if it is remembered, if has to be manifested once. What about the first time you felt pain? You didn't have any memory about what it would feel like, so why did you feel anything at all?
  12. @How to be wise Not sure about this. So you're saying when you put your hand in boiled water and don't think about the pain you won't have pain?
  13. I used to have a lot of problems with them. Then i forgot I had them. Made me not see them anymore. But every week you keep reminding me about them since every thread you post are about them. So now I'm seeing them again. Boyyy...
  14. @Serotoninluv interesting! How about this though: I was a bit depressed the first time I did psychedelics. In this light, the psychedelics would 100x amplify my depressed mood. Wouldn't it? Although instead during the trip I felt extremely loving and could see the situation that caused me suffering from another more loving perspective. Even though my mind made it out to he the worst thing ever right before.
  15. @outlandish Wow. This is actually amazing advice. I studied about neural networks of the brain and what you say actually makes so much sense! Really, thank you a ton