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  1. @egoless So you're saying enlightenment is not something to seek, but is just a deception?
  2. I see a lot of experiences from people saying they see spirits, ghosts, demons,... When they open their third eye. What are these entities actually what they see? Is it like a mirror? Is it their shadow projecting? Their own fears? Or are they "actually" spirits, demons,..
  3. @Enlightenment @Enlightenmenti see that the mantras used is dependent on age? So you are 50+ years old? I am 24. Maybe I'm too young for all these enlightenment stuff haha..
  4. @Enlightenment thanks a lot for answering all of my questions. Really appreciated!
  5. @Enlightenment Ok. And did it *suddenly* happen, like the realization, a "snap". Or more like a gradual removal like you said, until you felt there was no self left?
  6. @Enlightenment Alright. And you did this technique for 20 mins a day, for 10 days (so 3 hours), and that got you enlightened? Just curious, not being sceptical.
  7. @Enlightenment Was it hard to let go of your "self"? I mean, within 10 days you basically killed your self
  8. @Enlightenment 20 mins -> 10hrs of practice: some changes Let's say you do this once a day, That means it takes a month to have "some changes". However I read you said it took you 10 days to get to enlightened?
  9. @Joseph Maynor how old are you now may I ask?
  10. @Enlightenment @EnlightenmentI see. I read somewhere it was "easy' to access those records during meditation but probably not that easy hah
  11. @Enlightenment can you access the akashic records?
  12. @Frog thats literally the only YouTube video I could find with some decent amount of views. However he should livestream himself for some time for people to believe, or you could ;))
  13. @Enlightenment @Enlightenment do you feel like being enlightened improved your life experience? It seems that you didn't go through deep suffering prior to seeking enlightenment. Could be wrong of course!
  14. @Frog Interesting. How does it feel to be in stage 8? And what do you mean physically alter your reality?
  15. @Enlightenment Would you say you have no personality anymore? Just Being?