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  1. I am not sure if this is in the right forum, so apologize in advance. But right now, I would like to ask you guys for some advice. I have MSc in Engineering Technology with focus on IT and a MSc in Artificial Intelligence. I graduated in September and since than have started my own Start-Up with some colleagues, but stopped doing that. So right now I have new possibilities to do something, and I feel like I am shifting towards really studying more about meditation and its effects. More leaning towards neuroscience and the actual processes that take place during/after meditation and its benefits for human health and well-being. I feel like I could really use my knowledge in AI and IT to do something good and new in this field. Now is my question, do you guys have any ideas on how to approach this? The most logical choice would be doing a PhD, or some kind of research but I am not sure which university is really looking for this. Right now in Belgium, where I live, there is none. (I am not bounded by country though). Any company doing extensive research on this would be highly welcomed. I just know I want to do something in this field, as I feel like this is really important to be studied about, and I would like to add something to this. Kind regards and much love
  2. Just think of this.. Do you feel like the friendships you have, do any good to you as a person? How do these friends make you feel? How much thought goes to them? How much suffering/worrying is due to them? A simple rule I live by, if people, even best friends, start to become toxic to you and start to hold you back or make you depressed, then cut it off. It might seem like a selfish decision but it's not at all. Knowing what's best for you isn't selfish. If anything, it's selfless, because you'll most likely grow much more and become a better version of your self thanks to cutting them off, doing the world a favor. If you feel like what I'm saying could apply to your situation, what do is talk to them and explain your feelings. You could tell them you need to work on yourself and that it would only be possible if you didn't communicate with them for a while. If they're good people, they'd give you the space you need.
  3. Yes, it's tinnitus. I don't have it, but you have to watch out for loud noises. It is indeed incurable as far as I know..
  4. @How to be wise Wise words. Sad, in a sense. But the truth.
  5. @Bluebird Thanks <3
  6. <3 lovely. Awesome to see you progressing on the path. Lots of love and strength to you, dear fellow
  7. While being a monk sounds really nice. There's something in me that really feels like it wants to impact the world and have a real influence in this lifetime. Becoming a monk basically means you leave society and just work on yourself. In my eyes it seems so egocentric, I don't know. I am probably wrong about this.
  8. @Joseph Maynor do you ever still look back / worry?
  9. I've been struggling with this quite a bit. Taking peace with "not knowing" The "what if" situations. We never know for sure. About anything. So how to make decisions? How to choose something and "lose" the other thing? What if you don't want to lose the other thing but you already have? How can you be at peace with everything and accept it as it is, even though everything makes you feel like this uneasy feeling of regret or discontentment, because you might've chosen wrongly? I know it's kind of vague. And that you should accept the present moment fully. But how do you guys do this? Accepting? I don't know how to accept sometimes'. I can say to myself "it is what it is, and it is ok like that" but that's just words. How do you really FEEL that this is just good as it is?
  10. Do you consider this a bad or a good thing? The inability to think? It's kind of important for day to day life / work isn't it
  11. @28 cm unbuffed Hm.. Mine also thinks everything she did was right and for the better while some things were just not. I can't really speak though because I have gotten a lot of love from my parents during my childhood and growing up. Very caring (probably a bit too caring). So I can't imagine what it's like growing up with a mother like that. But it seems like you're going on the right track so I salute you for that. Can't imagine the consequences it must've had on your development.
  12. Did she acknowledge anything you said or did she just take it and didn't go into it?
  13. @Highest Not your mistake! Much love. Wise father you have! Although sometimes that's easier said than done!
  14. @Highest "harsh judgement" is just a label you give to it. As you know now it wasn't directed to you, but I would like to elaborate on that. Saying someone might have some repressed emotions isn't harsh judgement, it's a invitation for the person to look deeper into what's causing this instead of just labelling it as "side effects of the spiritual path". Everything has its root. You just have to find the root and pull it out. But if you don't even realize there's a root at all, the branches will just keep on growing.
  15. @Shadowraix Thank you for this reply. Maybe it's a natural defense mechanism kicking in. I loved the openness and honesty of your initial reply though. I am also still struggling with repressed emotions. I try to confront them fully when in meditation. The way I know that they are repressed is that they are still creeping up once in a while and I try to flee from them. It's easier to flee than to face it most of the time, but it's not sustainable and not healthy in the long run. They will catch up with you eventually. Sooner or later. Better be done with them when you can