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  1. @Ero Oh, this is what you meant with high consciousness resources I didn't know this page existed. Thanks for posting it here! Loved the read.
  2. 15g is fine, is about the same as 2g dried Tea, depends on yourself. If u don't like the taste, make it a tea. I personally don't but know people who do I think not that long? Maybe a small week or less
  3. @Ero I am not very familiar with those, you can post it! It's not mine anyways Edit: thank you a lot for your incredible input!!!
  4. https://upliftconnect.com/why-i-quit-ayahuasca/ After 1000 Ayahuasca ceremonies one would think you would be very high in the spiral dynamics spectrum / full blown enlightened. Where do you think she stands on this @Leo Gura? To me it sounds she had some very profound realizations and a clear understanding of non duality.
  5. @Danioover9000 And does she feel emotions? Is she trapped? Is she happy? Is she scared about her future? Does she like being a spirit? Does she understand why she is? So weird all to me.. And thanks for the answer!
  6. @Natasha are (you) "enlightened"?
  7. Im not sure how old you are but.. How is it with your privacy? When you want to watch porn/have sex/ whatever She is after 4 years like a close friend... So... She is everywhere with you? Do you talk about anything? Does she go with you everywhere? Did she tell you about her past / story? Can u have long conversations? Do u ask her answers to questions u don't know? I don't know I have so many questions
  8. @Leo Gura You need a research study to prove it
  9. @Nahm Wow Nahm. I can't believe how much time and effort you put into this to help me understand what I experienced. I couldn't thank you enough. It will take a while for me to read everything carefully and fully grasp the depth of your insights in a way that respects every effort it took! But as of right now I would like to express my honest appreciation and gratefulness to your input and you! I never expected such thoroughful input. Really. Love you so much!
  10. @Serotoninluv Love that! Perfectly said! <3 It's something Eckhart Tolle would say.
  11. To start off: This was by far my most intense trip. Galindoi is known as a drug with very strong visuals, hallucinations, and boy did it own up to its name. The trip was split in three phases First phase The mild phase. This is the phase that I am used to with my previous trips. Although "mild" might not be the best word to describe it. I'd rather call it "no discomfort", not "unpleasant". Like a good soothing feeling. In this mild phase, I went very deep into thought. Or tried to, because my friend who I was tripping with burst into laughter now and then, which pulled me out of my deep state. During this mild phase, I could feel very intense love, care, compassion, sympathy, tenderness. It was a self-reflecting state where I was re evaluating my past life actions, giving me a bird eyes view over my connection with people until now, and what is holding me back from being more loving and compassionate for the people that surround me. It taught me lessons about being more grateful, less self-centered, and less high-demanding. Seeing the good in people without linking it to conditions. Being more unconditionally loving and grateful for the people around me and my life in general. This phase also had some beautiful visuals on the ceiling, my hands, my friends face, plants,... This phase, was very gentle on me, and left me feeling very good. Second phase Trip to Narnia. We went outside for this. My friends house is close to a river, with lots of flowers, plants, trees, pools,... It was as if we were walking through a jungle. Endlessly. The road kept on coming and it was if there was no end to it. I could feel the nature around me. It was as if there were 20x more plants and trees than usual. And everything was very bright, very light. Everytime I blinked my eyes, my visual changed, became distorted, as if everything shifted from place to place, to different structures, like a puzzle being rearranged. The objects making up the puzzle were constant, but the puzzle pieces changed from different locations. So a cow I saw previously on the bottom left of my eye would turn up somewhere totally random with the original location replaced by a big tree, or an oasis. It was as if I was inside a painting of Dali, or Van Gogh. Probably a combination of both. Everything felt surreal and very intense. I had the feeling that we were never coming home, which got me a bit stressed. But we were singing along the way, touching the grass, staring at the cows, enjoying the views. Third phase Now this went to a whole new level, like.. damn. We arrived back home and this is were I got more into my mind. Borderline psychotic. I was seeing every person that had a role in my life, that I had a connection with. Or even celebrities. I suddenly had the intense feeling that I had lived every one of these persons lives before, and that now, it was my turn, in this role, as me.But I had seen this life from a different perspective, with me as the friend, or as the fan. In different roles. Everything was connected in one big giant loop, where its creator was laughing and just watching us go. It was also as if everything was running parallel at the same time. That I was living everyones life simultaneously. There was no more past, or future. Everything that had happened, is happening now. So basically I had the feeling that I had lived everyones life, but at the same time, I was living everyones life right now, and that I had constant deja vus, because I had the feeling that I had seen this all before from all perspectives while actually all the perspectives were being formed right now, simultaneously. But the combination of these different perspectives made me have deja vus all the time. If that makes any sense? I can try to clarify this part more, but it's hard to bring it into words. I couldn't really think of time as a concept anymore, it was one big joke, for all I know I could be living in the 15th century and that would be the most logical thing ever. Time was just a joke, everything was kind of a joke. Then, it started to become more scary. I was stuck in a loop, literally. A loop in the physical world, a loop of like a few minutes, that kept on repeating for what seemed like an eternity. My friend would ask me if I needed some food, I'd say sure, she'd bring me the food. Then I took one bite, and gave it back, her returning the plate. And then the circle started over again, my friend would ask me if I needed some food, and bam. The same actions took place. Everything was suddenly reduced to this one minute loop, with my friend running back and forth with the plate, asking the same questions, and me answering the same everytime. It was as if the world was just me and her, and the plate of food. And nothing else existed. With the loop infinitely repeating. Then suddenly my thoughts became more dark. I had the sudden paranoid feeling that my friend would hurt herself, or me myself. Then I was trying to rationalize why people murder each other, what goes on in their mind to be murdering people. Consequently I was thinking, why do we label murder as bad? and solving the murder as good? Why cant it be the other way around? Or does it make total sense? One person murders another, and one person solves the murder. Everything was just a circle going around, one person performing an action which caused to other person to earn their living. It was suddenly the most logical thing ever, and productive, like a full circle completed. That was a very weird strain of thought. I could suddenly rationalize this behaviour. Although I never had to urge to harm myself, or my friend, I was just thinking about why people do things they do, and how it makes the world work. I was scared however, about my friend, and everytime i lost her out of sight, I yelled at her to make sure she wasn't doing anything stupid. I was also constantly trying to ground myself, repeating my name, my age, which century I was in. But after a while I couldnt even answer those questions myself. I suddenly forgot who I was, how old I was and which century I was living in. It didn't matter anyways, because everything was connected and everything was running parallel to each other, so it didnt even make sense tho ask these questions, cause there was no answer. I was not an age, and I was not living in a century because I was every age and every century. Like there was no distinction between centuries and ages, as if those concepts didnt exist or matter anyway. Then I got the scary feeling that I would not get out of this trip, that I would get stuck in it mentally and suddenly I saw myself in a mental hospital never returned to normal, seeing things that werent there and making connections that didnt makes sense. Then I was calling another friend on the phone and everything seemed to be put on fast forward, I made constant connections to everything and it was as if the story was changing every second. Going deeper into the depth of it. And it was as if my friend was playing along with it, there was no real sense in the conversation we were having, because every second the conversation would start over about something else. As if there was no start or ending just endless chatting about nonesense with no meaning but just for the sake of talking in general. But my friend didnt know I was tripping so for him the conversation went as normal, but for me it was as if we were not really having a conversation at all. Just two people talking in an endless time loop. Ill read this again tomorrow and add more stuff, but thats about it now. @Nahm, Would love to hear your insights on this? Cheers all!
  12. @Conrad How would you become conscious of God, sober, permanently. Through meditation?
  13. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/j5zqwp/competitive-psychedelic-users-are-chasing-ego-death-and-losing-their-sense-of-self