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  1. I'm in the same boat. I'm in limbo phase to start doing any sort of job.
  2. I've somewhat social anxiety. I wanna try this. It's very simple actually
  3. @hyruga Re-reading and reviewing your notes are gonna give 10x more value out of a book.
  4. First figure out what sort of value you want that align with your goals and then look for resources to get it. You're reversing the process.
  5. I wonder whether these kinds of ideas can actually help resolve your and my social anxiety problems in the long term. Understanding the problem at its root (books help a lot), self-reflection, gradual behavioral adjustments, correcting erroneous beliefs, and other techniques have helped me.
  6. I can spend hours and hours reading books or reading on reddit. Figure something like that.
  7. simply understand that you've developed a radically different mindset than what is normal around you and that's Ok. They are not dumb, they are at different level. Even if you don't like them as they are, You need to have meaningful relations with your community otherwise you gonna be miserable. You can try to find some common grounds with people to establish your connections.
  8. Andrew tate is a mind virus. Surely, he sounds the best role model for the young masculine energy and specially to red and orange people. Leo is absolutely a gem. I can't imagine without Leo I'd have become so much aware of reality. I can't thank him enough. Tate sounds good but can't you see where it will lead you in the long term. Violence, misogyny and Narcissism. If you want some fancy self-help I'd suggest you watching Mark Manson and his blog.
  9. @Ajax Hey smart Ass. don't scare me. tell me the joke.
  10. @Princess Arabia Everybody have answers and fewer take pain questioning their answers.
  11. @Sidra khan Just that indicates that you fully undoubtedly accepts whatever he says. That's very dangerous thing to do.