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  1. Is there a way to permanently solve feeling bad after rejection and should we do it, or should we accept it as a common evolutionary experience.
  2. Thanks, that is what I am planning to do. But I'm very confused where all this resolving trauma thing comes in? Should I try resolving Trauma? It it even possible to deeply resolve all your trauma?
  3. I understand, these is all interesting experiences and insights. Do you think that it is even possible to completely get rid of trauma and it's effects? It seems like you have done a lot of work trying to do so. Also is it really self hatred, or is it just trying your hardest to prevent situations that have hurt you. Also could you tell me some benefits you got from resolving trauma?
  4. @Zedman Where can I learn more about these complex processes
  5. Yup your right, but I think it can be useful. Probably not the best to use it all the time
  6. Do you think your life is better after healing your trauma? Maybe trauma isn't a bad thing. Do you know any way I could get disciplined without using fear? Lmk. Thanks for responding.
  7. @nhoktinvt This does not make sense, how can you possibly transfer trauma?
  8. I get extreme motivation when thinking about my past trauma. I feel angry, and ready to do whatever it takes to achieve my goal. It is somewhat acts like an antidote to laziness. Many people refer to this as one's dark side. Should I use my dark side? Is there any negative consequences to using trauma as a source of motivation. Let me know.
  9. Oh. I picture what your going through to some extent due to someone I know who is going through a similar situation, it has limited her in many many ways. I really really hope you find a cure if there is one. So no-matter what you do, the health of the body really effects your happiness. But what about all this "suffering is in the mind" shit gurus keep talking about. Is it all bullshit? I mean I'm curious on what the point of all this work is if a physical ailment can take the effects away.
  10. So much self actualization work, so many awakenings. Leo, how happy are you with your life? What would you describe your life? I'm asking this because I just watched an old video where you described the vision for a self actualized life. Would you consider your life fully self actualized?
  11. @Leo Gura Relative no?
  12. I'm so confused, What does this mean, isn't everything truth. It kinda seems like a catch phrase lmao.
  13. Then it almost seems like there is no truth whatsoever though no? Like in science its super easy because we all have pretty much the same experience of the physical world (atleast when we describe it), therefore its easier to fundamentally say this is right or wrong. In spirituality it seems to be different, its almost as if you can never know if your right.
  14. @Thought Art Thanks! The stage that I am at I'll have a set of beliefs and conclusions. This makes sense.