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  1. Okay, not sure if you have travel experience before or not if you dont have, dont make Egypt your first adventure lol it could be tough for you if you are not very good at finance learn more about it because gonna make huge difference, travel is really expensive so you need to minimize that expense a much as possible
  2. you can visit this country for a while like maybe 3 months, but indeed this country is not the most stable one and its getting worse here yeah it would be an amazing experience but you need a bit of money too. not really a county where you have a future in it i dont know much about it but its probably a more conservative place i live in 10th of Ramadan close to cairo lol you can put them in any of that cities but like if its cairo you can go to new cairo for ex if its dahab well most of it Aswan, Luxor i wouldn't really stay there for long you can get a hotel or airbnb too instead of rent don't come here alone it not the best country for female solo travel really and pick one city like dahab and stick to it since it gonna take you half a day to go from dahab to Cairo its pretty unrealistic to have your stuff to have your belongings in one place and you are in another. also if you wanna have a short trip dont take too much stuff
  3. I wanted to share the unity thing perfect example for stage orange but someone already did it anyway why not more content
  4. Can i get the post in my DM ? too see what is it am curious now
  5. I have shades of yellow but am not tier 2, tho we can discuss any topics so can be friends if you want am 23 but a read and learn a lot
  6. Hi Sabth, i moved to Egypt 2 years ago so i can leave the hellish life of Syria, so i can offer some feedback, Am not sure where you are from, but of you are from the west i suggest you certain places to move to like 5th settlement in new Cairo zamalek "well am talking Cairo here" is filled with westerns too but its supper expensive (these places have tons of English speaking insiders and outsiders) also outside of Cairo, dahab is great, for work there is a lots of work opportunists here if you speak Arabic sometime you only need English, and the best thing to do here to own a business since you wont make much money being an employee unless you have a niche skill that is in demand, working online is great idea too if you know what you are doing Egypt has so much in it like its insanely big both extremes of wealth of poverty and many extremes, Egyptians are extremely nice people but every country have its scammers criminals etc so please stay safe do so much research on the places you wanna visit talk to many people from your own country that been there. well your decision could be an amazing experience as there is a lots to see here but be-careful dont give your trust to people easily this is the middle east i spend a lots of time walking and talking to people in all of cairo almost every city of it if i can help you with any other question you have feel free to let me know ill check this thread later @Phil King yeah but always asking real humans is much better
  7. Seriously you are not gonna make new videos ?
  8. what is it, is my questions out of this world lol @Spiritual Warrior well i just wanna understand more really that my aim with this post i am only focusing on success and some yoga that is really am just really curious to know and understand so many things and i do read and learn a lot and thanks btw
  9. well yeah indeed, so i guess wont get a lots of of answers here
  10. How comes a country like the US has so much stage blue in it yet its much more progressive than the middle east ? Will stage orange in me ,merge into higher stages, i do value hard work, productivity, efficiency, creativity, and technology but i am i try to not manipulate my way to the top i try to focus on my muse what my heart really want, do lower stages merge into higher one in a healthy manifestation or is the orange in my is just main stream orange ?, i dont really value gross at all cost but am still in point in my life where i need to focus on success to escape the the toxic dogmatic places that am still stuck in the middle east, if i desire a to be mega successful but point my success in positive in the positive direction "i only want to make world class animation and few more projects" i dont wanna be the wealthiest man alive but i do love working and id love to build big projects doing animation at the level i want requires millions of dollars, i dont wanna be misguided or self deceived and get trapped in the trap of materials but also wanna grow and achieve big projects and ideas, i hope to get @Leo Gura feedback, what can i do if my whole family is stage blue and anyone of they that knows about my world view would wanna gaslight me into coming back to religion, i heard a million time the impression that am a bad person and i should come back to god and repent start praying times a day, go to the mosque to join that cult, is there a way to deal with blue without being effected by them am sick of it honestly i got mentally ill from that (am glad that am succeeding more and more but might take me 2 years before moving out to a better country ) "ill mention again that am form Syria here xd" since my life is brutally hard i had to leen more conservative the past year, i dont wanna be stuck on lower stages of development, how can i watch out for that i feel like the left aka stage green is going to far left on so many things is it true i feel like people should have a healthy degree of conservatism is that true too ? What i should not do while selling my product, and what ideas should watch out for, i feel like i start bullshiting my self on many things lol related to success, i dont wanna live in my own bullshit, its really hard to do conscious business, but its probably doable also if i value the environment and value other people like sometime if i wanna be effective i need to be tough on the people i wanna hire (not now am still dont have a lots of money) because if i lost too much ill end up on the street, but i also care about other human how do i strike a balance should i be super clear with them about how the business works (if i got x numbers of sales this year i definitely need few people to help me out next year), how do i hire in a conscious way am really curious to know, because if i were to soft ill suffer if i were too harsh other human will suffer i dont wanna any of that when would i know if the money am paying is fair since the business nature of things that you are taking risk in that move. also is it true that stage turquoise is somewhat similar to blue since turquoise has the character building and many things that blue want but cant get ? can stage yellow be mega successful ? or will it not value success to much so it tend to be not mega successful can there be someone who is mega successful but also super conscious ? if that is possible i want it but id rather be at budda (oh sorry leo it awake lol well basically mean highest possible levels of wakening but also with being so conscious that i transcend suffering and live my life for someone that is creative and self less thing how i can make people life better "its so easy for me to live in my own bullshit and be self deceived so am asking here to get feedback " ) level than mega successful if both are not possible okay one last one is it true that stage green sometime lucks discipline and character makes it weak unrealistic, i feel like stage green has as much limitation as stage orange but its much more conscious to the people suffering and environments and how comes that many of the US presidents are stage blue but yets somewhat support the democratic system like bush and older ones, how democracy was created not bey stage green but lower stages on the spiral ? and is Europe generally speaking more evolve that the US when it comes to spiral development, i feel like Australia too is already much more green that the average US score is it also a bad things if i kept going with success even after hitting my old goals "now they are current goals" ? since i love work and creating projects or should i stop making money lol then also i remember what families look like at stage green yellow and above ? is there a tangible examples ?are families stables there or its not a matter of spiral development ? since orange pretty much have the most broken relationships cycles should families and relationships last a lifetime or not too and will it usually ? i see many stage green people as well having solid relationships then it breaks (well its much better than orange but still not very stable if someone wants kids) okay okay i also remember this is the idea of communism total fantasy lol or what so i think capitalism and communism should co exist is that true ? what about the idea of a commune that a child doesn't necessary need a mom and dad or with the mom and dad a comminiuty/commune to rise children in a given society is that the future ? with social safety nets (am trying to image what families would look like at green yellow and turquoise )
  11. omg i never seen this, old leo is so cute and leftist careless vibes vs the serious somewhat anal and conservative lol Edit i still love leo the new one but the old one is different
  12. Mindfully observe your mind and thoughts and people minds and thoughts you will find how meaning and value is constructed not discovered, epically when it comes to things like products marketed by humans some products cost shit tons while only cost few dollars to make, in mars currently plants are worthless money is worthless a million dolor on mars is worthless (gonna be meaningless too meaning and worth are connected), i million dollar only has value in the matrix we call human society that lives in the people mind, When something doesn't serve our survival we gave almost no attention to it too lol , life is purposeless ultimately for us we can have a purpose for it, why because having a purpose for life defeat life itself, it will be a race to get to that purpose and ending life lol So we do projection mostly to help us in our survival and copping with life, also we love creating stories and believing in them part of our sense making mechanism. btw, you can see projection clearly when you see someone having really hard time and he is the religious type his belief in god and how there is heaven and angles and if he prayed to god will help him out can help these people quite a lot psychologically
  13. tbh zen Buddhism rhythm with my personality, but i see it as a tool (not sure if it will be embedded) do you think now DMT can help you reach awakening ? also:
  14. lol lol but i really feel like leo have changed,i bet most of us here love him and care about truth i dont think there is a need for harsh language, and no need for bashing on Buddhism and non duality since all of ideas and thoughts and worlds are ultimately nothingness, and any system has it it own limitation