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  1. I shouldn't Even take psychedelics yet, i smoke weed in rarely. I'm only 19. Like it's Said you must Be 25 years old at least, for The psychedelic experience
  2. Wow that story gave me goosepumps! This made seriously reconsider psychedelics, and stick with meditation only.
  3. I'm from Finland and meditation has Been a habit of mine for 3 years
  4. @now is forever it Will Be easy for me to abstain from alcohol, I Will try not consume it
  5. Relapsed to cigarettes on no smoking Day 5. I got drunk, bought a Pack of smokes. Smoked a Pack in 2 days, now it's Back to Day 1. I really gotta get My shit together
  6. Here it goes no smoking Day 1!
  7. @Arkandeus ok I Will try the 852hz waves, for meditation Thanks!
  8. So is your third eye open? How did you open it?
  9. @now is forever thanks! I'm on Day 4 now on My reboot Cigarettes Day 0
  10. @Edward95 he talked about IT shortly on The video "how society fuckS you in The ASS" If I remember correctly
  11. @now is forever You're lucky there to never getting addicted to porn It's such a destructive habit, smoking included