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  1. My worry is specifically in my country Sweden. Where immigration is extremely high, integration is basically nonexistent and also holding the most expensive welfare system in the world my forecast doesn't look to bright. Too much green to fast, and no orange counter to green lack of practicality. But on the other hand to little yellow to understand the rootcauses.
  2. According to Eckhart Tolle there seems to be. He is saying that a part of the feminine movement is an reaction to an excess of yang(maculine energy). And excess of yin(feminine energy) produces fascism. 54.30-60.00
  3. Radical implications of the conflict. Here's a documentary claiming that the true location of the temple was in the city of david, a few hundred meters from temple mount where it is commonly believed that the temple stood will be built. If this was true it would solve the core emotional issue of the conflict. Another thought that's a little bit woo-woo and out there. IF there would be a collective jewish acceptence of this "fact", then that might serve as the "miracle" that is talked about in religious scriptures.
  4. This was a super interesting post. Could you possibly elaborate on the concept of false equivalency?
  5. Gothenburg, Sweden, which is my hometown, has a lot of green. It's loosely concidered to be the leftist city of Sweden, which is one of the greenest countries in the world.
  6. I've been struggling with the same problem. I live in a big city(half a million) in Sweden and live above all the clothing stores and from my kitchen window I can see all the people spending their paychecks on clothes and the walk along the street like robots just waiting for something to spend the money on. This annoys the shit out of me. Thank you for this post. It was super useful to me!
  7. I want to understand the world wars from a Spiral Dynamics-perspective, and other historical events as well. What are your thoughts on these questions? What was Europe like before the wars? What was Europe like in between the wars? What the caused the friction between the stages? And which stages were generally involved in the wars? How did Europe(cultures) evolve after the war and how does it all connect to Spiral Dynamics? Both on a micro and macro level. For example Society, Business, clothes, food, Etc. If you have any other thoughts, of other historical events changed society from one stage to another, please share.
  8. @Rilles Hej hej! Var i Sverige håller du hus?
  9. Gothenburg, Sweden I remember reading a post from Leo, a while ago, saying that he would add function to the forum to create meetups. Does anyone know what happened there?