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  1. you can just do everything you did before, why would it change?
  2. @Logan I watched the blog video, very good one!
  3. Thanks for all the answers, I will take your advices in consideration.
  4. Stop with this question please, you all know that the best investment is in yourself and in creating value. Invest in books, courses, life coaches, experiences, your own buisness or someone else's buisness if you really vibrate with what they are doing.
  5. @EmptyVase Tanks for your answer, Shure, I understand that everybody has lived different experiences so we all have particular strengths and weaknesses to work on. I think I will just have to explore a lot of content and apply it to see what helps me the most. The dreamboard looks interesting. I never did one but I guess it would truly help me. I will most likely focus on life purpose and motivation (yes, I need to take the life purpose course).
  6. Hi, After 4 years following actualized.org, I realized that the most recent videos were not really helpful because I didn't work on my foundations enough (basic self help, self-esteem, relationships, productivity and life purpose). What are the videos I should watch again? Which books from the list would you recommend (you can identify it by saying the nth book from the section m)? If you have any other recommendations, I would be happy to hear from you. ❤️
  7. Well, let's start with Ikagai!
  8. @Nahm I saw your message about thinking in a different perspective about something that affects you personnaly ( In the Brain Fog thread ) and I wonder if there are useful ressources or practices to include in my daily life to do this. I also wonder how much it affects one's life if applied properly.
  9. It's so beautiful to have people from different countries and cultures on this forum!
  10. Ok, I didn't know about that. I just discovered this channel and only watched 2 of his videos. Do you have the name or the link to the videos where he explains his views on religion and myscticism?
  11. He seems to have a pretty good undersdtanding of politics and how governments want to stay in power at all costs, like the human instinct of survival. To me, this is yellow perspective of politics fom the spiral dynamics. What do you think about it?
  12. Study the different spiritual traditions that used them (like shamanism) and see their views on psychedelics.
  13. @Bryan Lettner I think it is an interesting system to set up for lower stages of spiral dynamics, however money is just an external motivation, people will not seek conciousness for the sake of conciousness but for money. It is not an healthy motivation. Higher stages won't be interested in money anymore and will have internal motivations.
  14. You are too serious when you can't look at yourself in an other perspective and laugh. If you are deadly serious about a topic (like politics or religion) it is a dogma, you are closed to other perspectives.