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  1. And if there are two infinities.. That is a duality and all dualities collapse. So there must be an infinity of infinities ad infinitum.
  2. Nothing is outside of God. Because whatever is... must be God. God Imagines forever, and it even sort of transcends forever and contains infinite possible forevers within it. It also imagines 'why' and 'how' and exists prior to those things.
  3. Wondering what you think? 1. Not learning to deal with failure 2. Not taking life serisouly 3. Half assing life 4. Letting yourself be distracted 5. Not being willing to really look at how your behavior is shaping your life 6. Not enjoying what is...
  4. @Emotionalmosquito Try low dose and slowly work up
  5. That goes against my tripping protocol… I’m too huggy… have a strict no moving or touching protocol now with any trips… unless it’s like some low dose fun with a loved one. whether is 5meo or nn… or any psych… I recommend doing it alone or only around people who are willing and aware of what you are doing and the protocols for safety.
  6. @Leo Gura games on DMT? That makes no sense to me when I think of a DMT trip..
  7. @bloomer no. Jamie Griffith was jumping out of bushes grabbing women’s boobs and asses and then running away with a smirk on his face then he played the victim card. Just be calibrated and go slow. Smile and have fun. you have the intent on having a good night with these women it will come through. just don’t assault people like Jamie.
  8. How goes human to prove anyone can become god like.
  9. "When Love is Gone... Where does it go? and where do we go?" -
  10. This is probably true. I can understand you feeling some shame or hurt about it. Keep working toward mental health instead of taking pride in your illness and blaming others. If you want. It's a path you may take which has many rewards.
  11. @Bazooka Jesus I don't think so. "Frostyyy the snow man" It's not clear. The is definitely saying that "true love will find you in the end" Truth=Love
  12. As is mental illness. Maybe people have trouble understanding one another when we think and act different. I tend to try to take responsibility for my neurosis instead of blaming people who don't have them for not people pleasing me.
  13. @something_else I agree. I did more research and though it’s not clear in this guys case he was literally jump assaulting women in that area not just her. So it makes sense his sentence. It should be fine.