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  1. Regarding Leo's latest video on Ketamine, besides whats happening right now around the world people waking up to the heeling potential of Psychedelics and Ketamine infusion clinics, Johnson & Johnson has a Paton on their own Ketamine what they call SPRAVATO® (esketamine) - Its approved by the FDA for treatment resistant depression. all insurance companies approving it. Its unbelievable to see the direction the world is heading to, with MDMA in phase 3 clinical trial (and i think shrums in phase 2)
  2. I wonder if it is so helpful why isn't it more popular?? were talking about an FDA approved Psychedelic!
  3. @The Lucid Dreamer @acidgoofy @Benton Thanks guys. Anyone else?
  4. I know its not anywhere close to a breakthrough classic psychedelic so i'm not comparing it. However it does seem to have some proven results if taken in the right set and setting combined with therapy. What is your take? Any personal experience? Any advice? Thanks guys.
  5. @BipolarGrowth True or false?
  6. @BipolarGrowth How do you explain this? Or perhaps explain better?
  7. @Benton Are you saying surrendering to the episode can actually prevent a person from becoming psychotic? If a random person experiences a psychotic brake down and he is surrenders to it it wont effect him??
  8. @amanen @lostingenosmaze @JuliusCaesar @RMQualtrough @BipolarGrowth Thanks for your answers. Here's what i'm wondering... Is it right to say its all an Ego game? Can we say the way out is through? Can we say its all fear thats created by the Ego and if we have the power brains and courage to face that fear we can overcome it?
  9. And maybe dose Leo just have Schizophrenia/Psychoses? Based on all his teachings we can easily say so... i am not saying yes or no... i'm just bringing my point out
  10. Take a look at this questions and see how much of is a normal conversation for example here in the actualized community, but in the mental health world itll be a concern... see my dilemma? thats why i'm asking if psychoses even exist
  11. Ive been asking this question for a long time, i decided to ask it here on the form lets see what comes out.. Can someone explain what exactly happens in the brain when someone gets a psychotic break? From a Spiritual perspective i feel its just in a different State of consciousness.. Since i last had (about 2 years ago) a bad shrooms trip (very potent and probably to much of a dosage) i developed an anxiety and fear of getting a psychotic break... and thats holding me back from moving forward and tripping again, i so much want to... If anyone can shine some light i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you guys!
  12. He found a way making more money, he basically hit a dead end now what? lets do a new curse and say i'm fully awake. The guy is smart and CAN be dangerous if your not careful. You are NOT God you are a part of God and the same time not separate from him
  13. Blablablabla. just reed what i wrote and think about it. don't stop. I love you all guys. But you came hare for a reason. Yes part of it is to find out who you are and find God on the deepest ways possible. But there's much more to it, don't be fooled and don't stay stuck here guys, wake up!
  14. @Consilience I understand this is how you might interpreted but i have no way of controlling it. The reason i didn't go into details is not to show that i have something anyone doesn't. I know the minute i say it everyone will start debating it right or wrong false or truth.. so i've chosen to leave it that way. I'm just encouraging all to keep on searching. Good day!