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  1. Omg, you are the best haha thanks
  2. I take everything back. The video is very good, very nuanced. I was so, so pleasantly surprised
  3. Why are you assuming you have to deconstruct people's minds. Do you want to have these conversations to "win" them? Don't even bother with people like Sam Harris or JP. Even if you win, you lose. If you ever went to Joe Rogan for example, you'd be better off just having a totally chill conversation (maybe alongside throwing some nuggets of wisdom here and there), instead of focusing on deconstructing his mind and stuff. You could talk about nutrition, how the work has changed your life, some interesting stuff you definitely have up your sleeve, etc etc. Just flow with the conversation. Going in there as the cool dude you already are would definitely bring you a lot more people.
  4. Haven't you talked about JP enough? I don't like JP, and yet I don't like the idea of making a video about him. Please don't become antagonistic. Is this really in line with "the work"?
  5. @Scholar A great analysis on your part, bro. I agree completely.
  6. @Scholar I saw only one comment about him being arrogant. A bunch about being a cult leader (classic) and many about not bringing the point home, not answering clearly, etc. Yeah Exactly Well, I wonder what Leo will be able to do with the conversation format in the future. I'm rooting for him
  7. @Leo Gura I've listened to the first 30 minutes. A suggestion you might consider: When your time is limited during a conversation and you can't go into much depth (which is very likely to happen), maybe don't spend so much time talking about confusions and defense mechanisms and instead try to get to the point asap. I feel like you didn't really address the questions Charlie asked because of your strategy. It all depends on what your goal is. If it was to have a deep intellectual conversation in which 2 people are trying to get to the bottom of the truth, well, your strategy would be good I guess. So, so many thing need to be clarified first. But I presume that your goal was not that - it was to spread the word and get some new people on board. In that case I think your best course of action would be to just present your ideas boldly without talking about objections, clarifications and all that kind of stuff. I really liked the boldness in your latest video on gender. You could have used some of that in the interview. Well, it's extremely fucking tough to navigate. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe my suggestion would have resulted in Charlie and the audience getting more defensive. I don't know. It's a difficult thing you're trying to do here, lol. Good luck
  8. Great idea, btw. The 33th sub here @Preety_India Nahh, I wasn't good enough with video editing to even apply haha
  9. I'd actually switch the logos between his two channels. So that the main one has the actualized logo and the clips one has Leo's face. Because after all, is not about Leo, right? It stands for sth else. That's my loose suggestion I find the logo very aesthetic.
  10. Consult your intuition You know it deep down. Contemplate these kind of things when you're "at your best", when you're conscious and all. Don't do it when you're exhausted or you experience severe emotional reactions. You want your vision to be as clear as possible.
  11. Why do you want your games to be high consciousness? Play what you want. Also contemplate why you're even playing in the first place. Is it because you want to grow in consciousness? Probably not. I assume you want to just relax, take your mind off things. So if your aim is to relax, play whatever best accomplishes that goal. I personally like fps games. For you it might be sth else. If that thing is conscious games, then great! But do a double check Sometimes we actually desire to like "conscious stuff", because we want to maintain our identity of being a spiritual or conscious person. There is time for consciousness work, and then there's time for relaxation and sh!t. You don't need high consciousness in every domain possible
  12. Of course you do, haha. Both are very useful. Good for you, man!
  13. Loool this is definitely the case. I experience this a LOT. Lately I've started rewatching Phineas and Ferb hahahaha I seem to consider such "nostalgia waves" to be a kind of a backlash. I think there's a correlation. This is a powerful force that makes me completely distract myself, works almost everytime. Sometimes I just miss being totally carefree, playing Club Penguin all day and immersing myself in that reality that's an easier way to live, huh? Of course being conscious and present in this moment is superior, but there are times when I can't make an effort to do anything (like today) and I just wish everything was simpler. My friends don't experience this, however. I know because I asked 'em. Guess it's SOMEWHAT reassuring that I'm not the only one with this. Although the problem still stands, so... (the problem being distraction and deep emotional connection, of course) The letting go technique could prove useful here.
  14. It can be... but this optimism is not a defining characteristic of green. A lot of people are holding this hippie stereotype in their mind when they think about green. Well, a green person might as well be down-to-earth as fuck. To me, EDT explains these stages of ego more clearly. There's less focusing on content there, and more on STRUCTURE. It's about how a person thinks, not what he/she does. Of course there are correlations. But being lost in content = not hitting a nail on the head. Being a hippie = content & embracing relativism and a more global worldview (which can lead to becoming a hippie!) = structure. Not gonna comment on your thoughts yellow cuz I feel like don't have enough experience in that stage, although you probably have a point. @Megan Alecia Agree!
  15. I think you're making a great point! To be honest, when I think about masculinity or femininity, it's completely (EDIT: to a certain degree - let's be real, cultural programming is a HUGE part of my psyche) separated from the aspect of gender for me. I could as well call them viewpoint A and viewpoint B. Just different energies, man Which form a beautiful synergy together. Well, despite the fact that the model and duality is not "objective", the balancing act is still there. I would still fluently "switch from one aspect of myself to the other" (not calling this "side" on purpose ) when I feel like it. So I guess the model simply provides a good roadmap. Makes it easier for me to make sense of my attitude.