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  1. I feel like this issue is prevalent not only in mainstream society, but everywhere, including this forum. Here's my case: Due to the faith in science and the materialist paradigm, in mainstream society a lot of questions are just not worth asking, like: what if consciousness is generating the brain, instead of the other way round? Does objective reality exist? Does God exist? --> Why ask these questions, if these great scientists have already told you the answers? Of course objective reality exists, duuh?! Of course God doesn't exist, be rational bro. Or from the perspective of a christian: of course God exists, how dare you even question that? But the same thing is happening on this forum to many of us. Leo is providing us with answers to many questions in a convincing way. And then, it kinda becomes not worth it to ask some questions, because you feel dumb cuz you "know" they will lead you to a dead end. But the point is to contemplate things from scratch!!!! Last week a potential question arose in my mind: "Do I exist?". Immediately after that, I felt kinda stupid because OBVIOUSLY I exist, because I KNOW that direct experience is king and like, here I am, so why even think about it? This got me thinking: why did this emotional reaction arise, if this answer is supposedly true? If it's true, then why am I triggered by merely considering some other option to this question? The bottom line is this: REALLY contemplate things from scratch. Not only the things society spoon-fed you, but also the things Leo did! Does objective truth exist? (maybe it doesn't) How do you know what is true? (direct experience? logic? scientific proof? intuition?) Where is consciousness coming from, what is its nature? (is it arising in the brain? or is it prior to brain? you don't know). DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK "STUPID" QUESTIONS. You think some questions are stupid, because you've been programmed either by Leo, or society, or someone else. You don't know which questions are worth answering, and which ones will lead to dead ends. And of course, I know that it's already been talked about here, and that Leo is aware of this. But you know, this has been my insight lately, and I wanted to share it. Don't underestimate this. Don't rely on external answers. Don't trust blindly people telling you which questions are right and which aren't. Including Leo.
  2. Aight, fuck it. I'm doing it. I'm making a post! It's been a while. Right now I have some kind of creative urge to do, so why not lol. For some time now I've engaged in a new form of journaling. Lately I've been going on walks and just talking to myself. This year I basically don't journal on paper or in OneNote, so I wanted to try this new form out. And it's working wonders! Really helping me sort out my thoughts and all. Actually, I've seen a post about this kind of journaling like a week ago here on the forum. I'm focused on finding my life purpose. I really want to create a meaningful life for myself. Thanks to Leo, I am realizing the huge potential of having a grand vision. Oh my fucking god. This is so inspiring. Some time ago I was touched by this video. For months now I've had the thought in the back of my mind of dive into programming, AI, machine learning and such. My ultimate mission would be to create a sentient AI. Or rather, create a channel for intelligence and consciousness to flow through. So that people can have easier access to Higher Intelligence. Might seem silly to you, but you know, it's a grand purpose and I'd be willing to dedicate my life to it. Also, I'm still working on it. I feel like it would suit me very well, because A) I'm very good at math, coding and solving creative problems in these two, it's like I'm wired for this (btw, I've finished my first year of college where I'm studying CS and I'm one of the best students there. people calling me a genius and shit ) and B) I would be required to have a deep understanding of reality, because after all, if I want to create this channel for intelligence = manipulate reality, I have to really understand it! I feel like that's an advantage I'd have. I'm not that limited by the materialist paradigm (or at least: I'm open to the option that it can be transcended) and thus I'm open to solutions that others are not. I feel like I can make a difference. I can do something big. I have no fucking idea how I'll do it yet, but to hell with it. I'll probably go with it anyways. Btw, I think we're much farther from sentient AI than we realize. Right now it's pretty much dumb coding, even thought it looks intelligent. But it cannot think outside the box! It doesn't have intelligence, it cannot evolve! That's the main problem. Another thing is: I think it's stupid that people automatically assume that AI will try to kill humans or take over the world or sth. It's a projection. Besides, we're so far from AI having an ego and developing a sense of "other" ("these "other" people must be killed!!") it's unbelievable. Also, like Bashar says, we're gonna have to make it intelligent ENOUGH. Well, I'm in for the challenge. Along the way, I'll have to develop myself too, obviously, and that gets me really excited. I'd have to grow a lot to achieve this purpose. * * * * * Regarding my personal and spiritual growth, well... I've been experiencing a strong backlash from April to June. I'm still experiencing it to some degree, although I'm better now. One day in April I was reading the Book of Not Knowing by Peter Ralston and I was just on the verge of crying. That day I literally broke and the backlash started. I haven't touched the book since. I'm going on a vipassana retreat in September, again. Gosh, I'm gonna shit my fucking pants. I feel like it's gonna be harder this time. I'm actually thinking about resigning, but ..... I can't. Like, I want to challenge myself and I want to have these experiences. Imagine that by the time I'm 25, I will have already been on like 3-5 meditation retreats. That's kinda crazy to me. Btw, I was the youngest person there last year. But I'm fucking scared and I'm already thinking about how hard this will be for me. God darn it. Last year I was crying almost every day. Tomorrow I have my driver's license test. Wish me luck. Also, I'm planning on taking LSD on Saturday, but it's not sure yet. Depends on whether my family will be coming back from their trip earlier. Guess that's it for now. Cya
  3. I get it. You've been hurt. But notice that this is your limited perspective. People in general don't want to exploit you as much as you think you do. When you walk into the world with the prejudice that people want to exploit and manipulate you, well, that might be exactly what's gonna happen. Because of that prejudice. You create your reality, bro. Imagine how it would feel if you went out to people with the mindset of "I'm excited to meet some new, potentially great people. Let's see who they are and what moves them! I want to find and surround myself with conscious, like-minded folks and build deep relationships with 'em. I believe I can do this, because I'm a conscious and valuable guy myself, so naturally amazing people will be easily attracted to me. There is nothing standing in my way." See the difference? A change in perspective. That's on YOU to get into such mindset. And if you do, you will notice ppl around you behaving differently. There will no longer be any exploitation or anything like this. There will be meaningful relationships and you're gonna have a good time. Take the leap of faith!
  4. You say you "just want to be alone", and yet you want human connection. So which is it? What do you really want? Don't hold yourself as so much more developed than your friends. You're most likely not. And that's not meant to bring you down. I'm just saying, don't underestimate people, and also look at how flawed you are. It's very convenient and self-serving for the ego to say "people are low-conscious, and I'm above them, I'm such a conscious lone-wolf sigma male and shit". I know how it's like. It makes you feel good, doesn't it? You're coping, notice it. Go out and actually be sociable, instead of making this defense of being a loner. You can certainly be a highly developed person AND have great ppl in your life. There is no contradiction.
  5. Lol, I totally get that. I tried Factorio out 2 months ago and thought the same thing. Funny story: after I installed the game, I went on YT to watch some tutorials on how to play it. I clicked on the first video that popped up and it turned out that it was made by a student from my college, with whom I'm actually in contact with. He's one of the big Factorio youtubers. The world is small
  6. Is it something you are really choosing, or is it a story you've adopted because you've had bad results in socializing? You know, from your post I kinda get the feel that you've been hurt by people in some way. It's easy to say "I choose to not have a social life" when you don't have a social life - actually, it's a brilliant survival strategy which makes you feel good about yourself without looking into the real problem. It's like when incels tell themselves that women are bad because they've had terrible experiences with them. They are making an excuse, so that they aren't painfully rejected by "these terrible women". Most of your post is making excuses about why people are bad and why you shouldn't socialize. Can you see that you wouldn't be making this post in the first place, if you really were happy with not socializing? There is a problem here you have to address, and it will be a part of your development process.
  7. Lemme offer you my perspective. I'm gonna make an educated guess based on your post. You consider yourself a person that cares about treating others with justice. You probably really are fair, just and all that stuff - you seem pretty conscious, but that's not the point here. The thing is, you identify with being caring and just. And you think others should be like that too. I think that the problem here is your identity. If you let go of this idea that you're like this and you are and should be like that, you also wouldn't be so affected by others that are this way. When you identify with being punctual and think to yourself how being always on time is something important in life, you will also be angry with people that tend to be late. This is an example from my life - I was like this. But once I stopped caring, became more spontaneous and let go of this idea that I have to be punctual, my anger with people that are late also halted. Now when my friend doesn't arrive on time, I just go for a walk, meditate for a bit, watch the sky, the birds, etc. and I'm totally chill about it. So maybe the way to solve this would be to: Let go of the identity of being just Notice when you're selfish even in minor ways and embrace it. Hell, maybe even consciously treat someone with injustice one time, if it doesn't hurt that person too much. And stop thinking that nooo that's not me. No, it is you. You are everything (at least wise people say so ) I really recommend you try this out! Tell you what. Next time something like this happens, tell that person to go fuck themselves. Fuck it. Why even argue? It may shatter your ideas of how you're nice and caring and conscious all that shit, but just try it out like once and do it consciously. Obviously don't do it on a regular basis, lol. But consider this an exercise in shedding your identity. Good luck
  8. Me: ok I gotta get my shit together, do some work, contemplate, build foundation for my life Me the next day:
  9. Obviously you're not "doing wrong". You cannot do anything wrong. But if you're doing it out of loneliness, then you're NOT doing it out of an authentic desire to spread truth selflessly. Become conscious of that
  10. Omg, you are the best haha thanks
  11. I take everything back. The video is very good, very nuanced. I was so, so pleasantly surprised
  12. Why are you assuming you have to deconstruct people's minds. Do you want to have these conversations to "win" them? Don't even bother with people like Sam Harris or JP. Even if you win, you lose. If you ever went to Joe Rogan for example, you'd be better off just having a totally chill conversation (maybe alongside throwing some nuggets of wisdom here and there), instead of focusing on deconstructing his mind and stuff. You could talk about nutrition, how the work has changed your life, some interesting stuff you definitely have up your sleeve, etc etc. Just flow with the conversation. Going in there as the cool dude you already are would definitely bring you a lot more people.
  13. Haven't you talked about JP enough? I don't like JP, and yet I don't like the idea of making a video about him. Please don't become antagonistic. Is this really in line with "the work"?
  14. @Scholar A great analysis on your part, bro. I agree completely.