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  1. Voted 1st option I'm happy, because there's a lot of exciting stuff going on for me, I'm working every day on my skills and myself and thus I could say I'm fulfilled. Sometimes I feel down and I experience tough, tough periods but it's part of life. And every time after such periods I come back stronger, better and more joyful than ever. It's crazy to me how after every "setback" things just get better than ever. Like, every time I'm amazed that existence can be even MORE fulfilling and awesome. And the best thing is, I'm just getting started
  2. I'd say humour is rooted in detachment. If you're attached to something, there's seriousness involved, because you want this thing to survive, stay as it is - therefore less lightness and humour. * * * * * * * * *
  3. I think that sooner or later European countries are going to unify into a federation state or something like that. I can't lie, I would love to see that. But I don't think we're ready yet. And I don't know if we'll live long enough to see this unification happen. Maybe it'll take 200 years. Also, maybe it'll have to first break or go into war in order to come together yet again, but with a stronger bond that time. The UK has already broken off. In some countries nationalist movements are surging and getting more votes. In Poland anti EU remarks are heard quite often. Sigh. I dream of a unified Europe And I'm not the only one...
  4. Lol, hell if I know. I'm Individualist tops. I'll probably still be working on Expert/Achiever for the next decade.
  5. @itachi uchiha From which stage?
  6. I'm pretty sure it can be developed when you're still orange - of course you have to work on it, even deliberately. This ability is quite important for orange people who want to achieve big things in life, like businessmen or whatever. And many of them prolly go out of their way to develop it. It's easy to conflate orange with yellow. I'd say that healthy orange is actually more developed than most people here think. When I was reading Cook-Greuter's description of the Achiever stage, I was quite stunned because I thought that many of the qualities she mentioned were yellow, but no. Just healthy Achiever/orange (these two are not really the same, but I think it's not that big a deal to compare them)
  7. Who says that an orange person can't have a 20 year time horizon?
  8. Besides psychology, study sociology as well. Anthony Giddens' book is good.
  9. I can recommend a good book to you called "The Intellectual Life" by Antonin Sertillanges. In it there's a great chapter on note-taking. The book may seem a bit outdated (the guy lived 100 years ago), but it's filled with pretty universal wisdom & amazing overall principles for note-taking. Apply them to our times, in which we have computers and stuff. Personally I don't really do that much note-taking. Mostly I just save things I found really valuable and categorize them accordingly so that they're easy to find later on. One exception is when I'm studying something specific or working on a project, like learning web development or something. Then, the notes I make are specific and quite easy to make, because I'm deliberately looking for certain solutions and when I find them, I just note them down so that I remember them and thus learn. This distinction between general notes (like nuggets of wisdom or when you watch an interesting video and think to yourself "this is good, I might find this useful later on") and specific notes is also talked about in the book I mentioned. The author mentions good guidelines to both of these approaches. In general, you gotta learn some principles and guidelines and then just work, create your own style along the way (the notes are useless if they don't serve YOU - they have to be customized, the whole note-taking process should be filled with your spirit and serving you greatly) and surf, go with the flow. Btw, to get much out of this book, you gotta read between the lines Mull them over. Simply contemplate. Try to make it fun for yourself. Think while showering, think while driving, while having a walk or something. You can schedule time for contemplation every day and stick to it. "Every day at 8 PM, I am going to be deliberately using my mind for 1 hour to contemplate shit that interests me". Or whatever. Customize it to yourself. Two words: google it No, but seriously. Learn how you can enhance your searches and use that knowledge when you need it. ^ This is a pretty good video for a start. Usually you don't need some advanced techniques to find the stuff you need. But when you do, just have them in your memory or saved somewhere (in your notes perhaps? ) and use them in these situations. Practice makes perfect, as they say. One specific example: 2 days ago I wanted to order some ancient texts, but didn't know which translations were good. I remembered, however, that I read a thread on this forum which contained useful info on this topic. So I typed (and here comes the mildly advanced google search technique): " ancient text translations". Boom, found the thing I needed in no more than 10 seconds. Practice more advanced searches when you need them and in time they'll become habitual to you. * * * * * Hope you find this useful. By no means am I an expert on the topics here. That's simply what works for me Good luck!
  10. I don't know about you guys, but I find this really hard to believe.
  11. What a coincidence. Just a week ago I watched the first episode of this exact show and came to the conclusion that spending so much time watching the whole series is not worth it for me (even though it was interesting) Maybe if you REALLY want it, you can let yourself watch one episode per day, after hours of hard work? It's not that big a deal, everyone's gotta relax.
  12. On Brave, go to Bookmarks --> Bookmark Manager. Or, just click CTRL + SHIFT + O. Click the three dots on the right, and then Export Bookmarks Save them anywhere you like. They will be in an html file. You'll be able to load them to any different browser (you'll have to import them from this file) Of course this is not ideal, because still you have no sync. But at least you can have a back-up on a hard drive or something. Hope you resolve your sync issue. Good luck!
  13. Firefox maybe? About 2 weeks ago I gave up on Brave (after like 4 months), for some reason it was slower for me. I'm now using Opera and oh gosh it's so fucking great in every way. Unfortunately I didn't need to sync on Brave so I can't really help you. But asking on a Brave forum/discord/whatever might be a good idea, like Nos7algiK suggested. Why? Can't you simply export your bookmarks and store them somewhere? in an html file?
  14. @Thought Art Google dictionary Wikipedia Wiktionary Merriam Webster The Free Dictionary Obviously I invite you to also do your own research Good luck!