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  1. Astrology is really interesting, I used to look at it earlier. Most of things is true regarding me from chart like career, health, relationships, even spirituality. it can pretty acurately predict ones spiritual inclinations. in some sects of tantra old masters would only give diksha (spiritual wisdom/teachings) after looking into ones horoscope to know if the person is apt for spirituality.
  2. You find websites contact them and do biding. make a range of what you can pay like for DA 60-70 $30 for an article with two backlinks to your site like that. I am working for a company what we do there we will find our competing companies and do a backlink search on where there backlinks are coming from and make the list of website and contact them. (always contact website that has higher DA than your website also look for spam score less is good.)
  3. Yes. we want appology from Leo like zuckerberg. 😂
  4. Such a waste of psychedelics when you start to flex about trips 😂
  5. Does Subminals on Yt work realy? I should stop approaching women and instead hear some women goes crazy seeing you, alpha male subminals 😁
  6. I kinda like the idea of starting a Youtube channel, I see a lot of youtube content creators with self help and spirituality. In my opinion leo tops them all and some time I feel like dude cover up all topic and there is nothing more left to say. Is the industry saturated?
  7. It felt like I could easily manipulate test and be a non psychopath, which I was really careful about and not select according to it. mind games
  8. This guy channel higher self https://youtube.com/c/ChannelHigherSelf
  9. I wonder how it feels for a progressive women with name karen 😌
  10. "It" is there as something. a recognition is there.
  11. I was contemplating , So doesn't this "all this is consciousness, everything is in consciousness is also a thought" and I coudn't go further, There was deep silence. only being it is possible. Is it where questioning ends?
  12. Thought has certain degree, when a thought passes my mind, am living through that thought, "but passes my mind" itself is a thought. Then there is outside world with objects and my body which are all thoughts. All this are in consciousness. or it can be said as consciousness dreams entire thing. So doesn't this "all this is consciousness, everything is in consciousness is also a thought ?
  13. Are you same James that was here, who was into nothingness? if so what happnd to that account?