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  1. Turning around and aiming police man gun by a 13 year old😕 are these kids taught to handle aim and shoot at these age. This all feel like alien to me at that age i was running around with football. Anyway I agree with police shooting him coz he would have been a threat to many, but i wish they shooted him on the leg, poor child.
  2. Yes he was shot for a reason, kid could have went and killed many accidently. but he put hands up, i can agree maybe the police couldnt understand what kid was doing and maybe his reflex pulled the trigger, but how about shooting on the leg? like here police is told to shoot on legs only.
  3. its not like i enjoy these kind of news, i dont even watch news daily or weekly but sadly today i decided to look at whats happening around the world . and this video randomly popped up in my YT when i saw a latino was pepper spayed by cops when sitting in car. and i am also subscribed to Rational national and majority report.
  4. No we are good with other methods of killing people like here we do mob lynching.
  5. How many more killings will it take before you guys disarm police and take off guns right for public. Thank God, Indian police are more civilised than this and they dont have right to shoot without taking higher permission.
  6. I dont think MMA will be there in a highly evolved society, as in this form like making women stand in bikni when fighters come to weigh, why are women even there? what are they eye candy? not talking about women who fight, why are men not standing like that when women comes and weigh for fight? press conference to trash talk oh i am going to kill this guy, iam gonna chew this guy. all done seriously but in introspect looks stupid😂 Enlightened beings will be working on compassion than fighting to knock out someone and cause concussion. There wont be much fans for it in future like boxing nowadays and wrestling (wwe) maybe it will evolve into a less compact sport or something, maybe new ways of expressing red and blue will be there with VR or AI. Fans are as important as fighter themselves as fans provide lot of money to these, when they form group and cheer for someone or there nationals lot of revenue is generated like conor brought most of irish people to watch his fight. MMA was getting lot of eyeballs and revenue through him. when people get evolve and see how stupid is to argue and fight over someones physical strength, nationalism etc they will slowly move away from it. meanwhile conor will be using Loa for spirituality and building some great business that helps humans leap forward instead of starting a whisky. (no prob in starting a whisky company b/w)
  7. Condoms with blessings of God.
  8. One of my probs after comedown on lsd is leg aches it stays till i get a good deep sleep.
  9. So why are you saying this? whats the point?
  10. Yeah thanks for opening me up to pants thing, we are from childhood forced to wear pants or shorts and shamed for running around naked.
  11. There is a Yt girl named dina tokio who got into yt mainstream by doing videos on various ways to wear hijab and other trends, one day after years decided to remove her hijab and people praising her modesty and humblness started slut shaming her.
  12. When from childhood you are given a narrative of how world is like, how society is like how system is like and you have to believe it as truth and acts accordingly it feels very liberating eventhough it limit yourself.
  13. wait till china comes and knock your door 😂 China should have been stopped in early 1950's when they took over tibet. India didnt raise any objection then and now India is facing problems. china will in future will take over pakistan to.
  14. my parents got vaccinated and they where completely fine. i got covid two weeks back and it was really bad, like i was tired and was sleeping 20+ hours a day for a week, on one day i had issues with breathing at night, and on many nights i had chills and also body pain i was suffering. It would have been much bad if i was 50+ maybe i would have died. i feared i would pass covid to someone else and kill them. so get vaccinated it not only protects you but also your loved ones.