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  1. Please make a post detailed when you find right thing.
  2. Did you take it along with Dmsa and Ala. Ie same gram 8 times a day? Read good reviews about this item https://www.amazon.in/Health-Zeolite-Pure-gram-Powder/dp/B01N2NK7UM
  3. Its not clear yet and most sites doesnt have any info whether gutta percha have mercury in them. Have to check my dentist.
  4. Its not like mercury amalgams. Only some sites says about gutta percha containing mercury. Do you know any alternative for these fillings that doesnt have any metals?
  5. I have a root canal done by filling gutta percha and have few tooths cavity filled with same substance. Do i need to remove that before using the chelation. I read somewhere gutta percha may contain traces of mercury salts and cadmium.
  6. I always thought about this, i dont drink milk or cereals. But i think indians have been eating this for centuries especially milk. And american farming and indian farming is different, like there is no Gmo. Cows mostly are feed green grasses and are happy and jolly in india. So will there be a chance of Milk and cereals being not that bad like that in U.S. problem is there are no good studies conducting this sort of things here we are paroting everything US says.
  7. At every moment in time you can feel good. If you are in life challenges or discomfort accept it fully and feel good that there are challeges ahead for you to showcase your Godness. If someone close to you die accept it, cry for them and feel good about it that they merged with love. Live consciously. Most of our day we go with a set of emotions, if we look closely we have been living all life with some set of emotions, look at those emotions and change it to ones that are you feel good, life will be transformed. You have the power, YOU are Power. ( Diet is important for this both mental and physical)
  8. No one said otherwise. And you do realze these are stories right. (Blanket wearers story is kind of cool b/w i heard story like this of Ashoka's 9, illuminati etc) Muhammad is enlightened man, that doesn't make people following islam strictly to be right to and religion and its holy book can be corrupted over time. There will be lot of cultural baggage comes when practicing islam. And people seeing it kind of distance away and search for truth for there own. There is a big paradigm shift happening and most people are talking here from after that paradigm shift. Towards Truth its always better to clear all cultural baggage is what i realized. And as i said above i don't have respect all i have is love for you.
  9. Awaken one wants lill respect. But Sorry i dont have, only have love for you.
  10. You are not seeing the cultural impact, ego devlopment, society worldview etc here. When childrens from 4 or something are teached quran and hadith as absolute truth and start to see reality from beliefs it kind of gets twisted and follow that with a stupid imam then everything will be chaos. To practice read a empty book carefully even better. And stop this you guys are not awake shit already. Who are "we" here seeing none of you guys awake? Wait till mushroom bitch slap you again 😂
  11. Well now you know something. That's the value. 😆
  12. Not fully free more to go i think. Even when we say we have shifted from a paradigm that was holding us for so much time, there will be a lill bit of something left, its really hard to get rid of cultural identies, and we see religion in a new light, we see truths and with those truths there is a probability to go back slowly. especially when we are living inside it, it was hard for me anyway to move away from my religion.
  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmananda_Krishna_Menon https://www.actualized.org/forum/profile/6286-harikrishnan/ 😂