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  1. b/w isnt death of ego and death of soul the same?
  2. So, we where saying same thing.yet i got confused with language πŸ˜‚πŸ˜—
  3. On my vipassana retreat i realized there is no one outside of me. But i interact with everyone like there is an outside world for life purposes. Apparent consistency i see as also my imagination.
  4. I think this is final part of interview on homosexuality that happnd in uganda tv. Great interview you will have a fun time.
  5. are you saying there is someone outside of you existing?
  6. bashar elan or other channel talk like this only as There is everybody with there own reality so the people who are hearing wont have existential crisis.
  7. I have seen psychics who said my ex name clearly and my character. also astrologist who speaks about pattern in life. but i am not fully supporting it not cause thay can't predict patterns but cause people kind of get in victim zone. like blaming there flaws on planet. (oh i am so and so cause i am cancer! no honey you are so and so cause you are full of shit πŸ˜‚) looking at astrology and planetary movement on everything. coming from society in purple blue i can understand your concern of these psychics misleading others
  8. Oh! i thought otherwise. havent gone through your journal. can you do tarot card reading on me.
  9. people in stage green are open towards it maybe also purple. i felt like you completely dismissed it. (i saw somewhere you said where moving towards green thats why i said, maybe when you are fully green you will be with tarot cards predicting our future😁)
  10. Not Green yet πŸ˜‰ now regarding post Everything is you creating, that two psychics are your creation, created for making you believe in stories you created.
  11. join the facebook group i linked above. there are lot of people who are well educated on this stuff and ready to help. read those post, before starting detox.
  12. i think you did! it releases gas so drinking up is not the issue and there are chances of you consuming it even when you are careful. regular dentist doesnt even take proper precuations like they still believe there is no probs with mercury fillings. i hope mercury was properly sealed off after removing from your mouth as there are chances for all people visiting dentist to get fucked up by it that includes you to as you was in room. anyway you have to do the detox with AlA so no probs. before doing detox please get Xray to know there is no trace of mercury left, if there is remove that also. dont start detox without full removal.
  13. Now dont go at dentist who doesnt know how to safely remove this as it has a chance to leak in your mouth and also people in dentist office. list of countries and dentist who are specialised in removing amalgam, search for smart certified doc who are here from your country. https://iaomt.org/member-listings-smart-member/?fbclid=IwAR01P3GcVICFCBnE0IrBbMrJ0me3Sg2ebV4ZR13Coudd0_47wal5ObVIZV4 Now calm down and join here. There are 100's people here doing this protocol they will help and support you. https://m.facebook.com/groups/153239041441176?group_view_referrer=profile_browser now this is a long process it will take years so be prepared and as someone above said this is not sprint but a marathon.
  14. i went and come back from dmt relams quickly. didnt had much insights maybe i didnt exactly perfected the smoking part only tried 3,4 times. all in all it was fun. But i strongly believe there where changes in me after trip. now iam going back to lucy. if you are starting on the journey i would strongly suggest go with lucy and mush as it is more easy to use and lucy is gentle. smoking part in dmt will be hard for beginers.