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  1. Will moderators here turn actualized.org forum into a cult if u die now 😆
  2. It is said that Adi Shankara went from south to north debating budhist monk and converting them to advaitha vedantha. In india from my readings there used to be debate in old times. Brahmnas even debated with Budha before becoming his follower. But i think these are all stories created by stage blue people. There is a sense of pride in hindu when he hears adi shankara beat all budhist in debate. See Zakir naik videos for example, and all those hyde park debates b/w Relegious people on beliefs. Its all funny, childish and stupid and i dont think concious people does it.
  3. I rate my happiness right now is 7/10. I was 10/10 untill i scrolled through some celebrities pics in instagram where they where smiling. Eventhough i have no interest in that actress i really loved her smile and found it beautiful. Then some questions came to mind Whether these particular actress was really happy or not? Isnt she just posing? (And it went out of my control)😂 how can she be happy being a materialist, she doesnt know about any of deeper meanings of reality her form of happiness is hedonestic etc. I realized once you start comparing happiness you will loose it. I am happy coz thats only how i can be at this moment.
  4. I had this idea in mind of starting a small meditation studio everywhere in town or cities. A small room where people can come and meditate for little time and leave silently
  5. Nice and Best wishes for your manager post...
  6. Check corey wayne on this he have good contents on it.
  7. I think you are fine. B/w text or call them and make sure plan is on before you go out to place where you set up date and waiting for them, If they cant make it dont force be ok and set another date or move on with other plans.
  8. Yeah from everyone else it is clear and you know that your bf have some issues. Tell me more about -/accidental/- overdose of sleeping pills arent u not doing the work? Arent u not doing meditation/yoga/journaling etc etc that will help you quit pills .
  9. I have been meditating for close to 4 years. I used to write and loved movies but now i think i dont even care about it. I lost the spark the deep yearning for making something creative. I think i lost my creative spark, but at same time i feel my body more than ever, more connected with my feelings and have less thoughts. I dont feel anything like these people say regarding meditation makes u more creative and all. Thats me.
  10. A deep craving for something one doesnt have. It arise when you feel inadequate or not enough and by obtaining it you think you will feel complete. So in order to feel complete you crave things you dont have and go chasing it and take action. Why craving is not there for everything but certain things? It maybe based on values one identify with for the things you value you crave. Why desire anything at all? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  11. Which upanishads says about solipsism
  12. It is not that easy. Yes you are right in a sense, i also agree some of my problems went away being present, but it took a lot of practice to be present at a level to see my own delusions. You dont know what level a guy is and for people starting reprogramming old bad beliefs with new one is good. They are like scafoldings, u destroy it after work.
  13. Yes. I had that inisght one day while lying on bed bored and i felt like i am missing something in whatever i am doing. That very moment i realized what i wanted from deep level. But i get distracted again to stories.
  14. Not everybody is looking for enlightenment. Why not swapping bad beliefs to some good.
  15. Yes bcoz you are imagining the story there.you are imagining the your dog not your dog imagining you. All the death you saw was your imagination. I dont know how to really word what i realized. I looked my insight from different angles, i asked myself many times "but i saw my grandparents die". How can this realization be real then, and answer was like all the people you saw die where my own stories, that i created. I dont know how to properly explain it. These kinds of insights are hard to explain, and knocks you out as well.