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  1. There is color beige in Spiral
  2. Did it for last two days and i felt so good. Eft is good. When you are very mindful you can understand this technique is good.
  3. How long it took How long it took to find your life purpose? It will be very helpful as Im saving money to buy the course next month. (If Inr dosent fall compared to $)
  4. India 80%blue and orange mix. 5%Green maybe 5%yellow and 10% evolved from spiral dynamics stages blissing in caves 😁
  5. A lot of racist people there from my limted knowledge.
  6. Is this some kind of i create my reality thing?
  7. do it for couple of months and evaluate yourself.
  8. Is there any way to know about books that where previously in leo's book list?
  9. It really confused me. I had no problem with that and it made me wonder wether not having problem with that is like a litlle blue hidden in me.