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  1. So dosent that make sufis also closeminded and full of beliefs.
  2. Anyone know why sufis like most other muslims says muhammed was the last messenger of God?
  3. I was doing intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast now i heard this and is confused 😂
  4. @captainamerica i will read that. Meanwhile is there specfic affirmations or visualization or anything of that sort i should do?
  5. So i found a serious psychological problem iam facing in life that is i dont stick on to things. I dont complete project, i jump arround. looking back whole my life was like this. When i get a job and start to work i get thoughts like oh this is not right for me. I should try other one and i jump and end up having no job for sometime. I start planning for business couple of days its great then oh this is not right one thoughts came or laziness comes and make the project end up in shelf. Sometimes its fear sometimes its laziness. Even in relationships i jump arround like this. How to be happy with what you have and at meantime work for what u want without screwing up both? How to stick on to project without jumping around?
  6. Vishen lakhiani program cost like my one year savings from salary. How have this two programs helped u please share your experience.
  7. Wow.. man am gonna buy this. B/w you should really write. ❤
  8. Yes modafinil. I will try that next week after having solo journey and musroom trip.
  9. Yeah i guess in guidelines it says productvity,success etc. With a good laptop i can increase my productvity and success. 😎
  10. Took Modalert 100 from sunpharma today morning 2hrs in and i can see my mind is quiet but still am running here and there without focus am not concentrating on anything. I had my cup of spirulina and 2 spoons of peanut butter and 4 rotti. Before taking the pill. I didnt eat too much. Maybe i need to clean up my diet little more. Or is it sunpharama pill just a below average pill compared to american pill. (10 pills cost me only 1.86 USD)
  11. I think we should need a tech sub forum here, where people can write experience with different techs they use .
  12. @Sahil Pandit is it better than Macbook Air. i5 Air 8gb ram and 128 GB harddrive was in my mind. Then i saw surface book and got confused. 😂
  13. Yes content. @dude waiting for u bro.
  14. So iam planning to buy a laptop which would help me in making videos with videoscribe and simmilar and take notes and other small things. I love watching movies and maybe even add some editing and designing software. So which laptop will be good for me have arround 999$
  15. So an american went to convert them and got arrows in ass. Arround 50 people are remaning in the tribe that look healthy and fine. This tribe maybe below beige according to S.D. if u try to spiral up them they will be extinct, if not they may live for some more decades.