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  1. This might be the thing, my workout completes at 9pm. And I go to bed at 11. No nightmares never had that.
  2. Not really I used to sleep max 7 even when I was kid. Now it has reduced to 5 to 6. Stress is not an issue. Going to gym is only new activity now. Other things are quite same. Also meditate regularly
  3. Lately I am finding it hard to sleep straight for 7-8 hrs, I wake up at 6-7 hr mark. And I am also worried about quality of my sleep, I have dark under eye circles, my eyes look tired and all. Any tips or supplements to improve my sleep will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you guys ❤️
  5. 😂 yes I do twice daily.
  6. So we are passionate kissers and love to kiss around. In last five days she have complained twice about kiss taste sour/bitter. I didn't eat any foods 2hrs prior to kissing, food I eat before that was normal food. What to do about it?
  7. This is good, if you have money to pay your dues every month. Otherwise it will be hard meditating when a pile of bills due are on the floor.
  8. https://discoverpilgrim.com/pages/the-toxic-20
  9. I wake up feeling good then I thought about yin and yang, this state is gonna go and I will be down, in few minutes I went down. I always have the feeling of when I am up, there is always down soon. It was my belief. Then I read this and I was laughing out loud like I do on lsd. Wow, this post made me question my human belief. Thank you Leo. How can we access this, please make a video about this soon. I will also like to have a video of trashing human spirituality, human spiritual beliefs that restrict our growth.
  10. I would also like to know how it have affected your creativity, whether it had helped open a new medium for you, improved your ideas, new way of thinking, enhanced creative flow etc
  11. It showed me a lot of things, but most of my trips pointed towards being than taking action, so at base level its getting hard for me, like thinking mind point towards action but at meantime also remembering about being than action.
  12. I have tripped around 45+ in last 3 years and had some great realization like being God, I am only one here, I will always be here etc. All my trips where on Mushroom and lsd. There have been some developement in areas of life, somedays I can see my life from GOD pov without using any substance on other days I feel powerless. overall I dont find it satisfactory at my growth, there are areas where am still stuck like taking action on my purpose, feeling powerlessness, controling emotions in relationship, building career, or even healthy eating. I thought like psychedelics will help in rewiring my brain and also improve my base level consciousness.
  13. Lately I have been interested in taking good care of skin. I am using vit c serum, mositurizer and sunscreen, also other body moisturizer, body wash etc. I look for products that say free from sulphate and paraben. What all other ingredients I need to look out for when buying cosmetic items as I dont want to put lot of chemicals that may bite back after long use?