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  1. Haha.. sadguru talks according to crowd. Indians mostly have tendency to not take 100% responsibility of life they put everything in fate. And have self esteem issues. To counter this he may have said so.
  2. From my understanding Aryans didnt have knowledge to write something like upanishads. Most of Sages said in Upanishads are from dravida. 18 sidha sages are all dravida.
  3. From things i heard Aryans where barbaric people who killed and tortured dravidas. Rigveda is more of journey of aryans to india. Upanishads are about finding onself and is better than vedas. Krisna was a Great dravida king who was cheated and killed by Aryans. Atharvaveda fourth of veda is more dravidian than aryan. It has lot of black magic. Rituals in North india and South India are different. There are two types of Rituals even now in South India one is brahmanical and other is Kaula. Kaula rituals are intresting they give Liquor,sacrifice animals for there God. B/w Rigveda or any vedic text never influenced Indians thats why Rigveda Gods got replaced in puranas.
  4. Good lord this was not in some indian forum.
  5. Show them leo's video how to have amazing sex or how to make a girl squirt. Works everytime 😉😎
  6. I really dont know. That thumbnail caught my attention and introduction speech was cool i fast forwarded and heard my sunday church priest voice first i thought it was compilation then realized it was not. Leo why are u not sharing this with us?
  7. I think every self actualizers journey start like this we hear cool stuffs and now want shove in someones throat things we learned. Then rejection comes and we get desperate and then some are confused and lost. Best thing is learn more practise more and ignore tendency to educate.
  8. When u change surroundings will also change. First change onself.
  9. Your english is better than many of the tamilans i know. 😁 I watched your video upto 9 min. Then changed, Not because it was stupid or anything or i love sadguru. (Most of sadguru followers are dumb) i dont felt like watching. I think its upto followers to decide wether there master is good or not. That is the choice a follower has if he chooses rightly or wisely then good if not then its there fate or its how it is meant to be.
  10. There is color beige in Spiral