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  1. Nice trip report. Do you write these when tripping or after psych wears off?
  2. @Leo Gura did you miss the snowball effect. The problem with what you are saying is that someone would read this and skip the daily meditation and goes for a 10 day meditation will fail miserably to sit. If I sit regularly for 1hr daily, it would be easier for me to sit 10hrs daily on retreat, wheras if I am not regular on my daily sit, then its hard for me to sit 10hr daily for 10 days.
  3. You and I are not alive at same time is not right. You are the one imagining me being alive somewhere. God is looking through your eyes only. Others and their stories are made in YOUR MIND.
  4. I think its a common folk knowledge in India. I have heard during my childhood many old people saying they wish to see 1000 full moons. I think one have to be 84 years to see that. I don't know what is intention and benefit of it.
  5. I believe in myself and I know am God, that doesn't mean when something bad happens I start praying like religious folks does to an invincible guy. A God need not be needed for an atheist. He can perfectly move through storms of life.
  6. I was at a center doing short vipassana course for 3 days and I noticed that I was not able to sleep at night after close to 10hrs of meditation, I lay in bed moving sides but couldn't sleep and normally I sleep and dream, but for 3 days it was when I start dreaming, I kind of sleep but am active in dream, when dream stops I wake up then for next dream to come so that I can sleep. This happend in my last ten day retreat also few years back, but I couldn't see that, ie I had to dream to sleep then. I didn't bother to ask teacher reagarding this. I connected it with GOD dreaming waking up dreaming again.
  7. An old hindu pic, vishnu and lekshmi devi riding elephant meanwhile shiva and parvathi in cow. Is it cow face or elephant face which one you see?
  8. He is rehired and all the members who plotted against him is now removed from board. So more power.
  9. So In kashmir a college student shared a reel about muhammed by hamas leader son or someone. Muslims in college got offended and started protest against blasphemy. Luckily college student escaped from that place and is hiding now. There are lot of videos about protest calling death threats etc in X. And I came across one X post where not only death threats where there but also rape threats to guys kashmiri girlfriend(as her pictures are also posted)She is also now in trouble. Anyway I reported it to twitter and one hour later they replied me back saying that guys (hate) post on X hasn't broken our safety policies. 😂
  10. Some keywords have high ctr and website with good DA, PA and following EEAT gets top position. If competing websites doesnt has same above mentioned things as your then it must be do to amount of money spend. Do more keyword research and find keywords with less competition and invest on that and see if there is conversion.