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  1. Today while traveling on train i saw one parent handing over there mobile to there son 2yrs of age to watch videos on YT when he cried as a way to distract him. And kid began to watch it one after another. I have seen the same thing by my cousins also to there kids. I always thought it like destroying kids, but tody i thought maybe am wrong it would be a part of new chidrens evolving to being inteligent.
  2. And am also curious whether our psyche get little comfort or pride or something when saying or doing i had a lot of traumas(a battle to fight and conquer) in past and i have healed it and am moving on (conquerd it and won the battle)
  3. Wow. I was talking about this to my gf. I had this habbit of checking something from past for things i am not doing correctly now. My gf also started doing it, and when she said she was doing certain way cause she was molested as a child when she was 3 years old by a 5 year old boy. Thats when i felt absurd. I asked her are you 100% sure or is it her mind making things and she was i dont know what happend then but i have some blured images of that in mind. That striked me what if her mind is making up things that she didnt even experienced from stories of novel or from someone experienced it. But i also have to say while doing meditation retreats the old things in life comes to the surface, if you search more, more things will come. This are genuine things i experienced. But I have a feeling this will go on forever😂 and i will think like more healing is neaded i had a lot of traumas in past more healing more healing and actually stop us from going forward.
  4. Improve self image. Visualization will take you long way. Enjoy your age, meanwhile start also meditating and yoga. This as a tool now for improving your life. at 25 or after having most of things handled go for TRUTH. You have great years left, at your age i was behind false spirituality and lost my drive for getting other things like Sex,wealth etc handled, at 29 now am fighting for this things to get handled. You have a great support system here use well and practice life will be awesome in 5 years.
  5. +1
  6. Check abraham hicks Check Nerville. Check reality transurfing
  7. Seek validation seek attention seek everything you want. You will learn a lot of things on way And after that you will be free to pursue TRUTH.
  8. why people here want leo to be in joe rogan podcast? With more publicity more people will come to know about meditation and self development better for society as a whole.
  9. Yeah i started hearing feels great content is ahead.
  10. I havent heard the audio yet but heard many people talking about it. Is it good?
  11. Is this guy having real issue or is he a troll 😂
  12. @pluto do you know where upper right bicuspid tooth is connected?