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  1. I hope you stay in the forum and interact more. Its good to hear different perspectives.
  2. Since you are a doctor why not make videos on Yt regarding it. Like describing about health, care, do's dont's etc etc. There are many doctors in yt helping people like this. You will get fulfillment knowing u are helping people with good content and then maybe fame.
  3. Is it same with every nootropic? And do you have a stack?
  4. Really liked all your replies here. I would like to know have you seen or know any kids growing up to adulthood in such a family with same sex parents. (Same sex marriage is new in our country so i cant know about kids growing up in such a family, india being a blue society i think it will be much harder for kids in such family). Since your place is much more up in the spiral, i would like to know what you think are the problems faced by kids(if there is any) coming from such family compared to kids raised by opposite sex parents
  5. I not only think his post should be locked but he should be banned for his sarcasm.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. Whole thread wouldnt have existed if Leo did what he preach.๐Ÿ˜‚ He couple of times said along the lines of when you reach there, you cannot ask anyone else coz you realize everyone is you and you made them all. Leo stop doubting yourself you made peter. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. This reply made me thinking. Even after 2000+ year later after budha there are still people saying meditation is evil.
  8. If you are writin about 4 question leo asked, read the article again.
  9. Its a delight to read your posts. More More More please โค
  10. @Leo Gura why does other masters reject drugs? Is it cause they think they did a lot of work to attain satori and consumig a drug is kind of easy and riduicile years of work they done.
  11. โค i will contemplate on it.
  12. Thank you Leo for reply. I have done the LP course it really helped me. My impact statement is "Entertain people and make them better(make them better- Grow them)" so i think i can use direction writing and public speaking for it. I am learning things for it.
  13. I have so much passion that i cant fix on one thing. One day i want to be a writer other day a director other day want to be a photographer other day i want to be a traveller day next i want to be a speaker and seeker like leo. So much passion for so much great things but is not making necessary step to fulfill any of it. ๐Ÿ˜‚