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  1. I dont think 6 masturbation in 60 days is compulsive. What i think compulsive is need for not masturbating. No problem here rather than being self critical and judgmental and people pleasing. Here problem is not masturbation maybe nerousis i dont know maybe i am wrong on neurosis part.
  2. Mind is so powerful that you can create experience you want with it.
  3. Comparing smoking with masturbation. Wow 😂
  4. His teachings are pretty good. Havent seen people discussing about him much here.
  5. Green Please have some unconditional Love (capital L) for gold diggers and one trying to find a guy to hide their social status insecurities. 😁
  6. his sound itself melts your heart
  7. is piano a symbolic represenation of fingering and love for foreign language oral 😂
  8. Man once its over no more dating or holidays. Its not worth it. Have compassion for her in your heart but dont show it outside by being with her anymore. Cut her off with love in your heart for her. Let her resolve her own shadows. No one can save anyone, its you who want deep love and its only you who can give deep love so love yourself more and move on.
  9. Do a ten day sitting then do serve for 10 day. It will ground you like no other. Beautiful course make use of it.
  10. Currently reading heard good reviews.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/theprint.in/india/delhi-police-to-file-it-cases-against-those-who-spread-fake-news-during-jamia-protests/336286/%3famp Meanwhile in kerala communist party and muslim party created a roadblock and protested at night hearing the fake news students where killed in university. There are lot of fake news. Bjp is gaining from this. Aap and t.c are slowly parting away from opposition collision as they realize there is no much support from hindus on this. I would like to hear from delhi people on whole college issue and protest against cab
  12. Yes. Its free free free
  13. Vipassana is a free course. It work on donation you can give any amount of money u have.
  14. Havent seen a single video of him. Can u please provide the link of video. And have seen you post same kind of comment on sadhguru. So please can u also provide links videos books that leads a man/women to right direction according to u.
  15. I Have seen only half of it. Message looks pretty good. She also talks about gender and role we play. Leo had a blog post similar to it.