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  1. So i really believe in visualization, and i did that to get a job. But now i feel really low in life in terms of finances,career,relationship,abundance etc etc all in all i feel lack of vision and not feeling motivated or cant visualize stuffs. So can u share some of Guided Visualization videos that helped you. All can Contribute and thank you.
  2. VID-20190321-WA0025.mp4
  3. Iam trying my maximum to be genuine i don't lie these days. and i want this to work. other thing i noticed about myself about all my past relationships are all women vanished from my life just like air, and i being grounded never went behind them, or felt like needed them, but iam fed up with these coming and going of women in life, i want this girl or any other girl who comes next to stay, not leave me just like that.
  4. So i meet a friend after Vipasana who told me about star signs affecting relationships of people. He told me he was researching on it after his business failed, (last two months) and he found it amazing how people who cheated him in business where all opposite signs. He being a water sign and all cheated persons where Air and fire. He went on explaining it with famous celebrities(actually a lot of celebrities) from Tom cruise, brad pit to donald trump. He is of opinion Air and water never works. This made me wonder about my relationship I being capricon a earth sign and my Girlfriend being Aries a fire sign. It is really hard at times we love each other so much that we began to hurt each other and we broke up. After 2and half years we restarted our thing and it is still hard, even after am doing lot of conciousness work. What do you guys think about it.
  5. Use water and hand to wipe ass 😎
  6. Nice post, gave me hopes for upcoming entrance exams for film studies.
  7. Is this same as one we do in kriya yoga
  8. Thank you for your response. I always thought like i had a awesome childhood. See i was comparing my childhood with that of those kids who had no food,shelter,clothes etc. But reading this chapter i realised no that is not the case. Many flashes of old days came like how my self expression was supressed, how my desires and needs where supressed and many more. That 24 questions really gave me a hard time. After that i opened up with a close friend of mine all the things without any shyness, it was like i was expressing myself fully, after talking with her i was really exhausted. Have to check that questions once again today.
  9. Travel to near place where there is psychedelic. To me i only get Mushroom, so am gonna have some blast with that for 12 months straight.
  10. There is a chapter in six pillars of self esteem about Nurturing a child's self esteem. Where the author ask a list of questions( 24 questions )which he used in psychotherapy to facilitate exploration into the childhood orgin of poor self esteem. So he says this 24 question can be stimulants to self examination for individual. After reading it find i had troubles with my childhood. So what to do about this question, just acknowledge it or anything else. He dosent say anything about what to do.
  11. Its beautiful. I will surely try it.
  12. I will check it out.
  13. What helped me to stop fb addiction was to delete the account. I restrained from undoing it. First few days are really hard and after 30 days, it wont matter. 😂 B/w it was good to know many people are fighting and many have won from this smart phone addiction. I also think this PD industry have this addiction and are not acknowledging it, its really complicated when its tied up with thirst of new knowledge and if we dont get it we will be left behind.
  14. +1 ❤