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  1. @ValiantSalvatore Wasn't refering to Alan I know about his books have read many @pluto Was talking about the musician "Man of No Ego"
  2. @pluto Didn't know they had a book! Thanks for sharing <3
  3. Love Alan Watts, I have all of his lectures downloaded on my mp3 player. He has some great books too, "The Way of Zen" was the first spirtual book I read in this life.
  4. I was what was, I am what is, I will be what will be.
  5. Yep everything is perfect, it is so beautiful! Send love to the one who is afraid, like a parent to a child. Talk to the fear, understand its concerns. One already is pure consciousness one can't not be! Send conciousness and love to those problems and issues, and to all the resistance to do so. Stop trying to make sense of it, just allow it all, watch the fireworks go, bask in the perfection of the all. Surrender to pure conciousness.
  6. @Florian Great! If one faces any resistance well doing this turn love onto the resistance, and put close attention on what is coming into awareness when you are doing this.
  7. Do both, self growth and self acceptance, kind of a paradox but one must accept/ love/ understand who they are now to get to who they want to grow into. Keep going deeper into these inquiries. Deconstruct the hate, construct the love. Keep unwiring the jungle of beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, and rewire into higher values. Keep remaining aware of the need one has for approval/ validation from others, accept that some people will disapprove of ones authentic side and that is ok. Everyone has their own path start walking down yours. Then those people who are aligned with who they are will manifest.
  8. Contemplate very deeply about how one can integrate this new found understanding of love. Contemplate all areas of life that one can bring love to. Visualize vividly oneself bringing that love to those areas in the present moment. The next trip can always wait, the more integration and prep work you do before hand the deeper the next trip will be.
  9. Send love to the one who is feeling fear and shame, talk to the feelings like you would a child who is experiencing this. Get to know the feelings, find out what they are trying to tell you, then allow the feelings to go back to the right place in oneself.
  10. @phoenix666 Wonderful! Let love pull everything into itself until nothing remains but love, threw love surrended it all to love for love to love.
  11. Neither good or bad it is a feeling, feelings just need to be felt and parented from love. The more awareness one puts on a visualization the more one moves towards the visualization, so if one has much unconcious day dreaming going on then this will cause one to move more towards those unconcious visualization. Fear is an easy way for the ego to maintain itself, the ego uses it to hide the deepest truths so the ego doesn't fall apart, what better place to hide then where one fears to tread. All fear must be nurtured and understood like a child, threw this one will see the tangled mess of the ego.
  12. I find it really depends on the style of music and what you are doing. I love listening to really fast paced albums when I am training for fights. Sometimes when reading or wanting to reflect I listen to very slow ambient music with no lyrics. I also find it is really hard to focus if it is the first few times I listen to an album as I want to absorb it and experience it fully. I do like working in silence, but I live with two little ones who can get quite loud so music is a great tool for me.
  13. Tekken against people who actually know what they are doing, it is psychic combat.
  14. @coca Allow it all to snowball, love the mystery of life. Remain conscious of this spiritual ego allow it to be, be your own loving parent to the ego.