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  1. @AtheisticNonduality "Love lost in time's game of chance" 💗
  2. What do you even think is going to happen if you did that? How do you know it is going to be any better then where you are right now? If you are completely honest with yourself, you don't know that. It is much better to find a way threw the knots you are caught up in, imagine how much stronger you will be after having found your way threw the dark times. We need more people who have faced the challenges of their own mind, & have come out the other end. The darker the pit you fall into, the higher the peak will be when you climb out.
  3. Flow with the context of what is going on. Trust your authentic intuition, be happy.
  4. I would deconstruct the reasoning that you need a reason to be Love. Deconstruct any reason you give yourself for anything, reasons are reasons, thoughts about something is not conciousness of what is actually going on. You are the Love, ya just gotta pull the devil weeds of beliefs out of your garden. You are not your feelings, you are the Whole.
  5. I am the Worlds Soul telling you right now. It is ok. Nothing was ever wrong, whats was wrong is that you thought you couldn't be you. But who else would you be? The mind keeps saying it wants to find something called Healing, Enlightenment, or whatever it is. Funny isn't it, how the only place the mind wants to not look for that is Here. Get back into your Body my loves. The Body knows All. It is what is. It has seen all that has happened, and can feel all the will come. Trust the Flow. The peace is within you.
  6. Great list, I like the screaming into the bucket method, good solution to not disturb those around you with your healing. I wish you well releasing all the trauma knots!
  7. It is never what you think it is, it is what is. The ego could never, as it is a fragmented imagined thing in You. It is just knots in your Body that can be released, if your desire for the Absolute is strong and pure enough. God is already awake in all lifetimes, there are just knots of ego distorting the Truth. Distorting the flow of God from running threw your being. You are not the ego. You are God incarnated into the life you are living right now. Release all the knots. Be free. Love
  8. @Leo Gura Oh! Yeah don't worry your highness I'll be there like the little gremlin I am rollin out the carpet for yah. Would you like to sit on top of the throne well I fetch your tea too? Maybe a foot massage? Feed you grapes?
  9. What groundwork do you see that needs to be laid? Defantly have discussions with some of the psychedelics youtubers like YourMateTom and PsychedSubstance.
  10. @Someone here Use desire, channel it towards Truth. The monkey is gonna desire things, but You can guide it towards Yourself, Unconditional Self-Love. Once reached, then there is no desire other then the desire to be Here, Now, this is real desirelessness. There is Everything worth striving for. Total Conciousness of what is. Loving blissful creativity. Can you be happy with empty hands? Until you can, I would desire to reach that point.
  11. It is, it just is, just is. Nothing prior to, or after it, it is. God is. Love the video
  12. Disciplin is your creative process, the infinite artist can do whatever they like with this life. You create the flow threw disiplin, it is concious creation, concious action. What would a day/ week/ month look like if you were to flow seemlessly, having all areas of living life in tune, in harmony? Disiplin isn't something you have to do, it is building the life you actually want.
  13. @Endangered-EGO Let go of anticipations, trust the flow of things.
  14. Yep, you cannot actually understand anything on the deepest levels using mind. What is is what is, not a thought about it, not an interpritation. Everything is infinitely intangled, you only think something is a seperate thing because you have an intention to understand something that you think is going on. This intention is based off what value you think the thing has to you, It will determin in what way you are looking at the thing. Keep going you are doing some good contemplation, put the pieces of the Mystery together, every layer, every angle, be it all Now as One.
  15. Love all the emotions until you can see how they were all love. You are in a perspective that emotions are something that you have to cope with. This has an emotional charge to it, a meta-emotion about emotions. Fear of facing and expressing the emotions. Feel deeper, get more specific. What changes are you trying to make and why? The vaugness will just make everything seem overwhelming as you don't have a clear vision for how to flow into whatever it is you are trying to do. Resistance will feel very strong without a clear, constantly evolving vision.