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  1. @Javfly33 Love is what you really are, at the deepest level. Love is imagining everything because it loves everything. It is the completely unbiased creative force that is the Universe, that is You. It is the reason, the meaning, the purpose of All.
  2. I love micheal, he is such a goofy dude, been watching him pretty much since his channel started. It has been interesting watching how he changed after taking psychedelics. This video really shows the change compared to his older videos It was cool hearing him go threw different paradoxes, he did a great job with this one. Made me laugh a bunch of times.
  3. @Random witch Go meta on the thoughts that are telling you "It is hard to deal with the thoughts" observe them carefully, notice they too are thoughts, thoughts that will pass like all the others. All thoughts are powerless, it is you who gives them power by believing the shit they spew. Trust your awareness of the now, not the stories. Plant your own thoughts in your mind-garden, thoughts that you love, thoughts that encourage you, and let the weeds wither away.
  4. You need to give yourself the validation & love you feel you need. That is really the only way out if the neediness for approval. Emotional numbness is usually something you have to sit with for a bit, looking deep into it until you feel what the dynamic is underneath of it, so you can let it go, or satisfy the need yourself in your own way.
  5. That sucks being in a relationship that you feel pressured to be in. Definitely gotta get out of that. I understand how you feel like you want to break things off with him without hurting him, most people go threw that when they realize it is time to break up, but the thing is you are looking for the perfect way to do it, which there isn't really going to be one. This is something you gotta bite down on and chew threw, keeping your eyes on the life you want to have. Ground yourself in your own love for you, in what you feel is best for you, in what your deepest joys in life are. Other people will constantly tell you that you should do things the way that they think things should be done. When they do that, remind yourself that they are living life for their truth. Remind yourself of your truth, your love, & stay with it, nobody can take your passions away from you, nobody can tell you who you are, only you can. Counter-intuitively you get rid of the thoughts by not doing anything to get rid of them, you just let them pass, you don't engage them, you see straight threw the mirage, ground yourself back into whatever is going on.
  6. Vision. Have faith in the greatest vision you have for yourself, let it grow as you grow towards it. Keep your vision in your heart, so in those times where you notice yourself getting hooked by thought you remember where you are going, you remember the things that motivate you, the things you would give your life to. Have faith in the Infinite Potential that you are.
  7. @Leo Gura I was launging a bit when he was suggesting changing "Infinity" to "all encompassing" its infinity of course it's all encompassing! It was a great podcast, nice to see you talk with another human asking you questions. Curt is a good interviewer, he really seemed to want to get to the truth of the way you see things.
  8. @Vivaldo It is just Us as the Infinite Soul, all souls are like partitions in the Infinite Soul. Yet there is no separation, no place where one begins and another ends, just a seamless feild of Divine Consciousness. It is just You as Infinity, it is just You incarnated into every soul in the universe. You will be missed by those who love you, they are all You incarnated in different ways.
  9. Life isn't a problem that has to be solved. It is an ever transforming, never ending art piece that you as the Creator are designing every moment. Let go of thinking that life is a problem, that way of thinking will never serve you, and start creating. Move towards discovering who you really are and who you want to be.
  10. @PlayOnWords You'll be scrambling to find the words to describe it, and everytime you try to describe it, it will slip threw your fingers. An empty mind cleared of thoughts, and a heart wide open to what is so. So empty that there is not even a thing that is empty, so open that reality melts into your core.
  11. The way I look at it is that I am working out so that I have a decent body structure in order to allow me to relax deeper in my introspective activities. It is harder to relax if you got small muscles, they wont be able to keep the structure of your body aligned as well. But if you got too hard with it you end up building muscles that are chronically tight. So I mostly just do light weights from time to time. Light weights with lots of reps has been shown to be better for building structurally sound relaxed muscles.
  12. @Brandon Nankivell A lot of processing of trauma and realizations happens when you dream. You can really notice this if you do any body based types of therapy, when you have a release into more relaxation it is usually followed by some dream that was related to processing the trauma tension. I would start keeping a dream journal if you haven't. You will probably get a lot of interesting stuff out of it. It can be really interesting & illuminating to try and figure out what conciousness was doing when you were in the dream state.
  13. What were the things you enjoyed, and what caused you to start saying you don't enjoy them anymore? The mind can make up as many reasons it wants to justify things being some way, even if the way it actually is not anything like the reason. Especially when you get into spirituality it can bring those types of thoughts and feelings to the surface. Typically gets its worst right before you have some kind of break threw expirence.
  14. It is threw a decernment between thoughts/ concepts & actuality. Once you directly see something as untrue it drops on it's own. Investigate all the assumptions & beliefs you hold. One of the deepest rooted one is the one called "my life". In a sense you give your life to God, realizing that your life always belonged to God.
  15. Focus on things that you enjoy, it can be really easy to get stuck in just focusing on "problems that I need to fix". Explore yourself, discover what you like to do in the world. Imagine what it would be like be be happy and healed, and move towards that feeling. It is your vision for who you want to be that pulls you out of the depressed times. Transform your self-image and the body will follow. What is it that you are passionate about? And if you don't know, have you really explored the vast amount of things you could be passionate about?