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  1. Tekken against people who actually know what they are doing, it is psychic combat.
  2. @coca Allow it all to snowball, love the mystery of life. Remain conscious of this spiritual ego allow it to be, be your own loving parent to the ego.
  3. Some seeds lead knowing, The weeds showing need mowing, Habits are growing.
  4. Right after the peak of a deep shroom trip this beauty appears in the sky, wonderful!
  5. @Mulky Trees that give, See all things live, New fruits they bare, You too may wear, To their dirts, The hurt reverts, All into air.
  6. @seeking_brilliance The burden of a bug, Needs nothing but a hug, Never we lug, Always we mug, "Everything is not so snug!"
  7. @XYZ Looks like you have a lot, Cooks sight says an issue, A house filled with rot, Go grab some tissue, And clean up all your snot!
  8. @Nahm Awesome thanks! You get to choose the movie you want. That idea is a great way to infect minds with desire for growth.
  9. @Cocolove I love bugs, They are what tugs, Me not to hide under a rug!
  10. @Truth Addict As you can plainly see, All that we think is me, Is a tree. Find the best pot, Get the best soil, Love pulling love towards love one must be loyal.
  11. Bugs outside in the woods, Bugs inside our minds, Bugs in computer software, Bugs in social systems, Bugs in our perspectives and beliefs, Bugs in all our fear, If bugs were not bugging me, Oh where would I be!
  12. @Nahm A dream board is a great thing to do with kids, awesome to see one is raising the conscious youth, keep up the great work! I don’t have any of my own kids although I am the only one who parents my bothers in a conscious way. Do you have any ideas of how I could get them excited about creating a dream board for themselves?
  13. I remember having the onion layers insight, many other people have had the same or similar. In essence this is showing one the layers one is going to have to unwired and rewire to get to emptiness, the true self. Practice relaxation visualizations, you can create your own visualization. See the area that is tense as compressed tight object (for example a spring), see it opening up very slowly, repeat this as many times as needed. Once relaxed just observe/ feel/ meditate off of the good feelings in the now relaxed area, notice if it gets tense again and go back to the visualization if it does. Do this for as long as one feels it is needed. Find out what visualization works best for you, could be something melting, could be a plant breaking out of a seed, a flower blooming, anything that makes one feel relaxed. To really go deep into these tensions you have discovered I would suggest starting to do shadow work on oneself. This can help you located unconscious tension that could be causing a chain reaction of other tensions.
  14. One needs to develop much internally grounded self-respect, make yourself so respectable to yourself that all negativity becomes meaningless because it is not you. I know what it’s like to come from a family that constantly puts you down. In the moment when someone is speaking to you in that way you can internally say no to these energies and acknowledge that these comments are not you. Realize that you are saying you have a need for respect from your mother. So you are going to chase after this for as long as your mother won’t give you what you think is respect from her. Something to contemplate about.