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  1. @Space Right, I am still learning how to use AI to get more specific answers
  2. I am in the process of trying to find a meditation cushion that doesn't put my feet to sleep. I think that the cosmic meditation cushion might work and I wanted to ask here and see if anyone had any feedback if they have tried the cushion. #product-reviews
  3. @Space Hard to put in all the results as they are get long, here is an example.
  4. @Thought Art I don't have a problem with Aikido, what I am skeptical about is the training partner moving across room when he barely touches him, it's ridiculous. It makes me sad because I have a lot of respect for him and he has a lot of good things to say in his book on body awareness, things like this tend to discredit him in my mind. Perhaps I am being dense and something is going over my head, but I don't know how you get around being skeptical after seeing something like this (there are many more videos online).
  5. I am re-reading Ralston's book on body awareness. He talks about how he got into martial arts work in order to get better at his consciousness studies, not the other way around. I thought that was super interesting and that is why I am doing it. I love the idea of showing up to the Dojo day after day to understand consciousness and self better.
  6. @MuadDib I just had the time to go through your entire post and I loved it. Keep up the long detailed posts! I wonder where you could buy a club like that... Not too bad
  7. I recently bought the Claude Opus 3 after seeing it on Leo's blog and found something really creative that you can do find your life purpose and ideas for task/projects to get you there. I generated a PDF from OneNote with all my notes from the Life Purpose course, uploaded it to Claude, and asked it questions to help get me on track. Some of the best questions I asked were: -Given what you know about me, what are some different ways I could formulate my Life Purpose statement to make it sound more authentic? -Give me a vision of what my life could look like if I was living my Life Purpose, be specific -Give me a list of tasks and projects that I can do in order to get on track with my Life Purpose -Brainstorm a list of people who have a life purpose similar to mine and a brief summary of how they did it It's not a substitute for doing the real inner work but I think that it is a great tool to use especially if you took the Life Purpose course and want help brainstorming an working on your Life Purpose
  8. I need someone who understands AI better than me to explain which AI's are better than others. All I can think of is how big of a LLM they are using, what else goes into making a good AI and what is the best AI on the market right now?
  9. Training Notes 4/3/24 -When you take someone's back make sure to roll to the side and not straight back because this will make is easier for them to get away -When you get to a mounted triangle you can pull up on the head just like in a normal triangle to finish it -If someone is in turtle and you can't get your hooks in you can grab their ankle and take them to technical mount -From side control, if someone is framing really well against you, you can fall forward so that they can not bench you off them and isolate their far side arm and go for an Americana or if they straighten their arm you can pull up and sit on their head squeezing your knees to hold them still. Now, you can either hit a kimora or fall back into an arm bar. -When you fall back into an arm bar, keep them as close to you as possible so that your body is touching them the whole time. If you give them space they can pull their arm back in and get their elbow to the mat and escape.
  10. I want to study at a Buddhist Monastery for this summer (3 months) and I have no idea how to go about finding a place to stay. I currently live in the U.S.A but I'm willing to travel almost anywhere. If anyone could help direct me in this process I would greatly appreciate it as I don't know where to start.
  11. No I love it man! It's great to share this journey with you guys! Let me know what you think about your first Jiu Jitsu classes and get ready to get smashed lol.
  12. @Thought Art what do you think of some of his videos on YouTube? I really like Ralston but in some of those videos it looks like Akido bullshit
  13. @Thought Art Nice man! Cool to find someone else who is into Jiu-Jitsu on here. I just finished reading Zen Body Being for the 2nd time. Have you read any of Ralston's books about effortless power?
  14. I'm taking a really intense philosophy of mind class at college right now, and I got to thinking back when Leo has talked about academic philosophy and that it's a limited, pyramid scheme, etc. Obviously it is massively flawed and, (at least in the class I'm taking) is totally caught in the materialist paradigm. Nonetheless, has anyone here found any value in it? Do you think that it helps with complex reasoning skills that are important for understanding reality? Curious to hear your thoughts.
  15. Today we learned more half-guard and I had some really productive sparring. Key takeaways: -When in half-guard keep your bottom hip on the floor (like when you are sleeping) that way if they pass the knee shield they don't pass your guard totally. -When you do an over-under pass make sure to keep your head up and use good posture that way you cause them more pain and they will give you the pass faster -When you shoot your leg and arm through from bottom half guard, if they get a wizzar, you can roll them. If the post with their arm then you can jump up and take their back. Also, if they get a wizzar, you can throw your leg as high up on their back as possible and shoot your leg through for a triangle -When doing triangles, you can leg go of their arm and use the free arm to hold their head as you cut the angle. Not really something that I learned but today in sparring I was able to do a duck under and take the back, do a toraondo pass, do an over under pass, and sumbit with a zipper choke from the back all in the same roll. It is really cool that I am retaining the things I am learning and that I can use them in a real roll.