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  1. Thank you for explaining it that way that makes a lot of sense
  2. That's exactly how I feel at this point anyway.
  3. NF is a truly inspiring artist.
  4. @snowyowl yeah exactly, it took me a long time to learn that.
  5. yeah that's what I'm hoping will happen.
  6. Is seeking enlightenment for the sake of happiness the wrong way to go about it? I’ve heard a lot about seeking Truth for Truths sake, but at this point in my development I don’t see a reason to do anything other than for the point of happiness and joy. Not in the sense of hedonistic happiness that is mainstream now, but in a deeper sense. In a way that’s all I see self-actualization being about, reaching the deepest and most profound forms of happiness.
  7. @Leo Gura what practical steps would you recommend I take towards letting go of all the "stuff" in my life?
  8. Recently I have started to take a deeper look at what brings me happiness and I’ve found that having things (all my notes and keepsakes) as well as others validation ranks high on the list. My question is what is the best way to move more toward doing and being happiness? How do I become okay with losing all of my notes and sentimental things I’ve collected over the years?
  9. When something bad happens in the past that we had control over, isn't it worth it to ruminate on it? That way in the future there will be a phycological pain attached to it so that its not repeated? In that sense you could use the past as a means to make the future better.
  10. Same! I'll normally play with a few of my close friends.
  11. During this quarantine, I have been trying to find new high consciousness hobbies and habits to start practising. Does anyone have hobbies that you enjoy? I'm just looking for ideas of things to start doing besides the normal Self-Actualization stuff (Meditating, Journaling, Reading, Contemplating, etc.) I'm open to any new ideas!
  12. Recently I was involved in a biking accident that left me with 3rd-degree road rash (there was no skin left). Obviously, it was excruciatingly painful. I have tried to be mindful of the pain and worked toward accepting it. As well as taking time to detract myself with other things. But it continues to be really hard to get my mind off of and to move on. Does anyone have any advice or has been in a similar situation?
  13. @mandyjw that is really insightful. I have only briefly touched on using Christianity and other religions as ways to become enlightened. And i definitely agree that it seems as though its a handicap for many people.
  14. No, not at all. Christianity isn't "a problem" it's more the dogma that comes with having parents shove their belives down her throat. And right now it isn't a problem at all. I was thinking about our future and other relationships. Because being a couple can be hard when you have different world views.