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  1. @Mu_ yes that makes sense, I don’t want to stop doing these practices. I just want to be able to let go of the fear that I will lose them. The thought of losing all my notes makes me feel fearful and anxious. I don’t like being dependent on these external things for my happiness. Deeply, what I’m wondering is how do I let go of my need to self-actualize? Or at least let go of the need to self actualize effectively?
  2. @Mu_ I just don’t know how I can be happy when I’m unable to do self actualization work effectively. Do you have any advice on how I could stay happy even if I were to lose all my notes and self help resources?
  3. By detach I mean to be happy without. Right now I can't be happy or feel fulfilled unless I have these tools and I am able to develop myself with them. I want to be unconditionally happy, and be okay without these things.
  4. Recently I've been working on becoming less materialistic. The easy part was detaching myself form things that I only had to gain approval from other people, or things that only produced hedonic pleasures. But I've found it extremely difficult to detach myself from things that I use to Self-Actualize (i.e.. Self-Improvement Books, Nootropics, Psychedelics, Notes & notetaking software, etc.). How do I detach myself for these things when they help me work toward my goals and guide me on my Self-Actualization journey? How do I become okay with losing all of my notes and all of my tools?
  5. It depends on your mindset about it. There is a certain point where building muscle becomes pure ego, but doing it to be healthy and fit doesn't need to be about ego.
  6. this is a great TED talk
  7. @Proclus balance seems to be a very common theme in these types of discussions.
  8. @neovox I have a large variety but video games was the main one I wanted to seek advice on. I would say I play for about 1-2 hours most days (normally with friends), some longer and some I don't play at all. I would say it can be compulsive but most of the time I notice it and for that reason do something else instead. I try and use it as a way to relax and connect with friends while at the same time doing something I'm intrigued by.
  9. Didn't Leo say that Tom was the one who got him into self improvement? Even if he has flaws doesn't change the fact that he can inspire and help others.
  10. @Keyhole yeah that's what I'm thinking. Maybe in moderation but as a full out passion I don't know if it would work.
  11. @Aquarius would it still be better to avoid those types of hobbies and activities though?
  12. Is it possible to be passionate about a hedonic activity or would that just be a addiction? What are your thoughts?
  13. Thank you for explaining it that way that makes a lot of sense
  14. That's exactly how I feel at this point anyway.
  15. NF is a truly inspiring artist.