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  1. I think that is wise. I was trying to look on Reddit for credible sources.
  2. Unfortunately it’s not. You have to buy it from some Indian company.
  3. I'm pretty turned off by the idea of buying drugs online in general, but getting a Modafinil prescription isn't easy in the U.S. so it is what it is. Are there any test kits you can use to ensure you aren't getting scammed or buying laced pills? Thanks.
  4. @Max_V completely agree
  5. Do you ever get paranoid taking home tipsy girls when people know you weren’t drinking?
  6. I don't drink at all, which makes things complicated when it comes to pick-up. At parties and clubs, virtually every girl has had something to drink, meaning they are technically intoxicated to a degree. Obviously being totally wasted is one thing, but how exactly do you determine when it is too much? The laws are somewhat ambiguous and I really don't want to get into serious trouble. I know there are a lot of people on here who don't drink and do pick-ups at clubs, how do you guys navigate this?
  7. Free to watch*
  8. Super powerful even sober...
  9. If that were to be my life purpose, wouldn't I still need to find a way to monetize/ make a career out of it? Because then my LP would be antithetical with survival.
  10. I've never thought about it like that before....
  11. Have you watched his video about strong negative emotions? I think the concepts still apply.
  12. You believe they can be done it tandem?
  13. This was my thought process as well. However, I also thought it wise to first awaken to what I truly want to create before starting a career? The post you mentioned was helpful.
  14. Which do you think would be better in this situation?
  15. I'm 17, finishing high school and planning out the next stage of my life. I recently bought the LP course, but then began wondering what would be more advantageous a) Finish LP course and spend the next years developing my career/business b) Put all my focus into self-inquiry, introspective and enlightenment I have been back and forth. I'm understand that in the end I will need to make the decision for myself, I am simply looking to get new perspectives from others who might have gone through this before.