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  1. Motivation to self actualize. Motivation to work on your life purpose. Motivation to become more conscious. Motivation for whatever you need to do... Watch the video and you'd know. Stop calling each other ignorant and wasting time with he said she said.
  2. You're lacking self love. You can't love another until you love yourself. Watch the language you use with yourself.^^^^ Start seeing yourself as the hero in the journey of life. If you feel like garbage, it will show and people will treat you like it. If you have self respect, then people will respect you. You set the standard for how others treat you. So treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and keep working at it.
  3. @StarStruck Try the book Models: Attracting Women Through Honesty
  4. Try to detach from the outcome. Stop caring about if it's going to work or if she likes you. In fact, be excited about being rejected. It means you won't have wasted time on somebody who doesn't really like you. Would you want to be with some one who doesn't like you? I sure fucking hope not. Set a standard for what you want in a woman and be ready to leave if she doesn't meet it. Don't be afraid to disagree or assert your opinion. Also be careful not to idolize beautiful women. They are no more inherently valuable than an average looking woman. Treat her like a normal human being. Not some princess or a museum piece. Being a "nice guy" is a manipulation. She senses that you aren't being honest about your intentions. You are in a sense lying to her. So be honest with her. Show her you want her. Shamelessly. If you are uncomfortable being sexual, then you need to overcome your sexual shadow. Start loving yourself regardless of how much other's love you.
  5. Motivational speech to kick your ass into gear. Are you feeling stuck and lack the motivation to do what you’ve been putting off? If so, check out this video from a few years back.
  6. Watch the video Requisite Variety & Creative Laziness on Leo's blog. It should be on page 10. What are your strengths? Values? Interests outside of spirituality? Don't just brush off all of your previous interests because they seem unimportant now. Play around with different ideas and try to integrate all your best attributes into your purpose. I recommend journaling 1 hour a day to figure this out. Writing always brings me clarity.
  7. So Good You Can't Remember by Cal Newport Jokes aside, it's still great advice.
  8. Investing advice from your locally sourced playground finance guru. Started at the bottom now we here.
  9. Be patient with yourself. Continue to slowly replace your bad habits with better ones. When you are able to transcend these crutches that you are leaning on, you can start walking your own path. A therapist can help you to open up about your traumas. Being heard is healing in itself. Knowing that you aren't alone in your suffering is healing. Not judging yourself, which is made easier by sharing these experiences to someone nonjudgmental (a good therapist), is healing. These are a few ways therapy can help to heal old wounds. Trauma is effecting you because you have not realized the difference between the past & the present. Trauma is a story. Learn to make the distinction between concept and actuality. If you think you can handle it, try this: Think about a traumatic event that you have experienced, feel it deeply, feel the pain associated with this memory, and then stare at your hand. Make the distinction between your memory of something, which is no longer real, and your hand, which is real. Ground yourself in the present, notice that your memory cannot hurt you. It isn't real. Here is a video on grounding yourself in reality: Most important, learn to love yourself as you are. There is nothing wrong with who you are right now. You are exactly as you're meant to be. Accept yourself, and at the same time seek to improve.
  10. I need to learn this one here.
  11. Watch Leo's video about toxic people.
  12. Nobody starts out perfect or knows everything. Let go if trying to be perfect before trying to help others. You will learn as you teach if you are self-reflective. One thing you can work on is public speaking if you want to teach. You could contemplate areas you want to master, write in a journal about them, then create a lesson plan to teach others about it. Preparation is key. Watch Leo's early vids, he wasn't nearly as good as he is now. But he got better because he started where he was at.
  13. @Average Investor Alright I'll check that one out for sure. Appreciate it. @Flowerfaeiry Will do. I may eventually join multiple clubs to accelerate my skill development and receive feedback from more perspectives. Thanks
  14. 1. Start a mindfulness meditation habit. You need to cut out your negative self talk ASAP. You can learn to recognize and stop your negative thoughts in their tracks. You can create peace in your mind. 2. You are not bad or worthy of suffering. You deserve love and peace. You can get these things for yourself if you make the commitment to yourself. I did it. 3. Your language (self-talk) is key. Start using kind language with yourself. Use I am statements. Example: "I am worthy of love." 4. You are not alone and you are loved. 5. Find a therapist as soon as you can. It can be uncomfortable asking for help, but I assure you that there is nothing to be ashamed of and that it can help you.
  15. One of the biggest things is to recognize the language that you use with yourself. When you call yourself a coward, a failure, mediocre, you are just creating a (negative) positive feedback loop. I suggest mindfulness meditation to calm your mind and note your thoughts. When you notice harmful self talk or thoughts, note them. Let them go. Then use mantras to replace your harmful language with a more healing and kind language. Examples of mantras I've used: -(During inhale) I am a mountain... (Exhale) I am strong, solid & stable. -Every day in every way I am getting stronger and stronger. -I give myself the love I need. -I am not my thoughts. All that is real is what I am experiencing now in this moment. When a thought is especially bad, note it, and then stare at your hand. Note the difference between concept (thinking) and reality (your hand). You are not alone. There are millions going through similar pain and suffering that you are experiencing. I went through it and made it out. You can to. Feel free to ask more questions. I have lots of techniques and mindsets to share if you want. Make sure to find a good therapist. One who is open-minded and non judgmental. It took me three tries but found one I worked well with and it was very helpful.