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  1. Thanks I will check them out.
  2. What is a good introduction to using psilocybin? I have bought several books and haven’t found any to be very useful. If someone with experience in this area could help it would be appreciated.
  3. I used to be extremely depressed with C-PTSD, anxiety, among other shit. (From childhood abuse, neglect etc.) I closed myself off from my emotions and can’t seem to reconnect to them. My personality is like a stoic robot and I cannot express myself in the least. It feels like a mental fog, a barrier separates me from my personality. I just made this distinction and I’ll contemplate it, but I’m curious what others have done to overcome this? It is affecting my relationships, friendships, work, everything. I’m thinking it’s depersonalization disorder.
  4. @Meditationdude I’m in Jarrell TX, moving to Round Rock soon. Namaste
  5. 1 (low) to 5 (high). Your score from primary psychopathy has been calculated as 1.6. Primary psychopathy is the affective aspects of psychopathy; a lack of empathy for other people and tolerance for antisocial orientations. Your score from secondary psychopathy has been calculated as 2. Secondary psychopathy is the antisocial aspects of psychopathy; rule breaking and a lack of effort towards socially rewarded behavior.
  6. Starting a plumbing job tomorrow in a new state. I’m definitely going to have to become a chameleon and hide my green/yellow ideologies when I’m at work. I’m going to be working with religious people and Trump supporters so I’m interested to see how I fit in. The plan is to stay neutral or focus on the things I do like about those topics and avoid having to stick out or lie. Curious if anyone else has dealt with a similar situation and what you learned from it.
  7. @KennedyCarter I think 170 would be a good weight for you. How you feel in your body is most important though. Just make sure to balance your diet and give your body the nutrients it needs.
  8. You could work on your breathing habits and your posture to help ground you and get out of your head.
  9. Pretty much spot on, especially for the spirituality section and for Turquoise folks.
  10. I've analyzed hundreds of my dreams. It's a window showing hidden parts of yourself, deeply rooted desires & fears for example, which you have not integrated or become conscious of. You can use dreams to do shadow work & uncover limiting beliefs/worldviews. Read up on lucid dreaming if you want to get the most from it.
  11. I was a naive fool just out of high school when this happened so don't judge lol. Scammed I was called by the "IRS" and was told that I was overdue on my taxes and would be arrested by police if I didn't pay immediately. They had me go to the bank and take out cash. Then they had me go to their bank and transfer the cash into their account. I wasn't "allowed" to hang up, so I left my phone connected in my pocket when entering the bank. They were very forceful and I didn't know how to deal with "authority figures." I thought it was the government so I didn't ask questions. Lesson 1 - The U.S. Government may be a bit corrupt, but they won't bully you like a loan shark or make you send cash to a private account. (unless you have some serious dirt on someone in a position of power) Lesson 2 - Question everyone/thing: Authority figures, government, myself, books, news, teachers, family, friends, peers, guru's, salesman Lesson 3 - Untether my inner demon a bit to show I'm not to be fucked with.
  12. @Matt23 Definitely worth it. You won’t have a deep understanding or know how to navigate the spiral smoothly without studying the book.