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  1. I Love you too my friend May you blossom into a beautiful flower and may you rise as a strong Lion God Bless You My Lovely Friend ❤️
  2. Why not just follow through with Christianity and see for yourself maybe that's the truth
  3. Yes that's it my beautiful friend thank you for this topic and your islamic interests I also am very interested in islam myself partly also because it's the culture I grew up in all my life in my country though but also I am a researcher so I just find it very fascinating too And also thank you man I'm not a polite person if you see that in me that's your own reflection that you are seeing in me 🙏🏼 God bless you my friend ✨
  4. Just look at the times in your life that you did good things and you were praised for doing them by other people so you know you are worthy of praise and love and admiration and you have your own strengths Just look at the times in your life that you've felt this feeling that you hated yourself but you came out of it and survived You've already beat this feeling once or more than once before for sure you just have to look at your memories So that you know you are strong and you have the strength in you for overcoming this situation because you will see it's something you've already done sometimes before in your life Peace be upon you my friend may you live well in your journey ✨
  5. @Someone here I'm persian and I just wanna say "fana al fana" means more precisely as "non being of non being" in the sense of your ego becoming a non being and you merge with God or in another language you become selfless and see others as yourself or see yourself in them and help anybody in need if you can etc... Basically as you become more selfless you go closer and closer towards God in every religion of the world this is the case and the goal of life Peace be upon you my friend may God help us all ❤️
  6. Yes sure I believe in this statement and for sure it's the most logical and meaningful and wholesome way of looking at life Amen My Friend May God be with you always ❤️
  7. Yes if there is no other option there is also a right way to murder and a wrong way and also the same with stealing may I remind you of Robinhood who you could call a stealer or a social justice warrior so yes about stealing and murdering could also be a right way if it comes to it let us hope not though And yes I made a judgement I'm not against making a judgement I never said I'm not judging actually I am judging and making judgements and I don't see any problem with that so I don't see why you say I'm contradicting myself Much Love 🙏🏼❤️
  8. Just think about this that anybody who says morality is relative is actually saying this statement as a true or correct or right statement so they are actually making a moral judgement on morality itself in other words they are using objective morality to dismiss objective morality So in this sense you can see why these statements are their own contradiction So yes there is always a right way to do something and a wrong way to do it
  9. The earthly wants and desires my friend are in the way You have to want something beyond the physical world in the first place to be interested in these subjects
  10. @NineHfanbase Amen my friend it's just different wants and desires that people have for themselves that make their priority list in life some people are just not interested in spirituality they want other things and have other goals in their life which is more important to them I mean I do not know the people you've shown these videos to; I'm just guessing they too are the same May you yourself continue to flourish and grow my friend thanks for reading my words🙏🏼❤️
  11. Amen to that; yes you said it beautifully ❤️
  12. Let's pray together for all of the people in this forum to be always well and in the right path Let's pray together for the whole world to be always well and in the right path Let's pray together for kindness to prevail and for the betterment of communication and connectivity of human kind Let's pray together that we on the spiritual path and even all other people can move beyond our little bubbles of egos and selfishness and become more vast and big and inclusive and devotional and selfless everyday Let's pray together in this topic for compassion in the world that needs it today very much; Let's pray together for wholeness and holistic perspective to shine in everybody's mind's eye Let's pray together to become more able everyday to help more people in the world everyday to make our world (God's World) better everyday Let's pray together and be grateful of what we have today of this opportunity of being alive 🤲🏼 If you read all this say Amen in your heart and mind my lovely friend🙏🏼❤️
  13. If you lived well and you were good and you did good deeds to this world you were in you will get closer and closer to god and light and if you have hurt this world and people in it with your bad deeds you will shrink and go in isolation and darkness and go further and further away from god which is the definition of heaven and hell It's just that your own actions come back to you and become parts of you after you go beyond this manifest world in a deeply close and strong way It can only be logical to think in these terms of heaven and hell