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  1. @Eyowey In your logic everything we do is for the purpose of survival. But what’s the purpose of survival?
  2. Alex from AlphaDestiny is a salesmen when it comes to exercises. He sells exercises everybody already knows and does as if they were the new magic pill. The exercises he shows aren’t bad it’s just that even with great exercises you won’t be able to magically progress. His genius is rather to identify certain muscle groups like traps, forearms, neck, glutes and shoulders as very important for a muscular looking physique while others ignore those muscles and miss out.
  3. It highly depends on genetics. I haven’t hit any of those strength marks and I have trained seriously for a long time.
  4. Only if you are an absolute beginner.
  5. Oh okay. Well if it works for you it’s fine I guess. You could also do Romanian or Stiffed Legged Deadlifts as an alternative to vanilla deadlifts which will Hammer the hamstrings even more but require less load in case you ever run into trouble. Leg Press Hack Squats Lunges Whatever works best for you.
  6. I wouldn’t train squats and deadlifts in the same workout because I would fear that my core and lower back won’t be able to handle it and I injure myself. Otherwise what exactly do you want to focus on? Quads, hamstrings, glutes? You already train all of these muscles with squats and deadlifts roughly equally I would say but of course muscle activation varies from person to person.
  7. No. Integral said it wouldn’t be that hard but I easily give up so maybe I should just ask someone on Fiverr to do it for me. There are so many things I would need to implement to make it great like being able to add other softwares like steam that aren’t in the browser, making the software undeletable, time plans, special passwords, blocking other browser, … the list goes on. But I think just a basic version for chrome is already good enough to get started. That would be a dream. I would love to be an inventor! Yeah, I have to get into a good mindset for that. Oh shoot. I think I will define a small goal which I won’t try to under- or overshoot so that this doesn’t happen to me. I can always add more. Thanks for your motivation!
  8. The big ring isn’t the problem imo but the black thing above his upper lip WTF is that 💀 💀. Otherwise he sounds like exakt opposite of what he looks like, very sophisticated and no "woo-woo“ at all.
  9. Writing a valid critique on the philosophies/philosophers you said isn’t an easy task. You have to really understand their arguments through all their super complex language and then you need genuine new ideas to provide value. I heard most philosophers start writing in their 40s because they have to learn so much before that. You are still young so it’s just unlikely that you actually bring all that to the table. And I do motivate you where I can. When you write a thread that inspires me in some way I say that. I didn’t want to sound disrespectful. But you can just easily delude yourself into thinking that your philosophy is good when it actually isn’t because it’s so abstract. If you feel like you have a genuine message to share then don’t listen to me.
  10. You can’t escape the music: There are things we do just for the sake of doing them, like eating good food, listening to music, dancing, protected sex, and everything we enjoy doing just for its own sake. Then we say there are things that have to be done because they have a practical purpose like working, planning your life, buying groceries, doing taxes, … But why do we do these things? We do these things to effort the time and resources to do things that we do for their own sake. So in reality people who say they are really purpose driven are actually living up the meaningslessness the most. Unfortunately often they don’t see the beginning and end of why they do what they do and therefore think that their way of living really is something serious.
  11. @integral Sounds like a great project, thank you!
  12. Bruh.. Are you sure you know better then all of them? 😅
  13. Our gut is different from all animals altogether. We adapted to eating cooked food. We are cookivores.
  14. There are no general things: There are no "general“ things in the world everything is specific. There are no general faces, no general fruits, no general music, no general macronutrients. What does the general macronutrient fat look like? We have a general idea, but there is no general item. Is it olive oil, avocado oil, or maybe butter? Even as filtered as this there are still specific differences. And even if there were a "general fat“ then that would still be a specific item because it is different from other specific items because of its averageness. Also we couldn’t talk about the "general fat“ as a representation for specific fats because the "general fat" wouldnt be fully representative to the specific fats because of the difference between general fat and specific fat.
  15. You are right sorry. High calories colerates with high satiety. But it’s not 1 to 1. You can eat the same amounts of calories with different foods and some will give you more satiety then others. Look up satiety index. http://www.ernaehrungsdenkwerkstatt.de/fileadmin/user_upload/EDWText/TextElemente/Ernaehrungswissenschaft/Naehrstoffe/Saettigung_Lebensmittel_Satiety_Index.pdf Have you actually ever tried to get full on unprocessed foods? Also increasing your energy usage of the day is easier then reducing the amounts of calories you eat. Maybe set a goal of 10.000 steps a day.