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  1. Very interesting to hear. Especially because many carnivore advocates say that its exactly the opposite. What do you think about that? Yeah there is no denying that red meat is great for these nutrients. Yes that's super true. Stage yellow ethics. And these things especially organs are funnily enough often way more nutrient dense. The problem I see with organs is that lots of pollutants can collect on these parts of the animal body. Thanks for you intellectual honesty, it's refreshing. Cool. I think it's a bit of a genetic thing as well on how well you function with carbs. Some people become to dozy and chill with too much carbs I heard.
  2. Very interesting. I have got some questions. 1) Nice that you got better mental clarity. How big is the difference? 2) From the animal products that you do consume, which health and performance benefits do you think you get and why do you consume exactly these foods to get them? 3) So you do kind of a low carb thing?
  3. @Rafael Thundercat I changed my mind, I dont think it is cringe anymore. He managed to built attraction by being very direct and ballzy and it worked because he made it unweird by becoming humoursly overly close which created enough space paradoxically. In his situation there is lots of nervousness for both parties which is why that humor is funny, it's hard for me to get watching it comfortably on my laptop. Edit: I actually like that one the most now haha.
  4. Haha they are so good, except the last one where the girl put in lots of effort if it wasnt staged.
  5. How do you get direct experience?
  6. A big obstacle as a philosopher is being carried away by group think. But you still gotta earn a living. So a job in solitude without much worries makes sense. A part time craftsman job is suited for that. In Germany at least craftsman get paid well.
  7. So I made some experiences with anal play at myself recently. I loved the sensations emotionally and physically. I like it a lot more than penetration (with a condom, didn't have it raw for a long time). I also connect a lot with my feminine side with that. After it I become super chatty and empathetic which I liked a lot. It's tiresome to always play the strong guy I noticed. I also saw how my sex partner became more confident in a manly way. I dont think she liked it though. She rather wants to be dominated. I became enlightened that sex is very connected to the power dynamics between two people. So do most heteronormative women dislike pegging because it plays against their role?
  8. I am studying to become a teacher or social worker and in my work environment there is a lot of respect less behavior of students, physical attacks, threats etc. I cant deal with that well at all. I was victimized a lot in mid school so I didn't learn how to handle myself and to be assertive in those situations. I definitely got enough steam and self confidence in me to learn the skill but I need practice. Because most of the times when I see these situations my mind just shuts down. I naturally dont have any ways to deal with it in my subconscious tool box. I become better at it as I go but I think it would be much better to learn these things in a professional environment. Do you have any experiences with courses, seminars.. ? Where you maybe in a similar situation and learned assertiveness somehow?
  9. Not absolutely. There are beauty standards that every country has like symmetry of face and probably some other stuff because it reveals healthy genetics.
  10. People are like material: People are like material, like bricks, like mortar, like wood, like water... People are material in that sense that this material like any other material is what constructs reality. The everyday distinction between material and human is not actual. Thoughts, spirit, emotions are equal to a piece of meat in that sense that they are all constructed out of consciousness and therefore play in the same field/ web. While materials of reality can of course be different, the materialness connects all materials to one thing.
  11. I am in a similar situation. I have a consensual F+ and yet I feel like I would cheat if I slept with other girls. I am high in conscientiousness and maybe naturally more monogamous. But because I am like this things become more close even though I didn't want that. Now we spent a lot more time together, cuddling together.. It's enjoyable atm but I dont think it will progress into much more because the natural connection isnt there.
  12. Isn't the capacity of our minds to bullshit ourselves to survive impressive.
  13. Conveniently made red lentil quinoa paste in an instant pot: 75g of (dry mass) red lentils = 258 kcal, 45g of (dry mass) quinoa = 156 kcal, 20g of vegan butter = 142 kcal, a touch of vegetable broth. Makes 258 + 156 + 142 = 556 kcal. It does take a little getting used to looks wise but it does taste very good and is very healthy. It makes around 1/4 of my diet the other is more "normal" looking food.
  14. This has to be viewed in a more nuanced way. Yes historically there were no vegan diets but many of the diets back then (especially the ones with farmers) mostly contained a lot less meat. So you justify some but not the high amounts of meat consumption if you take tradition as your dogma. With increase in technology however there is even less of a reason to consume meat. True veganism is built on ecological and ethical considerations for which it needs a certain ego development of people. Even if I wanted to loose weight I would still like to consume lean meats and low fat quark. However there are many selfish reasons in discovering more plant foods. Eating more Legumes, veggies and fruits has lots of health benefits.
  15. Yeah the first one wasn't cool. It seems Justin has the higher status in this relationship which is why he is pretty carefree with his behavior and his girlfriend doesn't show him any boundaries really and just skillfully overplays things which might feel bad for her which doesnt give Justin any incentive to be more careful. I see it mostly as teasing and fun but not on eye level. If she would be able to tease Justin on the same level then it would be healthy.