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  1. I also want to get over my fear to make my psychedelic trips safer. Look for Lucas the spider on yt. There are short children films of an animated spider with human voice to make it as non threatening as possible. I bought a plastic spider to inspect. Generally just get used to spiders and also learn why they are important.
  2. Awesome men, what is/was your spiritual practice?
  3. @Vercingetorix I am not good at attacking new things immediately but I am now at around 50% of the book. At first I was like "Nah, I am above this petty nice guy bullshit“ but then it often reflected patterns that I do exactly as said in the book. It’s really weird because I can pretty much understand every single pattern he described of a nice guy perfectly not just on an intellectual level but also on an emotional level. It’s like all of these patterns either are me or WERE me. I discovered that I put a lot of work into solving my nice guy syndrome which I didn’t even know. It’s hard for me evaluate how much nice guy is still in me but definetly more then I thought. Especially the fear that people reject me for being human is still huge. So I think I tackled some of the outwards stuff already but most of the underlying emotional sources are still not properly met. I definetly take a lot of value out of this book, thanks men.
  4. There is a huge spectrum of happiness and I grew over the last five years from pretty serious lifeless kind depression to pretty mild depression with more happy moments. Still having trouble to be light and playful but my worries aren’t as heavy anymore and I can identify them way better. I want a gf and I am pretty certain that I can get one it’s just the time it takes that worries me and my neediness of sex which sucks. I want to reach nondual states with psychedelics but I have trouble finding 5meos and have also pushed the strong psychedelics so far into the future that I had lots of time imagining how horrifying an ego death will be and now besides having trouble finding them I am also worried that I am not even ready to get through the trip but I want it so bad. I don’t have a LP yet and am scared that I don’t find one. I also feel extremely unmotivated to change something about this situation because I don’t have the emotional resources to take a lot of setbacks.
  5. I am looking for the most secure and untraceable ways to use email on the darknet (tor) and clearnet. What are the best free options? For darknet I am looking for an email provider which works with the tor browser and can send emails to darknet AND clearnet users. For the clearnet I am just looking for the most anonymous and secure thing possible given the circumstances that it is clearnet.
  6. You also can’t prove it’s non imaginary. So it could be both. Why do you stick to the belief that reality is non imaginary? Because it keeps you sane. Seriously doubting the realness of reality is really painful. Your mind hates it. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be true.
  7. Idk how fit you are but if you don’t work out and don’t have a lot of muscle then 166lbs is still an optimal weight for your height. You can have a really low body fat percentage and still be healthy. But if you don’t have enough energy because of it that’s another matter of course. Olive oil, nuts, nut butter, dates and other dried fruit, self made weight gainer shakes (for example oats, peanut butter, banana, dates), maybe choose a carb source that you can eat a lot from (quinoa, rice, oats, spelt, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread, buckwheat, …).
  8. Yes plus being narcissistic is really unattractive. I think a lot of girls like a men with a bit of belly, it’s not that uncommon. Beer belly is a bit extreme though. I think both sides are right. I think you should think about routines of how you can looksmax yourself once, implement it and then don’t bother about it anymore. For example I put some effort into what hairstyle looks the best on me. Now I just show my hairdresser the same photo every time and I don’t care about it anymore. -> I don’t care about how I look, but I still look my best.
  9. I played with the idea of becoming a male stripper. I couldn’t see myself being insecure about anything anymore if I did that for a few years.
  10. Atlantis, Mexicana, Pajaritos, Tampenensis, Hollandia, Utopia All magic truffles have psylocibin as their psychedelic compound so they are all similar. But I would still like to know if anyone tried different ones and can make a comparison because I only did a lot of Atlantis and I want a different flavour.
  11. Sure we can have nice thoughts, lovely thoughts, erotic thoughts, … but I feel like they are often just the release of negative thoughts. For example if I think about a great relationship idk if that thought itself brings me joy or if the release of the negative thoughts that pressure me to get into a relationship just feels good. (“It feels so good when the pain weakens") This would decide if you should numb your thoughts or try to transform them to positive ones if your goal is maximum happiness.
  12. What I find so interesting is that Anakin Skywalker tried to do everything in his power to basically not become Darth Vader but this is what he became in the end. He thought it was his duty to save the world just by himself. He overestimated himself to control himself and his emotions. If he did the counter intuitive thing in accepting that he isn’t all powerful he would actually have been all powerful because he would have been in a position to deal with his emotions so you couldn’t control him.
  13. Where do you find skilled people ?